Samsung Galaxy S II :: Switched Off And Died For Some Unknown Reason

Oct 31, 2012

My samsung galaxy SII had been playing up, crashing etc for a couple of weeks, then for some unknown reason, it froze and died on me, never to be switched back on again. It has been well looked after so it hasn't been water damaged or dropped or anything of the sort. The battery was about 50% charged, I've also tried using somebody else's battery, tried connecting it to a PC, tried to start it whilst its connected to the charger and everything else I could think of but nothing. My main problem, is that I've been in touch with samsung and they asked to send the phone to them for repair, but told me that everything will be erased.

Now I know I am totally stupid for not backing up all of my media etc, but the information stored on the phone is worth more to me than what the phone is itself. Although the phone is totally dead and will not switch on, so how I can access my pictures/videos etc because surely it must be still stored on the phone somewhere. The phone itself is not as important to me as much as the media stored on it and I am willing to try anything to access my media files even if it means my phone isn't able to go for repair, I know I am going to receive comments for not backing up my media.

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HTC Desire Z :: Suddenly Died (while In Pocket) Without Any Apparent Reason?

Nov 13, 2011

My DesireZ suddenly died (while in my pocket) without any apparent reason. I tried anything but noting seem to Battery was charged and even changed. Sim and SD cards were checked, but again, without any success. Even the charging indication light is not there (while charging).This phone (and the info saved on it) is crucial for both my business and personal life.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Phone Died Completely Due To Battery

Jul 1, 2012

My S2 died completely.They said it was the battery (which suprises me because when I took the phone in the guy put the batter from his S2 into it and it still wouldn't turn on) and say they have replaced it.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Disable Wifi And Keep It Switched Off

Dec 3, 2011

How can I disable wifi and keep it switched off until I want to use it again, while keeping other radio services on.

I have pretty bad wi fi reception in my bedroom, however it's just sufficient for my phone to detect it and connect, but it drops out and syncing/downloading/loading web pages is very slow ad often fails.

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Galaxy S6 :: Samsung Phone Turned Off For No Reason Battery Fully Charged?

Nov 21, 2015

My Samsung S6 is only a month old. Hasn't had a problem with it once an all of a sudden went to pick it up an i couldn't turn it on, Plugged it into the charger an still not able to turn it on. The charging signal doesn't even turn on. What can i do?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: WiFi Hotspot Function Switched On / Connected But Not Working

Jul 17, 2011

I've got my S2 now for maybe 2 weeks now and only now I noticed that my Wifi hotspot function is not working. I tried that with 2 different SIM's (in different countries) with the same result. Tethering via USB works fine. I can switch on the wifi hotspot (open or secured) and I can even connect to it. On my Win7 machine I have a connection for a few moments, after that I lose connection and at the end I lose connection to the wifi hotspot.

On my blackberry I can connect the first time. That connection stays open for maybe a minute. After that it automatically disconnects and I cant connect anymore until i restart the hotspot. When I switch off the hotspot it takes a long time and it ends with error (the status under wifi hotspot). If I just enable hotspot and disable it again it is without errors. So this seems only to happen when a client actually connects... I tried already a factory reset and read somewhere to enable bluetooth before enabling the hotspot, but the problem stays the same ...

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IPhone :: Is Frozen For Unknown Reason?

Mar 25, 2012

my iphone is frozen tried everything

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IPhone :: Unknown Reason For Data Usage Spiking On 3GS?

Apr 4, 2012

I'm from Canada, on the Bell 3G network, and have noticed the last few months that my data usage is spiking without reason (I never download anything on the 3G network aside from email messages and a little web surfing). I've had this phone for 2.5 years, always on the same 500MB plan, and have never used much more than 200MB in any given month. Now it's using that up in the first week.

In an effort to try and isolate the spiking, I downloaded the Data Man app, and noticed yesterday that I went from less than 1MB in downloaded usage to over 160MB in the course of the afternoon! I was at home, connected to WiFi, streaming radio off the new CBC app for a couple of hours over dinner. How does a streamed audio signal over WiFi use 160MB in a couple of hours? What am I missing here?

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.1

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Nokia :: 5800 Unknown Reason Right Button Was Changed From 'Back' To 'Done

Jan 16, 2010

For some unknown reason the right button was changed from 'Back' to 'Done. I find myself making up alarms I didn't intend to do. Also, the right-side buttons are usually 'Back' or 'Cancel' and this is very confusing.
These are tiny things that should've been caught by the Nokia employees but either they're not doing their job or think nobody would care. The tiniest things can either make or BREAK.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Shows Unknown Numbers For Incoming Calls?

Nov 8, 2012

i cant see whose calling it just shows unknown number

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Galaxy S5 :: Samsung Kies 3 Unknown Error When Syncing Outlook 2007 Calendar To Phone

Jul 9, 2014

Kies 3 always crashes with an "Unknown Error" when trying to sync my Outlook 2007 calendar. Contacts and Tasks sync okay.

I've literally spent hours on the phone with Samsung (lack of) technical support with no resolution. They are in fact blaming Outlook claiming that this "Unknown Error" is an Outlook error and not a Kies 3 error (I doubt that). Their other suggestion is a factory reset on the phone which I don't want to do or to try another PC.

Using Windows 7 Pro, latest updates to Kies 3 and latest firmware updated today on the phone.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Get USSD Dialing Then A "Unknown Code" Error

Sep 18, 2011

Is anyone having trouble with speed dialing?

I get USSD Dialing then a "Unknown Code" error

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Samsung :: Delve Don't Have Data Plan For Some Reason

Apr 16, 2010

I just recently acquired a samsung delve from a friend. I have a prepaid phone plan from alltel, and i was able to activate the delve online, but the only problem is, since i don't have a data plan for some reason every so often the phone sends and recieves data automatically or something idk, the little data transferring icon shows up, which costs me money, i know the data menu code the ##3282# BUT idk how to deactivate the data feature so it doesn't try sending data like web data or anything like that,

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Samsung :: S5620 - Phone Capable To Be Switched To Android?

May 30, 2010

Samsung S5620 (with TouchWiz 2.0), Does it have the capability to be switched to Android, and run perfectly then?

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Galaxy S6 :: Phone Just Randomly Died

Jun 19, 2015

I had my phone unlocked and it was sleeping and then when I came to turn it on nothing would happen. It wouldn't even come on when I plug the charger in. I got it to restart by pressing the bottom volume and power button at the same time.

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BB Bold 9700 :: SMS Options - Circuit Switched Or Packet Switched?

Jul 1, 2010

I have always wondered on my Blackberry Bold 9700 under Options-SMS Text and go down to Network To Send Over and it gives me 4 options:

Circuit Switched

Circuit Switched Preferred

Packet Switched Preferred

Packet Switched

My Network is Circuit Switched Preferred, but i would like to know if anyone knows what these mean and which is the best for SMS Texts to be sent over using which one?

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Galaxy S6 :: Keep Restarting Without Reason

Apr 30, 2015

i have a problem my s6 keep restarting without reason.i flashed new version but still no change .everytime the galaxy s6 logo apeers and than restaring and restarting..

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Galaxy S6 :: LTE Stopped Working Without Any Reason

Oct 9, 2015

I have a samsung galaxy s6(sm-G920F) on 5.1.1 non rooted, the problem i am facing is that the lte stopped working without any reason, I didn't drop it neither i updated anything it just stopped working now i only see the E sign on the network bar.

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Galaxy S5 :: All Contacts Just Disappeared Without Any Reason?

Jul 12, 2015

All my contacts just disappeared. Galaxy s5 I have not updated software recently.

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Galaxy S5 :: Screen Turning On By Itself Without Any Reason

Mar 6, 2015

I did not update to lollipop so that can't be the answer. My screen turns o.n itself when I don't have any notifications. Also, my sound changes itself from silent, to vibrate and ring all by itself.

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Galaxy S6 :: Freeze And Reboot Randomly Without Any Reason

Oct 18, 2015

I bought a new Galaxy S6 (SM-G920F) few days ago. It starts to freeze and reboot randomly during the day (about 1 time for hour) without a reason. I tried to factory reset but in vain.

My new smartphone keeps rebooting ... Is it possible that through a system log I can get information about the problem?

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Galaxy S6 :: Red Notification Light Flashing Without Reason

Apr 20, 2015

So I've had this phone short of a week, and I love it. For some reason today, my S6 will randomly blink a red LED notification, but when I unlock my phone, there are no new notifications.

My first 2 thoughts were low battery indicator or no service indicator, but neither is the reason.

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Mic Icon Appear In Notification Panel For No Reason

Nov 18, 2015

A microphone symbol appears in my notification panel at random and on its own. could this mean I have spywear on my phone? and how do I access the icon ?

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Samsung :: Upgrade Of Jack To 6.5 - Unknown Password

Feb 18, 2010

When I execute the update tool from Samsung to upgrade my Jack to Windows Mobile 6.5, it asks me for a password to unzip the file. where I can find this password?

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Does Phone Use Battery Even When Switched Off

May 11, 2015

After I have charged my galaxy S5 I switch it off overnight. We I switch it back on in the morning the battery level is down to 60%.

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Is Battery Draining When Switched Off

May 11, 2015

Since my S5 was upgraded to Android 5.0.2, my battery still appears to be using power. Sometimes as much as 40% is used when it is switched off.

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Galaxy S6 :: Phone Restarting Randomly For No Apparent Reason

Aug 30, 2015

I have the EE variant of the G920F galaxy s6 in the UK. At least once a day the phone will reboot for no apparent reason what so ever. This has been since the 5.1.1 update, I have factory reset and cleared cache and it still happens. Thinking of flashing the international software to see if it happens with that.

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Galaxy S6 :: Switched On In Factory Mode - Blue / Green Screen

Nov 4, 2015

My S6 phone randomly kept switching to dock mode and back. Tried hard shut down and restarting the phone. Now I have a blue/green screen saying it is downloading and do not turn off target. The top left corner says it is in factory mode. What can I do to resolve this? I am very new to Android phones.

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Galaxy S6 :: Unknown Icon In Top Right?

Sep 17, 2015

i bought a new s6 from Orange,last night it notificated me to update to 5.1.1 ,after the update finished a small phone kinda like the speaker icon appeared next to or 4g icon,what is that?

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Get Rid Of 500 Unknown Contacts On Phone

Aug 31, 2015

I went to my contacts today and there are about 500 contacts that don't belong to me

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Galaxy S6 :: Unknown Status Bar Icon On Dual Sim?

Jan 14, 2016

The icon is near the Wi-Fi on the status bar, is like a sim drawing with dots on it. It is not the "no sim card..." it is similar to a storage card icon...

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