Galaxy S5 :: Samsung Kies 3 Unknown Error When Syncing Outlook 2007 Calendar To Phone

Jul 9, 2014

Kies 3 always crashes with an "Unknown Error" when trying to sync my Outlook 2007 calendar. Contacts and Tasks sync okay.

I've literally spent hours on the phone with Samsung (lack of) technical support with no resolution. They are in fact blaming Outlook claiming that this "Unknown Error" is an Outlook error and not a Kies 3 error (I doubt that). Their other suggestion is a factory reset on the phone which I don't want to do or to try another PC.

Using Windows 7 Pro, latest updates to Kies 3 and latest firmware updated today on the phone.

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IPhone :: Syncing 4S With Outlook 2007 Calendar?

Apr 9, 2012

I've been syncing my iPhone 4S with my Outlook 2007 without any problems until this morning. The Calendar is not Syncing anymore.

Not sure what happened, but I didn't change any settings on my iPhone or laptop PC (Windows 7), and I don't have iCloud on.

iPhone 4S, Windows 7, outlook 2007

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BB Curve :: Calendar Events Not Syncing With Outlook 2007?

Aug 11, 2011

I'm using Windows 7. When I sync my BB the events on the BB calendar do not sync to my Outlook 2007 calendar.

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Motorola Droid Bionic :: Syncing Outlook 2007 Contacts / Calendar Without Exchange?

Sep 11, 2011

Is there an easy way to sync Outlook contacts and calendar without Exchange? This is the only problem I have encountered with my new Bionic. The calendar synced, but I have lost my categories, etc. The contacts synched, but I seem to have three of everything (???). Is there a way to delete all the contacts on the phone and start over? I find it hard to believe someone has not come up with an App to make a direct USB sync with the PC, given the Extensive use of Outlook...

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BB Storm :: Sync Error With Outlook 2007 "Unknown Error Reported"

Dec 22, 2010

I have a Blackbery storm 9530 with software version installed. I am using Windows Vista and trying to sync with Outlook 2007. Prior to a recent upgrade of the DM, I was able to sync my Calendar and Contacts. Now I get Blackberry Desktop Synchronization error "Determining the root configuration of main system" and then a Intellisync error follows displaying "Unknown error reported". I am unable to complete the sync.

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Galaxy S6 :: No Kies Or Way To Transfer Contacts / Calendar From Outlook?

Apr 10, 2015

Well, got my S6 yesterday and it seems that samsung has discontinued Kies for S6. Any way to transfer contacts and calendar from a PC Outlook 2010? This is not an exchange or account. Just looking to transfer contacts and calendar from Outlook directly. Samsung suggests using Smart Switch, but that is one time deal and when contacts/calendar is coming from another cell phone. There used to be all kinds of Sync programs, but they seem to be useless also.

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Use Kies To Sync With Outlook 2010 Calendar And Contacts

Mar 25, 2015

I am looking to sync my S5 with my outlook 2010 calendar and contacts. Don't care about the email (frankly I don't want to be able to reached at all times for work requests). I think the software that I want to use is Kies. I have a few concerns that I want to clear up before using.

1 - I do not want my phone to overwrite what is on the computer. That would be a disaster. How do I prevent this from happening?

2 - I have many different calendars on my outlook and only want to sync one of them. How can I do this?

3 - What else should I watch out for before syncing. I want to avoid any hiccups if at all possible. Losing the work calendar would result in some mass chaos for a few weeks.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Phone Wont Sync Calendar With Outlook 2007

Jul 25, 2010

I just recently changed my phone from Bold 9000 to Bold 9700. Using Desktop Manager and on Vista sp2 and Outlook 2007. I used to be able to sync perfectly ok with my Bold 9000, and since I changed my phone to Bold 9700, it wont sync my calendar - as if it skips the calendar completely. I've tried a number of suggestions from this forum including deleting the intellisync folder and resetting the sync setup, hard resetting the phone, and nothing works. I'm running out of ideas.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Kies Won't Sync With Calendar

Apr 30, 2012

I am unable to sync my SGII with MS outlook calendar on my PC. I was able to do it once, months ago, but now it won't move past 39%. I upgraded to Outlook 2010 and installed the latest Kies upgrade and firmware in the phone, but still hangs at 39%. My phone calendar becomes useless if I can't sync.

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Galaxy S6 :: Syncing Google Calendar Onto Samsung Phone?

Apr 16, 2015

I signed up to the samsung account hoping that would do the trick. Not so.

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Sync Outlook 2010 Calendar To Samsung Phone

May 21, 2014

I have moved from Apple to the Smasung S5 but I can't sync my calendar. How to do this ???

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Getting An Error When Trying To Backup Call Log In Kies

Jun 18, 2012

I'm consistently getting an error when trying to backup my call log in Kies ( I can backup everything else but the call log. I get this on 2 computers I have.

This is the error I get:

Data backup cannot proceed because of an unexpected error. Please connect the device and try backing up again.

Is "Root" required for the call log to be backed up? If so, how is this done on the S II?

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BB Curve :: Cannot Sync Calendar With Outlook 2007

May 9, 2012

Have recently set up BBDM to synch Outlook with my BB. Everything works fine except calendar which of course is the one bit I really want. All the settings seem fine and I get no error message.

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BB 8800 :: MS Outlook 2007 Calendar Categories

Apr 19, 2010

I cannot imagine that my BB 8800 with the BB desktop 5.0.1. and the device frim ware isn't able to sync the MS outlook 2007 categories with the BB canlendar. Where is the trick? I'm sure that there is a RIM solution.

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BB Torch :: 9800 Calendar And Outlook 2007?

Aug 9, 2011

my bb was working ok and was syncing ok with my Outlook calender. The bb calender was synced to one of my five email accounts (mail@tw). I started to get issues with it so I followed advice and deleted the other calender cical things except for facebook. Since then the bb has added a default calender to mirror the mail@tw I have duplicate entries for everything and I don't know what to do.....

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BB Torch :: Calendar Sync With Outlook 2007?

May 3, 2011

On my BB sync software 6.0, under organizer it says "calender not installed" I am trying to sync my BB Torch with Outlook 2007 calender ? Gone into Advance settings & checked calender both ways but coming out it still says not installed?

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BB Torch :: Synchronizing Calendar With Outlook 2007

Mar 14, 2012

The recent desktop software update has solved some of the calendar synchronization issues but this morning I got a new error message : Intellisynch error code 0x80040fb3. What this is all about?

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Xperia Pro/Neo/V/L :: Syncing Outlook Calendar To The Mobile Phone?

Apr 27, 2012

I Just purchased the Experia Neo V, installed the Sony PC Companion application and copied all my Outlook contacts from my PC to the phone using Contact Setup. Now it is automatically syncronized to my phone via my Google account I cannot however sync my Outlook calendar via PC Companion. When I run Sync Zone it produces an error message (no explanation just error) and the Calendar sync is canceled. The contacts are synced successfully.

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BB Torch :: Syncing Outlook 2003 Calendar To Phone

Nov 2, 2011

I have a BB Torch 9800.I am using the BB desktop software 6.0 bundle 2647 to Sync. I have gone under Organizer tab, then the Select Organizer Data to Synchronize.I have hit the reset settings and reset calendar, memo, address and tasks and it says it has configured successfully. However, after I hit OK, it says calendar is "not installed"every thing is syncing except the calendar.

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Samsung :: SGH-t749 Sync Outlook Calendar With Phone Calendar Memory Gets Low

Feb 23, 2010

Samsung SGH-t749 using New PC Studio ver. 1.2.0 IEC. When I try to sync Outlook Calendar with the phone calendar it runs out of memory. I don't know if it is using the internal mem., but I don't see a way to direct it to use the SD card. It also mentions that it is getting email info from Outlook. Does this mean that it is also syncing the address book? I only want to keep the calendar on the phone synced. Anyone have any input?

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BB Bold 9000 :: MS Outlook 2007 With Calendar Sync

Apr 8, 2010

I have just switched from a Windows Mobile phone to a BB 9000. I live in Cyprus and have subscribed to the local BIS service offered here. So I sync with my PC via USB cable. Everything seems to be working fine, apart from the calendar. It appears to sync, asks me to accept changes, which I do, but the new entries do not appear in my Outlook calendar. Am I missing something simple?

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BB Bold :: Outlook 2007 Calendar Won't Sync To 9700 OS6

Aug 3, 2011

I used to have a nice sync to my outlook calendar with old OS 5. Not sure if problem related to 6.0 or not but now can't sync my calendar at all. Getting Intellisync Error Code 0x83860028.I redone the settings several times, won't sync either way BB to PC and PC to BB?

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IPhone :: Sync Outlook 2007 Calendar And Contacts With 4?

Jul 3, 2012

How to sync my Outlook 2007 calendar and contacts with iPhone 4

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone :: Sync Outlook 2007 Calendar, Contacts And Email With 4?

Jun 15, 2012

How can I sync my Outlook 2007 calendar, contacts and email with my iPhone 4?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Doesn't Samsung Kies 3 Seem To Back Up Phone Onto Computer

Apr 1, 2015

I have installed Kies 3 twice but still get the same problem. The back up from my Galaxy S5 appears to go well until I look into the folders created on my computer in Kies. It has backed up some things but most folders either have nothing in them or have file types that I can't open on my computer, which I guess are Samsung files. Surely if I have downloaded Kies specifically to back everything on the phone up, the software will have the ability to open these file types?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Outlook Email (not Contacts Etc) Not Syncing?

Aug 14, 2011

I've just got my new Galaxy S2 and am quite impressed. From mucking about with it, I've sync'd all my Gmail and Yahoo accounts without issue. Then, I tried to sync my Outlook account, but it keeps failing?My outlook is my own privtae Outlook (Pop3) account from home - so not on a work server or network. I've entered all the details, passwords, pop & smtp, etc. but it won't work?nyone got any ideas on how I can complete this? I want to pick up my Outlook emails on the go as it's my main contact email for business and 1000's of people have this address. (Not worried about my contacts or anything just yet, I can always merge these to a Gmail account, but I'm lost without my email.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Error "Kies Has Stopped Working, Close The Program"

Oct 24, 2012

Since I just did a upgrade of Samsung Kies to (File name: Kies_2.5.0.12094_28_8.exe) everytime I start the application I get the error "Kies has stopped working, Close the Program". This happens whether or not I have the phone connected via USB. At first I had the problem to do with KiesPDLR has stopped working. I followed the advice of an uninstall and clean re-install and I think it worked a couple of times. Now it won't work at all, even after another clean install.The other symptom I get is that when I boot up my machine it says that Kies Air has stopped working (not that I'm using it).I'm running Windows 7 64 bit.

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Calendar Events Entered On Phone Not Syncing With Microsoft Exchange Calendar

Apr 30, 2015

My Galaxy S5 is set up to synchronize with my Microsoft exchange server. Emails synchronize perfectly and calendar events entered on my Microsoft exchange account synchronize with my Galaxy S5. The problem is, calendar events entered on my Galaxy S5 do not synchronize to my Microsoft Exchange calendar.

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Galaxy S6 :: Calendar Not Syncing With Google And Samsung Account

May 21, 2015

How to get the calendar to sync with your Google account or Samsung account? When I first updated my Galaxy s5 to lollipop, my calendar didn't sync over after I FDR. Then when I switched to the Galaxy s6, my calendar again didn't sync. Any settings I'm missing? I do have sync calendar in both Google and Samsung account enabled but it's not carrying over.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Outlook Calendar & Contacts Sync?

Jun 20, 2011

syncing of outlook 2003 with the SGS2.I am using Outlook 2003 and am about to get a SGS2 and need to sync the contacts and calendar is there a way of doing this directly from PC to phone without Google or servers and stuff?

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Galaxy S5 :: Syncing Phone With Outlook?

Aug 30, 2015

I have a galaxy s5 and want to synch with outlook including notes.

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