Galaxy S6 :: Red Notification Light Flashing Without Reason

Apr 20, 2015

So I've had this phone short of a week, and I love it. For some reason today, my S6 will randomly blink a red LED notification, but when I unlock my phone, there are no new notifications.

My first 2 thoughts were low battery indicator or no service indicator, but neither is the reason.

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Motorola Droid 3 :: Notification Light Blinking For No Reason?

Jan 26, 2013

D3 green notification light randomly blinking when there is no notification or other activity. Have pulled battery. Turned off unused apps. Battery functioning normally.

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LG G3 :: Notification Light Not Flashing

Jul 18, 2014

So I just got the G3 yesterday and finally have it setup. I have noticed though that the notification light does not seem to be functioning. When i receive notifications there is no flashing, regardless of the type of notification. I know the light is not broken because it does flash blue when I knock on the screen, and it also lights red when charging. I downloaded Light Flow to see if I could force the light, but that does not seem to have worked either. I checked to make sure the notification light was set to on under the Display setting page.

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HTC One M7 :: Flashing Green Notification Light Won't Turn Off

Apr 27, 2013

I have closed all running apps, restarted etc etc. There are no notifications in my drop down menu. What could it possibly be?

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BB Tour :: Flashing Notification Light Won't Stop

Nov 3, 2010

A red light flashes 7 times every minute or so. I updated my phone 2 weeks ago and it has been doing it ever since. I have rebooted and it hasn't stopped.

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Nokia :: E52 - Notification Light Flashing Even Though Message Read Via PC Suite

Jul 8, 2010

I use E66 and E52 phones. When I receive a new message, notification light starts flashing on both phones. It is OK. But... I often use Nokia PC Suite for managing my messages. When I read all new messages on E66, notification light automatically changes its self from flashing mode to "breathing". It's fine. But it doesn't work on my E52. When I read all new messages, notification light is still flashing (no "breathing"!) on E52. I read manual and I know that it is necessary to use my phone directly to stop flashing. Why (if all messages has been read)? I think, it correct works on E66. What is the problem? I use latest version of firmware and Nokia PC Suite (not OVI Suite!). I contacted Nokia HelpDesk, but they told me something like "it is not a bug, it is a feature".

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Xperia Z3 :: Blue Notification Light Flashing But Screen Will Not Turn On

Apr 5, 2015

My sony Xperia z3 has the notification light flashing blue, but the screen wont turn on. Ive tried plugging the charger in, using the wireless charger, I even had ny husband call my phone and the screen never lit up and the phone never rang. Ive held down the power button, ive held the power and vol up button and still nothing.

Sony xperia s not turning on, only green notification light blinking? - The phone was on the charge throughout the night, in the morning phone`s ot switching ON, despite of pressing the power button for some time.

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BB Bold :: Disable Blue Flashing Notification Light When Bridged To A Playbook?

Feb 15, 2012

Is there a way to disable the blue flashing notification light when bridged to a playbook? I clicked through all the settings I couldn't find anything. It's mildly annoying.

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Mic Icon Appear In Notification Panel For No Reason

Nov 18, 2015

A microphone symbol appears in my notification panel at random and on its own. could this mean I have spywear on my phone? and how do I access the icon ?

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Galaxy S6 :: Won't Turn On And Have Yellow LED Flashing Light?

Jul 4, 2015

My Galaxy S6 is not turning on at all. The LED light is blinking yellow-orange and I'm confused. It is charging, and it still won't turn on. I searched up some solutions and they were talking about taking out the battery, but there is no removable backing on the S6.

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Galaxy S6 :: Will Not Turn On - Flashing Green Light

Jul 9, 2015

Put my sim free s6 on charge last night (wireless) as i always do and when i woke up the green led was flashing quite fast.

I went to wake the phone up using home button and nothing, nothing from powerbutton either. Tried holding down powerbutton and have also tried charging manually but still nothing. What was strange also was that i did not get any charging sound when i inserted the cable to try an charge it.

I am pretty sure its charged though...just will not turn on.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Flashing Blue LED Light When Screen Is Off?

Apr 13, 2015

i just got the galaxy s6 edge i noticed i keep getting the flashing blue LED light when my screen is off even though i am not received any text, emails or any notification on my phone. it just keeps flashing. how do i turn this off? I have gone into settings>sounds and notifications> led indicator and turned it off but it still flashes.

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Galaxy S6 :: No Screen Response And Flashing Blue Light Then Changes To Static Red

Jan 9, 2016

No screen response and flashing blue light then changes to static red, been acting strange for awhile now...

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Not Turning On - Blue Light Flashing At Top Of Phone?

Jul 8, 2015

I have a blue light flashing at top of phone but it will not turn n and will not even when I put on charge.

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Galaxy S5 :: Little Blue Indicator Light Is Flashing But Phone Not Turning On

Jun 16, 2015

My phone is charged and the little blue indicator light is flashing but the phone won't turn on. What should I do? How do I take the battery out?

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Galaxy S6 :: Black Screen / Won't Boot - Steady Blue Light On (not Flashing)

Dec 5, 2015

Galaxy S6 SM-G920V firmware G920VVRU3BOG5 (5.1.1)

When I'm trying to power on the phone, I get the initial black and white "Samsung Galaxy S6" screen. Then everything goes black and the blue LED on the top left lights up and stays on, does not flash or dim, just stays on. The phone does not vibrate or make any sound when it does this.

What I've tried to fix it:

1) Power + Volume down (maintenance boot mode) ... I've tried normal boot, factory reset and booting in safe mode, all just give me a black screen with the blue LED.

2) Power + Volume Up + Home (andoid system recovery screen) ... When doing this, the phone displays the black and white "Samsung Galaxy S6" screen, followed by a bluish colored screen with a little android guy on it, followed by the dead android guy with a yellow exclamation triangle over his head, then goes into the android system recovery menu. On this screen I can wipe data/factory reset and wipe cache partition and reboot and I still get a black screen with a steady blue LED.

3) Power + Volume Down + Home followed by Volume Up (Downloading screen) ... Takes me to the bluish screen warning me about downloading a custom OS. After hitting up it does not show the knox has ever been triggered. I've tried using ODIN 3.10.6 to reinstall fresh firmware (5.1.1 G920VVRU3BOG5) and after it successfully installs it, it boots to a black screen with the steady blue LED.

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BB Curve :: LED Is Flashing Every Colour For No Reason?

Jul 10, 2012

my blackberry curve's LED has started flashing every colour for no reason? it continuously flashes yellow, green, blue, red, amber, pink and purple very fast, I have deleted every LED app I had downloaded and turned off all LED notifications. ive tried turning the phone off and on and the flashing soon started again. It does stop when you press the end call button but soon starts again.
I have no messages etc awaiting opening and my batteries charged so why is it doing this? its driving me mad and also draining my battery really quickly?

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Galaxy S6 :: LED Light Manager Notification

Jun 1, 2015

Using LED Light Manager on the S6? I loved it on my S3 and when I got my S6 I immediately installed it and set it up for apps like Messages, Gmail, etc. the issue is it is sporadic at best where it will sometimes show the LED notification when a message comes through, but not always.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Is There A Notification Light

Aug 12, 2011

Is there a notification light on the samsung galaxy s 2. If so how do you turn it on so when you recieve a notification a light flashes.

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BB Curve :: Light Blue Flashing Light On 8310?

Sep 15, 2011

I am on a curve 8310 I think it is with an annoying flashing blue light. I think it's a cross between a white and blue as it's a pale blue light. I have turned off every notification I can find, email, text, facebook etc. I have deselected the LED option ( changed to none) I cannot figure how WHY this light keeps blinking. I've taken the battery out, i'm at my wits end.

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Galaxy S5 :: Different Color LED Light Notification For Apps

Feb 2, 2015

However, with KitKat I could have a different color LED light notification for different apps. I could have one for email, text message, voicemail, etc. But with the new lollipop, I don't have any flashing light LED notifications. Am I just not finding it or did they take this away?

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Galaxy S5 :: Using Camera Flash Light As Notification

Jan 10, 2015

I would like to use my phone's camera flash light as my notification. I checked the flash notification found in the settings but it's still not working.

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Galaxy S5 :: LED Notification Light Quit Working After Update

Feb 6, 2015

How to fix this??

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Galaxy S5 :: Led Notification Light Blinking Wrong Color?

Apr 26, 2015

Usually when i receive a notification when my phone screen is off the led light blinks blue, but its blinking a yellowish green. (This happens just for Android Central and Windows Central)

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Galaxy S6 :: Text Message Sound Notification And Light Not Working

Nov 25, 2015

Sound notification is on. My text message sound and light are not working call sounds are. What do I do?

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BB Bold 9700 :: Sporadic Red Blinking Light No Reason

May 5, 2010

So my bold 9700 LED light will start flashing for a few seconds and then stop, about every ten minutes or so. I don't have a message or any notification and it drives me crazyyyyy. Does anyone know what I can do to stop this!

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BB Curve 83xx :: Red Light Sometimes Blinks For No Apparent Reason?

Jun 28, 2010

I have had my curve for a little over two months now && havent yet had really any problems until about a week ago...I've noticed that out of seemingly nowhere, the red LED light will start blinking like I have a message or something and when I check to see if there are any new messages, there arent. I still get new messages and everything works correctly as far as I can tell, but that damn light will start blinking out of nowhere and it annoys me and I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to stop it. the only thing that fixes it is a battery pull and it happens probably every other day. i have smrtguard installed on my phone and idk if maybe the light blinks when its doing an antivirus sweep on my phone or what.

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Xperia X10 :: Android 2.1 Upgrade - Screen Light Sensor / LED Notification Light Not Working

May 21, 2010

I having the problem after update my X10 to android 2.1. I found that my screen light sensor (which actually works b4 under different environment lighting) and the LED notification light (it works b4 while I got the missed call or sms) do not work after update to android 2.1... One more is, the screen color gradation seem worst that it normal?

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Xperia Z5 :: Notification Sound Stop Working For No Reason

Jul 3, 2010

Having issue where the Z5 Premium Notification sounds stop working for no reason?Only way to fix this like a lot of issues (auto-rotate etc) is a reboot, it's Sony going to fix these bugs?

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Motorola Cliq 2 :: 3 Short Beeps Without Any Notification / Reason

Apr 22, 2011

why my Cliq 2 (Android 2.2, T-Mobile) would emit 3 short beeps randomly. There's nothin in the notification area. I have auto-sync turned off for all Google apps.This happens even on WiFi. GPS, Bluetooth turned off as well. There's no missed call or unread text message. I have a feeling that it's related to voice/data signal loss. Is there any way to turn this off ? I have looked at all settings that I could think of.

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Xperia Z2 :: After Update Phone Keeps Making Notification Sounds For No Reason

Aug 12, 2015

After the update my Z2 keeps making notification sounds for no reason. It happens in airplane mode too, and its really getting on my nerves. I check the phone expecting to see a text message or an email or something else, but nothing is there. Ting, ting, ting until I turn the sound off and miss the calls and notifications that I actually want.

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