BB Bold :: Email Setup, Any Other Way To Exchange Than OWA

Nov 9, 2011

One of our clients recently changed from Android to the new BB Bold 9900, but we can't seem to get any exchange email to work. I believe the problem lies with the setup requiring OWA address, while our OWA is only internal only.With Android, all we had to do is put domain, exchange server and username. Is there hope still? Perhaps a thirdparty app?

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BB Bold 9700 :: Setup For OWA 2003 Exchange Email With BIS

Jan 11, 2010

I am trying to configure bold 9700 to receive my work emails.
server info:
Service: Exchange 2003
Protocols: https (443)
Authentication : Certificate & Network logon
Currently using owa to access email using this url: It will require certificate to access the main page of OWA. Once authenticate then use network logon to access mailbox.

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BB Storm :: Setup Wizard Only Allow To Setup Exchange Email?

Mar 20, 2010

I recently re-activated my old Storm for my wife (her first smartphone). After reactivation, I tried to set up email so she could check her Hotmail, but the setup wizard only shows one option - enterprise email through Exchange. I know when I use to use the Storm myself, I had both Hotmail and a POP email account set up with no problems. Is this a device issue or a carrier issue? I had Bell activate the Storm on a minimal (200MB) BlackBerry data plan and the phone seems to work fine (as a phone, at least!)

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BB Bold 9000 :: Want To Setup Personal Email But Option Only Available For Work Email

Jul 14, 2010

I need some help setting up my Blackberry Bold 9000. I bought it off of Ebay and I have already wiped with memory. I need help setting up my email account and all of that stuff. When i try to set up a personal email address the only option I get is for setting up a Work email. This is what it says "I want to use a work email account with a BLackberry Enterprise Server"

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BB Bold 9700 :: Personal Email Setup - Create Or Add Email Address

Feb 27, 2010

I'm trying to set up my personal email on the 9700, but it seems that i have only one option, Blackberry Enterprise Server option. Is that suppose to be that way? I don't seem to have the " I want to create or add an email address" option.

Im using a Bold 9700, v5.0.0.442(Platforms
Carrier: M1(Singapore)

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BB Bold 9000 :: Setting Up Exchange Email

Feb 25, 2010

Today in the office we set up a microsoft exchange and OWA, nothing to big or fancy but we have a server etc. Now I logged into my BIS site, set up my email entering my own details and putting in our OWA details.. The email works fine, but it takes about 15 minutes for the emails to come through to the blackberry.. i thought that this was only with POP3 and if it ran off an exchange it would be near instant?

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BB Bold :: Outlook Exchange Email Service?

Jan 26, 2012

I'm using Bold 9900. Last time I can sending and receiving email from my work by using my BB device. Due to security policies I'm no longer able receive email from my work. I have to register my name (as blackberry user) and meet the company policies before able to receive push mail from exchange server.Since my Bold not provided by the company (this is my personal phone) so I don't want to meet the company policies as my office mate using Iphone, Android and Windows phone do not meet the policies at all for their personal phone and no problem with sending and receiving email.

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BB Curve :: Cannot Setup Email In 8520 As It Doesn't Have Email Setup Option

Nov 23, 2011

I cannot setup email in my curve 8520 as it doesn't have email setup option

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BB Bold :: Email Setup For Yahoo Email?

Oct 25, 2012

Have setup Email on the Bold 9900 to access Yahoo Email. access to the Inbox is working fine. How do you access the other folders in the Yahoo account?

I have my incoming Yahoo mail filtered to different folders, so I have new mail in different folders, which at present I can't see on the Bold.

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BB Bold :: Email Via Outlook Exchange No Longer Working?

Sep 22, 2011

We have 5 Blackberry Bold 9700. We purchased these phones so that our engineers and sales guys can access their emails away from the office.Earlier this week our email server was taken offline for maintenance and all the Blackberrys asked us to validate our email accounts. It has asked us to do this before and we simply re-entered the details and away we went.Not this time though. Despite passwords, exchange address, usernames remaining the same we still consistently get the following error message.Invalid email address or password. Verify your email address and password. If the error persists, contact I can access my emails via the exchange via the internet using the same details that i am putting into the blackberry so i know that they do work. Just can't get the blackberry to receive my emails.I am not to tech minded but i do have an IT team inhouse that manage the exchange server.I have spoken to vodafone who also tried to setup the email account their end but got the same error message.

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BB Bold :: Email Moved To MS Exchange Server - Now Cannot Sync Calendar

Sep 5, 2011

My email was moved to Microsoft Exchange Server from a POP server, no I can so longer sync my calendar, what can I do.

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BB Bold :: Exchange Server Account - Email Downloading Twice On 9780?

Jul 7, 2011

I have an exchange server account, the mail is configured both on my outlook & BB. when someone sends me an email, I will receive on the BB again when I open the outlook and view the same email, the same email pops again on my BB. Tired of deleting the duplicate emails.

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BB Bold :: Can't Setup Email On New One

Nov 2, 2012

I ran over my Blackberry 9300 with my wheelchair! Bought a Blackberry Bold.I am trying to set up my email but it doesn't work because "there is another blackberry with the same email address,etc". What do I do?

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BB Bold :: Can't Get Into Email Setup

Feb 3, 2012

everything was fine until this morning. after syncing my bb bold 9780, they prompted me to update my blackberry system software. after i have done so, the phone did a long "reboot" and i realised after that all my email accounts are gone. and i have to set them up again.

however after i go to SETUP, i click on EMAIL ACCOUNTS and then INTERNET MAIL ACCOUNT, it goes back to the SETUP page, every single time. And when i select Exit Setup, the phone freezes. When it freezes, i will take out the battery and try again but the same thing happened every single time!

was it something to do with the software? and more importantly, can anyone tell me what i can do to set up my email accounts?

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BB Bold 9700 :: No Email Setup Without BIS Or BES?

Jun 20, 2010

Im in South Africa, got a 9700 from Nashuamobile, using the MTN network.My contract is only beginning from 01 July.I want to setup my current email adress on the phone like it is currrently on my N95.However it seems it will not be possible without the Blackberry service been activated?

So if this is the case, then my question is that the will it be impossible to have my email working on it without the BIS or BES service? How can this be possible? I thought I have the option of taking the BIS service or not?I suppose its the same in all countries , nevermind the ISp or Carrier?

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BB Bold :: Unable To Setup Email

Dec 29, 2011

My Email Accounts Icon will not open under Setup on my Bold 9930. Neither the push-to-touch or the hot button will open this set-up Icon. All other set-up Icons work okay. I've completely removed the battery and SIM card, but the problem remains.

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BB Bold :: Can No Longer Get Into Email Setup

Jul 16, 2012

I need to remove an old email address and I can no longer get into the email setup area.

I go to the setup on the main screen (the phone with the green gear) and I can see under set up the little icon for Email Accounts, but when I click on it nothing opens up. I can click on other icons (i.e. Wi-Fi) and the set up screen opens for them, but not for the email accounts.

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BB Bold :: 9900 Cannot Setup An Email

Jul 17, 2012

I already had an email account on my bold 9900 but recently i changed my password and now bb email wants me to go to setup and verificate my new password. The problem is that whenever i go to setup and click on email account and then Internet Mail Account nothing happened. It's not responding, and i can't do anything about my email, delate it, nor add new one.

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BB Bold :: Email Setup App Keeps Popping UP

May 18, 2011

I just bought a new bold 9780 that comes with OS 6. I have already setup an email account and downloaded the new setup app that was prompted once opened the first time. For some reason, the email setup application initializes by it self without me clicking on it and it keeps popping up once in a while. This happened on my torch as well.

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BB Bold :: Getting Email Setup Error

Sep 30, 2012

Getting email setup error

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BB Bold :: How To Setup Email Accounts

Mar 2, 2012

how to setup my email accounts? Everytime I click on the Email Accounts (under setup), I nothing happens. I can't even see the enterprise setup which I use to. I've had this on previously on Rogers and now just changed over to Fido.

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BB Bold :: Cannot Setup Email On Handset

Oct 20, 2011

On both my 9930 and 9850, with the new software Sprint rolled out, I did a clean install (as I always do every now and then). When trying to setup e-mail (going to Setup > Email Accounts) does not put me into the Blackberry mail setup application anymore. It takes me directly to the web based Sprint BIS website. Is this a bug? If I setup my email this way I cannot do calendar or contact sync. e.

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BB Bold :: 9900 How To Setup Email

Feb 4, 2012

i just started using bold 9900 and i want to set up my mail. the problem is when i want to setup the email it will always ask for enterprise activation. i want to setup an internet mail. i look up a video by vodaphone in Internet and the setup is different than mine.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Error When Trying To Setup Email

Jun 7, 2010

i just got my bold and when i try to set up my account it says connecting to email settings then says the app has encountered an error and cannot continue.. I have a att unlocked, please help!

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BB Bold 9700 :: Setup Email Account?

Jul 14, 2010

My phone only shows one option: setup a work email account? Why? Has anyone experience this? Actually I bought this phone used, now I'm scare I got ripped off.

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BB Bold 9000 :: No Email Setup Option

Jan 22, 2010

I have a Bold 9000 and I just installed OS5.0(leaked) I went into setup and there is no email setup option?What can I do? All my email inboxes from the backup of the device are already there but I was just wondering.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Cannot Setup Personal Email

Jun 8, 2010

i just purchased a bold 9700 and i was trying to configure my personal email accounts. however, under settings -> setup wizard-> email setup, i only have the option to use "i want to use a work email account with a blackberry enterprise server", and nothing else. i viewed setting up personal email Internet video and from the user menu, there seems to be a possibility to select "personal email" setup where gmail and hotmail can be configured.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Email Setup Error

Jun 10, 2010

Every time I try to set up an email address, it does not give me the two options (i.e I want to create or add an email address or I want to use a work email account with a BlackBerry Enterprise Server). Instead, it only gives me the "Work" email option. This means I cannot setup Instant Messaging or anything.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Email Setup Failure

Mar 8, 2010

I just got my BB9700 yesterday. I wanted to set up my email account and encountered the following problem:There is no option to "I want to create an email account" in the set-up wizard.In the email setup wizard, I only have the option to "I want to use a work email account with a BB Enterprise Server", and it does not work for my email accounts.

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BB Bold 9700 :: How To Setup Non BES Email Accounts

Jul 10, 2010

When using the Setup Wizard, and selecting Email Setup, I am only faced with the one option of using aan account on the Blackberry Enterprise Server.How do I set up an Internet Email account ( POP or IMAP) that is not BES?All google searches I have tried indicate that I should be faced with altermatve options.

Using BB Bold 9700

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BB Bold 9700 :: Personal Email Setup Not Available

Jan 15, 2010

I bought an unlocked Blackberry Bold 9700 (original carrier is rogers) through Ebay to use it with my pay as you go Fido plan. My main reason to buy this phone was to be able to browse the internet and check my email in wireless hotspots ( I am a student so wireless internet is openly available at the university). However, under email setup the only option available to me is the Blackberry Enterprise server, I apparently should have a 'personal email setup' but it is not available. I did a lot of research on the internet and this forum but could not find a solution to my problem. I would be very grateful if someone can provide me with some answers. I also contacted the person whom I bought the phone from and apparently he does not have the answers either. Tried calling Fido and they did not offer any support as the phone one was not bought from them.

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