Samsung Galaxy S II :: Unable To Save Any Downloads?

Oct 2, 2012

I often download images from the internet on my phone. I use them for making contact pictures, schoolwork,or even to just to enjoy images as backgrounds on my phone. However my phone is no longer allowing me to download anything! I do what I have always done, I hold down on the image until my phone asks if I want to save it,I hit save, and it says the image is downloading. But when I go to my downloads it says image has failed to download...

I thought maybe it was just from a certain site that my images wouldn't download. But every site I go to the download is failing. Then I thought perhaps somehow I used up my memory. But I have lots of memory left. I tried the simple method of rebooting my phone,and that too has not worked.I don't know what else to do!

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Control Email Downloads In Tab 2?

Nov 27, 2012

I have got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and got a Galaxy S2 to go with it.I have set up (using the supplied "email" app BOTH bits of kit to download my emails....however...on the Samsung tablet when I open the 'email' app it does nothing until I go to 'refresh' - then it downloads any new emails. When I open the app on the PHONE, however, it just clears off and downloads emails...wherever I happen to be.How do I tell the phone to NOT use up my data allowance, and let me tell IT when I want to do a download?

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Galaxy S5 :: Samsung Downloads Folder Is Missing From Gallery

Jul 25, 2014

I got a brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 a week ago. Well I have that little problem with it that whenever I download a pic from for example Google or Hangouts I don't have the -Downloads- folder in my gallery. They do not show up anywhere except if I go to "My files - internal memory - downloads" but nowhere in the gallery. In the gallery I chose the option to show every pic which is saved to the device but they don't show up only camera photos, screenshots. Nothing else.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: User Manual And Quick Start Guide PDF Downloads?

May 4, 2011

Here they are, the Galaxy S II User manual and quick start guides from the Samsung's website. Might come in handy for some. Or those of us that loose the originals etc



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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Photos Cannot Save To It

Jul 6, 2012

Since I upgraded to ICS when I take a photo it will not save to the gallery. The photo is captured but when I touch the picture it displays the message �No items�. I have tried switching between saving photos to the Phone and Memory Card to no avail. My Picture Gallery, just shows the pictures from my Google+ account and Drop Box not those I�ve taken. I am on Three in the UK with the latest firmware version:


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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Way To Save Texts

Sep 6, 2011

I'm new to the Galaxy and seem to be having real problems working out how to save texts.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Icons In Applications Won't Save

Dec 30, 2011

i am using fw 2.3.5 on my phone which had been updated through kies a while back. one thing that it annoying me a little is the applications and when i arrange them how i want they change when i reboot.

most pages stay correct but the main page 1 keeps changing from how i set it on rebooting.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Save Email Messages On It?

Aug 21, 2012

I am connecting successfully to my pop email account, and am able to send/retrieve without issue. However, as soon as I pull email from the pop account on my home computer, I lose all of the messages on my phone. Isn't there a way to download messages onto my phone and keep them? I don't see an option to flag or save individual messages, or to move them to a folder.

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Galaxy S5 :: Save Pictures To SD Cards For Samsung Phone?

Mar 23, 2015

Want to save pictures to SD card of Samsung S5

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Save Samsung Phone Pictures On SD Card

Jun 28, 2015

Having trouble saving my Pictures on the mine SD card how do I do this? or . how do I transfer my pictures to my Surface Pro ...

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Send Or Save Message Thread?

Nov 8, 2012

Is there a way to either send an entire message thread ( sms and mms ? ) from an SII to another galaxy user so that they can see the thread in it's entiretyi.e. times/dates , sender/receiver etc , OR save the entire thread off phone to a laptop

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Motorola Droid Razr HD :: Save Downloads To SD Card By Default?

Nov 9, 2012

I often download large PowerPoint presentations or other office files from gmail and stock email app. By default they go to the download folder at /mnt/sdcard which is in fact not the sd card but internal memory. I would like these files to automatically download to the download folder on my sd card /mnt/external1/downloads. Is there some setting that would allow this?

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Change Save Location Settings On Samsung Phone

Apr 5, 2015

Whenever I take a picture it saves to my cloud my email my Picasa everywhere how can I make it only save onto my phone and then if I want it to backup on the other accounts how can I manually do that? I'm tired of every picture I take save everywhere so then I have to go delete them all individually...

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Close All The Active Apps From The Task Manager To Save The Battery?

Dec 1, 2011

I usually close all the active apps from the Task manager to save the battery of my s2, after doing that i checked the RAM and clear it but there's a message that says for example 8 application were closed, so where this apps came from???

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Galaxy S5 :: Unable To Save Rear Camera Photos?

Jan 14, 2015

For about a month now I have been unable to take photos with my rear facing camera. When I take a photo using the default camera app it looks like it saved the photo and when I go to look it is a black and white image of a human. It does however save a thumbnail of the picture sometimes. I am able to take pictures (like a selfie) with the front facing camera though successfully.

Here is a screenshot of what my issue looks like. This is after taking a photo with the rear facing camera...

Currently, I have to take pictures with Snap Chat since its the are the only other camera apps that I have on my phone and of course, the quality of those photos are terrible. I can also take a screen shot of the photo as well, but obviously that's not good either. All of these methods save to the SD card.

I have a friend that had the same issue a while back but his works now.

And for some more information:
Network: AT&T
Model Number: SAMSUNG-SM-G900A
Android Version: 4.4.2
Baseband Version: G900AUCU2ANG3
Kernal Version: 3.4.0-2178781
Build Number: KOT49H.G900AUCU2ANG3

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BB Torch :: Unable To Downloads Anything?

Jan 12, 2011

I'm on the verge of throwing my Torch 9810 against a wall. I'm on the MTN network and I can't seem to download anything, movies, music, etc. It just says "error" can?

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BB Curve :: Unable To Update And Downloads?

Jan 27, 2011

A while ago I had a problem signing into my app world; however, now that I am able to sign in, I cannot download or update anything and I'm not sure why. App world lets me know about the updates but when I go to update the things I have a error message says "Download not available in app world" Does anyone know how this can be fixed or why it comes up?.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Unable To Connect With Wi-Fi?

Mar 21, 2012

I have a problem with my GS2.Wi-Fi on and shows as on, but when going onto GooglePlay Apps/internet/Facebook/Twitter etc etc comes up with no connection. (laptop works fine at the same time so I know its not router problem).If I goto settings and take wi-fi off then put back on it works fine, emails come thru.

It seems lik eI have to keep doing this during the day constantly, anyone else had the problems?(Wi-Fi sleep policy under advanced in wi-fi setting is set to never so thats ok)

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Unable To Add The Account To New

Apr 6, 2012

I have created a new Samsung account at the web site and I am trying to link my phone to that account but at the Settings-->Accounts and sync-->Add account

There is no Samsung Account option available! There are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, MS Exchange, Google, Facebook and Qik Lite.

BUT NO Samsung Account. I have already linked with my Google account but still nothing changed. I have already shutdown the phone but nothing changed.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Unable To Add More Then 60 Contacts

Nov 3, 2011

I am about to do some travel and was wondering if this phone would add +61 to your stored contact phone numbers and minus the zero. I am in Australia and just need this Country Code. My wife has an IPhone and she can do that easy in one of the menu's somewhere. Does this phone do this if not is there an app capable of doing.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Unable To Take Screen Shots?

Aug 22, 2012

Ok, since the update I am unable to take screen caps. Used to be able to press the home button and power button, now it doesn't work.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Unable To Delete Application?

Jun 26, 2011

New to the forum and only had my phone for a couple of days. I'd like some help though. I have moved a couple of apps to my Home Screen and now want to delete it from "Applications" but when I go to Applications and long press the icon and drag it to the trash bin it doesn't delete.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Unable To Connect To Kies App

Apr 13, 2012

I have recently got a new Galaxy S2 on Vodafone and when I try and connect it to the Kies application, I keep getting the error message;

Reconnect the devise in Samsung Kies (PC Studio) Mode.Current connection mode is not supported by Kies.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Unable To Sync With Outlook?

Jun 15, 2011

I've got an S2. I tried to connect with the exchange server from my company. It works but there are one problem. The calender can't be sychronized..better to say I can't see my appointments. What can I do? Is there somebody where it works? I think everbody knows the problem with the lock screen.... the display is always locked after the display timeout....of course I can increase the time for the display timeout but i think my battery will be empty very there an option to increase the time for the locked screen?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Unable To See Display Due To Darkness?

Oct 1, 2011

It is not on automatic I have it set at about three quatrers up the bar when it goes it is sometiimes hard to go through to applications and display due to not being able to see display due to darkness. The battery is not always low when this happens

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Kies Unable To Detect

Jun 13, 2012

I installed Kies on Win XP and was able to connect Galaxy S2 to my PC. I was able to transfer file and etc. Then, I installed Kies on Win 7. When I connect the S2, it shows the status on the phone, USB Connected (MTP-Connected) and the phone was charging. But Kies shows status "please connect a device". I've tried a few methods:

1. Uninstall Kies nad reinstall again.

2. Go to "Settings" > "Wireless and network" > "USB utilities" > "Connect storage to PC".

But unfortunately it does not seems to solve the problem. Is there any steps that i missed out? Any settings to tweak or drivers to install?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Unable To Access The Internet?

Dec 9, 2011

I'm not sure if this is a problem with my SG2 or my SKY router but occasionally despite all my other WiFi items in the house all being able to access the internet, every now and then despite my SG2 showing a good strong WiFi signal I get no connection. To resolve the matter I have to unplug the router and restart it.

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Galaxy S6 :: Why Unable To Access Profile In Samsung Account

Nov 25, 2015

Just purchased a new unlocked S6. I already had a Samsung account so went through the set up process on the phone and successfully set up the Samsung account on the phone using my Samsung account details. Able to go into Apps, Settings, Accounts, Samsung account and can see my email. The Samsung account syncs without problem and I can download apps through the Galaxy Apps site.

Now the issue, using the phone whilst in the Samsung account I select Profile so I can check my profile details but when I enter my password and select confirm, the phone shows a green & blue wheel with the words "In Progress" then the screen momentarily goes blank and then the same blue wheel with the words "In Progress" reappears and stays on the screen and that is as far as it goes. The phone is trying to open the Profile page but just continues showing the blue wheel with the words "In Progress".

I can log into my account through the web site and enter the Profile through the website and I can use Find my mobile to connect to the phone and ring the phone so the phone is linked to the account. I have done a factory reset on the phone and the same issue remains. I have even set up a different Samsung account and the new account also has the same issue. I have cleared the cache and data on the phones Samsung account and tried to get into the Profile with the same issue. I asked a work colleague with a S6 to also log into his Profile via the phone and he had the same problem so it appears to be an issue with the Samsung app.

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Galaxy S5 :: Unable To Connect To Facebook On 3G Or LTE On Samsung Phone

Dec 14, 2015

I recently updated to Software version G900PV-83BOK4 on my Galaxy S5. Ever since the update, I cannot access Facebook unless on wireless connections. All other Apps work fine. When accessing Facebook I receive a message that says, 'Can't connect right now.'

I've tried various things and can't seem to correct. There is a similar thread on Facebook for all Android devices, but no one seems to have a solution.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Unable To Find Update Settings?

Jan 14, 2012

i am a new mmember!i have a small problem with my SGS II i cant find the update settings!i am going in settings->informations but it don't have "check for update"...also i cant connect my phone with my pc via Samsung Kiess.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Connected To Wifi But Unable To Do Any Surfing

Jul 27, 2011

i've connected to wi-fi but when i try to surf / sync calendar it always say connection failed

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