Nokia :: E71 Software Updater Unable To Find Device

Apr 5, 2010

After having my E71 for over year and a half I decided to update the software for the first time. I backed all the stuff and downloaded nokia software updater. When I started software it found my device and the update. Then it downloaded the software and started to updating. My screen turned black and etc. In the middle of the update, about 5 min in to it, I got an error message saying that connection with my device got lost and it suggested that I turn on the device and start it again. Which I did. When I turned it on and tried again I was getting the same message that connection with my device was lost. I exit the nokia software updater and tried it again and since then updater is unable to find my device. FIY, when I connect my device with USB I get the following modes: PC Suite, Mass Storage, Media transfer, Connect PC to web.I choose PC Suite.

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Nokia :: N97 Software Updater - Unable To Update Says Device Not Connected

Apr 12, 2010

I read allot of posts and tried allot of solutions but untill now none worked for me
i use windows 7 ultimatie 64 bit, installed the ovi suite and the nokia software updater.
then why i try to update the device software it says the phone is not connected, when i then reconnect the phone i can press continue but immediatly after that its says its not connected again. even though the ovi store has it still connected and i can browse the phone from the pc aswell.. I tried different usb ports, i tried it on an win xp machine ( with same results ).

Currently my n97 had software version 1.2 i believe, when i use the phone itself to update it says no updates available.. i dont know whats wrong, because other then the update everything works normal.

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Nokia :: Software Updater - Shows Error " Unable To Retrieve Device Information "

Jun 29, 2010

I have some software problem with my Nokia E71 . SO i decided to update my mobile Software. so i downloaded NOKIA SOFTWARE UPDATER V2.5 en . After that when i start it shows error that :" Unable to retrieve device information " and shows 4 suggetion that remove battry and like that.. I had do all this things. but till it doesnt starts. i have also tries this softwre in windows XP SP3 and windows 7. But same probelm in both . When i connect myu phone with my pc then PC SUIT turn on and it shows that your mobile is connected but NOKIA SOFTWARE UPDATER can't . . So what i do now?

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Nokia :: 5800 Bluetooth Peripheral Device Unable To Find Driver

Jan 6, 2010

I recently connected my Nokia 5800 to my bluetooth connection on my Windows 7 Ultimate pc of which downloads and installs the drivers from Windows Update.This works fine for the most part but i am left with 3x Bluetooth Peripher Device enteries showing in Device Manager and a Yellow Exclimation Mark located next to the Nokia 5800 device icon in Device and Printers but i cannot seem to find out what drivers are missing, even Windows Update find nothing for these entries.I have the latest version of Ovi Suite installed on my computer but this does not install any bluetooth drivers, I have the latest drivers for my Trust 16008 Bluetooth dongle but these 3x Bluetooth Peripheral Device enteries only appear when i connect the Nokia 5800 to bluetooth. I have also tried to locate the drivers from the support CD but this fails also.

I have tried looking on Nokia Discussions for a solution but it seems i am not the only person that is having the problem with these enteries in Device Manager and no drivers for them.It seems that Nokia has not released the relevent drivers therefor full Bluetooth Driver installation is incomplete.I would like Nokia to fully rectify the situation and explain why these drivers are missing and if they will be released.

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Nokia :: 5230 Unable To Install Update - Says "Unable To Find Device"

May 20, 2010

I'm having a problem when trying to update my Nokia 5230 using the Nokia Suite.Please note; my phone is plugged in, there is an update for my phone as the last time it was updated was when it made manufactured (nov 09). The USB mode is on 'PC suite'. I have downloaded all the latest versions of the Nokia Suite.

When I click 'Update Phone Software", it takes me to the updater. When it comes to the 'Searching for a connected device', it hands for about 1-2 minutes, then says "Unable to find device".

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Nokia :: Software Updater - Unable To Download

Jan 14, 2010

Nokia have finally updated 5800 FW but i am unable to download it because the NSU isn't working correctly. Everytime I open the program I get the message;

"Nokia Software Updater has attempted to connect to the internet but has failed three times. This could be because of a poor-quality, slow or intermittent internet connection, or restrictions due to a firewall.

If requested by your firewall, Nokia Software Updater needs the following applications to gain access to the internet:

nsu_u_clienti.exe" The program will then close down.

I have a good, steady internet connection (10mb) and all firewalls are off. I have done some searches on this issue but I was wondering if a solution was found for the problem?

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Nokia :: X6 Multi-media Type Device / Unable To Find Such Feature / Paste Option Not Present

May 26, 2010

My new X6 arrived today. My initial reaction was fairly positive but I have a few questions and would be grateful for some advice please.First off, my old phone (N95) had an extremely handy Home Media Server feature. I would've thought the X6 would have something similar considering it is a multi-media type device. However, i'm unable to find such a feature. Could someone advise if Nokia have dropped the HMS for this model please?

Also, most of my passwords for internet logons and email etc were all created using a generator with random letters, numbers and characters. On my N95, I was able to copy/paste this info and save a lot of time when setting up mail accounts and other apps. I know the X6 does support copy/paste but the paste option isn't present for many password boxes. Is there a way around this please?

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BB Software :: Updater Stuck On Connecting To Device?

Oct 10, 2011

I decided it might be a good idea to update the software on my blackberry since I haven't checked in probably almost a year. So I plug it in, Desktop tells there's an update for BB Desktop so I decide to update that first, downloaded, installed, done. Next I see an update for the Blackberry (Tour 9630) device, so I click update. Then it tells me I need the latest version of Desktop again (wtf?). So I click update Desktop (again) and then it starts installing packages.

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BB Device Software :: Unable To Find The Facebook Notification

Jan 18, 2010

I am quite a new BB user... can anyone please help to advise on my above qn? I got a Facebook push mail notification [1f *] but i just unable to find the notifiction when i search my facebook app.

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Nokia :: NSU Not Able To Find Device

Jul 2, 2010

When I connect my N97 to PC and start NSU program cant find phone. However PC Suite works fine and finds phone. Whats the problem? Ive reinstalled NSU a couple of times.

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Nokia :: Device Cannot Find / Read Songs On SD Card

Jun 27, 2010

Iv just tried putting some songs on my phone via SD card. My laptop can read all the media (using widows 7) but my nokia 5230 can't find any thing (I know the phone is quite old LOL) iv had no problems up until now and reeealy need some songs.

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Nokia Accessories :: CU-7 Where Can Find Schematic Or Datasheet For This Device

Jul 6, 2012

Where I can find shematic or datasheet for this device?

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Nokia :: Ovi Suite - Find Maps Or Voice Guidance Files On Device

Aug 17, 2010

My E72 is navigating fine with turn-by-turn voice instructions with spoken street names and street-level views of cities on the several continents from maps I had previously downloaded. All seems very fine. But Ovi Suite is giving me the bad news that it "Cannot find maps or voice guidance files on your device."

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Nokia :: X3 - Windows Live Messenger Lost After Updating With Nokia Software Updater

Jun 25, 2010

I tried to update my Nokia X3 with Nokia Software Updater. And after installing from 4.01 to V8.40, I lost "Windows Live Messenger" and "Ovi Contacts" . Can some one please tell me as how I can get these applications back.
I love these applications and I was using them a lot.

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Asha 30/40 Series :: Difference Between Nokia Software Updater And Nokia Suite?

Nov 19, 2012

is there any difference between Nokia Software Updater and Nokia Suite?

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Nokia :: E90 Maps Updater Error

Apr 29, 2010

after hard reset,3.0 map version changed to 2.0 map version.I tried to download maps 3.0 via maps updater but it appears on screen: cannot get enough information about the phone,unspecified error.Please help me solve this problem.

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Nokia :: E72 / Software Updater Cannot Identify

Mar 21, 2010

I bought E72 two weeks ago. Glad at first days. Start to get mad few days later when Ovi maps crash/restart (what the hell happened, it was ok previously??) I check the firmware and its still ver 021. So I download the Ovi Suite and Softaware Updater (for E72). My PC OS is Windows XP SP2. The Ovi Suite is crash every time I open it (windows error). So I unstall it and download PC Suite (for E72) and PC Suite works fine .. I try some menus like backup, copy photos, etc. and its oke. Then I try to run Software Updated from PC Suite. But It can not recognize my phone! I follow every single step that mentioned in the SU dialog or in SU help including removing the battery, disconnecting usb cable .. even reinstalling and redownloading the SU and PC Suite. And it still doesn't work .. SU can not recognize my phone while PC Suite can. I have reinstall and redownload SU & PCS twice! Why is it so hard to just update a firmware?

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Nokia :: N900 / Nokia Software Updater / Not Updating

Feb 25, 2010

I am on version 1.2009.44 but version 2.2009.51 is available on my N900.I go to download and it says I need to download through the nokia software updater on my PC.So I connect it to my PC suite and run software updater and it cant find anything it says I am all upto date.But I am not.any help?

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Nokia Navigation :: Unable To Find Maps 3.01 For E90

Jun 19, 2012

I recently reinstalled the firmware to my E90 Communicator but now I can't find the latest Maps application (3.01) anywhere. After the reinstallation my device only has the 2.0 Maps.

Both the firmware of the device and my Nokia Suite are the latest versions available. I sent Nokia an email and they replied that the Maps can be downloaded thru Nokia Suite, but I don't see any download links there.

Nokia Store's website simply states that the (newest) Maps application is not available for the E90 - but none of the older versions can be found. The same goes for Mail for Exchange - that was lost in the process as well and no longer available for this model from Nokia.

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Cseries :: Nokia C2-03 Unable To Find Network

May 31, 2012

I using Nokia c2-03 from last 4 month I purchased it new. I facing problem from last few days, that is in network. Phone is unable to find network and when it finds then suddenly getting restart or switch off.

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Nokia :: Firmware Software Updater Error?

Apr 9, 2010

My E71 is 300.21.012 18-06-2009 RM-346 Nokia E71-1(350.02).Upon using Nokia software Updater its says firmware up to date and no new firmware available.But i know new version 400.21.013 is out there.How can i update.Does anyone have similar issues.

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Nokia :: N900 Says To Update Through Software Updater On PC

Jan 15, 2010

My N900 is telling me to update through the PC and not over the air. But when I go to the Nokia USA website the device is not updateable. Is anyone else having this problem?

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Nokia :: N95 Error During Map Update Via Maps Updater

May 18, 2010

I have just reinstalled the firmware on my N95 ( via Ovi Suite, product code 0534851 - V. 35.0.002 ). Next, i wanted to update my Maps platform, because this firmware still has the classic Nokia Maps 2.0, and the Ovi Map Loader says i need to update to Ovi Maps 3.0 in order to download the maps. So, I installed the Nokia Maps Updater 1.0.12 (the latest, i suppose. i've just downloaded from the nokia website), I exited the Ovi Suite, started the Maps Updater, and i get this error: "Cannot get enough information about the phone [3].Unspecified error [1]." Tried it on a friend's E51 and same error.

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Nokia :: E66 Maps Updater Download Troubles

Mar 9, 2010

being on the business trip, I updated firmware on my E66 last night. After that I realized, that the map software distributed with the new firmware is old (2.0 or older), and doesn't even work, I got only notice I am supposed to download the new version. Before the update, I was using Ovi Maps 3.0 with paid navigation. Now the Maps Updater seems to have problem to download the Ovi Maps, I tried this on several internet connections already. It's saying "Cannot get enough information about the phone[1]. Connection to the map server has been interrupted (9)." Is there any chance to fix this in short time?

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Nokia :: Software Updater Is Not Recogonizing The New Firmware

Apr 9, 2010

I can see so mant thread and discussion about the new firmware for nokia n95 8GB(RM-320), according to that the new firmware version is v35, but when i use my S/W updater its showing the update version as V31(the same i have in my Smartphone).

Can any one help me, is this update is not yet release to India or any issues with updater?

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Nokia PC/Mac Software :: Updater Auto-starts On Mac

Feb 14, 2012

Nokia Software Updater 3.0.400 running on Mac OS 10.6.8.

Every time I turn on my computer, Software Updater starts and sits its little icon up with the power and wireless icons.

There's no reference to this in System Preferences > Accounts > Login Items.

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Nokia :: Unable To Find Current Location On Maps

Jan 22, 2010

When I launch maps I have no problem looking through the maps with post codes etc but I cant find my current location, it searches for ages with no luck.I dont know what to do.

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Nokia :: 5530 Unable To Find Installed Applications

Mar 23, 2010

I just wanted to clean my memory card, but I can't find any of the apps I want to delete, only the new installed ones. I've already tried the applications and they still work.

Nokia 5530 XpressMusic Black-Red

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Nokia Lumia :: Unable To Find Downloaded Files

Apr 5, 2012

Finding the files which I download through my mail into my windows mobile.I have downloaded some of the xcel and word documnts and am unable to find them on only phone....

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Nokia Nseries :: Unable To Find Bluetooth And Modem

Dec 21, 2012

PI know definitely that n97 have bluetooth and modem.I have one but i cant find them.

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Nokia Lumia :: 800 - Unable To Find Search Icon On Map

Feb 11, 2012

Trying to use app Map on Lumia 800 I am not able to find the search icon on the map allowing me to search for a place or business or shops etc. The only available icon is the search icon outside the map which only is used to search internet giving me a list of links which can not be connected to the map. I have tried to follow the instructions given in the manual however with no success. It all stops after launching the map. Note: This problem affects only the use of Map (Bing) and not Nokia Map or Nokia Drive. What am i doing wrong?

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