BB Storm :: WiFi Shows Connected But Browser Will Not Connect?

Jun 18, 2012

I have a BlackBerry Storm 2 9550 3G CDMA WiFi OS v5.0.0.1015 Bundle 1656. This phone was with Verizon previously and I have no present carrier. I want to take this phone to Europe to work WiFi and possibly a European Sim Card. I worked with Verizon and the phone is unlocked. I took it to Verizon, and they, as I had done, connected to a WiFi network (ID above clock in white), data and roaming turned off, and received a "success" on setting up. I noticed the "WiFi" symbol is a dull white, as opposed to the network name which is bright white. I go to the browser and it allows me to put in a URL, but when I try to go there, "Internet is not available, check with provider". The browser is set to Hotspot. I have removed the battery to no avail, and have done a security wipe, but the results are the same.Is there a setting I am missing, or something else basic I have overlooked?

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Motorola Photon 4G :: It Shows ON While Connected To WiFi

Feb 2, 2012

Since the last update with 4G turned on it shows connected in the notification area even though it is not connected and wifi is connected.

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IPhone 5s :: IOS 7.1 / WiFi Drops After Frequently But Shows Connected

Jun 2, 2014

Since the time I purchased my iPhone 5s, I have been facing this problem with Wi-fi. The first two times I went to the customer service, I was told it could be a problem with my modem. Even I thought my modem is the problem, but my andriod mobile does not give any issues as such. The problems I am facing with the Wi-fi is listed below.

1. Wifi shows connected, but actually it is not connected. I have too reset my network connections to use the internet. Even then, after some time it stops working.

2. After resetting my network, it works fine for some time, then it disconnects automatically.

3. The wifi speed is very slow compared to my low end andriod phone also.

4. Because of this, I cannot use apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, iPhone AppStore properly. I need to renew lease or rest my network.

I have been to the AASP (Imagine, Forum Mall, Bangalore) three times now and everytime they tell is the problem has been rectified reinstalling the software and tested using multiple wifi networks. All they do is reinstall the software and reset the network. It works fine for a day or two. Then the problem starts again.

Is there a software to identify if the Wi-fi is connected or not (Other then the icon on the home screen). I want to monitor when it drops, so that I can actually report this the customer service, so that they rectify the problem. Reinstalling the OS is not the solution for this, which solves the problem only for a short period of time.

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.1

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IPhone :: 4 Wifi Not Connected, It Shows Network But Unable To Join

Jun 10, 2012

iPhone 4 wi-fi not connected, shows network but unable to join

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1

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BB Curve :: Wifi Connected But Browser Will Not Work

Nov 29, 2011

the wifi says its connected to my home hub but when i try to browse it says the radio is not on?I have tried to do a battery re-boot and the same message comes up?

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BB Curve 8500 :: Wifi / Hotspot Browser - Only Shows Loading If Go To Website?

May 20, 2010

I have had the curve for a few weeks now. At first i changed the settings of the browser to "hotspot" so i could use it with wifi. It was working really well, then all of a sudden it stopped durin browsing. The phone says the wifi connection is fine, but whenever i go to the broswer and try to go to a website it just says loading at the bottom and nothing happens.

Can anyone help with this? should i restart the phone setting somehow because i might have done changed some setting during browsing without realising or is this an actual issue with the phone?

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Google Nexus 5 :: Not Connect To WiFi Or Data Even Though WiFi Says It Is Connected

Dec 25, 2015

I upgraded my rooted nexus 5 from 4.4.4 to 5.1.1 and now it will not connect to wifi or data even though the wifi says it is connected.

Google play cannot connect.

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BB Storm :: 9850 With No Browser / MMS / Email Connect?

Aug 23, 2011

I contacted my service provider (AT&T), now have the blackberry data plan, received service books, did the options-adv options, registration sent-recieved message on phione that my blackberry is registered, did the re boot at least 5 times. STILL, no browser, no indication of MMS capabilities, no application for email set up.! Every post that I have read, I have done what is being suggested

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BB Storm :: Wifi Connected Signal Strong But Does Not Work

Oct 9, 2011

I am infuriated with my storm 2, wifi works on every other device I have but on my storm it is connected with good signal but does not transmit data?? What is wrong?

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BB Storm 9500 :: Unable To Use Wifi / Wireless Routers Says Connected?

Mar 20, 2010

Storm 9550 (2)
5.0 version of OS
14.5gig free on card
Unlocked, purchased from NewEgg
Formally a Verizon Phone
I am stationed in Afghanistan and purchased this unlocked version. I am using a Local carrier (Roshan). Everything works great once I sorted a couple of minor issues except I cannot get the wifi to come up. I can connect to wireless routers and says "connected". But the wifi is still grayed out and I am unable to use it (wifi) for anything or register the phone. I would like to be in a situation where the wifi will work independent of the sim card installed.

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BB Storm :: Connect Storm 9500 To Wifi?

Aug 14, 2011

I juz received a blackberry storm 9500 from my sister, and I don't know how to connect it to wifi (I'm very new at this). I've tried google and found different answers, ranging from "storm 9500 cannot connect to wifi", to "i have one and it can connect just fine". I can't find the wifi option in the "manage connection", and there is no browser icon on the home screen either.

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IPhone :: 3g Shows The Wifi Network But It Is Unable To Connect To The Internet

May 4, 2012

my phone shows the wifi network but it is unable to connect to the internet...i tried reseting my network, restarting my phone,changing the time and date and every possible ways to fix it up but it does not brother has the same set as mine and the same wifi network is working fine on his mobile.

iPhone 3G

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IPhone :: Cannot Connect To Internet But Connected To Wifi

Jun 7, 2012

Cannot connect to the internet but connected to wifi

Info:iPhone 3GS

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Motorola Defy+ :: WIFI Is Connected Yet Will Not Connect?

Feb 24, 2012

I have connected the phone with Wifi, the system shows it is connected, the wifi bars show strength as very high. Yet unable to connect tointernet/email/facebook/apps shops etc through the wifi.I have checke dthe mac addresses - they are the same. no restictions from the router side.
I am at a loss.

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IPhone 4 :: Connected To WiFi But Facetime Will Not Connect

Jun 30, 2014

My facetime will not connect on my iPhone 4 even though i am connected to wifi. My version is 7.0.2.

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Won't Phone Automatically Connect To 4G After Being Connected To WiFi

Jul 9, 2015

I can not get my galaxy s5 to automatically connect to 4G after being connected to wifi, the smart network switch is activated however it doesn't make any difference. the only way for me to reconnect to my network is to restart the device.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Wont Connect To Internet - Even Connected To Wifi

Jul 9, 2010

I just got a new BB Bold 9700 from the UK and had it sent to me in Iraq. I've connected to my home wifi, which i used to do with my old BB to use the BBM service, but for some reason my new BB won't connect to the internet even though it is connected to my wifi. My laptop is connected to the internet through the wifi and there doesn't seem to be any problems with conflicting IP addresses or anything like that so i don't know why my BB won't connect to the internet. Could it be that my BB wasn't registered while it was in the UK or anything like that? Or is there another reason?

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BB Curve :: Browser Cannot Connect On Preferred Wifi

Feb 6, 2012

the browser cannot connect on my preferred wifi

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Nokia Nseries :: Connect Web Browser And Email Through WIFI?

Mar 10, 2012

My web broswer and email is working fine in gprs service..My wifi connection also working fine in opera, facebook and other applications.But my web browser and email is not working in wifi connection.. Do i have to change any settings.

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BB Curve :: Won't Connect To The Internet With The Vodafone Browser Or With WiFi

Jul 27, 2012

i've just bought a Blackberry Curve PAYG - i am trying to set it up, it won't connect to the internet with the vodafone browser or with WiFi, it won't let me set up personal e-mail its only giving me the choice of the business activation thingy and it won't send text messages even though i have checked i ahve credit!!

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BB Storm :: Can't Connect To Any Wifi?

Jul 21, 2012

why can't I connect to any wifi connections all of a sudden? It says "Failed to associate with the network" but this appears always even when I'm connecting to a public wifi outside my house

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BB Storm :: Can't Connect To Internet Without Wifi And No BBM

Sep 19, 2011

i cant connect to the internet without wifi and i have tried adding my friends on BBM and it just says pending they have tried adding me and all they get is an error message. i have tried registering to the host routing table but have not recieved anything back how long should this take to work?

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BB Storm :: Connect To WiFi With No Data Plan?

Nov 11, 2012

I have a Blackberry Storm 9530 and I currently have no data plan on the phone. I want to connect to my wi-fi at home, but I'm not sure how to. How do I connect to my wi-fi if I have no data plan on the phone?

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Xseries :: X7 WiFi Connection Status Inactive - Browser Unable To Connect To Website

Jan 15, 2012

I have nokia X7 at first I have no problem connecting to wifi. I can connect and can browse internet but after a week can still connect to wifi but the problem is a can't connect to the internet I can't open even google and it says "Browser unable to connect to website". And it also happening at home sometimes i can connect to wifi and can brows to internet but most of the time I cant browse to internet and at my work until now I cant open internet via wifi even the connection is 100%. And when I check to connection manager "status connection (inactive). I also do restore factory settings but I have same problem, I didn't change any setting in my nokia x7.

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BB Storm 9500 :: Connect My Device To Internet With Wifi

Aug 23, 2010

2 days back I purchased storm 2 9520.When ever I try to connect my device to internet with wifi it is showing unable to get IP address.I am unable to understand what to do with my device.Please help as I am new bee to blackberry family.And more over this is my first expensive devise.

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BB Storm 9500 :: WiFi Profile Gets Recognized But Does Not Connect To Internet

Feb 20, 2010

I have a storm2 (9550) that I bought from a friend. My friend's service carrier was Verizon Wireless (USA) and my Carrier is ATT (USA). I have unlocked the phone and works perfectly. I do not have a DATA Plan and do not want to use internet through ATT. The first couple of days I had the phone I was able to connect to the internet through my home's WiFi. But on the third day when I finally unlocked the phone and used my ATT SIM card, I could not connect anymore. Everything else works fine. My home WiFi profile gets recognized on my BB but does not connect to internet. (Failed to obtain an IP address). Could it be that ATT is blocking my WiFi connection? Or is the problem still within my BB and router?

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BB Storm :: Cannot Open App World And Connect To The Internet Even With A Wifi Connection

Nov 22, 2012

i cannot open app world and connect to the internet even with a wifi connection. I just recently upgraded my OS and app world and that's when all this started to happen.

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IPhone :: 4s Won't Connect To My Car Head Unit It Comes Up Connected And Then Half Way Thought It Comes Up As Not Connected

May 5, 2012

My iPhone 4s won't connect to my car head unit it comes up connected and then half way thought it comes up as not connected and when I try to connect again it come up as device is out of range even when the phone is right next to it?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1

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BB Curve :: Connected To Wifi But Can't Stay Connected To Internet

Aug 25, 2012

I currently have a curve 9300, and my service provider is Telus Mobility. I am connected to wifi and up till about 3 days ago everything was working fine, now it shows I am connected, but I can only get on internet for about 5 mins, I have to shut off all my connections then reconnect them for it to work again.

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IPhone :: 4 Use Be Connected To WiFi And Still Be Connected To 3G Network At The Same Time?

Apr 19, 2012

My iPhone is on the Bell network, along with 3 other iPhones in my household. We have WiFi and the phone indicate that they are connected to the WiFi when we are in the house. However, my bill from Bell indicates several instances where the phones (all 4 at different times) are connected to the 3G network for 24+ hours at a time. Additionally, it shows the phone connected twice during that time period (as though there were 2 different sessions at exactly the same time, but with differing amount of data connected)

The explaination that Bell gives me is that there are 'minimized' applications still working on 3G even though the phone says it is on WiFi, and that each of these opens its own 'connection'My understanding of cell technology is that the phone can only access one method of Internet connectivity at a time, and that it can be explained as a 'pipe' or 'straw' carrying connectivity and all of the data. I have never heard of a phone that can access two different types at the same time, nor one that uses separate 'sessions' at the same time of either type of connectivity.

I would assume that I turn on my phone in the morning and I am in my house, it indicates WiFi, so I can browse the web, collect my email and update my Facebook on that 'session' that lasts 4 hours until I leave the house. Now my 3G kicks in and the email that I still have open now collects through the opened 3G session, as well as the page I left open downloading something.When I get to work and enter my WiFi area there, the session would then collect my email through WiFi again, and my download as well.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

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BlackBerry :: Verizon 8830 WE Unlocked Shows Connected To GSM?

Feb 26, 2012

I bought a new Verizon 8830 World Edition unlocked from ebay. I confirmed that its unlocked from MEPD command (although it says Network: ''Inactive'' instead of 'disabled').I tried using various GSM network SIMs (India) in it and everytime, it shows an active tower and full signal levels and displays the name of the network correctly. It looks as if its connected to the GSM service at full signal.However, placing calls fail and any call made to the number gives a 'Switched Off' message. i have tried: Battery pull & Wipe out.

About: v4.5.0.186 (Platform

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