BB Curve :: Sending Email From Outlook?

Mar 21, 2011

I'm trying to send email from Outlook using Blackberry Desktop V6.2010 - Mobil Internet and connecting to the internet via Blackberry Curve and the email will not send or receive (within Outlook). It stays in the outbox and does not send. Are there any special settings that I need to change to make this work.I am connected to the internet and can brouse various web sites so I'm not sure why email will not send

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BB Software :: 9700 - Sending Email Fails From Outlook Based Account

Mar 10, 2010

Blackberry9700. Email worked fine until I had to reset my password for my work account, now I can receive email via the blackberry from this account but cannot send. Send fails with "contains an invalid email address". My service provider and RIM have not been able to figure this out so far. Email account is not full, can access from a pc and send/receive. So problem is specific to the bb system.

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BB Device Software :: Sending Email Fails From Outlook Based Account / Others Work Fine

Mar 10, 2010

blackberry9700....Email worked fine until I had to reset my password for my work account, now I can receive email via the blackberry from this account but cannot send. Send fails with "contains an invalid email address". My service provider and RIM have not been able to figure this out so far. Email account is not full, can access from a pc and send/receive. so problem is specific to the bb system. I have read where others have had this issue, and that plain txt messages work (they do not for me) and also that you can delete the message body of the original in the reply and that works (kludgy at best) but I cant seem to delete the body of the message in the reply.

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BB Curve :: Email Not Sending

Jul 9, 2011

Why has my phone not sending emails any more?

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BB Curve :: 8520 Email Not Sending

Jul 22, 2012

The curve worked fine until about a week ago now it wont let me send or receive mails, when I try to set up email settings it replies (after a long while of trying) I contacted my provider who told me to try a couple of things which included removing the battery and I could keep contacting them but it will cost a fortune eventually.

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BB Curve :: Password Reset Not Sending On Email?

Oct 2, 2012

Iam receiving notifications that I have to update my facebook ap.. when I get to myworld to check it... Its requiring me for my log in BB ID username (which automatically puts in my email address)... I forgot my password so I had it reset. But its not sending any email confirmation for the password change.

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BB Curve :: 8520 Stopped Sending And Receiving Email?

Sep 13, 2012

I am a total tech dummy and can't figure out what happened. I just stopping receiving and being able to send e-mails. Phone and texts still work fine. I have a signal.Only things I tried was turning it off and then on. Also took out and replace battery.

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BB Curve :: 9360 Sending Duplicate Text In Email

Feb 8, 2012

Just upgraded from Curve 8520 to Curve 9360, and I'm a little disappointed at the moment. Firstly, the battery doesn't last half as long, and secondly, its sending duplicate text in an email.

I send an email saying : Hi, how are you?.
What it really sends is : Hi, how are you? Hi, how are you? </div>

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BB Curve :: Freezes While Reading Email Or Sending Text

Sep 2, 2011

When I'm either reading an email or sending a text my Curve will freeze and to clear it I have to shut it off. What gives?

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BB Curve :: Contact Email From Outlook?

Oct 10, 2012

I have the following problem on my BlackBerry, where I can use the system for almost a week without problems, after this period, I lose all contact e-mail saved from outlook, it's like losing synchronization server in my email.Currently disposal of version 5 of the BlackBerry Curve, I use Outlook and the network provider (telephone company) is the TIM.

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BB Curve :: Synchronize Email With Outlook?

Apr 12, 2012

I'm wondering if there is a way to synchronize email from the BB with outlook: I mean, if I read an email on my laptop outlook it still appear as not read on the BB.

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BB Curve 8520/8530 :: Email Not Working - Try Sending Something A Red X Immediately Appears Next To It

Aug 26, 2010

Okay, I recently got a replacement blackberry and used the device switch wizard to switch from my old Blackberry 8520 to my new Blackberry 8520. At first, I had a few problems with the Twitter and Facebook apps, but thanks to rcnathan, that's under control.

But now there's a new problem: email. Neither of my email addresses work (@* or my personal email) and anytime I try to send something, a red X immediately appears next to it.

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BB Curve 8900 :: Yahoo Email Stopped Sending / Receiving / Synching With BB

Mar 8, 2010

I have a Curve 8900 running v4.6.1.231...I am on an Enterprise Data plan, with emails synched up to both my office outlook email, and my personal yahoo email. At around 11:30 yesterday, my yahoo email stopped sending/receiving/synching with my BB, but my office outlook email is working fine.

I tried to go into Email setup with the setup wizard, to see if maybe I had to delete and re-add my yahoo email account, but after about 60 seconds with a load message "connecting to email settings" I got a message that said "Your devide had a problem connecting to the server" with retry and cancel button - I retried with no avail.Not the most tech savvy person here, but was wondering if this is a problem on my end? Or something on the BB side?

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BB Curve :: Adding MS Outlook Email Account?

Jan 11, 2012

I want to add an existing MS Outlook email account to my Blackberry. I already have 2 gmail accounts on my phone. When I add the new account it comes up as a POP3 account. I don't think that will work. How do I change it to an Outlook Express account. The email address is The email server is Since there's nothing to identify it as an Outlook account is that part (or all) of the problem?

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BB Curve :: Setup Enterprise Email In Outlook?

Nov 14, 2011

what the pop and smtp settings are for Enterprise Email, or Blackberry Email?

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BB Curve :: Outlook Email Password Change?

Jun 27, 2011

I was forced to change the passowrd to my work computer and Outlook. How can I change the password to that email on my Blackberry Curve 3G device. I've done it before, but device software seems to have changed.

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BB Curve :: 9300 Email Set Up From Microsoft Outlook

Jun 18, 2012

I've just got a blackberry curve 9300 and have an email account on Microsoft Outlook on a PC at home and am trying to get it to sync so that I can check emails while I am away from home - one of my primary reasons for getting a blackberry.It seems as though I need to use an Enterprise Account but I can't seem to get anywhere - every time I try to 'set up' an email address it's asking me for an email address & password which won't work and it's not giving me an option to go for an Enterprise Account.

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BB Curve 8300 :: Email Arriving In Outlook Not On Phone?

Aug 5, 2010

Every so often, I check Outlook and notice e-mails that were never received on my Blackberry.Here's what I know:

1) the problem only rarely occurs, so I can't recreate it for others to see
3) a user can send me dozens of e-mails without a problem, then inexplicably one will go missing (so it isn't a single user issue)
4) carrier is Verizon they claim it is Yahoo's issue, because no other e-mails are effected (I use Yahoo Small Business e-mail)
5) Yahoo claims it is not their issue since e-mails are being received in Outlook
6) Outlook is configured to leave all of my messages on the server (it is a pop3 account if that matters)
7) The e-mails are not being received into Spam or any other folder

Here's what I've done (in no particular order):
1) hard reset
2) resent service books
3) added and deleted my e-mail account
4) checked all of my settings
5) re-registered with Verizon
6) threw a tantrum
7) screamed wildly at my co-workers for no reason
8) drank a few beers
9) broke up with my girlfriend
10) took a nap

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BB Curve 8500 :: 8520 - Outlook Express Email

Mar 2, 2010

I am trying to 'push' all my email accounts to my Curve 8520 as i have unlimited 'push' email on my price plan. I have serveral different email addresses. One is hotmail (i think i have got this set up ok - except i keep getting repeat deliveries of emails to my outlook inbox?) on is for my own website and another is for a company that i do work for. I don't know much about computers etc so please go easy with me! I have outlook set up to receive all emails - can these be 'pushed' from outlook to BB?

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BB Curve :: Error Setting Up Email - Outlook Web Access

Oct 14, 2011

I have had my work emails on my Blackberry for the last few months. Yesterday it asked me validate my account. I re-entered my password, but it said it couldn't connect, password/details were incorrect.

I have deleted the account, and tried to add it back in - but still comes with the same error. I can access Outlook Web Access on my laptop, so the connection details are definitely correct, but it wont let me link to my phone any more?

Not sure if this is linked to the problems this week, and therefore may work once everything is back to normal, or if there is another error?

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BB Bold 9700 :: Email Only Goes To Outlook When Outlook Open - Never Goes To Device

Jan 29, 2010

Is it normal for email not to go to BB ever when outlook open on pop3?

Also my wireless sync is turned on but does not seem to work....

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Motorola Droid Turbo :: Outlook App Not Sending Emails?

Apr 27, 2015

With previous Android Motorola phones, there weren't issues with sending emails and showing in the Sent folder. But the Turbo doesn't have a 'native' email app so I downloaded the Outlook app. Many emails that I 'send' don't show in 'Sent' folder (or received by recipient). Tech support says they're aware of the problem and are working on it. But for now I'm stuck without a trustworthy email app.

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BB Curve 8300 :: Outlook / Yahoo Email Separate - Main Message List Settings?

Aug 11, 2010

I have a Curve 8330 and want to keep my outlook and Yahoo email separate. Is there a way to keep the yahoo emails form showing in my Main Message List?

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Xperia Ray :: Using Email App For Sending And Receiving Gmail Email?

Apr 19, 2012

I have 3 email accounts that I synchronise with the email app. I use this app to have all my accounts in the same place, including my gmail account. The issue is that when I send an email, a copy of it is stored in the imap sent email folder of the account. Gmail do not recommend this practice because it saves all sent email by itself, and there for, if the client also saves a copy of the email, there is two copies stored. That's my problem. When using email app, I find in my email account twice the mail sent in the conversation. (How) can I configure the email app not to store the sent messages in the imap server ? I am running ICS official realease from sony (PC Companion) since yesterday.

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IPhone :: When Sending Messages The Sending Banner Never Completes So It Keeps Sending The Same Message?

May 16, 2012

Please could someone help me! When sending messages the sending banner never completes so it keeps sending the same message over and over again.

iPhone 4 (8GB), iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone :: After Sending An Email Can't See The Email In Sent Items

May 3, 2012

After sending an email I can't see the email in Sent items of the email account. Using latest iOS and 4S & IMAP email

Mac OS X (10.7.2), MacPro, MBP, iPad 2, iPhone 4S

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BlackBerry :: Sending Email From PC To BBM?

Dec 12, 2010

Is there a simple way to send somebody a BBM message through email from a PC or something else? I'm thinking maybe using an email address with the user's PIN number followed by a domain name, something like "" or something like that?

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LG G3 :: Only Sending 1/2 Of Picture To Email?

Jun 4, 2015

I took a great family photo with my camera and it looks fantastic. When I E mail it to both my aol and gmail account, only 1/2 of the picture gets sent to the account. I even tried sending it to my facebook page and my work E mail and the exact same thing happens. I can see if the picture was appearing only 1/2 on my phone. I need to send this photo to family members....

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IPhone :: Cannot Sending Email On 4s?

Mar 13, 2012

I've been put in charge of setting up email on co-workers iphones.I just recently upgraded to iphone4 and had no problems getting mine set up (AT&T carrier). However, my co-works have switched carriers to Verizon(from AT&T) and I cannot get them to send emails. I've tried luck. I set up and it then gave me message that server did not relay. I even set up an vzwmail account.I need to know what SMTP server to use!

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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BB Torch :: REd Cross After Sending Email?

Aug 26, 2012

I have had to restore information on to BB and now I cannot use email with red cross and server failure message. Also I go to change email settings and BB does not recognise my username and password and I have tried all I can remember. I do not seem to be able to start again with new email settings to try and correct this. The rest of the BB seems to be working with Internet access just Hotmail set up is down but works on my laptop OK

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LG G3 :: Sending Incomplete With Stock Email

Aug 24, 2015

When sending an email, I constantly get the message "sending incomplete". I have to keep sending, until it eventually goes through. It happens no matter where I am, whether I'm on wifi or not. I've tried deleting my email and starting over but that hasn't worked at all. Gmail seems to work fine, it's my Outlook account, which I use most of the time.

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