BB Bold :: Device Software Update And Lost Email Account?

Mar 1, 2012

did anyone else have a problem with your email account after updating your Bold device software? I just update to version 6.0 Bundle 2949 and I am not receiving any Email and the software does not allow me to access the Email setup! I tried already to restore the phone setup using the restore function of Blackberry Desktop but without succes!

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BB Bold :: Lost My Email Account

Jun 21, 2012

One day, a couple of weeks ago, I was asked to verify my email accoutn and nothigni I did worked. I followed instructions from my work and the IT department are baffled too. It sasys there is an error with our server. However, nothing at all has changed there and others are still getting email on their smart phones. The message I get is "cannot log in. verify your email address, user name and password. If error persisits contact you domain" which I have done and all the info is correct.

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BB Bold :: 9700 Lost Email Account?

Apr 23, 2012

have a blackberry bold and today received an email when i switched on the phone saying i had to enter my user name and password to continue to receive emails i had not switched anything off and everything was fine yesterday i went into settingsand entered my email address and password yet the answer was "blank user name. Type a valid user name" i have no idea why this has happened adn i cant reactivate the emails,

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BB Bold 9700 :: Email - Business Account Email Does NOT Arrive On Device

Jan 15, 2010

I hope someone can help because I'm losing the will to live over this one!

Device info
Your carrier: o2 UK
Model info and OS version (Go to Settings, then Options, then about): Blackberry 9700 v5.0.0.321 (platform
Apps and free space
File free before and after a battery remove/replace. (Go to Settings, then Options, then status): 128872013 bytes
Did a battery pull fix your issue? No

I bought a SIM free BB 9700 to use with my 02 SIM card. I applied the unlimited BB tariff and proceeded to set up four email accounts into the device which are all for my small business. I waited to do this until I knew the O2 bolt on had been applied correctly.I set the accounts up via the BIS server website which sent them down to the device; seemingly correctly.

I received email correctly for that day and could send as well with everything syncing with my IMAP servers and Outlook.Next morning - no email delivered to the device and I was unsuccessful in sending emails as well from the device to addresses.I tried to send down the service books - I sent them but no change.I got my four email accounts working again correctly but had to delete the accounts from BIS and recreate.I could then receive email correctly for the rest of the day and could send as well with everything syncing with my IMAP servers and Outlook.

Next morning the same thing happened - no email delivered to the device and I was unsuccessful in sending emails as well from the device to addresses.I then did a complete device wipe.When the device rebooted it seemed to synchronise with the BIS and then my accounts worked again for the remainder of the day.This morning - the same thing happened - no email delivered to the device and I was unsuccessful in sending emails as well from the device to addresses.

I have now created my @o2email address and applied my long standing address to the 9700 and they work fine - at the moment (we'll see about tomorrow!) to see if they fail as well.I have sent test mails today from the @O2 account and hotmail to each other and also to my main small business account from my BB. The @O2 and Hotmail emails arrive both on the device and (hotmail) on outlook and the main business account arrives on outlook BUT the main business account email does NOT arrive on the device.

I cannot seemingly send anything from my business addresses anywhere (from the device) with the only outgoing addresses that work being the @O2 and @hotmail accounts on the BB - unless I do a device wipe or delete the accounts and recreate.Emails sent from the BB from either @O2 or @hotmail arrive on the BB but not anything sent to the work accounts sent from @O2 or @hotmail from the BB - although the emails sent to the work addresses WILL appear on my outlook...

Speaking to O2 has been tough and they are blaming the server people who host my small business domain and such, although I think it is more than that though I could be wrong.My server people insist it isn't their end, saying they can see from the logs that RIM seems to stop checking for emails at times they detailed when the device stopped receiving emails from one day to the next.

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BB Bold :: Lost Apps With New Device Update?

May 14, 2011

Yesterday I did a device OS update to the latest version. I seem to have lost some of my apps. Most importantly i have lost my 'Password Safe'. how I can get it back?

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BB Bold :: Reset Hotmail Email Account On Device?

Sep 10, 2012

I want to reset my hotmail email account on my device but when I click on the option it doesn't open to enter my details.

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BB Bold :: Lost Apps With New Device Update \ How To Get It Back

Jun 27, 2012

Yesterday I did a device OS update to the latest version. I seem to have lost some of my apps. Most importantly i have lost my 'Password Safe'.

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BB Software :: Lost Apps With New Device Update

Jun 27, 2012

I have lost some apps following the download of the latest OS - Most importantly is my password safe

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BB Bold :: Enterprise Account Not Visible In Email Account?

Sep 14, 2012

I have activated three email account on my Blackberry 9900 (two outlook accounts and one yahoo account).I have activated one of the Outlook Email account via enterprise activation BES service on my Blackberry 9900.Another Outlook account have been synchronized from my Blackberry desktop manager.Yahoo account is configured with BIS service activation.When I go the Email Account management only the Accounts activated via BES and BIS service from device are visible but not the account synced from desktop.

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BB Device Software :: Phone Hung While Trying To Set Up Email Account

Mar 27, 2010

My blackberry hung all of 5 hours after I bought it. It's a Storm 2 9520, and it hung while I was trying to set up an email account with it.Although I could press the hang up key and get it to the home screen, the setup wizard app still runs in the background. And every time I return to the app to try again, or to try to close it, the screen goes black till I press the hang up key again.

I've switched the phone off and on again, even waited overnight, but nope, the setup wizard is still hovering there in Switch Applications, waiting to freeze my phone once I press it.Another problem: It only gives me the option to set up a new Enterprise email account. I DON'T want an Enterprise account, I want to link up my personal email account.

I have read the manual 3 times over! Nothing helps! I'll be super grateful if someone can help. Otherwise I'll be returning this disappointing piece of rubbish phone that I don't know how to use. I'm a new Blackberry user and I have to admit that I'm really disappointed unfamiliar with my BB

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BB Device Software :: Lost All Messenger Contacts During Update V5?

Sep 14, 2010

I have a Blackberry Curve 8520, firstly. I simply wanted to transfer some pictures to my laptop, and then I see something about an update for the Desktop Manager. There also happened to be the update to version 5. ow silly me, I didn't make a back-up as I didn't know that this update would remove all my info. I assumed it was just the applications (which I can install again) but I realized I've lost all my BB contacts. (Of course I didn't back up that info either.What I want to know is because I've registered before, shouldn't my info still show up in my contacts' lists? Isn't there a way for me to restore my contacts without adding them all over again? And can't they still msg me?

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BB Curve 8300 :: Email Account Icon Won't Go Away - How To Wipe Device

Mar 23, 2010

I have three email accounts set up on my 8330. I am no longer using one of them, so I deleted it using the email account setup application on the device, as well as going online to my Sprint BlackBerry account and deleting it there. The icon is still appearing on my device, and for some reason, is now the default account for sending emails. Since the account has, in fact, been deleted, emails don't actually go through from this account. It's a huge pain to keep remembering to change the account I send emails from. On a side note - I have also changed my settings to use a different account as my default account - it doesn't make a difference. The settings are right when I check them, but when I test them, the old (deleted) account is still the default. What am I missing?? How can I get rid of this account once and for all? I really don't want to wipe my device and start over...

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Nokia :: When Try To Do A Backup / Update Software Says : USB Connection To Device Is Lost

Aug 31, 2010

I have recently bought a Nokia 5230 (v 20.0.005) and I have tried to connect it to Ovi Suite. No problems using Bluetooth. However using Micro USB cable when I try to do a Backup or Update the software (problem is also on Nokia Software Updater) it says that the USB connection to the Device is lost and everything fails.I am using Windows 7 64bit (cable is a Standard USB cable)

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BB Bold :: How To Block PIN On Lost Device

Jan 19, 2012

Does any know how to get RIM to block the PIN on my Blackberry that was stolen? I've already contacted my service provider and they stopped the SIM card but as the phone is unlocked, the person that found it can stick any SIM into it and still use it. I need to know how to contact them to do this if possible.

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BB Bold :: Lost All Data Including Contacts After Creating New Account

Dec 15, 2011

I just bought new Black Berry Bold 9930, and all of may data already transferred from my old Black Berry 9000, such as contacts, BBM contacts, memo, etc. Before I backup the I've travelling to Singapore and I used local SIM card. And the device recognized the new SIM card inserted and asked me to confirm the Black Berry ID that was created before. But the password is invalid, I tried so many times and still password invalid, and then suggest to be created new Black Berry ID, and I did it. After that all of my data were wiped and I can't use it anymore. So, how can I restore all of my data such as contacts, BBM contacts, memo, etc?

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BB Bold :: Accidentally Selected Setup "Enterprise Email Account" Instead Of "set Up Another Email Account"

Dec 1, 2011

I just got a Blackberry Bold 9900 yesterday. During the process of trying to set up my outlook email on my phone I accidentally selected setup "Enterprise Email Account" instead of "set up another email account". Now when I go into the setup options and select email accounts it takes me back to the Enterprise setup automatically. I can't find a way to exit that setup and begin the "set up another email" procedure I have tried turning the phone off/on, removing the battery but still automatically takes me to the Enterprise email account setup/login.

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BB Device Software :: Sending Email Fails From Outlook Based Account / Others Work Fine

Mar 10, 2010

blackberry9700....Email worked fine until I had to reset my password for my work account, now I can receive email via the blackberry from this account but cannot send. Send fails with "contains an invalid email address". My service provider and RIM have not been able to figure this out so far. Email account is not full, can access from a pc and send/receive. so problem is specific to the bb system. I have read where others have had this issue, and that plain txt messages work (they do not for me) and also that you can delete the message body of the original in the reply and that works (kludgy at best) but I cant seem to delete the body of the message in the reply.

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BB Device Software :: Lost Keyboard Lock Function Assigned To Left Side Key On Update

Apr 5, 2010

It may sound trivial to some but one of my favorite BB functions was lost during the recent update and I can't seem to find how to restore it. I used to have the keyboard lock function assigned to the left side convenience key. This was really essentail for me to have and now it is not available for me to assign when I try to assign something for the left side convenience key. I know the Tour has the option on the top of the phone to lock it but even when this is pushed, it will still unlock in my bag. How can I restore this option?

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BB Bold :: Delete An Email Account That Does Not Exist In Email Accoutn Set Up?

Aug 30, 2012

How do I delete an email account that does not exist in my email accoutn set up. I deleted all my email accounts from setup but on my homepage the email accoutn still shows up and I cant delete it.

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BB Curve :: Lost Email On OS Update?

Feb 9, 2012

After the update downloaded and while my two email accounts linked to my Blackberry still show up under email setup (under setup icon), I'm no longer getting emails. One email (gmail) icon shows up on my main screen but my other email acccount icon is gone. I thought I'd setup my emails again but when I go into email setup, both account addresses are there and both asking for a password (?). I even tried to change the password but, when I use the help instructions how to do this, there is no menu items for what the help suggests I try. I can't even delete the email addresses to try again.

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BB Bold :: 9900 Can't Log In To BBID Account From New Device

Apr 6, 2012

I recently changed my BlackBerry device and ever since, I have not been able to log in to my BlackBerry ID account from the new device (Bold 9900). I reset the password from my PC and used the new password on my new device and I keep getting the following message: "Unable to log in to your BlackBerry ID account" How can I fix this problem as I am not able to install any updates or install apps from BlackBerry App World.

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BB Bold 9650 :: Lost All Device Data - How To Restore?

Aug 8, 2010

Phone worked great for a week, then I installed the BBDM software and attempted to install a new app and It starts the process but at the end says it cannot connect to the device. Problem is, the BB is now completely reset and has none of my apps, contacts, pictures, videos, or anything else. Any ideas? I'm about to lose it here.

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BlackBerry :: 9900 - Lost Email Since The Update?

Mar 16, 2012

i have lost my email since the update monday.. i dont remeber my password , how do i recover ?

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BB Bold :: Tracking/finding Number Of A Stolen/lost Device?

Sep 27, 2011

I recently had my Bold 9900 stolen/lost, although I have now purchased a replacement 9900 I want to try and track down my old one as it is not a cheap device. I still have all of the packaging of my first phone so therefore the IMEI / PIN etc. I have reported this to my provider (China Mobile) and I have a new account setup on my new device.I have sent a bbm request to my old phone hoping to get some contact but my joy, I am asking friends who have my old PIN as a bbm contact to try the new 'owner' as well. Is there any way I can find the mobile number of whoever is using my old phone so I can ring them? (I understand it may have been sold on but has only been 3 days since it was stolen/lost) or tracking the device? (I did not have any tracking software on the device at the time it was stolen).

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BB Torch :: Cannot Update The New Password Of Email Account

May 24, 2011

Have tried to go to the message /setup icon and clicked menu to open the Internet Mail Account ,but its not responding or opening so that I can change the password.

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IPhone 4s :: Backup / Copy Email Account - Individual Emails From Closed Email Account

Sep 6, 2014

How do I backup or copy an email account or individual emails from a former employer on my iPhone 5s. I can open the emails, but don't have access to the server - just messages on iPhone.

iPhone 4S, iOS 7.1.2

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BB Bold :: Gmail Account - Syncing Emails Between PC Inbox And Device Mailbox

Jul 25, 2011

How I can set my gmail account so that emails deleted on my computer are also deleted from my Blackberry?

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Motorola Photon 4G :: Lost Hotmail And Personal Email After Latest Update

Oct 13, 2011

After the latest update I lost my hotmail account and charter account. They are seen in my accounts but nulled out. I can not delete them. Also, if I try to add them back, I have no options anymore for adding email accounts. It only gives options for Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Lotus Notes, and Skype and the lotus notes and skype is there because I additionally installed that. Does anyone review functions of the phone before they release updates or are we all just Beta testers for Sprint and Motorola. I had just got my phone fixed with all the other issues.

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BB Torch :: 9800 Cannot Update Email Account Settings On Phone

Jan 20, 2012

I have a Torch 9800. I have changed the password on my email accounts, but now I cannot update the email account settings on my phone. I have tried accessing via the setup menu, where nothing happens when I select "Email Accounts" (even after a hard reboot), and through the Options menu in the messages folder. When I access it from there I get a message that says to contact the service provider.

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Galaxy S5 :: IMAP Email Account Won't Sync At Recommended Settings After Update?

May 6, 2015

I just did a software update on my S5 and now my IMAP email account only updates like 2 times a day even when the settings are set for every 30 minutes. It won't sync when I press the refresh button. My work IMAP email works fine.

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IPhone :: Transferring Contacts, Notes, From Old Email Account To New Email Account

Mar 21, 2012

Lets say if I have a new email i would like to use and would like to delete the old one off my iphone but it has all of my contacts on it, how do i transfer those contacts, notes, and calendars, to the new email account?

keep in mind that if i delete the email acount with the contacts, the contacts will no longer be on my phone as well as the notes. is there a way for me to transfer the contacts from the old email account to the new one so i can remove the old email account? too much spam.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1

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