BB Bold 9000 :: Documents To Go Files - Always Turns On When I Reboot - Can Be Stopped?

Aug 2, 2010

my phone gets the spinning clock all the i am trying to prevent it from as many apps from running at the same apps you just can't stop.....but i noticed that "Documents To Go Files" automatically starts when i reboot my phone....i went to their site...but could not find the answer....anyway to prevent it from starting in the beg, instead of having to turn it off everytime?

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BB Bold 9000 :: Accidentally Deleted Documents To Go

Jul 10, 2010

i accidentally deleted documents to go from my blackberry bold 9000, i dont have the product/registration key ...

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BB Bold :: Cannot View PDF Files In 9780 - Documents To Go App

Dec 20, 2011

I am using BlackBerry Bold 9780 and have Documents to Go, Sheets to Go and Slides to Go for viewing Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents respectively. I saw in newly launched BlackBerry Curve 9220 there is an inbuilt app named "Documents to Go". By which anyone can view Words, Excel and Powerpoint documents and also PDF files for free. But I cannot able to view PDFs in my Bold 9780 which is more heavy and costly smartphone than Curve 9220. Hence I want to know from where can I get a compact "Documents to Go" app for free and which is also a PDF reader.

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BB :: Bold 9000 Turns On But Nothing Works

Aug 4, 2010

Blackberry Bold 9000 ran out of battery and went flat. Charged for a little while and when turned back on nothing works and i now have a small yellow star (never seen before) next to the speaker and the signal has off next to it. I have taken the battery out numerous times

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BB Bold 9000 :: Red Led Turns Off Screen Always Black?

Apr 3, 2010

When i plug in my BB 9000 without the battery it has a red led, but when i put the battery in to charge the flash on the camera turns on and the red led turns off the screen is always black and off is there a fix for this? i dont mind deleting everything on this phone.

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BB Bold :: 9000 Turns Off During Startup At About 10 Percent

Aug 25, 2011

That's the problem basically. I've tried pulling battery out, connecting it through Desktop Charger. I get the solid red light, then it starts - loads up to about 10% and turns off again.

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BB Bold :: 9000 - Screen Turns White While Charging?

Jun 1, 2012

I own a blackberry 9000, while charging through mains or through USB, the screen turns white and nothing happens,

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BB Bold :: Phone Turns Off When Turn On WIFI In 9000?

Apr 4, 2011

I have a BB Bold 9000, and it was working fine, i even updated and it worked great for months.and then last week when i tried to turn on the wifi to search for a network the phone got frozen for a few seconds and restarted it self continuously, like 4 times in a row. since then Im unable to turn the wifi on. bluetooth and service provider are working fine. Just wifi is causing troubles.I even tried to restore it to default settings using the lastest BB desktop software and no results.

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BB Bold 9000 :: Continue To Reboot - How To Fix

Feb 18, 2010

I have the .464, and everything was smooth, i have 35mb memory after rebooting, and the only apps i have is i havent done anything on the phone but he started to reboot time he reboot himself continuasly 4 times !is this normal?now after recivieng an email he did a reboot again....what can i do ?

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BB Bold :: 9000 Turns On And Off But Won't Go Past White Loading Screen

Jan 17, 2012

My admittedly very old Blackberry Bold 9000 has turned itself off and won't turn on past the white loading screen. It has a constant red light on with a black screen. The red light will disappear and the screen will go white and show the black timer box thingy for a minute or so like it is about to load then the process will repeat. It's been doing this since last night. I've finally admitted its time to upgrade and have ordered a new handset but would like to boot this up even if it is only to transfer current information.

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BB Bold 9000 :: Reboot Itself On Charge Completely?

Feb 15, 2010

When I put my bold on charge it almost instantly reboots itself. Sometimes it will be reboot itself again and again whilst still booting up. This can happens 5 or 6 times in a row.When not on charge my phone is totally fine.I have been charging my phone at night and in the morning it is usually charged up (even if it does reboot constantly) however the other morning it had not charged.It also does this when I have tried to charge over USB (connected to my iPod usb mains adaptor) so it's not the charge.I'm running

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BB Bold 9000 :: Cannot Reboot / Reset After Upgrade?

Sep 12, 2010

After downloading an upgrade to Bold 9000 device received "App error 202 reset" message. Tried to reset and even removed the battery for a hard reset (about 4 times) with no success. Same error message. Any ideas anyone? Cannot reset.

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BB Bold 9000 :: Phone Will Not Reboot Properly

Feb 15, 2010

This is the second BB Bold 9000 I have had this problem with.My phone will not reboot. I get the endless loop of:

red light
white screen with black clock

The first time, ATT told me that I needed a new phone. Didn't cost me anything but is a pain in the **bleep** since I have no other phone and I have to walk 4 miles to find a working payphone. Had to do w/o a phone for a week.I have tried removing and reinserting the battery, to no avail.It is now 712 EDT (GMT -5). I will check back later this evening.

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BB Bold 9000 :: Error Message On Reboot

Aug 13, 2010

I'm using blackerry bold 9000.every time I reboot my phone (tried a few Alt/Shift/Deletes and a battery pull) I get the error after the security check on startup."Uncaught Exception: Java.Lang.NullPointerException" this always appears everytime i restart my phone.
- the SMS and MMS icon is lost.
- i cannot find my sms outbox messages.

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BB Bold 9000 :: Phone Upgraded / Constant Reboot Cycle

Feb 17, 2010

I upgraded my bold 9000 to os 5.0.0 last night and it is now in constant reboot cycle. I let it do all it needed to do whilst connected to pc blah blah blah and it now it just reboots all the time. Gets past the loading bar and then goes to the vodafone screen, then screen turns black, red light comes on, over and over and over again. However, when I plug it in to either my mains charger or the pc, it will boot up OK. Any help would be appreciated as it will soon be going out the window!! Or back to the shop.

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BB Bold 9000 :: AT&T Fast Reboot / Device Memory Cannot Be Read

Aug 25, 2010

After installing update, I did a reboot (alt+right shift+del).Usually, the Bold take about 3mins to reboot, however, it only took about 20 seconds. I saw the Blackberry status bar flash for only a second.I felt the phone did not really reboot. I was also noticing some funny errors when accessing pics or ringtones.I checked the memory and saw the Device Memory as "device memory cannot be read."

2 "fixes" I found:
1. reformat device memory
2. reboot again, either alt+shift+del or battery pull

Have you noticed this problem as well? I found another thread of this happening on .681 without much help either..
Device Memory cannot be read

I have fully wiped the Bold and reinstalled 3 times. I can reproduce the error everytime.I guess I can avoid the problem by doing a battery pull every time instead of alt+shift+del...but that's a hassle.Suggestions? Maybe this is just an inherit flaw for OS 5.0 since .681 and .822 are both showing the same symptoms.

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BB Bold 9000 :: Unrecognized Device - Reboot Loop - No Error Screen - Red LED

Jul 28, 2010

I tried plugging it into a wall charger for a day, i tried leaving it unplugged for a day, i tried leaving it plugged into the wall without the battery in for a day. I do not think it is the battery or charging related. Oh, and i have 2 batteries, neither let it boot.

So, i tried all the suggestions about App loader. The PIN is not recognized UNLESS, i plug it in without a battery (after i see the charging icon with red X on the screen). If i try to continue, nothing happens until i put in the battery, which immediately removes my PIN to PIN Unknown or whatever. So, it will continue and loader will freeze at step 2, device initialization.

Anyone had this exact issue or know how to get passed this point?

For reference, i never dropped it or damaged it. Actually i haven;t been using this phone, i decided to update it, all went well. Took the battery out and left it for a couple weeks. Went back to use it and this is what i got. Oh, and I tried JL_CMNDR and nothing happens.

Like i said, no error screen, i get a red LED, it attempts to boot up, but it barely moves and then I get black screen and red LED again and it just loops this process.

* I do have the extra ATT Insurance. However, I've had it for 1.5 years and it has been externally modded to ****. I could easily change it back to stock parts, but the "sticker" is gone. 1. Would ATT let me exchange it? 2. Does it have all my info on it?

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BB Bold 9000 :: After Reboot Phone Screen Turned White And Froze

Aug 13, 2010

I recently did a software update on my Blackberry Bold 9000 when prompted by my desktop manager to do so. After the update the phone began running slowly. I then delete a couple applications off the phone such as Myspace and Facebook to free some memory. Then phone had to be rebooted to complete deletion. After reboot, the phone screen turned white and froze. To unfreeze I had to remove the battery. When I put the battery back in, it would not turn on anymore. Could the update have fried the phone altogether?

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BB Bold 9000 :: USB Connection Make Computer Freeze - Reboot Windows 7

Jun 29, 2010

I connect the blackberry to my laptop (lenovo T400) via USB, then the phone asks me to choose mass storage or not. if I choose mass storage the laptop freezes immediately + black screen and then reboot. it happens no matter if I launch desktop manager or not...

When I use desktop manager, if I DO NOT choose mass storage, then it works till I click on media and sync media, the roxio software launches and then it crashes again with exactly the same symptom as describe above.....

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BB Bold 9000 :: Bold Nuked / Got Jpg.rem Files Off / But Can't View

Jun 20, 2010

SO I have searched manically for 2 weeks looking for a solution to my problem.I had a blackberry bold 9000
it died with WSOD- no calls, no texts, no work-y no mo'.so I had it powered up and used my mass storage feature to pull off 120 of my beloved pics... BUT... they are in jpg.rem

I know everyone says put back on your device and decrypt them or email them etc.. but this is not an option.I now have a new bold 9700 and it is through my company - so the security and encryption cannot be changed

Is there any software or any other way to change these to useable files?

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BB Bold :: Cannot Access The Files Stored On The Memory Card Using A Software Reboot

Aug 23, 2012

After updating the 9930 to software 7.1 when the phone reboots using the option in App World after installing an app, I notice the phone cannot access the files stored on the memory card using a software reboot.Only by doing a battery pull does the phone recognise the media card contents and then I can access it. Therefore everytime I install an app I have to do a battery pull to restart the phone as the restart option from the App World in the phone makes the files on the media card not to be seen.This bug was not present before I did the upgrade to 7.1 bundle 1737?

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BB Curve :: All Documents Has 1000's Of .vcf Files?

Jul 6, 2010

When I select any of these 1.vcf through 999.vcf they all go to the same blackberry message contact. How do I delete them? Where did they come from and can I delete them? I have to scroll down past all of them in order to see my regular files.I can't mass select them and I sure hate selecting them one at a time to delete them.

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Galaxy S5 :: Cannot Delete Documents From My Files

Jan 3, 2016

I'm trying to free up some room. I went to My Files, then My Documents and found a lot of old docs that I downloaded for one-time purposes only, and so I went to delete them, only to get a Failed to Delete notification. These are Word docs and Adobe files I downloaded myself, nothing important. How come I can't delete them??

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BB Bold 9000 :: Removing Sample Media Files?

Apr 18, 2010

There are three sample movies sitting in the system folder (BMW M3, Speedracer trailer and a Delta Goodrem music video) which take up about 85MB of memory. I have tried using maxmem from Berrycoder to remove the files, but it won't delete these videos from the memory.Using FileScout, I try to delete the files and the response is "cannot delete the file, it is an OS5.0 read only system file". Is there any way of deleting these files on the Bold 9000? I have read up on Crackberry on optimising the memory and trying to use BBSAK (BB Swiss Army Knife) but have had zero success on getting rid of these files. Another question while I am asking. Would deleting these files make any difference to the available free memory as reported through the Status. I am hovering around 27MB and want to increase it without deleting the apps I have loaded into the Bold.

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BB Bold 9000 :: Reading .LIT Files On BOLD

Aug 2, 2010

Is there a way to read .lit files on the Bold?

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BB Bold 9000 :: Phone Stopped Working - New Charging Dock Will Work?

Aug 14, 2010

My bold stopped working a few weeks ago, At first i thought it was the battery, Bought a new battery nothing happened. Next i thought it was the Charger, Bought a new one still nothing happened . Someone told me that the USB port was probably broken, And i can't get it fixed by tmobile cause the bold is a AT&T Phone . So a friend of mine told me to buy a charger dock on Amazon/Ebay , And the Phone will charge i just won't be able to put stuff on my phone through my Computer . Can anyone clarify that if i buy the dock it will work?, Also if it doesnt work at this point what should i do?

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BB Bold 9000 :: Stopped Working / Screen Went Black When Holstered During Chat

Jun 13, 2010

First post ever but I've been following this site for blackberry advice for a while, but this time I can't seem to find an answer to my dilemma, I've seen on most posts regarding the black screen blinking red light issue but the problem stemmed from installing the OS. Thats not the issue I have, while at work I was chatting with my friend on blackberry messenger but a customer came by so I holstered my blackberry, by the time I finished and took out my blackberry the screen was black and won't turn on, I naturally assumed that my phone died although it was awkward for it to die at like 45% battery life so I ignored it until I got home. I placed my blackberry on my cradle to see if it'll charge but the screen remained black and the LED light blinks twice then stops, then blinks twice again and so forth. Should I do what the posters suggested? Run that program and reinstall an OS hoping it will save my blackberry?

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Galaxy S5 :: Printer Has Stopped Printing Emails And Word Documents

Mar 27, 2015

Suddenly, the printer has stopped printing emails and Word documents. The printer is attached to a laptop. I've removed the the printer driver, and reinstalled it. Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 Lollipop 5.0.Also, when I click on print, the Print Preview shows the document, email. Pressing on the print key, the printer prints a blank page.

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Motorola Droid X2 :: Searching For Local Files / Documents

Jun 10, 2011

Is there a way to look for a specific file or folder on the X2? The search button brings up Google search. I don't want to search online, just on my phone.

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BB Bold 9000 :: BBM 5.0 Not Giving The Option To Send Files Or Voice Notes

Jun 10, 2010

I have the Blackberry Bold 9700 with AT &T and I just downloaded BBM 5.0. Now it does not even give me the option to send files or voice notes.

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BB Torch :: Documents To Go - Syncing Word And Excel Files On PC With 9850

Sep 19, 2011

My new Torch 9850 and the Blackberry Desktop software are working fine. The 9850 has Documents To Go installed. I need the companion software to sync the Word and Excel files on my PC with the DTG on the 9850, since the BB Desktop doesn't seem to include those files. From where do I download the Documents To Go Desktop application for PC that is compatible with the RIM 9850? The manufacturer of DTG says to go to RIM for support.

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