Galaxy S6 :: Black Screen - Phone Rings But Shows Nothing

May 2, 2015

There is just a black screen. The phone rings, but shows nothing...100% black screen. Tried turning phone off and on.. Still nothing on the screen.

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Is Screen Completely Black Yet Still Rings

Jan 2, 2015

I have Galaxy S5 and the other night somebody knocked it out of my took quite a thud to the floor and since then, the screen is completely black. The phone still turns on and the bottom 2 lights are working and it rings when people call etc. I can't answer the phone though so I'm assuming the touch screen has broken. what I'm worried about is loosing all my pictures. Because the phone has a pattern lock on it, when I plug it into a computer it says that there are no files. If i send it off for repair will they clear the phone? I'm thinking if they just replace the screen then I still get to keep everything but assume they will still clear it?

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IPhone :: Totally Blank Screen - Phone Rings But Screen Black

Jun 18, 2012

My phone screen went blank/black for no apparent reason. Calls come in butcannotsee anything on screen.

iPhone 4S

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Galaxy S5 :: Camera Shows A Black Screen?

Jun 23, 2015

When I open camera on my s5 it shows black screen and camera does not work. today i have taken it seriously as i was trying to open my camera for a urgent purpose and it did not work. if i do not get it fixed I will throw it away (all android phones) for forever.

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IPhone :: My Phone Is Not Responding And Shows A Black Screen?

May 4, 2012

my iphone is not responding and shows a black screen ,nor charging and restarting either what should i do ?

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HTC Desire HD :: It Shows A Black Screen

Jul 17, 2011

Friday at 15:00 Did my mobile just turn off. It will not light when it's charging up, so i have an idea it may be that it does not detect the battery. When I try to turn it on, screen stays black, it does not vibrate, it does nothing.

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Galaxy S6 :: Shut Down Menu Shows Up Then It Locks And Lock Screen Shows Up

May 21, 2015

Just wanted to ask, after the latest update. It feels like you really need to press down on the power button to get the shut down menu to show up.If i don't press down hard enough or right, the shut down menu shows up then it locks and the lock screen shows up. it's quite straight forward, and I don't remember having to hold down the power button for that long for it to shut down.

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Get Photos Off Of Phone With Black Screen

Aug 11, 2015

My phone's screen is completely black, and I really want to get my photos off the phone before I have to switch over to a new one. They are unfortunately not backed up anywhere... any way to get them off the phone and onto my computer without use of my screen?

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BB Curve :: The Screen Goes Black And Shows A Red Light In The Top Corner

Apr 9, 2011

I took the battery out on my blackberry.The screen goes black and shows a red light in the top corner.When i turn it on it shows a white screen, with a black boxs in the centre that has a moving hand.Its been doing this for about ten hours, i've tried taking the battery out and sim but it hasnt helped.

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IPhone 5c :: One Of Apps Won't Load It Just Shows A Black Screen

Jun 3, 2014

My app won't load it was working earlier but now it won't. I turned the phone off and turn it back off. Killed all the apps and uninstalled it and reinstalled a few minutes later. Now it's just showing a black screen but when I go to kill them the screen is there but I click on it and it goes black again.

iPhone 5c, iOS 7.1.1

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Screen Is Off / Black But Phone Is Functioning?

Nov 23, 2015

My s6 edge screen just went dark after a phone call. the touch and everything works. I can receive calls. I know how to pick calls since I just have to swipe at the bottom so I know the touch works and everything works. I get notification tones too. I tried to shut it off and maybe start it again but I don't know how to do it since i'll have to confirm by tapping the screen which I cant see anything on.

I have done the volume keys and home key tricks. phone restarts perfectly but with a blank / black screen like before. it was hot but now cool. screen is still off. I left to charge earlier before the fateful call so I don't know if maybe its over charged. but it seems everything is working but I cant see anything on my screen. its as if the phone has been switched off screen wise.

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Do Older Videos On Phone Have A Black Screen

May 4, 2015

Some of the older videos only have a black screen, but I can hear the sound. Screen even says "play audio only". I'm not a genius at tech stuff, but I've looked it up and done it all to fix it. Pull battery put, clear cache... ect. Recently, I didn't have enough storage to download an update, so I disabled a lot of apps I never use. Maybe I disabled one I need?? (But only the oldest 10 videos do this, not the rest)!! These videos were of the birth of my daughter and I want them back!!! (-:

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Google Nexus 5 :: Why Does It Go Straight Into Bootloader After That Shows Black Screen

Mar 26, 2015

So, I turned on my phone and now it goes straight to the bootloader. So, when I select "Start" option, screen turns black (can still see backlight shining though). It was sitting there for hours, but screen stayed black.

I did have a rooted phone, but I hadn't tinkered with it for about 6 months.

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Huawei Nexus 6P :: Camera Shows Black Screen After Root

Feb 21, 2016

So I got my Nexus 6P yesterday and the first thing I did was unlock the bootloader and root. However I just noticed this morning that I no longer have access to the camera. If I open the camera app it just shows a black screen with the camera symbol in the middle and Snapchat just gives me a black screen. The only things I have done were u lock bootloader, Root and I changed my DPI to 400. I've tried reboots and clearing data/cache from both Snapchat and my camera app with no success.

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Galaxy S6 :: Black Screen Of Death - Phone Cannot Turn Back On

Jul 10, 2015

I had my phone on a car charger playing Spotify and i got a text message then could not turn on my phone. Spotify played for half the song after and shut down. Black screen with flashing blue light and can not hard reset. tried all combinations with up, power, down, and home keys. The light was flashing all night and turned off this morning. did not have on a charger hoping the battery would die to turn on. Phone never reads a connection when trying to charge. don't know if i have the one black screen of death that can not turn back on. I have 2 or 3 trips of pictures that i don't know if i backed up.

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Lumia 1020 :: Remove Clock That Shows Up With Black Background On Screen

Sep 7, 2013

I been wanting this device for awhile now. But anyways, I was wondering if there's anyway the clock that shows up on the screen w/ black background, can be removed. It's almost like a screensaver. It makes me think my phone's screen is on :)

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Bold :: Blackberry 9780 Shows Black Screen And Red Light Is Blinking

Feb 10, 2012

i my BB 9780 stuck on blackscreen and red light is blinking.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Recover Photos From Phone With Broken / Black Screen?

Nov 10, 2015

My phone fell on the floor, and the screen cracked and when I go to use my phone the screen is black and flashes white at me. I cant do anything with it, is there any way to recover my photos? I've tried plugging it in and looking for my photos but it says none can be found. I also have taken the SIM card out already and put it in my new phone, does that make a difference....

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Galaxy S5 :: G900A Phone Turns On Then Black Screen With Every Apps Stopped Error Messages?

Dec 17, 2015

So I recently unbricked my AT&T S5 with OC4 Stock Modem and Kernel. Everything was working perfectly fine until I clicked software update. The update downloaded and started to install, but after that it goes into recovery mode and ended up failed to update. The phone then reboots to the at&t logo screen, then to a black screen with error messages such as "Unfortunately, System UI has stopped", "Unfortunately, Media Storage has stopped" and "Unfortunately, setting has stopped".... I pressed the power button to see if I can go to emergency mode, but it will give me another one of those error message "Unfortunately, Emergency recovery manger has stopped" or something like that. What can I do to fix this?

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Motorola Photon 4G :: Number Of Rings Before Phone Actually Rings?

Nov 2, 2011

Been a happy Sprint user since 2005 and have used various dumb phones and smartphones. The Photon is my 3rd Android.I have noticed that each phone , whether smartphone or not, has the same issue that has caused me to miss incoming phone calls here and there - the caller dials my number and hears several rings before my phone actually starts ringing. The phone goes to voicemail before I have the opportunity to answer the phone.The solution for my phones has always been to adjust the Slot Cycle index from the default setting of 2 to the setting of 0. This causes the phone to poll towers more frequently, thus the phone is more quickly aware of a new incoming call. The only negative implication is that the phone goes through battery a bit more quickly during the day...but it's really only a tiny difference. I've done this on my phones, on my spouse's phones, my mom's phone, etc.

Since the Photon's battery life is so much better than my prior phone (EVO 4G) I am very comfortable in adjusting the Slot Cycle index, so I obtained my MSL from Sprint and attempted the adjustment by going to the Dialer:##DATA# ->tap green Dial icon -> to the Data Settings menu...tap Advanced->From there you can see that the Slotted Index is set to 2. So I wanted to change the setting but can't get to it from Menu->Edit->enter MSL code->VerifyI called Sprint about this issue, and in the past they have helped me to change the setting. I have called more than once and have been dealing with the more advanced Tech Support team. No one at Sprint can figure out how to adjust this setting on the Photon.

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Galaxy S6 :: Phone Rings But Cannot Hear Caller?

Nov 20, 2015

My phone rings but cannot hear the caller. Will receive texts.

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Galaxy S5 :: Phone Rings Through Fritz-app But Cannot Answer

Mar 31, 2015

I have a Fritzbox 7390, and I have tried to use Fritzapp fon app so that when a call comes on land line, the mobile Samsung S5 would also ring. It does, but I can not answer the call, and have to use land line to answer it.

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Galaxy S6 :: When Phone Rings Swipe To Answer Not Working

Aug 7, 2015

When my phone rings and I swipe to answer, I can't answer it. I have no problem calling out. Have I accidently touched something and what?

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Extend Amount Of Time Phone Rings

Mar 26, 2015

I've tried the *#61# but it keeps telling me it can't get a server response...

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Galaxy S6 :: Call-waiting Rings The Phone Instead Of Beep

Sep 13, 2015

When during a phone conversation there is an incoming call (call-waiting), my Samsung Galaxy S6 rings the ringtone. Obviously, call-waiting should beep; the other side should not hear my ringtone go off while in the midst of conversation.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Phone Rings But Screen Will Not Turn On

Dec 13, 2013

I have been having some weird issues with my phone. Sometimes when I recieve a call the phone rings but the screen will not turn on. Also some other random issues. I am stock and not rooted. Usually a reboot fixes the issues.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Extending Length Of Time Phone Rings?

Oct 26, 2011

My friend has an SGS2 on Virgin Mobile and he wants to extend the length of time the phone rings before going to voicemail as he often misses calls. I can't see any settings on the handset and from what I can gather it looks like it to do with the carrier, in this case Virgin Mobile? ... I also found this info... "There's a really quick and easy way to extend the amount of time your phonerings for before voicemail kicks in. The most you can extend it to is 30 seconds. All you need to do is follow theseteps:- Tap *#67# into your phone, then press the call/answer key.- Make a note of the number that's displayed, including the + symbol.- Enter the following code:**61*the number you noted down from above**30#Here's an example of how the sequence of numbers might look:**61*+44717941123456**30# This will mean that your phone rings for 30 seconds. You can alter this toring for 5, 10, 15, 20 or 25 seconds by replacing **30# with your choice ofseconds. E.g. enter **15# if you want it to ring for 15 seconds.

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Nokia :: 5800 Xpressmusic - Touch Screen Blocked When Phone Rings

Jan 29, 2010

When my phone (Nokia 5800 xpressmusic) rings I cannot use the touch screen to answer. Can only use the coloured buttons at the bottom or the security lock side button.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Weather On Lock Screen Often Shows 0.0 C

Apr 20, 2012

Sometimes it shows the temperature correctly, but most of the time it just shows 0.0C.

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Galaxy S5 :: Pin Unlock Screen Shows Blank Letters And Numbers

Mar 4, 2015

Lock screen today started displaying blank white boxes where there should be numbers and letters, as seen in picture below. It still unlocks fine however.

Upgraded to Lollipop at the weekend so i'm assuming a bug related to the update.

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Galaxy S6 :: Black Screen With X?

Jun 24, 2015

for about 15 minutes my Galaxy S6 smartphone won't respond. The screen isn't responding at all. There is just a small cross visible on the right side... Which is really really weird... I tried to restart the phone with the volume down and power button... But it restarted (I guess, as the Samsung Logo appeared) but it went back to the non respond behaviour.Because I'm afraid that I won't get it back to work.

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