BB Pearl :: After OS6 Upgrade Appworld & Protect Don't Work?

Mar 23, 2012

I have just upgraded my software via the internet to OS6 and although the new software is awesome, my app world won't open. When I click on the icon, the phone freezes. I have installed and uninstalled... inserted and re-inserted the battery many times. I have also tried to install an earlier version.

Also my protect gives me the following message: "Error starting net_rim_bb_dryad gui: Symbol 'Security.device Under Attack' not found."

And finally when I am typing in BBM or anywhere else I get a text imput error message. Murphy's law it's not coming up now when I want to post this. I love my BB but I want to be able to use all the services offered. My line of work depends on my phone working properly.

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BB Pearl :: Can't Get Past Appworld Setup

Jul 10, 2012

can't get past appworld setup step 2 keeps telling me to turn on radio i don't understand how

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BB Pearl :: Can't Update Apps Through Appworld On Desktop

Feb 10, 2011

I've BB Pearl 9100 with OS I'm trying to update/nstall the Apps through desktop but whenever I try to do that I receive a message "Content protection is enabled on the device

But the content protection is disabled in Options -> Security -> Encryption (Device memory & Media card both are diabled for encryption). I've disabled all the options over there but still I'm getting this weird message which is not letting me update my Apps.

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BB Pearl :: Protect Does Not Complete On 9100?

Dec 12, 2010

My wife's Pearl 9100 has been having a lot of trouble backing up over BB Protect software, lately. It used to work perfectly fine before, but now it seems to start the backup and then it aborts after about 90% completion. Also the backup is extremely slow. The Pearl is connected through my home Wi-Fi router and we have 25 Mbps broadband connection, so there should be no speed issues at all, I would think.

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BB Pearl :: How To Locate The Backup File Of Protect App

Feb 15, 2012

how can I locate the backup file of BB protect apphow can I locate the backup file of BB protect app.?

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BB Pearl :: Upgrade Device Software Pearl 8100?

Aug 7, 2011

I am having a problem to upgrade the device software of my daughter Pearl 8100 from v4.2 to 4.5. The BB update web site does not recognize that is a new version of the device software available.

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BB Software :: Protect Not Showing Up After Upgrade?

Jul 29, 2011

I have a Torch 9810, For some reason (its been a few months, low on my priority list) after a upgrade black berry protect stopped showing up as an app icon or anywhere on my phone. When I go to MY World its not even listed in uninstalled software, just gone. When I go to APP world and search for bb protect, it comes up but doesnt have any options to install, reinstall, or anything.What can I do to fix this? I really like having it, because I dont have time to stop and backup to desktop all the time.

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BB Bold :: Can't Connect To Protect After Upgrade

Jan 5, 2012

I've recently bought new Bold 9900 phone and it is great. But now I have little problem with Blackberry Protect service.When I setup phone first, I have setup Blackberry Protect service as well and it worked fine. But then there comes update of Blackberry Protect to version Since this update was installed, I can't connect to Protect service anymore.Bold wants to do a new setup of Protect service when I launch the App. This looks good, but after "Blackberry ID" screen it freezes at "Connecting to Blackberry Protect" and this status holds there for couple of hours and nothing happens (on 3G and on WIfi also). I have tried to uninstall BB Protect and then reinstall it.

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BB Storm :: My AppWorld Icon Is Missing After Upgrade New Version

Jan 6, 2012

My AppWorld icon is missing after upgrade the new version.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Appworld Upgrade Not Working / Device Not Meeting Requirements

Jan 11, 2010

I have upgraded to the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and I am having trouble getting the BlackBerry Appworld to work ... I have updated it to the latest software available and it still says that my BlackBerry does not meet the system requirements.Has anyone got any suggestions?I am with 3 and I have the BlackBerry Browser and email package on it too ... also there is no option for me to set up my hotmail account on the system it is only allowing me to use a BlackBerry Enterprise Server account.

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BB Curve :: AppWorld Not Work After Update On 9300?

Dec 23, 2011

Initializing new phones for the kids, and downloaded the latest App World update ( through an old 2.1 App World update process. App World icon is MIA, although the application is clearly installed when I check Applications (it's on the list, with all the modules showing). I have reinstalled the OS, deleted Application Manager and App World and reinstalled them, done several battery pulls - all to no avail. I have checked for hidden icons, checked all folders, but I cannot find the icon, nor can I start App World. No application updates are showing on the status bar, even though I know several need updates.Running OS 6.0 Bundle 2391 (v6.0.0.534, Platform on a Curve 9300, registered with Koodo and connected to my wifi network.

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BB Torch :: Protect Does Not Work For 9860

Dec 23, 2011

I have a BB Torch 9860 and I've been trying to connect it to the bb protect (I installed the app in my BB, but it doesn't connect to the BB protect website, it shows "connecting" and stays like that for days!). I don't have a BES.

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BB Bold :: Protect Doesn't Work In 9000?

May 4, 2011

After make the download and installation of Blackberry Protect on my Bold 9000 i received the follow messege:Smartphones that uses Enterprise Server doesn't have compatibility with Blackberry Protect.

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BB Pearl 8100 :: Found A Pearl 8100 - Will It Work With Just Inserting Sim?

Feb 6, 2010

Basically, i found a BlackBerry Pearl 8100 O2 on the street yesterday. I know this might upset some people, but im going to keep it. Because i need a new phone! Now how should i go on about this? will it work with just inserting my SIM ?

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BB Pearl :: Can't Upgrade To OS 6

Jul 22, 2011

upgrade my OS 5 to OS 6. I'm from the Philippines and my service provider is Globe Telecom. I downloaded the v6.0.0.2597. I already installed it but still cant upgrade. I opened the Apploader and followed the steps but i still cant upgrade. Heres the snapshot of my apploader. Its just showing my installed application and cant recognize the os version that i need to install.


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BB Pearl :: Upgrade 8100 To Use Os5?

Apr 3, 2012

How do I upgrade my pearl 8100 to os5 so that I can install the whatsapp application. I would to commuincate with other smartphone but when I get the link it is telling me that my os 4.5 is old and I need to get the lastest 4.6 and above to use that feature.

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BB Pearl :: Unable To Upgrade 8100 OS?

Nov 14, 2012

i would be glad if you can send to how to upgrade my blackberry 8100 OS to a better one.

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BB Pearl :: Upgrade From 8220 To Style?

Oct 26, 2011

I have a Pearl 8220. I would like to have a Style. (I like the flips. ) T-Mobile does not offer/carry the Style unfortunately. Can I buy a Style elsewhere & just put the Sim from my 8220 in it?

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BB Pearl :: Can't Upgrade Or Download App World?

May 26, 2011

As the title says I can't upgrade anything or download app world, anybody any tips?I'm totally clueless!

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BB Pearl :: Upgrade It To Present Version?

May 1, 2012

My mobile presently have 4.6 version i want to upgrade my device to present version.

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BB Torch :: Using Protect Phone Is Staying On The "connecting To Protect Service"

Nov 18, 2012

when i try using blackberry protect phone is staying on the "connecting to protect service" how do i fix this?

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BB Pearl 8100 :: How To Upgrade Software Version?

Jul 22, 2010

I've been trying to get some help online on how to upgrade the software version on my blackberry 8100, currently I'm running version, I URGENTLY NEED to know which one is the latest and how to upgrade to it.

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BB Pearl :: Upgrade Firmware 5.0. To 6.0. For Curve 9300

Feb 11, 2012

i have a BB Curve 9300 mobile phone and i want to upgrade my 5.0 Version to 6.0 Version. If i want to install that update: 9300AllLang_PBr6.0.0_rel2391_PL6.6.0.200_A6.0.0.534_Telus_Mobility ... i get a message that i cant install that version on my device cause i need a BB mebership?! what can i do to get a membership and how to upgrade my firmware?

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BB Pearl :: Data Lost After Upgrade - How To Reset Old OS

Apr 14, 2012

I just upgraded the desktop and phone OS to 6.x and now I have lost some data. How do I reset the old operating system?

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BB Pearl :: 9105 Upgrade Interrupted - Input System Error

Sep 16, 2012

I just upgraded my blackberry pearl 9105 to os 6.0 bundle, but when I was upgrading it my internet connection got interrupted and I click the retry when upgrading my phone. After upgrade is done every time I compose a message an "input system error. The system is being restarted" keeps on appearing on my screen. I restart my phone many times.

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BB Pearl :: 9105 Upgrade Taking Hours - Stuck On Backup

Aug 20, 2011

I got a new blackberry pearl and connected it for the first time to the laptop, it said there were upgrades available so I clicked yes and now I am very sorry. 3 hours have passed and it is stuck on "Back up third party applications". What can I do? I don't want to disconnect the phone in case it damages it. The phone itself is actually working, making and receiving calls and all the apps and info are still ok, just terrified to disconnect incase it dies.

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BB Pearl 8110/20/30 :: Flashed To Metro / Lost Internet Browser After Upgrade

Feb 19, 2010

I have Blackberry Pearl 8130 Verizon that is full flashed to Metro (web.mms.txt), but when I did the upgrade 65279; I lost the web/email/pix. I got this (your device does not currently have any browser configuration service book entries)

Can you give me step by step instructions on how to get them back? i try with (Resend service books, or options > advanced options > host routing tables > Register Now) but nothing work. i still cant find browser, but before it worked ok

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BB Pearl :: 9105 Trackpad Won't Work?

Jan 31, 2012

My BB Pearl's trackpad is not working! It won't scroll and select neither!

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BB Pearl :: It Keeps Restarting And The Trackpad Won't Work

Sep 21, 2011

My new Pearl 9100 keeps freezing and then restarting on itself. It's super annoying because this happens about every hour. When it restarts the entire trackpad won't work, even the button. The only way I've been able to get it to work again is to restart it until it does! It usually takes about 7 restarts until the entire trackpad will work, then it restarts again.

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BB Pearl :: Features Or Tools That Won't Work?

Feb 15, 2012

Is OS7 compatible as to properly function if installed on BB pearl 9105 3G Which services,features or tools that won't work when experiencing OS7 on the mentioned device

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BB Pearl :: App World Does Not Work Anymore

May 15, 2011

The version for the BlackBerry App World is not working for my BlackBerry Pearlâ„¢ 3G 9105. The problem is that I cannnot fully access to the app, because it frozes! Furthermore (and consequently I think) my network does not work anymore. I mean that the browser web is ok (and I can surf, even if at low speed), but all the applications do not work properly. And even when I am trying to download the official app world (again) from the official site it won't work. To download 2MB it will take all night long! This is not possible. Another example: the maps are not working anymore and the roads appear after a long time. It is not a problem of the mobile carrier!!! What should I do? I am desperate because I cannot use my phone anymore! I also tried to return to the previous version of the app but the problem hasn't disappeared yet!

I tried to re-install the software (v. but had the same problem. Then tried again and deleted the file "Device" from C/Program Files/Common Files/Research In Motion/AppLoader (not the "vendor" file because it does not exist). But anything happened! Thought it would have re-installed the previous version of the App World but it did not! I am really desperate because I do not know what to do.

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