BB Bold 9700 :: Internet Brower Defaults To Telus Web (go To Option Goes Missing)

Apr 6, 2010

If I restart my phone, my internet brower gets defaulted to the telus web page. When I press the menu button the "go to" button is gone. My "go to" button for internet browsing is there when it isn't on the Telus Web page. In the telus web page i can't get to google or facebook or anything. How do I get my "go to" button back in my browsing. I have both a Internet Browser and a Telus Web icon, but both go to the telus web page- still with no "go to" button in the menu.

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BB Bold :: Internet Brower Not Working?

Jun 26, 2011

I cannot connect to the internet, when I click on the brower it doesn't do anything. When I go into my Blackberry App world it seems liked it is locked as all it says is "signing up" and it will not allow me to close the browser for that

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BB Bold 9700 :: Can't Add Email / Wireless Update Option Missing

Jan 26, 2010

I started out with the problem that I cannot use internet or receive text/bbm/emails on my phone. I called Bell's tech support, and they had me download the new OS (which I had) and if that didn't work, use the security wipe.So, I did that.Now that my bold 9700 has been reset to the factory settings, I am trying to add my hotmail account back onto it so I can add my bbm contacts. However, when I try to go to the "email set up" my ONLY option is to add a work email account with the BES. Not at all what I want.As a side note, I also noticed that the "wireless update" option is now missing from the options menu. Also, my bb browser goes to the Bell mobile portal instead of the old homepage. Not a major issue, but just noticed the differences.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Missing Want To Create Or Add Email Address Option

Mar 12, 2010

Im having a problem on setting up my email because the option "I WANT TO CREATE OR ADD AN EMAIL ADDRESS" is missing on my phone. Pls help me find solution.

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BB Curve :: Brower Icon Is Missing

Mar 21, 2012

My browser icon is missing. As a matter of fact, if I keep the blackberry key pressed. the icon appears but it reads , 'your device does not currently have any browser configuration service book entries. pls contact your service provide. Last whole week I have been with Vodafone (india) guys to sort this problem out.. but in vain. I even got my OS updated. yet the browser in not there. However, my mails and messenger work.

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BB Bold 9700 :: BIS POP3 Set Up Always Defaults To IMAP

Feb 8, 2010

I've searched and searched for the answer to this and can't find a satisfactory answer, so here goes. I'm trying to set up a POP3 email account on BIS but it always defaults to IMAP. I've tried solutions such as leaving the password blank so that I can manually enter the settings, but it still defaults to IMAP. The POP3 settings are correct, and I've used them for Outlook, etc.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Occasional Reception - Defaults To SOS

Feb 18, 2010

In places with not very good reception (1-3 bars) of T-Mobile EDGE, my phone seems to be defaulting to AT&T and thus I get SOS. But I know service exists, since I've tested other phones in the same location, even another 9700. For example, we were sitting side by side today, he was getting 3 bars of EDGE while mine was sitting on SOS. We switched spots and still same deal.It happens whether I choose Automatic or Manual carrier selection, or just 2G or 3G and 2G. Does it sound most like a software issue, hardware issue, or SIM card issue?

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BB Storm :: Cannot Connect To Internet / Could Not Find Any Brower

Apr 19, 2011

I just bought a refurbished BB Storm 9530.. now the problem I am having is that I cannot connect to the internet.When i was looking around I could not find any brower. I then went and tried to do the network diagnosis, and it pretty much failed all of it. I purchased this off of and so far i love it. I only wish that I could access the internet with it. I am currently using T-mobile, and I am pretty sure I have a data plan on my account.

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BB Curve 83xx :: No Internet / Lost Brower Icon?

Jun 13, 2010

I switched blackberry curves (same models 8310), and I used the switch device wizard on Desktop manager.I've lost my email and browser icons and when I try to get to an internet app (ie. facebook, yahoo), I get an error message stating that I couldn't connect because data service is not available. I was able to access the internet on my other phone.

I've checked the following:
- Options > Advanced Options > Host Routing Table (register and received activation text)
- Options > Mobile Options > Data Services is ON
- Removed the battery
Any other ideas? I am receiving phone calls, texts and my blackberry messenger app is working.

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BB Bold :: No Gmail On 9700 Telus Phone Using A Roger's SIM Card?

Jul 23, 2012

I recently received a 9700 Blackberry Telus. I transferred my SIM card from my old phone, which is from a Roger's account. All works well except I cannot get my Gmail to work. I keep getting a message "". I sometimes also receive a DNS error message.

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BB Bold :: Missing Wifi Hop Spot Option On Bold 9900 On 0s 7?

Mar 7, 2012

I had recently downloaded and installed the new os os from SK Telecom form the software download page of on blackberry site to my bold 9900. Upon doing that i was able to access the new mobile hot spot feature and even set it up for use after calling my service provider for the APN which is Lime Jamaica. I even tested it by using another phone which detected it. However sometime afterwards about 30 minutes to an hour later while listening to music my headset got pull out by mistake and upon putting it back in realized music wouldn't start playing back after pressing the side button. Unlocked the phone only to see the play icon highlighted in music player but nothing wouldn't register when clicked with trackpad or touch screen. plus got a message on the screen saying that device media player was busy, which continued for a while. Did a battery pull afterwards which fixed the problem. However a few hours later when i decided to show a friend the new feature and test it by connecting his phone, upon accessing the connections menu the mobile hot spot option was missing even in networks and connections. essentially it disappeared form the phone the only apps on the phone besides the default ones was wikitude and whatsapps. Even after a factory reset it didn't return. Did a clean wipe of the os and installed the os again upon which the hot spot option returned only to disappear again after about a few minutes at which time no extra apps was insatlled just the default ones. Have no idea whats causing this and whats worse the download has been removed from the Sk Telecom link.

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BB Bold :: 2G Only Option Missing After Upgrade To OS 7.1?

Nov 23, 2012

After the latest upgrade to OS 7.1 bundle 2061 the 2G only option is no longer available. I have done some reading and see that I need to downgrade to the previous bundle, but I do not have the options on my Bold 9900 as described by most of these support forums. Thus being: On the Home screen or in a folder, click the Options icon. Click Device > Software Updates.If you recently updated your BlackBerry Device Software, to return to the previous software version, press the key > View Result > Downgrade.To downgrade to an earlier software version, scroll to a software version that the icon appears beside. Click Perform Downgrade. Follow the instructions on the screenI do not have the View Result option.

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BB Bold :: Read Receipt Option Missing?

Sep 9, 2012

Last week as a result of email problems, IT deleted and re-created my Blackberry BES user account. This allowed me to re-activate the handheld and emails have been working fine. However, I am receiving read receipts when sending email from the Blackberry, and the settings to enable/disable the receipts are entirely missing from the handheld. OS is version 5.0 (highest version available from my provider).

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BB Bold :: File Attachment Option Missing In Email

Sep 25, 2011

whenever i make email, i can not attach more that 1 picture. and worst part is that the option is only for picture and contacts. other option for attaching file is missing.

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BB Bold :: H+ Network Option Missing On Unbranded 9900?

Sep 14, 2011

I've bought Unbranded Bold 9900, all thing works perfectly.Except the Network Option.. I can't set the network to H+ like 9900 from Rogers/Bell/Telus..Here in Indonesia, my carrier offering & provide H+ Network,but I can't change my unbranded 9900 network to H+..My friends also bought 9900 from Rogers Canada,he bring it to Indonesia, and he also used the same carrier like mine who support H+ Network..In his Rogers 9900 he can switch the network option to 3G/H+,he got H+ symbol at the signal bars, and he can enjoy the H+ network.My question is:Can I have the H+ network option in Unbranded 9900 ?So, I can enjoy too the H+ services on my carrier..Is there a difference between unbranded 9900 and 9900 rogers ?

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BB Bold 9650 :: Missing Edit Signature Option Under Email Settings

Aug 19, 2010

Anyone else missing the 'Edit Signature' option under Email Settings on their 9650? I just noticed this afternoon it's not there. I'm running on BES.Not sure how long it has been missing; if it has been gone since June since I switched from my 8330 to this 9650 or if it was when I upgraded from .732 to .810.

Just wanted to check, I'll probably try downgrading back to .732 to see if it brings it back.I've actually only got three options under Email Settings; Enable HTML, Download images and Confirm external image download.

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HTC :: How To Setup Phone To Access Internet On Telus Network?

Aug 13, 2010

I just got the htc tilt 2 at&t model, i have unlocked it and now using it with the Telus network. could someone explain to me how to setup the phone to access the internet on the telus network, it keeps trying to connect to medianet and cant.

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LG G3 :: Select Runtime Option Missing In Developers Option Menu?

Mar 7, 2015

No matter how hard I look I simply cannot find the select runtime option in the developer's menu to switch to ART. It's simply not there. I have a Rogers LG G3 and the device performance has been pretty sluggish since I bought the thing.

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Windows :: TELUS Unlocked Bell LG-C900B On TELUS?

Jul 26, 2012

last month, I inherited an LG-C900B (BELL) as my buddy had upgraded to an HTC TITAN Windows Phone. As I was frustrated with my force closing, stuck on Android 2.2, HTC Desire I decided to give WP a chance.

We unlocked the SIM from my TELUS HTC Desire and everything worked great. MMS, text, data, wifi, etc. Last week, I suddenly lost the ability to receive MMS messages from outside of the TELUS network. After a few days of troubleshooting and working with TELUS support, I'm at a loss.

I've done the following:

1. Reset my phone.
2. Downloaded the LG Network App to setup all my APN, Proxy IP, and MMSC settings automatically. (I did this last month when I was setting up my phone as well).
3. Upgraded my phone to the latest version available 7.10.8773.98.

I've also gained access to the MFG app to check my config.xml and to see what my network profile showed.

Current network profile: TLS_CA_302_220_ENG.xml
AlwaysON options: ON
Proxy enable options: OFF
Auto update options: ON

All of the following values are hard coded into the config.xml file after running the LG Network Setup App for TELUS 302-220.

APN: sp . telus . com

Has something changed? Funny when I go to t it comes up with a place holder page. Not sure if that's related or not.

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IPhone :: 3G - Unlock - Work With Telus Without A Telus Sim?

Sep 2, 2010

Somebody wants to buy my iPhone 3G which is locked to Rogers. They need it to work with Telus (Canada).

So my first thought was, jailbreak and unlock. Well it appears that the person does not have a telus sim card and wants her original number with the phone.

Is this a no go? Is there anyway I can still get this iPhone 3G to work with Telus without a Telus sim?

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BB Bold :: 'Internet Mail Account' Option Not Responding In 9780

Jul 13, 2011

I have a new BB Bold 9780 purchased a month back. I have BIS unlimited plan and should be able to setup 10 email accounts I believe.

The problem I have is with the 'Internet Mail Account' option within the Email Accounts in setup. When I click this option, nothing happens. The option doesn't respond to my click.

I know that I have workaround to setup email account through some links in internet and I have already setup my gmail account through the link. However, I would like to have the facility to add a new account through my mobile itself.

I suspect that the problem is due to an incorrect / failed update of 'Email Setup Application'. The version I have is 6.10.0804.1543

Is there any way to get this program updated ? or to get the 'Internet Mail Account' option working in my BB ? I am unable to delete the program through Application Management as the option of Delete is not present.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Handset Has No Wi-Fi Option

Jan 28, 2010

I have a new work Bold 9700 it seems to have no wifi option can you buy a Bold without this or do all 9700 have wifi.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Sms Ringtone Option Not There?

Mar 8, 2010

I recently brought a bold 9700 and I want to change my sms ringtone but when i go to profiles and edit, the option isn't there. I wanted to know how i can fix this problem?

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BB Bold 9700 :: No WiFi Option?

Mar 18, 2010

Model: 9700
Carrier: Bell Mobility
OS: v5.0.0.545(Platform

I just got this new Blackberry 9700. When I got to Advanced Options > About it says "smartphone (3G, WiFi)" on the 2nd line. However when I goto "Manage Connections" I don't see any options for WiFi. Any ideas what is going on? How do I use WiFi? Just an FYI, I just recently upgraded to this OS, but even with the other OS the options was not there.

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BB Bold 9700 :: App Word Missing

Aug 24, 2010

I have had my blackberry for nearly 8 months now, and i have had nothing but trouble with it. It first started when i tried getting on blakberry app world, but it said APN not specified, my blackberry messenger also dissapeared, i tried turning it on and off then took the battery out, but nothing worked and i lost bb app world all together, and is now nowhere to be found. I was able to fix it when it happened before, by going on reset icons, but hasnt worked this time.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Why No Send Option On Emails?

Jul 27, 2010

I have had my first ever Blackberry for a few weeks now and am hooked on BB's for life. The only problem I have with my Bold 9700 is this; I have 2 email address sert up on my BB. I receive emails that are sent and can reply to emails that I receive. I can add an email address and type out the email but there is no send option. I have tried everything to see if I can alter this but no luck. Any advice anyone?

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BB Bold 9700 :: OTA Update Option Always Fails?

Jan 26, 2010

I cannot check for updates of the OS over the air. It always says update failed try updating the software again or contact service provider. Than about a minute later says "no updates available". Has anyone else had the same issue? Is this something RIM is aware of? I'm on .296 and I know .405 is out there for att.I also noticed under certificates, Verisign/RSA Secure Server Root (last one @ bottom) Expired Jan 7 2010 and has a nice red X next to it.. Could some of you check this out on your Berries.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Enterprise Activation - Option

Jul 8, 2010

How to get the option to activate the Enterprise Service on my BB9700 ? My company has the Enterprise Server App installed and working for most of there employees. My issue is that on my particular BB, if I go into Options/Advanced Options there is no menu item for activating the Enterprise app. Do you know if there is a download or something I need from my service providers (AT&T) to allow me to see/have this option on my phone?

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BB Bold 9700 :: Cannot Set Email Account / No Option Available

Jan 7, 2010

I have just got my Blackberry Bold 9700 today and I have been trying to setup my email account on it. I have gone through the setup process several times but cant seem to find the option to add my own email account on it. The only option is gives me is: 'I want to use a work email account with a Blackberry Enterprise Server'.

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BB Bold 9700 :: WiFi Option Grayed Out?

Jul 9, 2010

I just got brand new white bold 9700 yesterday from Rogers Wireless and tried to setup WiFi at home. I have BIS data plan and my laptop can use wireless connection without any problems. The phone did found my modem and I put WEP password correctly but it shows white dash and the WiFi icon on screen shows gray. I've been talking with Rogers technical support guys 3 times:

First time they asked me to turn off the phone, take out battery and put it back, delete profile and reset, it failed
Second time: turn off my modem and reboot it, it didn't work neither
Third time: they asked me to download desktop manager and handheld code file to reinstall OS. But I found that the link they gave me is desktop manager 4.6 which is older than mine (the CD comes with the phone is desktop 5.0.1). I have my laptop (Windows vista x64) installed desktop manager 5.0.1 via CD, and I downloaded the 4.6 version and installed it on my desktop pc (windows XP ). But I hesitate to connect my cell to either of them to continue. I don't want to mess up my cell OS. To me it doesn't make sense for me to reinstall OS and even down version from 5.0 to 4.6.

Right now I use my BIS data plan to do everything(check email, BBM so far). I've searched other posts and tried other things like run diagnoses tests, turn mobile network off and WiFi off, back on, delete WiFi profile, rescan put it back, take out battery. None of those worked. Still the icon of WiFi on screen is gray.

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BB Bold :: No Personal Mail Option On 9700?

Jun 25, 2012

The assistant for email set up show that we have normally 2options:

1) I want to create or add an email adress

2) I want to use a work email account..

I don't have the first option, only the second choice is possible, how can i do to set up an email adress?

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