Windows :: TELUS Unlocked Bell LG-C900B On TELUS?

Jul 26, 2012

last month, I inherited an LG-C900B (BELL) as my buddy had upgraded to an HTC TITAN Windows Phone. As I was frustrated with my force closing, stuck on Android 2.2, HTC Desire I decided to give WP a chance.

We unlocked the SIM from my TELUS HTC Desire and everything worked great. MMS, text, data, wifi, etc. Last week, I suddenly lost the ability to receive MMS messages from outside of the TELUS network. After a few days of troubleshooting and working with TELUS support, I'm at a loss.

I've done the following:

1. Reset my phone.
2. Downloaded the LG Network App to setup all my APN, Proxy IP, and MMSC settings automatically. (I did this last month when I was setting up my phone as well).
3. Upgraded my phone to the latest version available 7.10.8773.98.

I've also gained access to the MFG app to check my config.xml and to see what my network profile showed.

Current network profile: TLS_CA_302_220_ENG.xml
AlwaysON options: ON
Proxy enable options: OFF
Auto update options: ON

All of the following values are hard coded into the config.xml file after running the LG Network Setup App for TELUS 302-220.

APN: sp . telus . com

Has something changed? Funny when I go to t it comes up with a place holder page. Not sure if that's related or not.

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BB Bold :: SIM Error 9900 Jumping From Bell To Telus Network?

Sep 4, 2012

I have a Bell BB Bold 9900. I keep getting a sim error. I have been through 2 wipes and 3 new sim cards in a month.This 9900 was sent to me 6 mnths ago from tech support as a replacement of a 9900 where the keyboard failed .My new BB worked fine for about 4 months. 2 months ago the I started getting a red "SOS" and sim card error.After several calls to Bell tech support and eventually to RIM tech support, I may be ready to give up. One thing to note I just figured out why i get the sim error. My phone keeps jumping ot the Telus network, Bell switched the newtowrk settings to manual but it keeps jumping.

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IPhone :: 3G - Unlock - Work With Telus Without A Telus Sim?

Sep 2, 2010

Somebody wants to buy my iPhone 3G which is locked to Rogers. They need it to work with Telus (Canada).

So my first thought was, jailbreak and unlock. Well it appears that the person does not have a telus sim card and wants her original number with the phone.

Is this a no go? Is there anyway I can still get this iPhone 3G to work with Telus without a Telus sim?

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Motorola :: Unlocked V3xx On Telus SIM?

Mar 15, 2010

I have 2 cell phones; one on Telus contract, and a V3xx unlocked on Rogers Pay as You Go. I would like to be able to share a Telus plan, but Telus says the V3xx will not run on their 3G network. I installed a Telus SIM card, and it cannot find a network. Does anyone know if it is possible to get the Motorola to work with a Telus SIM card?

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Motorola :: Unlocked Telus Milestone

Apr 8, 2010

I just bought an unlocked Telus Milestone. I'm still getting used to the phone but so far i'm really liking it. But for some reason it's not connecting to data. Did I miss something in settings?

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HTC :: Unlocked Telus Desire / Want Stock Os

Aug 27, 2010

Basically, I unlocked my HTC Desire from telus Canada today. Now I'm not getting an auto update straigth from htc, I guess with im still running telus's 2.1 version of android. Is there a way for me to install HTC's desire os so that i get autoupdates from HTC, like those people who had unlocked desires got earlier in the month?

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RIM :: Replacement Storm 2 Unlocked Or Telus?

Oct 30, 2011

Need to replace my wife's Storm 2 which died last week. Don't want to go to a new device as she loses her current unlimited data plan if she switches to an HSPA device, and she was ok with her Storm 2 before.

OK with a good used one, though I know she'd prefer new. Telus doesn't sell them any more, and they're $200+ on eBay - that was a shock, considering I can get a new 9860 for $600!

Any suggestions on other sage places to buy, and what price I can expect? We're in Vancouver so Canadian shipping is mandatory, and she'd like a replacement ASAP so a Vancouver purchase would be ideal.

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Windows :: Unlocked LG GW300FD Won't Work On Bell GSM

May 18, 2011

I jumped ship over at Fido a while back and got myself a free LG GW300 before I left with my Fido Dollars. I've unlocked it successfully and can place a roaming AT&T sim card (3G version) into it and it works perfect.The moment I put a Bell sim card into, I get a no sim present error message. Same thing happens on a Mobilicity sim (although I expected them to remain in EDGE roaming due to the phones radio ability)? why a regular Bell 3G sim card won't work in this phone? Any special additional unlock I need to do maybe?I got two codes for my unlock- a Network Unlock, and a Service Provider unlock. I only had to use the Network code to make the AT&T roaming sim work.

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HTC :: Chinese SMS With Telus

Mar 6, 2010

I have a telus Htc hero and i already rooted my phone and installed modaco Chinese core Rom. I still cannot view chinese txt msg from other ppl (telus or rogers) I can type chinese without any problem. anyone tried different method?

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HTC :: Setting Up MMS On HD2 With Telus

May 17, 2010

There has to be a way to get it working. I tried sending an MMS to myself as a test and it fails.I setup a data connection as instructed with using as a new connection.But in the MMS settings it's asking for an IP address, Port #, server address, then asks to Connect Via: (lists My Work Network, My ISP, Work), and finally the WAP version.HAs anyone sucessfully set this up? Would be amazing if someone could offer some tips!

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HTC :: Getting New Desire From Telus

Aug 18, 2010

I'm a Fido-user and I'm thinking of getting the HTC Desire contract-free from Telus and then unlocking it myself. Does anyone know if I can just walk in a store and buy it outright like that or would I need a Telus account? Also, would there be any activation fees or other hidden fees I might have to pay?

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Nokia :: E71 Settings For Telus?

Mar 2, 2010

For whatever reason, i cannot get my data to work on the e71 over the 3g network or wifi as well as sending MMS' email works but when i try the internet it goes through "GoRogers" or something like that if anyone could list the MMS and internet settings

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LG :: Switching 911 From Telus To Verizon

Mar 16, 2010

ok so I am moving back to the states, and need to find out how to set up my lg 9100 to work on verizon, do I need to hack it? take it to the store? any help would be great, already have a verizon pre paid fone set up

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BB (RIM) :: No Way To Unlock Telus 8350i?

Jun 9, 2010

I bought a 8350i Telus which I thought it would work with Nextel. I put my SIM card to the phone and it tells me "Please enter subsidy code". Therefore, I took it to a store downtown that they unlock iden phones. They told me there was nothing possible to do to unlock it. Is this true?

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LG :: How To Put Telus Firmware On Banter?

Jul 31, 2010

Does anyone know how to put telus firmware on a banter(koodo).

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BB (RIM) :: How To Unlock Curve 8530 On Telus?

Jan 20, 2010

I recently purchased a brand new Blackberry Curve 8530 from Telus. Bought it outright so I wouldn't be stuck with it for 3 years if I wanted to upgrade. Anyways...So I'm on the Blackberry $40 a month Email and IM plan, great plan! But I want to unlock my new device so I can take advantage of the built-in GPS without having to pay for the data fees. Is this possible? I bought the phone outright so I think I should be able to do this without breaching any contracts. Am I correct in assuming that if I unlock it I won't have to pay for a GPS service with Telus or data fees for using the GPS?

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LG :: 9100 (Verizon) After Telus Flashing WAP / MMS

Mar 7, 2010

I have looked all around the internet searching for how to configure WAP and MMS after flashing. Supposedly you are supposed to use LGNPST (lab) to NVEDIT and change the WAP gateway, port, username, and password. I can change the gateways and ports but whenever I type in a different username or password it will not retain the value . Since it will not change the username or password I have set up a personal HottProxy using the default username and password, but it gives me the error "Connection failed. Please try again." I have also tried editing the values with LGDownload with no avail. If anyone has successfully got this to work please post the instructions here. I have also read about a paramtable that will store the username and password and allow changes to it. I preformed the hex edit with the third value changing it from 00 to 20 and that didn't do much. If there are links please PM me. Just as a heads up, I'm new to LG flashing (I usually do Motorolas), and am not really that familiar with all of these utilities. I have the LG VX9100 (VZW model) flashed to TELUS (CX91T09 or something like that).

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HTC :: Telus Best Place To Unlock / Flash TP2

Mar 22, 2010

I'm tired of waiting for Telus to get off their @$$ and tired of HTC telling me it's Telus' fault ... I want my TP2 to have WinMo6.5 or Android.Where in Toronto, would be the best place to get it unlocked and flashed?

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LG :: Vx8500 On Telus Need On Pageplus / Verizon

May 4, 2010

I got a bunch of lg vx8500 black and white from telus and I'm having a real hard time putting it on pageplus, i need to know what the process is to make the phone recieve pictures and web, so far I program the phone for talk and text but no luck with pic messaging and web, I have lg download and all the cdma softwares but need some guidance I'm afraid I have downloaded too many solutions and files and now I'm really confused, if you need to be paid for your help I'm willing to discuss it since I really need a solution asap.

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Motorola :: SIM Toolkit On Telus Milestone

May 19, 2010

I noticed I could create an AnyCut shortcut to SIM Toolkit on my Telus Milestone, unlocked and running with Fido. But when it launched, it immediately force closed. I think it's cause Fido doesn't use SIM apps.Anyway I backed it up with Titanium Backup and then I figured it was safe to uninstall the Toolkit with Titanium too, cause I could always put it back later. When I tried though, it turned out Titanium hadn't actually backed up the toolkit successfully. I have tried various approaches to reinstalling the various versions of Stk.apk that I can find on the web but they all fail - including adb push. The app is in my /system/app directory but still doesn't show in AnyCut or Manage Applications anymore.

So two questions - 1) can someone post their Stk.apk from Telus Milestone 2.1? 2) Any idea how to get it back in there?I'm asking because I'd like to take the phone on a trip to the US soon where I'll use my AT&T GoPhone SIM, and I think that provider does use SIM apps. Thanks!

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LG :: How To Unlock Telus Breeze GW525g?

Aug 13, 2010

I bought a (supposedly unlocked) LG Breeze GW525g. Turns out it is locked to the Telus network. I would like to unlock it and use it on the Koodo network (the guy at the Koodo kiosk checked the IMEI and said it should be compatible once unlocked).Does anyhow know how or where (I'm in downtown Vancouver, BC) I can get this done? I'm not too good with technology (I'm upgrading from a Motorola W385 and this phone is light years away for me, ha).

I emailed one guy downtown here, and he said it would take up to 5 days and cost approx. $45, but someone else told me I should be able to get a code for under $20 and could do it myself. I know you can order codes online, but do not know where is legit, and do not want to start emailing my IMEI out.

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HTC :: Desire From Telus Not Recognizing Sim Card

Aug 23, 2010

I just received my HTC desire from a member on the boards.I am having trouble getting the Sim card recognized. Since it is not recognized it is not letting me access the APN settings.

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HTC :: Telus Desire Incoming Calls

Aug 25, 2010

Is anyone else having this problem? I just got the HTC Desire and I've noticed that if I'm on WCDMA only I have trouble receiving incoming calls and text messages. If on GSM only everything is fine. I am using a Turbo Sim though; could that be the problem?

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Samsung :: TELUS S3 Screen Broken?

Nov 9, 2012

I broke my Samsung S3 screen. I purchased it outright from Telus last week. Its just the glass and it is still working. I had insurance on it so probably it will cover it. They need repair estimate. Called Samsung and they only have one 3rd party repair shop in Montreal. So I have to ship it to them,and then wait for 2 weeks to get an estimate. Telus said, it takes 2-6 weeks for the process.I am going out of the country in 3 weeks or less and wanted to get a better timing.

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IPhone :: 3GS Updated To 5.1 - It Won't Connect With Telus?

Apr 10, 2012

as title states - no connecting to telus although it shows it does sometimes but can't call out or in...????

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.1

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BB Storm :: Change The WAP From Telus To Rogers?

Aug 16, 2011

i am trying to change my WAP from telus wap browser to rogers wap but i dont no what to do?

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BB Software :: Setting Up Telus Email On Playbook

Mar 7, 2012

I am struggling with this one, I can not seem to get this email account to work on the playbook, it works on my blackberry torch.

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Motorola :: Voice Search On Telus Milestone?

Mar 3, 2010

Has anyone managed to get Google voice search working on a Telus Milestone? I cant find it on my phone.

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Motorola :: Android Version For Telus Milestone

Apr 16, 2010

Just wondering what version of Android is the Telus Milestone shipping with? Is is 1.6 Donut or 2.1 Éclair ?

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Motorola :: Does Telus Milestone Support 2100MHz 3G?

May 1, 2010

I'm about to trade my Milestone for a brand new Xperia X10a because I'm going to be travelling later this year and I need that 2100MHz band.Can anyone confirm that this phone has the 2100MHz 3G band? Every website I've been to says that it only has 850/1900MHz but others on this board say otherwise.

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Motorola :: Why Connect Telus Milestone To Rogers

May 30, 2010

I see so many threads where people are taking a Telus Motorola Milestone and trying to tweak it to run on Rogers network (at slower speeds than it would on Telus).Why are they just not going to Telus? Is there some other advantage to making the Motorola Milestone work with Rogers network?It just seems many people dislike Rogers - is there something about Telus and the Milestone I should know about? Maybe locked into a contract at Rogers... but it's not like the Moto hardware is cheap without contract through Telus (something like $599 CAN).

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