Samsung Galaxy S II :: When Opening A New Web Page Get The Message - Window Limit Reached?

Aug 7, 2012

how I resolve the following issue. When opening a new web page I get the message - Window limit reached - can't open a new window until you close one.Honestly, I have only had this phone less than two weeks and I want to throw it against a brick wall!

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Motorola Droid Turbo :: Sending Videos - Message Size Limit Has Been Reached

Sep 1, 2015

It just tells me message size limit has been reached no matter how short video is....

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Kies Won't Update - Repeatedly Opening License Agreement Window

Oct 18, 2012

I keep trying to update my Kies, as it demands, but all it does is repeatedly open half a license agreement window. I cannot move around the window and I cannot get to and tick where it is presumably asking me to 'agree'. All I can think of doing is uninstalling Kies and reinstalling the presumably new version. Will this cause any problems?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Home Button Always Opening Last Page When Tapped

Jan 18, 2012

When I tap my home button on my Galaxy S2 it goes to my 4th page. How do I change that to another page like page 1.? I have tried removing pages, also moving around pages and even removing and going down to 1 page then adding more of my apps back yet it always goes to the last page...

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Motorola Droid Razr HD :: "Message Size Limit Reached"

Dec 30, 2012

I have two RAZR HD and get "Message Size Limit Reached" whenever I try attaching a pic in the Text App on only one of them. The unbranded one that I won as a prize in a Motorola contest.

This mesage comes up after clicking on "Resize" when attaching the pic.

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BB Curve :: Message And SMS Window Not Opening?

Aug 4, 2011

I bought a new blackberry and have not configured edge network on it yet.

Suddenly my Message and SMS window has stopped opening. TrackPad and buttons are working good with other options but problem persists only with Message and SMS window.

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Xperia Z5 :: Email Download Limit Reached?

Nov 26, 2014

I have recently moved from a z3 compact to a z5, and there is something happening that I have not seen before. When I get an email with an attachment it doesn't download it but simply states at the top of the email "pre download limit reached" but I have set the pre download limit to "no limit" when I click on "download message" it just downloads forever but never actually downloads. Is there another setting that I need to change?

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IPhone :: Quota Limit Reached When Checking Email?

May 23, 2012

I'm getting a similar message on my iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and iMac when I am checking email. how to fix it?

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1

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IPhone :: Reached Limit Of Creating Free Accounts - How To Delete These

May 8, 2012

I have create many free accounts for apple I have reached the limit of creating free accounts how can I delete that free accounts which I have made?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

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Motorola Droid Razr :: Mobile Data Limit Reached?

Dec 15, 2012

I got a smart action set for battery savings where when it's not charging and screen is off the background data is off. But a couple days ago I had the smart action running and go to use my phone and a screen pops up saying my mobile data limit has been reached and data has been turned off. The thing is that I have unlimited data and I don't have a data limit set on the phone. It kept on doing it until I went into the data usage settings and changed the cycle to the day before and it fixed the problem.

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Galaxy S5 :: Web Browser Opening To Yahoo Even Though Google Is Home Page?

May 11, 2015

This is an AT&T phone and I have google set as my homepage but it keeps opening in Yahoo and I have to move the screen down to get the home button to appear. I would like it to open directly into google everytime.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Get A Pop Up Window Saying Kies 2.0 Does Not Support It?

Aug 28, 2011

I have a small delema, on my Galaxy s2 in my wireless and network setting i have a option to kick off Kies via wi-fi, when i do it does connect with my pc and launches kies 2.0 . I get a pop up window saying Kies 2.0 does not support Galaxy s2.when I boot kies 2.0 and connect with Usb not a problem everything works fine.Kies air with my web broswer is fine too ..

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: No Preview Image On Window Explorer

Oct 26, 2011

When I connect my GSII to my laptop (Sony Vaio - Win 7 Home Premium) and browse the contents of the external SD card, on the Win Explorer, I get mo image on the photos.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: 2GB Install Limit For Apps?

Jan 22, 2013

why Samsung/Google have this ridiculous limit?It is incredibly annoying. I have a 32GB SD card installed with tonnes of space left on it and loads of space on the internal memory too, so why can't I install APPS on it!I have moved as many apps as I can to the SD card, but I am still running out. I shouldn't have this problem, so why is this limitation in place?

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Limit Data Usage On Samsung?

Dec 30, 2015

My son has used 4 GB in a few days...

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Nokia :: N900 - Opening Text Messages Get To Reply Window

Aug 24, 2010

I've just bought the N900, but when I get a text message and try to open and read it, I immediately get to the reply window. I want to know how I can read the full message.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Can't Get Past Splash Page

Mar 19, 2012

For reasons unknown, after shutting off my phone (I suppose it was a forced shutoff, since the webpage I was viewing had frozen), my Galaxy SII now refuses to go past the splash page/start-up screen, that says "SAMSUNG GALAXY SII". The text will display for about 5 seconds, then the screen will go black for about five seconds, then it will redisplay the text for five seconds, in a never-ending loop.

The phone will charge, and if I turn it off then plug it in I get the standard picture of a charging battery. If I plug the phone in my laptop, the laptop does not recognize that it is plugged in, though the phone does charge.

I've tried getting access to the recovery menu, but I can't seem to get to it - once I push the power button, it enters the splash page loop. The only thing that will end the loop is removing the battery.

I have no idea what I've done to force it into this loop, but it's extremely inconvenient.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Keep Getting The Network Page Coming Up?

Jul 21, 2011

When I try to connect to my favs through Opera mobile I just keep getting the Network Problem page coming up.Anything I can do to fix this please?

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Galaxy S5 :: Unfortunately Samsung Account Has Stopped Pop Up After Opening Apps

Jul 8, 2015

I have the popup "unfortunately samsung account has stopped" After opening apps, most of the time apps that are related to photos, or attaching them to apps.

Why this is happening?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S5
Model Number: SM-G900F
Android version: 5.0

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Showing Error And Opening No Apps

Jun 27, 2011

Starts normally and goes on to charging applications. Start showing messages saying "Sorry! The application TW Launcher has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again" and the button FORCE CLOSE
Cannot make calls, cannot receive Call, also did try holding the power button in for a while and resetting it that way.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Gallery Hangs For Ages When Opening It?

Nov 22, 2011

when trying to open the gallery to view pictures, sometimes it just wont load. Closing it and reopening it several times sometimes does the trick, but sometimes it has to be left for a while. I find this very annoying for such a lightening fast and smooth operating phone. My SGS 1 didnt have this problem.

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Galaxy S6 :: Set Start Page In Samsung Internet Browser

Jan 15, 2016

Is there a way to set the start page in the default Internet browser on a SM-G920T phone?

Whenever I exit the app and re-launch, it restores the previous session (i.e., it reloads the last page viewed).

I'd like it to always start on the page I've defined as my home page.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Display Calendar On Home Page?

Mar 18, 2012

Can anyone suggest a way of showing my appointments on the first home page of my Samsung Galaxy 11?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Within Applications Screen Move App From One Page To Another

Jun 26, 2011

Within the Applications screens the app installed show on the sequence that they are instaled.Is there a way to organize them by moving between pages?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Slow To Return To Home Page?

Jun 9, 2011

i've had my S2 for about a month now and have noticed over the last week , how slow it is to return to the home page. This is returning from anything whether that be from an application or messaging or just going into the settings. I've timed it today and it takes 7 seconds to return. It doesnt matter whether i use the home button or use the back button , it still takes ages. When moving between other screens, the phone is its normal fast speed its just when it returns back to the home page.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Home Page Icons Duplicated In App Section

Jan 20, 2012

Somehow all of my homepage icons are doubled into my apps section screens. How to remove them?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Hide Any Installed Apps From Home Page?

Sep 7, 2012

I want to hide few icons from the phone/homepage/menu coz, I dun want others to use that app.Is there any app available on the market?i tried with hide it Pro but not proper for hiding the apps.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Opening Photo/video Gallery Is Always Lagging In Speed/Very Slow

May 28, 2012

I have around 250 photos and 15 videos in my gallery. Whenever I try to open my gallery its very slow, it takes almost 20 seconds to open up.

I have 2.3.6 Android version, and I have installed MX Video Player to view the video files.

how to avoid this launching Gallery performance issue

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HTC One M9 :: Internet Browser Opening Blank Web Page

Dec 3, 2015

when ever I try to enter a link (and/or any website, web search etc.) I get to a blank web page. only after I return to the previous page and retry accessing the website and loads properly.

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Nokia :: 5320 Gallery Stuck On Opening Page?

Jan 3, 2010

Since yesterday the phone keeps getting stuck on "Opening" when I get in any of the galleries (Photos, Videos, Animations, etc.), and when I try to access any of the multimedia content via /Config/General/Personalization, and stuff like that. The only way to access it its through File Administration. It gets a little slow opening the pics and videos, but get the job done, however, it isn't the same thing.Any thoughts on how can I fix it? I has been driving me mad.

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BB Bold 9000 :: Internet - Before Opening Another Page Return To ATT&T

Feb 11, 2010

I had a Pearl for 2 years and then it broke in July but my mom never stopped paying for the extra 30 dollars for the internet and stuff and then I got a Bold 3 weeks ago and up until like 5 days ago it let me on the internet. It will let me go to a site but then won't let me go anywhere else. For example it will let me go to and then I will google something and it goes to the AT&T world phone page and something pops up and says "A problem occured while trying to render the page" anyone know why it's not working?

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