Nokia :: N900 Is Dead - Removing Battery Just Brings Logo And Then Goes Back

Jan 23, 2010

My n900 died, I mean it, its just dead.I'll start by saying I tried all this and no go ..URL...All I see is the nokia logo and.. well thats it.

can't do anything with it, if I remove the battery and put back the logo goes back on and again, thats it.When pluging it to a usb my pc makes a sound like something was connected but the flasher and NSU do not find anything even with the "u" key pressed down.

Nokia: 5140 => 6131 => E61i => E90 => N95 8GB' => E71 => E75 => N900

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IPhone 4 :: Won't Turn On Or Show Dead Battery Logo

Aug 23, 2014

So, one day I couldn't find my iphone. I look and look and then I finally find it just sitting on my bed (upper bed). I try to turn it on and it does something weird. If it's dead, it will show the dead battery and the connection sign, but it didn't do it this time. It just stays black. I attempted to do the two button reset but my home button has been messed up for a while, sometimes it works but most times it doesn't. I tried plugging it up and keeping it plugged, nothing changes.

Is there some way I can open it to fiddle with the home button to maybe try and get that to work? Also, I'm using the OS 6.x not 7

iPhone 4, iOS 6.1.6

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Motorola Droid Bionic :: Randomly Shuts Off And Turn Back On After Removing Battery

Jun 27, 2012

I recently purchased the Droid Bionic approximately 2 weeks ago. I got one for my husband also. Recently, my phone has been randomly shutting off and the only way to turn it back on is to remove the battery. It has also happened when the phone is on and I am charging it. My husband's phone has not randomly shut off at any time. I have downloaded a few apps which include Accuweather, Go SMS pro and PicSpeed Wallpaper. I also inserted my micro SD card from my old phone into the new phone which I just removed to see if the phone will randomly shut down. I also do not have the pocket detector on.

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Nokia :: N900 USB Logo Not Found On The Top

Jan 10, 2010

I have received this week my new N900. Everything superb until last Friday when I was in my car listening music through the A2DP profile (stereo bluetooth), received a call, was using also 3G and all this meanwhile the N900 was plugged to the car charger (borrowed from a N97). That was quite usual with my HTC Diamond. But suddenly when I left the car the N900 bricked, so I restarted but since then the only thing I could see is the NOKIA logo with the white wallpaper.

Later at home i tried to remove the battery, put it back again, plugged to the adapter and i could see a small usb logo on the right top corner. Then I followed the guides found here to flash und update the firmware (flasher-3.5 and so on, with my windows 7 pc). First I reinstalled the latest firmware file (.bin) and it seems to be OK, with no error comand. Then I rebooted the N900 but the result was the same, it stopped 30-40 segs later and switch off. I though it was also necessary to do the eMMC, so i repeated following the new steps, but in this case i found these messages from the flasher:

-USB not found
-USB raw data transfer EP found at EP2
-SU_GET_UPDATE_STATUS_REQ terrminated with error code 1.

I have no idea what do they mean but the case is that now I can see no usb logo on the top when I plug the usb adapter (either USB or AC), so it is now impossible to comunicate with the pc. I have tried again to remove the battery, even in a Nokia center with another battery from the 8500 which i didn't know was the same, but no result. The most strangest thing is that the N900 refuses to be charged as once it is plugged to the AC, a yellow light appears and on the screen I can only see the nokia logo on a dark backlight (as I said, with no usb logo now), but 30 segs later it is continously switching off.

I am already mentally prepared to ask Nokia for a replacement, but I still resist to accept there is no solution to revive this little but complex device.

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HTC One X :: Service Lost - Reboot Brings Signals Back

Jul 22, 2012

I recently got the HTC One X on 3. I have been having issues with the signal. At my house I receive full service from 3. Every now and then the signal drops and I get Emergency Only calls & that is how the phone remains. If I power off the phone the signal is recovered back up to full strength. The same issues happen if I am driving, sometimes going through an area that has no signal and then returning to a full signal area the phone fails to recover this signal unless rebooted.

This however does not happen every time which does seem strange. I have been told by HTC that they have not heard of this issue before, and all they can do is repair the phone. The phone is barely two weeks old and has to be repaired!!! Not good. I previously had a Desire and had very few issues apart from lack of phone memory. Is it 3 that have issues, which seems unlikely to me, or is it the phone. If I send it away for a repair I will be without a phone which is very annoying to say the least. I really don't know what to do.

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Nokia :: N900 - Just Displays A White Screen With The Blue Logo When Switched On

Apr 14, 2010

My n900 just says nokia in blue and a white background ? It wont load up?

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Nokia :: Removing Battery From E71

Apr 10, 2010

I have got the back off the phone, but I can't find how to get the battery out. I don't want to force anything.Please could someone tell me how to do it. I read another post about the same question, it said there was a space near to where you press the buttons to remove the back, but didn't actually say what to do with the space?

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Galaxy S6 :: Removing Carrier Logo On Startup

May 18, 2015

How to remove the carrier logo on startup? I have a galaxy s6 edge on the 3 network(uk). Im not rooted by the way.

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Nokia :: E52 / Stopped Wroking / Becomes Ok On Removing Battery

Apr 19, 2010

i bought the nokia e52 seven weeks ago and two days ago it stopped working.In these weeks there were 5 occasions when it either froze or switched off, two of which when i inserted the headset.Each time I removed the battery and switched it on again and it worked. However this time to no avail.Can anyone help me please?

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Nokia :: 1661 - Removing Battery Cover?

Jun 9, 2010

Nokia 1661: Simple question. The users guide says simply to slide the battery cover down. It doesn't say HOW to slide the battery cover down. It does'nt slide.

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Nokia Nseries :: Removing Sim And/or SD Card And Using A Different Battery?

Feb 11, 2012

The power button seems to do nothing. When plugged in it will show a white screen with nokia logo and show that the battery is charging but it will still not turn on. Tried removing sim and/or SD card and using a different battery but that didn't work as well.Does anyone else have this problem and do you know how I could fix this?

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Nokia :: N900 Struggling To Save Battery - Not Get More Than 6 Hours Battery Life

May 14, 2010

So had my N900 for a little over a week now and overall I'm pretty impressed. Great phone, but still very much a work in progress. One of the main issues I have at the moment, other than no turn-by-turn navigation (sorry, had to mention it), is the battery life - or lack of!

On an average weekday I use the phone to send a few texts (no more than 10), scan the news sites (no more then 20-30mins total) and catch up on my RSS feeds (again, no more than 20-30 mins total). I'm not using the media player at all and I may make one or two short calls.

Bottom line is that I'm struggling to get more than 6 hours battery life out of it. I know smart phones are thirsty, but I don't even get to listen to music on my way to or from work!Here's what I've already done to reduce battery consumption:

Removed active widgets (such as ForcaWeather) from desktops and replaced with web shortcuts.Reduced screen brightness to 2 barsDisabled GPS & Network positioningDisabled IMDisabled BluetoothI've heard some mention reducing the amount of active desktops, but I think that kinda defeats the object of having a N900. May as well buy a lesser phone if you need to strip out all the functionality to get though the day. I'd be satisfied with 8-10 hours medium use. At the moment I'm getting around 6 hours at light use - got to be something I'm missing.

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Nokia :: X6 16gb - Date And Time After Removing Battery

May 16, 2010

When I remove the battery for about a minute, maybe less, it ask me for setting date and time when boot up. Is this a problem or not? Shouldn't have to keep them? Notice that the phone is 2 days old and charged only once.

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Nokia :: E75 / Battery Dead In 6 Hours

Mar 18, 2010

Since a couple of months I have a Nokia E75.The battery performance was never very good, but the last 2 months it has fallen to less than half a day. I already bought a new battery but that doesn't seems to be the problem.I have Handy Taskman to see which apps are running and I leave only email running with syncing to exchange every hour.Any ideas?

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Nokia :: N97 - Battery Drained - Phone Dead?

Jan 3, 2010

I've had an N97 for 5 months, yesterday my battery drained completely, a normal drained, I didn't try to turn it on. I connected the charger to the phone and the white screen with nokia came up (first the white screen, then the blue nokia word). The usual symbol for the battery didn't show up. I left it like that, thinking it was charging. Then, I tried to turn on the phone but it didn't turn on, it stayed with the white nokia screen. I tried taking the battery off and putting it again and the same happened, checked the battery with a firend, it actually charged to 6 bars, but my phone won't start (also, tested with my friend's N97 battery). Connecting to PC has the same problem, the Pc doesn't realize something is connected.

Tried to leave it alone for without touching, and waiting hours for the white nokia screen to go away but nothing happens.

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Nokia :: N900 Contacts Save / Back Up To Sim?

Mar 14, 2010

how do i save all the contacts to sim or back them up somewhere other than the phone?

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Nokia :: Battery Is Dead Within Six Seven Hours - No Apps Running

Feb 2, 2010

I'm not sure if this has been posted already (apologies if so in advance), but I'm continually coming across the same issue with the battery. It is as follows:I come home from work in the evening and charge the device. The battery fully charges within a few hours and I go to bed.I get up maybe six or seven hours later and the device is completely dead - the battery is dead!

If that wasn't strange enough, every other morning I wake-up and the device is fully charged (still from the night before)?I have absolutely nothing running; I never use the caleandar and I've been a faithful user of Nokia N - devices for the best part of five years now, so I know to turn off everything in order to save battery charge.

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BB Storm 9530/9500 :: Battery Pull Without Actually Removing And Reinstalling Battery?

Apr 2, 2010

Is there a way on the 9530 to simulate a battery pull without actually removing and reinstalling the battery?

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Nokia :: N900 Where To Get Battery Cover?

Jul 5, 2010

can anyone tell me where to get a new N900 battery cover, ive shopped around and it seems evryones either out of stock or they dont sell them

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Nokia :: Using Camera Brings To Phone Reset?

May 4, 2010

on certain situations (still to be understood) when using camera on my E72 it results in a phone powercycle: phone is suddently switched off and then automatically turned on again.Sw version is 022.007 ( dated 10-Dec-2009) and no updates are currently available.Does this happens to you too?I'll be glad to tech support if this sick behaviour could be fixed, since it is very annoying.

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Nokia :: N900 Battery Duration Not Acceptable :: Less Than 4h

Jan 6, 2010

I have my N900 since Monday. First real-life try yesterday, battery was down after a bit lire than 3h. I've checked the forum, found out some ideas, and tried them today.Then: GPS off, Internet connexion off, Bluetooth off. Battery still empties very quickly, just a bit more than 3h with only 2 small calls. This is simply not acceptable. Should I change it? How to handle that!

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Nokia :: N900 Battery Died / Not Turning On

May 13, 2010

My battery died and now the device wont start up... i get some weird boot menu with; Internal Flash, internal mmc card, external mmc card, usb hard drive, power off (when not on charger).So how do i turn my phone back on?

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Nokia :: N900 Poor Battery Performance

Jul 22, 2010

I would like to know what other users of the N900 think of the battery.I have only had a my device a few days and I can only get less than a day's use out of the battery.This is with the Wifi switched off (I mainly use the 3.5G). I do very little internet browsing. I just leave the phone on my desk, check my emails occasionally. Is this normal performance ? Does anyone get more than a day's use?

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Nokia Lumia :: 800 7.8 Update Brings Volume Restriction?

Dec 17, 2012

I upgraded my Lumia 800's firmware to 7.8 however I've noticed that this update brings the ridiculous 'volume restriction' imposed by the EU

is there any way to disable the volume limitation or do I need to return my Lumia for a different handset that offers music at a reasonably audible level?

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Nokia :: N900 Battery Life Indicator Acting Strange

Apr 28, 2010

I've had the N900 for a week now. And after a software update my battery life indicator is acting strange. It would stay on full until the last few minutes when it would crash to about 10% or so and I would get the battery low warnings. Then the phone would shut down a few minutes later.My battery life is about 15 hrs with normal usage.I've installed batterygraph, which shows that battery seems to be behaving properly, i.e a couple of hours of use and its dropped to about 4V from 4.2V, but the strange thing is that it is still showing 100%.Has the update somehow reset what the fully charged voltage should be ?

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Nokia :: N900 Touch Screen Not Responding - Tried Battery Pull

Jul 5, 2010

My N900touch scrren is playing up,the pictures there and everything but it just wont respond to touch at all,Ive tried taking battery out/sliding lock key/turning on and off and I cant resolve it...any1 got any tips?I cant even touch on settings to restore back to factory settingsand as its the touch screen that isnt working I cant update/reset through PC suite as I cant select that mode on the phone

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Motorola Droid 4 :: Removing The Back Cover?

Feb 10, 2012

The back cover of the Droid 4 can fool you -- it looks like a typical slide-down-with-pressure-to-remove cover. But there's a trick. There's a small pinhole on the black panel at the top rear, where the camera lens and flash are located, just to the right of "HD 1080P." That's the lock. If you insert a pin or other small object into that hole, it releases the back cover and it slides right off.

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Eseries / Communicators :: Install Back Adobe Reader LE After Removing?

Feb 20, 2012

How can I install back Adobe Reader LE after removing?

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Galaxy S6 :: Removing The Battery?

May 6, 2015

Just out of curiosity, is there any OEM battery for Galaxy S6 is sold online and how to remove the battery? I wouldn't take risk of removing the battery myself though.

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Curve :: Restart BB 9380 Without Removing Battery

Jan 11, 2012

How to restart the curve 9380 without removing the battery

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Motorola :: Milestone - Removing Battery Cover

Mar 11, 2010

The battery cover is pretty hard to get open I find. Anyways i was using my thumbnail to open the battery cover and as it slipped open my thumb slipped with it as well. There is a little piece of metal that sits right above the micro sd card. It is long and skinny and can be resting upwards a bit.

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