Nokia :: 3710 How To Get Back Cover Off?

Mar 20, 2010

3710 How do I get the back cover off? I had it off once to put the battery in; now it appears to be stuck.I 'm trying to follow the pictorial instructions, but it is not budging.

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Nokia Lumia :: 710 Back Cover Getting Loose?

Mar 22, 2012

This is the second 710 that have the same issue. The back cover around power button is starting getting loose after a week or 2 of usage. If I push the area slightly with my finger, it makes light noise. It is fatal problem but very annoying.The reason might be the plastic cover is not strong enough to stick to the phone body.

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Nokia Music :: Get Additional Back Cover Panel For Nokia 603?

Nov 3, 2012

where to get the additional back panel foe nokia 603

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IPhone :: Something To Cover The Back

Jun 25, 2010

I got a bumper but I like a bit more bulk in my phone (3g/s with incase was PERFECT). I would also prefer something to cover the back.

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Does Reminder Come Up About Back Cover

Dec 29, 2015

When I turn on my Samsung Galaxy S5 a message comes up telling me to check the rear cover is sealed properly before use. I've checked it & it seems well sealed but the message still appears.

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HTC Desire S :: Can't Open Back Cover

Oct 26, 2011

I've used all my force to push, but it simply wont give in. It's solid. I push in, and trying to slide it out.

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Nokia 3710 :: How To Turn On Loudspeaker?

Mar 31, 2010

The user manual references page 24 but I find nothing there or anywhere else to enable this to be a speakerphone. Also, I cannot find anywhere what the symbols represent on the lowest right button. I figured out by chance that I can enable silent or normal mode but have no idea what else might be possible. I also don't know what the symbols on th 0 number key represent. Since I don't use internet access and don't text perhaps I don't need to know, just curious.

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Nokia 3710 :: How Much Memory To Use Maps?

Mar 13, 2010

How much memory should I buy to use Maps on my 3710 (or other non-SmartPhone)? How much more if I want the voice directions? How much more if I want the Cities info (if that's available for non-SmartPhones)?

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Nokia 3710 :: Is Compatible With Micro SD HC?

Mar 15, 2010

Is my 3710 compatible with Micro SD HC? Will it work faster with class 2, 4 or 6?

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Nokia 3710 :: How To Deactivate Welcome Picture?

Jul 6, 2010

Is there a possibility to deactivate the Nokia-welcome picture (two shaking hands after input of the PIN)? I could deactivate then welcome sound but I find no possibility to deactivate the welcome picture.

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Nokia :: 3710 - Right USB Data Cable

Mar 13, 2010

What do I ask for to get the right USB data cable for my 3710? Is there a name for the particular type I need? Is it an industry-standard cable, or a special Nokia-only one? Where would I buy such a cable? Radio Shack? I'm in the USA.

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IPhone :: 4G Donít Have Capacity Etched On Back Cover

Jun 30, 2010

well iPhone 4 backs are extremely easy to take off, unlike previous iphones where you basically need to dissassemble the entire phone starting with the screen, and void warranty to get to the back, the iPhone 4 back comes off by just unscrewing the 2 bottom screws. also Its possible to replace the back cover without voiding warranty, or leaving any evidence it was ever replaced.

If iphone 4s had the capacity laser etched on the back, apple employees would just look at the back of the iPhone to see capacity to know what capacity iPhone they should replace it with (i have seen them do this). Even if they go into settings to check something else, there is still a chance they will not look or forget to look at the capacity in the about section.If the iPhone 4 had the capacity etched on the back cover, a person could have just replaced his 16GB iphone's back cover with a 32GB one bought off ebay or something, ask for a replacement for whatever reason, and there could have been a good chance the "genius" would just look at the back of the phone, see that it is a 32GB unit, and give a 32GB iPhone as a replacement.or they could have decided not to etch the capacity on the back for cosmetic reasons

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BB Bold :: Where To Find Replacement Of Back Cover

Jan 16, 2012

The back cover does not stay, so the back of the phone is open all the time. I checked and saw the two small clips at the botom conners of the cover are broken.So where can I find a replacement of the cover?

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IPhone :: Want To Get New 3GS Black Back Case Cover

Jan 21, 2010

I just sold my 3G a couple days ago and picked up a cheap 3GS. I love it so far. The only thing is, is that the back cover is all sratched up and has like 30 dimples on it. So I want to replace it for a new cover but I don't know where I can get it, I tried to search e-bay but all I found is phone cases that go on top of the cover that I want.

Can anyone post up links to where I can get one? It would nice if I could also get a new chrome bezel trim piece too because that's damaged too.

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BB Bold :: 9780 Back Cover Comes Off With Holster?

Apr 30, 2011

Recently I got a new 'refurbished' Bold 9780 from Vodafone, I wanted to use my holster that I got from the box (the official one) , and whenever I put my blackberry in its fine, but when I take it back out the back cover (battery cover) slips off with it. I'm not sure why this happens, I put it in the correct way and everything. Maybe my case is loose? But I've tested the back cover, its perfectly on and doesn't jiggle about.

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Motorola Droid 4 :: Removing The Back Cover?

Feb 10, 2012

The back cover of the Droid 4 can fool you -- it looks like a typical slide-down-with-pressure-to-remove cover. But there's a trick. There's a small pinhole on the black panel at the top rear, where the camera lens and flash are located, just to the right of "HD 1080P." That's the lock. If you insert a pin or other small object into that hole, it releases the back cover and it slides right off.

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Nokia :: 3710 Unable To Connect To Pc Via Usb Cable?

Mar 10, 2010

Can somebody please let me know why I am unable to connect my phone to the pc for file transfers? My pc is Dell Dimension 5000.

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Nokia :: 3710 Adjusting Screen Brightness

Jan 30, 2010

Does anyone know how to adjust the screen brightness of the 3710 fold phone (the inner screen)?

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IPhone :: Case That Cover Buttons And Back Of The Phone

Jun 15, 2010

When I searched around for iPhone cases, I couldn't find any that covered the buttons and the back of the phone. I also could not find any screen protectors. The only case was the Zagg stick-on case, and I don't really want that little shock protection. Does anyone know if there will be more cases by the 24th, when my iPhone is due?

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BB Curve :: Back Cover Making Clicking Noises

Dec 19, 2010

I recently bought my blackberry the other day and it's been working great. However today I notices the back cover keeps making weird clicking noises whenever pressure is applied. Everytime I go to pick it up in my hand to text, the cover makes this noise. It appears to be due to a pocket of air between the cover and the battery but the noise is getting really annoying.

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Motorola Photon 4G :: Snap The Back Cover In Place?

Sep 18, 2011

What is the best way to snap back cover in place? Whatever sequence I use it seems that one of the plastic latches doesn't engage.

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Nokia 3710 :: Adjust Brightness Of My Display Screen?

Aug 1, 2010

Is it possible to adjust the brightness of my display screen?if yes, can you please guys give me the steps please. also, there are no 1 and 2 keys for one touch dialing.

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Nokia :: 3710 Bluetooth Error With Nokia Ovi Suite

Jul 25, 2010

I want to connect my Nokia 3710 fold to the Nokia Ovi Suite. But when I try I get this. Is there a driver I need to download. If there is where can I get it from?

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BB Storm2 9550/9520 :: Scratches On Back Cover Of Handset

Jan 10, 2010

I have a new storm 2 for Verizon and the back cover scratches real easy. I wanted to know if anyone knew how to get rid the the scratches? I have a cover on it now but they happened right away.

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Motorola Xoom :: Back Cover Doesnt Line Up Properly?

Aug 3, 2011

the one thing that bugs the crap out of me is that the hard grey back cover doesnt line up flush with the softer top black peice where the speakers and camera are. it came out of the box this way. its only on the right side though (if im looking at the screen). it is perfectly fine on the side where the camera and power button are and fine in the center.i know to some this may seem trivial especially if you dont have this issue but i feel like i paid A LOT for this device and should have the quality build that was intended by motorola and was expected by me. the this something that i could send in to moto to get adjusted? am i better off trying to "fix" it myself? am i alone in this issue?

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BB Storm2 9550/9520 :: Handset Back Cover / Battery Door

Feb 28, 2010

Well long story short my blackberry storm died today and verizon is sending me a replacement, and was nice enough to send me a storm 2 as a replacement only bad news is, the storm 2 replacement does NOT come with a battery my question is, does the blackberry storm battery door fit the storm 2? if not,

does anyone know any reliable websites where I can get a blackberry storm 2 battery door?

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Asha 30/40 Series :: Nokia 3710 Fold - How To Turn Off Voice Dialing Feature

Jul 13, 2011

I have the following problem with my Nokia 3710 fold. What I press the headset button short the phone tries to make voice dialing, i.e. it listens to some word said and tries to make a fit from my phonebook and then dial it. The problem is that this button is pressed accidentally and then the phone hears some noises and find a "match" - which is basically picking one of the names stored in random - the result is a phone call to some people that I saved their number years ago leading to embarrassing results. I tried to disable this feature. I couldn't. Any feature of the phone can be turned off except this one!! I don't want voice dialing enabled what can I do!

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Xseries :: Change Red Black X3 Cover To Blue Silver Cover?

May 4, 2011

Can i change my red black x3 cover to blue silver cover?Is it available?

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Asha 30/40 Series :: 3710 Has The SMS In Icon Stuck?

Oct 18, 2012

I received a SMS that missed a second part. That second part never appear but in my 3710 fold the incoming SMS icon kept appearing, although no new message had arrived. I've already turned off and on, removed sim and microsd, without result.

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Nokia :: E72 - Loose Battery Cover

Mar 12, 2010

I noticed today as I took off the back cover that the battery area is very loose and if I just turn it over, the battery would fall out. Anyone else have this problem?

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Nokia :: N900 Where To Get Battery Cover?

Jul 5, 2010

can anyone tell me where to get a new N900 battery cover, ive shopped around and it seems evryones either out of stock or they dont sell them

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