Galaxy S5 :: Why Aren't Google Contacts Syncing With Samsung Phone

May 5, 2015

Google contacts are not Synchronising with my Samsung S5 phone

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Aren't Phone Contacts And Address Book Syncing With 2015 Chevy Malibu

Jan 15, 2015

I'm having trouble syncing all of my contacts from my Samsung Galaxy S5 to my new 2015 Chevy Malibu. When I pair the devices it will ask me on my phone if the car has permission to access my contacts and I'll say yes. When I go into the phonebook on the car or try to voice dial by a name it only pulls 10ish contacts from my phone. I've tried re-pairing, turning off wifi and re-pairing, making sure 4g is on and re-pairing to no avail. Again.

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Galaxy S6 :: Syncing Google Calendar Onto Samsung Phone?

Apr 16, 2015

I signed up to the samsung account hoping that would do the trick. Not so.

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Galaxy S6 :: Calendar Not Syncing With Google And Samsung Account

May 21, 2015

How to get the calendar to sync with your Google account or Samsung account? When I first updated my Galaxy s5 to lollipop, my calendar didn't sync over after I FDR. Then when I switched to the Galaxy s6, my calendar again didn't sync. Any settings I'm missing? I do have sync calendar in both Google and Samsung account enabled but it's not carrying over.

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Motorola Droid Turbo :: Why Aren't Exchange Contacts Not Syncing Beyond Email

Jul 8, 2015

Since updating to Lollipop. my Exchange contacts are not syncing in my phone's stored contacts or with any apps outside of the stock email app. I have the "Sync contacts" box checked in the email app settings.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Bluetooth Not Syncing Contacts?

May 24, 2011

i have issues trying to connect my sg 11 to my parrot bluetooth in my van,ive had many phones which have connected no probs and synced my contacts to straight away,even my iphone worked hassle free,i've just upgraded to a nice shiney galaxy 2,which is excellent i must say,just 1 gripe,it will connect to my parrot,but i cant sync my contacts,so no phone book access

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Outlook Email (not Contacts Etc) Not Syncing?

Aug 14, 2011

I've just got my new Galaxy S2 and am quite impressed. From mucking about with it, I've sync'd all my Gmail and Yahoo accounts without issue. Then, I tried to sync my Outlook account, but it keeps failing?My outlook is my own privtae Outlook (Pop3) account from home - so not on a work server or network. I've entered all the details, passwords, pop & smtp, etc. but it won't work?nyone got any ideas on how I can complete this? I want to pick up my Outlook emails on the go as it's my main contact email for business and 1000's of people have this address. (Not worried about my contacts or anything just yet, I can always merge these to a Gmail account, but I'm lost without my email.

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Google Nexus 6 :: Why Phone Contacts Syncing With BMW X5 2014

Feb 1, 2015

I have BMW X5 (produced in 2014) and enjoyed seeing/searching all my contacts in the car transferred via bluetooth while I was using iPhone. Now I switched to Nexus 6 and my contacts no longer show in BMW, while bluetooth pairing was successful. I can make calls in the car, receive calls in the car, see my sms messages on the car screen, etc. The only option that is missing is contacts view and search.

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Lumia Icon :: Syncing Contacts From Google Account To Phone

Jun 25, 2014

So I was wondering how to sync my contacts from my google account to my phone. My wife had a Samsung and I synced the contacts with her google account but the contacts won't sync back to her new Icon. Is this not possible?

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Galaxy S6 :: Contacts Sync From Samsung To Google Account?

Aug 27, 2015

I have copied my contacts from my old phone via Bluetooth to this device and then I used the "Move device contacts to" option in the contacts app and choose the Samsung Account option to back them up. But what if I decide to switch to a non-Samsung device? How do I take the contacts from Samsung Account and at least copy them to Google account?

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Galaxy S5 :: Samsung Kies 3 Unknown Error When Syncing Outlook 2007 Calendar To Phone

Jul 9, 2014

Kies 3 always crashes with an "Unknown Error" when trying to sync my Outlook 2007 calendar. Contacts and Tasks sync okay.

I've literally spent hours on the phone with Samsung (lack of) technical support with no resolution. They are in fact blaming Outlook claiming that this "Unknown Error" is an Outlook error and not a Kies 3 error (I doubt that). Their other suggestion is a factory reset on the phone which I don't want to do or to try another PC.

Using Windows 7 Pro, latest updates to Kies 3 and latest firmware updated today on the phone.

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LG G3 :: Why Aren't YouTube And Google Play Store Working On Phone

Jun 30, 2015

Whenever I open Youtube all hat shows up is the loading circle and nothing else will happen. When I open the Google Play Store the background just shows white and nothing else. This has been happening for the last couple days. I have tried force stopping both of them and tried everything to try getting them to work.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Gmail Contacts Vs. Phone Contacts List When Texting?

Nov 24, 2011

Love the phone - just got a really irritating problem. I've synced my phone with my gmail account - the My Contacts list has my key contact email addresses. Then I have multiple groups within gmail account relating to work emails etc, nearly 500 odd.

On the phone, when I click my 'Contacts' button, initially it showed all my phone number contacts, as well all google email contacts mixed with them. I corrected this by going to 'display options' to select 'display only contacts with phone numbers', so that I didn't have to trawl through random email addresses mixed with my proper phone contacts. Great, sorted.

But, when I go to compose a text message - if it is to one or two specific contacts it is fine...I just type their name and it comes up. If I want to scroll through all my phone contacts to send the same message to multiple contacts, big problem - I press that envelope button in the top right corner next to 'enter recipient', and it takes me to the Contacts list, but here it still shows ALL 600 odd contacts with phone contacts still mixed with google email contacts, which is impossible to scroll through and select multiple people to send a text message to....Does anyone know how to sort this out?!??!

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HTC One M8 :: Why Aren't Contacts Showing Up On Phone

Dec 31, 2014

I just got the HTC One M8 ( I previously had the HTC One X and loved that phone) and I have easily connected it to my car's bluetooth. BUT none of the phone book contacts have loaded. I cannot even get my recent calls (history). So if I want to place a call, I have to dial it manually on the car's keypad...which kind of defeats the whole purpose of voice calling and bluetooth connectivity.

I have done a factory reset of the car's system, disconnected the phone and re-connected it. And all of my contacts are on BOTH my phone storage and my SIM storage (which makes for quite a weighty phone book)!!

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Galaxy S6 :: How To Sync Google Contacts To Phone Contacts

Jun 13, 2015

I have a new phone. AT&T couldn't add my Droid Maxx to their service, so now I have a phone, with contacts from google, but the contacts don't have any phone numbers even though on a computer I can clearly see the phone numbers. Need transferring contacts from google to galaxy s6 contacts. With out phone numbers, and phone isn't really a phone.

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: For Some Contacts / Phone Numbers Aren't Displayed

Jul 25, 2011

Glad to have Atrix on Gingerbread. it fixes my bluetooth issue. now i got into something else

1. i noticed that for some contacts that have 4 phone numbers and 2 emails, the phone numbers are all jamed together in one line, rather than listing them one by one. any idea how to fix it? by the way, the contacts are maitained in my google mail/contacts already.

2. how to add a voice tag to a name/contact? i found my atrix had hard time recognizing a name and always messed it up with other contacts. so i want to find a way to make it easier for the phone to recognize it when i say "Call xxx" (some especially for some non english names).

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Motorola XPRT :: Facebook Contacts Aren't Synced To The Phone?

Jul 27, 2011

So I tried what was suggested to me as far as adding my facebook account to the social networking app in my xprt and still the contacts have not linked. Nor did it give me a sync option when adding my facebook account. When I first purchased the xprt and added fb the contacts synced,I had to remove it and add it again do to being hacked. Could this be the reason? I know this is pretty ocd for something so small,I just really want my google contacts to sync with fb

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Galaxy S6 :: Why Aren't Receiving ANY Notifications On Phone

Jul 19, 2015

I have an S6. And it has had the latest software update. Ever since yesterday, I am not receiving any notifications for ANYTHING, be it messages, whatsapp, facebook, snapchat etc, I only see I have a message if I click directly into the app and then it shows me i have new text/snap or whatevs. This is frustrating so much!!!!! Ive checked in my settings and I have all my notifications switched on, I even set them as a priority but still no joy! I have also restarted my device a couple of times in the hope that would work but nope ....

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Galaxy S6 :: Why Aren't Bookmarks Saving On Phone

Apr 13, 2015

Every time I save a bookmark, there is a system message that says:

Webpage added to Bookmarks > [My Phone]

Then when I click the Bookmarks icon at bottom of page, the Bookmarks screen comes up under Bookmarks > Samsung account and there are no bookmarks listed.

Where can I find Bookmarks > [My Phone] or how do I create bookmarks to Bookmarks > Samsung account?

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Galaxy S6 :: Sync Facebook Contacts On Samsung Phone

May 26, 2015

Every Android phone I have owned asked if I wanted to sync my Facebook contacts. I always do. S6 didn't ask..

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Transfer Contacts From Samsung Phone To New IPad Air

Sep 11, 2015

How do I transfer my contacts from my Samsung Galaxy S5, phone, to my new IPad Air

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: No Phone Numbers In Contacts Screen?

Apr 16, 2012

Is there any way of getting the actual phone numbers to show when in the "Contacts" screen instead of just the contacts name. If I want to look for a phone number, it means that I have got to click on each contact name to bring up the next screen with the phone number etc on it and then click back to the contacts screen and keep doing it all through the list of contacts.

With my old HTC Desire it used to show both right at the start.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Can't Alter Sync Contacts From Phone

Jun 20, 2012

It won't let me alter any of my facebook sync contacts, ie add phone numbers. Also when I try to text, it only offers emails?

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Aren't Receiving Calendar Requests On Phone

Oct 16, 2014

I've just moved over to a Galaxy S5 from an iPhone 5S. I am using S Planner as my calendar, but I'm not recieving any meeting requests. My husband (who has an iPhone) has sent numerous event invites. They aren't showing up in S Planner or in my email. Yet I can send him an invite in S Planner and he will receive it on his iPhone.

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Galaxy S6 :: Samsung Phone Won't Import Contacts With Handsfree Bluetooth In Car?

Aug 4, 2015

The bluetooth handsfree connects and pairs with my samsung s6 however it won't import the contacts, it keeps saying no contacts found but they are all on the device. The car dealer says it's an issue with the samsung security so I went to where I got the phone from and they can't see an issue and say it's an issue with the handsfree!

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: People App Can't Find Contacts On Samsung Phone

Jul 10, 2015

When I try to add one of my contacts to "My People" it goes to my contacts but says "No Contacts" even though I have hundreds of contacts. Why won't my contacts link to "My People"? It is frustrating not to be able to use this feature.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: How To Recover Lost Contacts From Samsung Phone

Oct 20, 2015

Last night, my daughter accidentally put my samsung Galaxy S6 restore the factory settings when I was taking a bath. All my data is gone, how can I do, especially the contacts, I need to recover accidentally deleted these important contacts.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Unable To Sync Contacts On Samsung Phone?

Nov 29, 2015

I had a GS5 and I was able to sync facebook contacts to my device contact list with ease. However, I can't do the same with my GS6 Edge. Going to accounts-> facebook, only shows my account with a gray "refresh" bar saying " sync turned off" and it gives me no option to turn it on. Master Sync is turned on, and Sync from the main pulldown bar is turned on as well. I'm getting ready to chuck this phone at the wall cuz Im so frustrated. This was not an Issue with my GS5.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Contacts Not Syncing After Flashing

Feb 4, 2016

After I flash a ROM my contacts are taking along time to show up on my accounts or they don't show up at all?

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Galaxy S6 :: Why Aren't Phone Back And Menu Buttons Working

Jun 30, 2015

I'm having an galaxy s6 and 3 days ago the back and menu buttons stopped to work. I've try to reset the phone to default and it doesn't work.

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Galaxy S5 :: Import All Contacts From Samsung Phone Via Computer If Screen Is Broken?

Mar 8, 2015

My screen is broken on my Samsung5, completely black. The phone works but I cannot see anything. I thought my contacts where synced to my gmail account but they are not there!! Can I import my contacts from my phone via computer if I cannot see the screen?

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