BB Bold :: 9900 Cannot Use Vmeye Remote Cctv Access

Oct 3, 2011

BB 9900 - cannot use Vmeye remote cctv access..I used to have the 9780, but have since upgraded to the 9900 in doing this, the app Vmeye is not supported for the new 9900, so I am looking for a new App, but don't know which is best.Obviously, I would prefer something that is free to down load, but not a trail.

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BB Storm :: CCTV DVR Remote Camera Viewing On 9500?

Jan 3, 2011

Is there any software that will enable me to view remote CCTV cameras connected to a DVR on my BB Storm 9500?

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IPhone :: Recently Changed To EMobile Network And Now I Can't Access My CCTV App Over 3G/Edge

May 25, 2012

I have recently changed From O2 to EMobile network and now i can't access my CCTV app over 3G/Edge. "The user is wrong or the authority is insufficient" is the error that comes up. All settings are good as works when connected to wifi at home or work and also still works on my wife's iphone over 3G on O2?

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BB Bold :: Remote SIM Access Profile?

Oct 5, 2011

Does Bold 9780 provide support bluetooth interface for remote SIM Access Profile, which I need for the handsfree solution of my new car?

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BB Bold :: Can't Access BIS On My 9900

Aug 6, 2012

My phone is a Bold 9900, software v7.1.0.342, platform is Vodafone Portugal.

Long story short, device worked perfectly in Portugal over the last few months. After a business trip to Colombia, where I had to temporarily switch SIM cards, device lost ability to connect to BIS via wifi (with my original, portuguese, SIM back on). After a bit of research online, I followed a suggestion to wipe the phone completely and restore from backup, as it would somehow force my device/SIM to register back with Blackberry services. While still in Colombia, this worked.

Back in Portugal, however, using my 3G connection, Blackberry Internet Service does not connect, so I had no access to email or BBM. It connected using Wi-Fi, though. An attempt to backup, wipe and restore resulted in something curious. Now, not even via Wi-Fi can I establish a connection to BIS.

I tried to follow suggestions to re-register the host routing table (did so, device displayed "Registration message sent!", nothing else) and deleting and adding service books (I wasn't able to do so as now, whenever I try to access my email setup, it only allows me to configure enterprise email accounts and not any other type).

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BB Bold :: Can't Get Access To Wifi Through My 9900

Feb 22, 2012

It kept saying: the protocol specified isn't supported by the handheld . Please try a different URL. But all I want to do is just get access to WIFI!!! Who can help me with this problem, Usually a page will jump out which allow me to type my ID and password.. but no page jumped out in this 9900. From the home page, what i can see is it has accessed to WIFI, but i cant open any website.

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BB Bold :: 9900 Cannot Access Web Browser

Dec 3, 2010

Recently transferred to a new 9900 and cannot access web browser or You Tube unless I switch off and on. Once switched on, I get good fast speeds but it does not last for long!

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BB Bold :: Can't Access Application World 9900

Apr 11, 2012

I can't acess my application world anymore, it keeping said : There is an issue with the current session. log in to continue. (Error Id : 30702) But there's no problem with my bb id

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BB Bold :: Adding Outlook Web Access Email To 9900?

Aug 23, 2011

I used to have my Microsoft Outlook Web Access email on my Blackberry. Now that i upgraded to the 9900 i cant figure out how to get it. I was following KB03133, however i never get the link "I will provide the settings" . Telus wont allow me to use the web login, so i cant access it that way.

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BB Bold :: Unable To Access Yahoo And Gmail In 9900?

Oct 16, 2011

I have both a Yahoo and Gmail account on my device - BB 9900. Within both of these accounts are sub-folders in the inbox however I cannot access them on my phone as I could when using the iphone?? With my gmail account it does list the subfolders however I am unable to access any old emails saved within the folders. With the yahoo account no subfolders are showing in inbox.

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BB Bold :: Access Internet Through WiFi Not Mobile Data In 9900?

Jun 7, 2012

I have just bought BlackBerry Bold 9900 and I can not access internet thourgh WiFi while Iam closing Mobile Data option.

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BB Bold :: 9900 Date And Time Settings Wrong - No Access For Messages

Jun 1, 2012

I woke up this morning (24th December), and my phone had set the date and time to the 29th November, and the time is 6 hours behind (its now 3pm and it is apparently 8:43 on my phone.) Moreover, I can't read my text messages, I can't see text messages that I send, and my blackberry services have stopped working (i.e.. I cannot send emails or access BBM.) I have restarted/rebooted the phone almost a million times, but every time it comes back on the time keeps being set back to 7:49 every single time. I have no idea what to do!

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Nokia :: Remote Access App For N900

Feb 12, 2010

Is there a remote access program (like logmein) available on the N900?

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Nokia :: Remote Access To Mac Computer?

Aug 1, 2010

can anyone tell me an app or other way to access my mac computer with the nokia N900? I can't find any reference to it being possible on the internet.

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BB Pearl :: Remote Access Of Voice Mail Prompt?

Aug 8, 2011

How to access my BB's voice mail from a different phone and change my voice message on it?

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Sony Ericsson :: G900 Support For RSAP / Remote SIM Access Profile?

Oct 13, 2010

Anybody know if G900 has support for RSAP, Remote SIM Access Profile, which is used for handsfree options in e.g. Volkswagen?

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BB Bold :: 9900 Won't Turn On - Battery Does Not Work On Other 9900 Devices

Nov 7, 2012

My Blackberry Bold 9900 is not turning on.Details: A battery pull has not fixed my problem.I tried using another 9900 battery, however it did not work.My battery does not work on other 9900 devices.There are no signs of moisture, nor has there been contact with water.The LED light doesn't show, nor does anything on the screen.

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BB Bold :: Remote Search Showing Only One Email Address?

Sep 21, 2012

I have configured both Gmail and Yahoo on my Bold 9790 (OS 7.0). But when I try to do a remote search on the server I only see my GMAIL account and not the Yahoo account? This is really annoying.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Error / Please Use Following Format When Entering Remote Share

Feb 19, 2010

When I try to open a file in the "Files" application in the "All Documents" section I get "please use the following format when entering a remote share://host/share as a minimum, optionally add [/folder["... as an error message and it won't open any of the documents listed there. Does anyone else get this and does anyone know of a fix for it? I have 9700 TMobile US OS platform

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BB Bold :: Locating Lost 9700 Using Pin Number Or Lock It By Remote?

Apr 16, 2012

I lost my bb bold 9700. Can I locate it using my pin? How can I lock it by remote or wipe my memory card?

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BB Bold :: Remote Back Up Contacts On Nuked 9700 Device?

Aug 18, 2011

my blackberry just got nuked and all of the data hasn't been backed up yet (I know, foolish thing). I was wondering if the remote back up feature could be automatically done. I have registered my email account on my blackberry device but not yet remotely back ups all the pin.

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BB Bold 9000 :: Unable To Access Work Email Through Outlook Web Access

Feb 21, 2010

I keep getting an error stating; "Unable to add account. Please check your information and try again."Now, I'm not sure what my Mailbox name is.I was told to log in on my computer's browser to my work email via Outlook Web Access and put the cursor over the inbox to read the name on the bottom of the screen.This is all it reads: "https://webmail.(companyname).com/owa/#. What do I use for the mailbox name?

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BB Bold :: Bold 9900 - Multiple Messages Folder In The Message Center?

Sep 14, 2011

I have 3 mail accounts connected to my bb. Originally all posted to one folder messages folder in the message 'center' where all the sms etc go into (middle of the screen icon at the top) i am not sure what has started to happen but suddenly i then had 2 messages folders and now i have 3. They all go to the same place and sometimes contain the same message which just appears in all 3.

I think this started when i started configuring the sync of the deletion of the folders "folder reconciliation". how i can delete these additional folders as they are just a nuicense they mean very little as mail is randomly flowing into them.

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BB Bold :: Missing Wifi Hop Spot Option On Bold 9900 On 0s 7?

Mar 7, 2012

I had recently downloaded and installed the new os os from SK Telecom form the software download page of on blackberry site to my bold 9900. Upon doing that i was able to access the new mobile hot spot feature and even set it up for use after calling my service provider for the APN which is Lime Jamaica. I even tested it by using another phone which detected it. However sometime afterwards about 30 minutes to an hour later while listening to music my headset got pull out by mistake and upon putting it back in realized music wouldn't start playing back after pressing the side button. Unlocked the phone only to see the play icon highlighted in music player but nothing wouldn't register when clicked with trackpad or touch screen. plus got a message on the screen saying that device media player was busy, which continued for a while. Did a battery pull afterwards which fixed the problem. However a few hours later when i decided to show a friend the new feature and test it by connecting his phone, upon accessing the connections menu the mobile hot spot option was missing even in networks and connections. essentially it disappeared form the phone the only apps on the phone besides the default ones was wikitude and whatsapps. Even after a factory reset it didn't return. Did a clean wipe of the os and installed the os again upon which the hot spot option returned only to disappear again after about a few minutes at which time no extra apps was insatlled just the default ones. Have no idea whats causing this and whats worse the download has been removed from the Sk Telecom link.

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BB Bold :: 9900, Can't Get The BIS

Jan 22, 2012

i got a 9900, just got the BIS from Vodafone NZ, but here is the thing...i can send and receive txt and call, even use bb internet brower to surf internet but i can not use BIS, like facebook, twitter etc also push mail.checked with Voda NZ, they said my phone is regist under another provider therefore i can not use it in voda but it is new one, im the first owner.

PIN 29262C9B
vendor id: 603
app ver:

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BB Bold :: Cant Seem To Get OS7.1 For 9900?

Jun 21, 2012

I dont seem to be able to DL OS 7.1 for my bold 9900, I am based in South Africa and use Vodacom as my SP.I tried to update my software over the air this week but it tells me my software is up to date, yet my phone tells me that my software is version 7.0 Bundle 2406.

Is 7.1 not available in SA or over the Vodacom network?

I really want to upgrade as some of the features on 7.1 are what I am looking for.

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BB Bold :: My 9900 Keeps Restarting

Mar 29, 2012

I need advise my BB 9900 keeps restarting. It gives me the loading/starting up screen then the screen turns white and gives me a red light at the top then the whole process starts again.

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BB Bold :: 9900 Not Turning On Red LED JVM?

Jul 20, 2012

I bought 9900 7 months ago and phone has 3 years warranty. After ı used phone 4 months, One night, before sleeping, I plugged it to charger and went to sleep.Morning my mobile was dead. I took out the battery and the reput it. only red indicator was blinking.

- I tried to reinstall BBOS 7 but phone was not connecting to desktop software.
- I tried bbsak it also couldnt connect
- I tried to install OS with application ( after deleting vendor.xml file) loader, but when it comes to middle it gives " JVM couldnt be loaded "

Then I putted it into its box and went to warranty service. Warranty service took it for a week. Then they called me and said, You have your phone dropped and thats why your phones "mainboard" and "processor" has been damaged. So, it will cost 50 dollars for fix.I said, I didint drop the phone and there isnt anything visually damaged on the phone(It is same as new phone), On the other hand phone has warranty, so why should ı pay 50 dollars? because you have dropped your phone and it makes it out of warranty.

Then I gave 50 dollars and waited for a week. while waiting I realized something. what kind of "mainboard and processor cost 50 dollars? Isnt it very cheap? even impossible.

anyway they called me and said that " we couldnt repair your phone and your phone is dead Now, I really dont know what to do, and dont want to live it like that. Somehow I have to access to blackberry or RIM and explain my situation.

BUT HOW? I live in Georgia, I am Turkish and there is no official blackberry service in this country, So What can I do ?

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BB Bold :: 9900 Cannot Be Powered On

Oct 8, 2011

after updating my Bold 9900 tho Firmware 439 (I hope, it will work mith my BMW), I cant power on the 9900 normally. It doesnt react in any way, so I have to put out the battery and of course put it back . After that I can power on the device.

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Bold :: BB 9900 Won't Update

Mar 31, 2012

My Blackberry Bold 9900 is running OS 7.0 and i've tried updating it through the blackberry site and the blackberry desktop manager and both say I'm running the most up-to-date version. Is there anything I can do to update to OS7.1?

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BB Bold :: 9900 Won't Turn On

Nov 25, 2011

I've got a BB Bold 9900 through my work phone on AT&T and the phone was working just fine all night didn't have a problem with it, I plugged it into my charger went to bed now all of a sudden I can't get the phone to turn on and the red light keeps coming on and turning back off.

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