BB Bold :: 9790 Randomly Ends Calls ('call Failed')?

Sep 10, 2012

I've only had it a couple of weeks and it has now started turning itself off during calls. So far this hasn't happened at any other time, only during calls.

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Xperia X10 :: Randomly Hangs Up - Ends Call?

Aug 4, 2010

My X10 randomly ends calls?! It is rediculously annoying as I had a call this afternoon that laster about 20 mins and the phone decided to end the call almost every 2-3 mins. I have held it away from may face incase the prox sensor wasnt working and my face was touching it but that didnt change anything..

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BB Bold :: 9900 Call Ends When A New Email Arrives?

Jun 6, 2012

I recently setup my email on my BB 9900, but if I'm speaking to someone and a new email arrives to my BB, the call ends.

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BB Bold :: 9790 Keeps Rebooting Randomly?

Sep 30, 2012

I'm having a scary problem, which my friend had, which lead to her phone being a complete destruction. Basically, the battery is full, yet drains very easily, and then suddenly reboots and the battery power is gone back up etc. The random reboots are worriying me, as well as the battery.

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BB Bold :: 9790 Reboots Randomly?

Oct 18, 2012

I have already flased it to 7.1 and erased it.Ill be using it after charging all day then suddenly it reboots and the batt is super low, then it may reboot again and the batt with be at half.I appear to not be the only one having this problem, is there an actual solution or is the solution to get a non rim device?

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BB Bold 9700 :: Excessive Call Failed Error - Gives A 'call Failed' Message

Jul 21, 2010

Just wondering if your bold drops calls as frequently as mine does. it seems that sometimes the phone decides to act up and gives me a 'call failed' message whenever i try to make a phone call. I always check how many bars i have and its usually at 4 or 5. sometimes a battery pull fixes this, but other times, the problem is persistent. my old bold 9000 had the same problem, so i'm not sure if it's at&t or blackberries in general.

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BB Bold :: 9790 Reboots Randomly - How To Stop It

Apr 23, 2012

I got my Bold 9790 and update it from 7 to 7.1 as soon as I got it.Since the beginning, I had been having random reboots over and over without any clear reason. It happens suddenly while texting, using BBM or WhatsApp and sometimes after a phone call, it even reboots when I am not using it at all (during the night when I'm asleep).

carrier: STC Model info and OS version: Bold 9790 - 7.1 Bundle 2039 (v7.1.0.714, Platform
Apps and free space
App free space: 189.5 MB
Built-in free space: 4.8 GB

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BB Bold :: 9790 Failed Connect To Wifi?

Nov 14, 2012

never use blackberry before. i am connected to home wifi. but when try to log in using facebook application it says "You are currently on a service plan that does not support this application, please connect to a Wi-Fi network or contact your service provider to upgrade your data plan" can someone help me on this? i never knew using BB could be this hard.

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BB Bold 9000 :: Call Failed - Cant Make Or Receive Ingoing Outgoing Calls - Texts But Internet - Email Still Works Fine

Mar 20, 2010

i just purchased a replacement bb bold 9000 off ebay (it's an unlocked at&t handset that i bought after my bb bold got stolen... total bummer) and it was working fine all week up until last night when it stopped being able to handle incoming and outgoing calls and texts. The internet and email functions still work which is very peculiar. also some further info, when i put my sim card into another handset (in this case a nokia e65) all my normal call functions work and when i put another sim card in the bold the same thing happens (when i try to make a call it instantly pops up with a call failed warning). another thing is the bold shows full service coverage... currently the bold about shows... v4.6.0.304 (Platform im on australia and for some reason i cant update the os to v5

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IPhone :: Drop Calls - When Talking On Long Calls 20+ Minutes With Full Bars Phone Will Just Cut Off And Say Call Failed

Feb 10, 2010

I live in Downtown Los Angeles, so reception isn't a problem. I usually always get full bars. However, when talking on long phone calls 20+ minutes with full bars, my phone will just cut off and say call failed. Then I have no reception, then it just comes back.

Is this a iPhone issue or a ATT issue? I have an odd suspicion it's my phone because it occurs so frequently, but Ive had difficulty asking the apple bar to replace my phone just because of reception issues.

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IPhone 5 :: Calls Ends Automatically As Receive Or Dial Calls

Jun 27, 2014

I am using iphone 5 on 7.1.1 IOS. My calls ends automatically as I receive or dial calls. How can I get this fix??

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Xperia Z5 :: Screen Goes Black During Call - Not Responding At All Until Other Ends The Call

Mar 25, 2015

If I want to make the Z5 a call and dial the number and pick up the phone, the screen goes black and I can do nothing more. It then responds to anything, not even on the Power button until the other ends the call. Then, the screen lights up again and it goes back all normal.

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BB Bold :: 9790 No Sound During Calls?

Jul 14, 2012

I bought a Bold 9790 one month back & I cannot hear any dialing sound or incoming sound from the other person. If it is in speaker mode I can hear everything.

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BB Bold :: 9790 No Sound On Outgoing And Incoming Calls?

Apr 20, 2012

I recently picked up a 9790 from Telus and I have noticed that it is randomly losing sound on outgoing and incoming calls. With outgoing calls it dials out fine and connects to who I am calling but I don't hear the ringing when the call goes out and I can't hear the person on the other end when it connects. When I receive a call I hear my ringtone but when I answer it I can't hear the person on the other end.The only way I can talk to someone when it is acting like this is to switch from headset mode to speaker.I played around with my phone and sound but could not find a fix. The only thing that works is a battery pull but even that is only temporary. So far the longest I can go is two days before I have to do another pull.

Any ideas on what could be wrong or should I just take the phone back and get a new one? I've heard this is actually an issue with the 9790 so I am a bit worried about replacing it when it could happen again.

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BB Bold :: 9790 Cuts Calls Off During Conversation When Message Received

Mar 29, 2010

Is there a setting that I missed. My Bold 9790 cuts off during phone calls when an email, SMS or BBM comes through while I am on the phone. How can I avoid it. Its embarrassing every now and then to be cut off during the same conversation.

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BB Bold :: 9790 - Cannot Hear Other Person On Both Incoming / Outgoing Calls

Aug 13, 2012

I got my new bold a month ago and have been having issues with the audio ever since I got it. I cannot hear when placing calls or when receiving. The caller can hear me but unless it's on speaker I cannot hear them. I've tried rebooting, network refresh, updating the software to 7.1 and it works for a little while and then back to not hearing anything.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Failed Calls & Lock Ups - Volume On Calls Is Really Low

Feb 13, 2010

I have been a BB lover for years. My Curve 5320 served me well and I loved it. When the new Bold 9700 was released I was one of the first to get it b/c businesses were offered the opportunity to get it before individuals. I was so excited about 3G, it's sleek look, etc. My excitement has officially crashed and burned. When placing calls it will fail repeatedly before even dialing the number. It will fail during calls up to 5 and 6 times in a few minute period, which is HORRIBLE during business calls. It will lock up when I'm trying to move between apps, it will spontaneously shut itself off. I'm feeling like my BB is possessed. This is my second 9700. The first the E key would stick or repeat 20 times on a text and the calls would fail, so they diligently sent me a new one. Thankfully, I no longer have to edit every text for 100 e's (i'm stopping @ theeeeeee storeeeeeeeeeee is theeeeeeereeeeeee anything you neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed), but the failed calls thing is really pissing me off! Also, the volume on calls is really low in comparison to my Curve. To top it off, the 3G speed seems as slow as, if not slower than my former EDGE. I am hoping and praying that a software upgrade will fix all of these issues, but if it doesn't are there any suggestions as to what i can do? Other than switching to an iPhone? I for one happen to love my Qwerty keyboard and am not exactly fond of the on-screen keyboards.

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BB Pearl 8100 :: Call Failed - It Stopped Making Calls?

Jun 17, 2010

Got a pearl 8100 here. It just stopped making calls. It rarely does, and if it does, it will drop during the call.I loaded the latest OS on it still the same problem. Tried SIM card in another phone in the same spot and it works. The pearl does get full signal and EDGE. Could this be a hardware problem? The antenna, maybe?

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BB Bold :: 9790 When Make A Call / Handset Speaker Is Not Working

Nov 11, 2012

I bought bold 9790 four months back during June'12. When i make a call, handset speaker is not working and i am not able to listen to the caller when it is in handset mode. When i opt for speaker mode, i can listen to the caller. Is there any option which would've got changed by mistake OR is it speaker related problem.

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BB Bold :: 9790 "failed To Decrypt Padding Byte Out Of Range"

Nov 2, 2012

My picture files turned to .jpg.rem and I cannot open the pictures, they said that the picture files was encrypted and that I need to decrypt the pictures, I saw the post that telling me to transfer the pictures to other folder to decrypt it and I got this message "failed to decrypt padding byte out of range"

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IPhone :: 4 Ends Call When Screen Is Locked?

Mar 12, 2012

When I'm on a call and lock the screen, the call ends. This is not the case when on speaker or using ear buds. I do know a workaround to lock it by pressing the home button.

iPhone 4, iOS 5

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HTC One M7 :: Screen Registers Touches From Face And Ends The Call

Dec 21, 2013

I've recently got a HTC 601 which I'm pretty happy with so far except for the following issue.

I have noticed on multiple occasions that when on long calls the call gets hung up. I'm not certain, but I'm fairly sure that this is because the phone is picking up a 'touch' from the side of my face and processing it as a press of the end call button. As far as I can tell the screen is off when this happens - but it is still registering the touch rather than ignoring it. On one occasion the call was put on to speaker-phone - which made me pretty sure the problem is related the the phone registering touches when it shouldn't be (opposed to the call dropping out due to network or similar issues).

This has happened since I first had the phone (I got it about 2 weeks ago) and I have not rooted the phone or anything like that. Are they any settings I can change that would relate to this? My wife got the same phone at the same time but hasn't had any issues.

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: App To Turn Screen On When Call Ends?

Nov 9, 2011

I'm looking for an app that will turn the screen on automatically when there are notifications.The main reason is I want this is to confirm that a call has ended. When I'm using my bluetooth headset and hit the end button, I have no visual confirmation from my phone that the call has indeed ended.With the majority of the other phones I've owned, the screen will come on and a notification will pop up for certain things (call ending, incoming texts, bluetooth connected/disconnected, wifi available, etc). But on Android I can't find a way to do this.

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Lumia 950 XL :: Possible To Have Phone Made A Tone When Call Ends

Dec 3, 2015

Former Samsung Note user. Not sure if this is a Samsung or Android feature but when I finish a call, the Note made a short and quiet chime. This is useful because I can tell that a call did in fact end as opposed to it still going on when I thought I had ended the call and the person on the other being able to hear what's going on until I find out.

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Motorola Droid :: Call Ends And Music Starts When It Was Not Running Before

May 3, 2011

Most of the time when a call ends and I'm using my H17text headset the damn music player, or whatever media app was last used, will start playing EVEN THOUGH it was not running before the call. That would not be so bad but when you have a phone that's set to lock you have to unlock it and find the damn app that's running to get it to stop. This is just plain STUPID!

I've seen this posted all over the place so Motorola my phone when we know it's a ANDROID bug. What I want to know is how to get it to STOP! I'd rather have to manually restart the damn media app after a call that to have it always start with out me wanting it!

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Google Nexus 5 :: Notifications Become And Remain Muted When Call Ends Until Reboot?

Aug 20, 2014

Non rooted n5... Notifications are sometimes muted while on calls... However, they become and remain muted when call ends until reboot? Where can I change this setting? running 4.4.4 and google fu is failing me for a fix for this issue.

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Motorola Photon 4G :: Reboots After Call Ends / Will Not Ring And Static On Speaker

Mar 2, 2012

I'm having several issues with my Motorola Photon 4G. The first problem and must frustrating problem is that from time to time my phone will reboot when a call ends (either a drop call or hang up). I've tried removing the SD card and turning off HAC but none of these suggestions resolve my problem. The second issue is that from time to time my phone will not ring even if I have full service. I have several Sprint phones (Epic 4G, iPhone, Transform) and if I leave them all on the same table in my home can call them from my house phone they all ring when I call them.

When I call my Photon it will only ring 3 out of 5 times. On my house phone the call does not go direct to voicemail. At my house all the phone signal strengths are maxed out. The third issue is that if I turn on the speaker phone my call gets very staticy. The only way for me to fix this issue is to hang up and all the party again (simply turning off the speaker phone does not resolve the problem). This problem happens 100% of the time.

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Motorola Droid X2 :: Using HX550 - Music Player Automatically Starts When Call Ends

Oct 8, 2011

I just bought the HX550 and have been using it on my X2. I really like the bluetooth. Probably the best one I have ever used, and I have used many. I found one glitch with my using it with my X2. After I end a call, the musical player starts automatically. And only when I use the HX550. Has never happened with any other bluetooth. I tried it with MotoSpeak installed and removed. Makes no difference.

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Motorola Droid Pro :: Dial The Number Then As Connection Is Being Made It Automatically Ends The Call?

Jul 22, 2011

When placing a phone call the Droid Pro seems to dial the number then as connection is being made it automatically ends the call. Then it automatically redials the number and it connects properly. This was acceptable until I tried to use the blue tooth connection in my car. How do I fix this?

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BB Bold :: 9790 9790 Switch Itself Off Now It Won't Start

Nov 22, 2012

out of a bold 9790 switch itself off...then when i tried to switch it on again, it won't start..i've tried charging the battery and few attempts to switch it on by pressing the power button, it just would not start...then i tried to connect it to my Pc usinf blackberry desktop, i would not detect.

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BB Bold 9700 :: UMA Preferred And Failed Calls

Apr 19, 2010

I wasn't too happy today when somebody rear ended my car and I was trying to make important phone calls..."WiFi preferred" selected, but the 9700 (OS 593) choose a 1 bar UMA over a 4.5 bar cell signal... Failed calls galore... Literally had to stop what I was doing and tell the 9700 to use the obviously better cell signal...

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