BB Bold 9000 :: WAP - Regular Internet Browser - Not Even In The Options Menu

Mar 8, 2010

I'm having trouble with my internet. i can use my WAP browser but i do not see my regular internet browser, not even in the options menu. also my bbm does not work. i cannot send or receive bbms. i can send out emails but not receive them. my apps that connect to the internet will not work, ie berryweather, facebook, appworld. i get a message about contacting my provider and upgrading to a service plan that allows me to browse. all this just happened all of a sudden on this phone. i've tried reloading the OS back to the original .167, and numerous battery pulls. nothing seems to work. is there an outage or something? even my wifi wont connect to my internet at home. it says connected but its greyed out.

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BB Curve :: Options Menu Won't Work In Browser

Mar 1, 2011

When I open my browser it keeps freezing, and if I press the Blackberry button to open the menu screen, it won't work. All I can use is the "back" button. I can't close the browser down completely, select, copy, anything at all.

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BB Bold 9000 :: Internet Browser Would Not Open

Jan 29, 2010

My current BB works perfectly fine, just that for some reason I cannot open the internet browser. It is 100% connected to the wifi. ( I do not have data plan) But Browser would not open. and leaves a message "your device does not currently have any Browser Configuration Serive Book entries". I've tried going to rogers and fido and all, but they all suggests me to go call them instead. Therefore, I did but I ended up calling different departments, but neither of them could get me to the right department. and I'm sick of being pushed around.

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BB Bold 9000 :: Browser Says Unable To Connect To Internet

Jan 29, 2010

I am running My browser says unable to connect to the internet please try again later. If issue persists please contact your service provider. I have a bis connection andd full service. Email andd viigo both work.

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Software :: My BB Internet Browser Has No Menu

Mar 4, 2011

Basically, ever since I got my BB in Oct 2010, the BB browser has been working fine.But only recently I can't use it properly because its menu has randomly disappeared.What I mean is, is that there's that button you press to get the menu (the BB logo button) on BlackBerry. I press that on the browser and what that now does is that it makes my cursor vanish from the screen and it shows no menu on the browser.True, I can use the browser shortcuts (for example, R means refresh) but there are so many I have to remember and I don't want to do that. All I want is to press the menu button and for the menu to appear.I've restarted it, nothing happened.I do have another, faster browser (BOLT) but you can't watch videos on there.I use the BB browser to watch videos and also other things.Is there any way to fix this problem or can it be possible to delete and reinstall the BB browser?

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BB Bold :: 9930 / OS 7.1 - Add Pause Or Wait Options Not Appearing In Contacts Menu

Jan 11, 2012

Since upgrading to os 7.1 on my 9930, when adding or editing a contact, the option to add pause or add wait no longer appears in menu.

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BB Bold 9000 :: Can PIN Options Be Used For Private Messages Also?

Apr 25, 2010

I know that your PIN is used to identify you and or your device correct. is it used for private messages as well? if this is the case, is there a way to change your PIN?

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BB Torch 9800 :: How To Access Options In Browser Settings To Select Which Type Of Browser It Viewed Webpage As

Aug 23, 2010

When I had my 8310 curve there were a crapload of options in the brower settings and one of them was to select which type of brower it viewed the webpage as, (blackberry, IE, etc.)

anyways, I'd like to know if this option still exists, because I'm trying to access a mobile website but its coming up as the full website. When I tried putting an m. in front of the website it didnt work so I'm not sure how to access it.

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BB Bold 9000 :: Bold 9000 Not Connecting To Internet

Jan 26, 2010

I have a bold 9000 and I can not connect to the internet. Carrier is AT&T and I live in the North East (NYC area). Worked fine up until yesterday (Jan 25). Now gmail, facebook, browser - none work. I've tried the battery pull, turning on/off the network, run a diagnostic test from mobile network options. In the mobile network test i get the volling anomolies "Blackberry PIN-PIN: No" and it says can't connect to my email (gmail).

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BB Bold 9000 :: Compatible For New Web Kit Browser?

Mar 15, 2010

My wife and myself are getting Bolds in a week. Im getting the 9700 and she wants the 9000. Just wanted to know if the 9000 will get the new web kit browser and is it compatible. Ive been trying to convience her on getting the 9700 but she wont budge. She wants a white Bold. Trying to make sure she wont get screwed in the end.Im pretty sure somebody posted this before but just couldnt find it. Unfortunatly I dont have as much time as before to look thru the threads. Too much work and too little time.

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BB Bold 9000 :: It Only Has Hotspot Browser

May 10, 2010

I have a Bold 9000. Its unlocked I was told its a international version since it dosnt say ATT or t-mobile at the bottom of the phone. Well it only has the hotspot browser. And when I go to options >browser configuration> browser it only has one browser which is the hotspot browser. Theres no other browser there. Is there anything I can do to add the other browsers? Because I don't want to just have wi-fi alone because not every where you go has wi-fi. Can any one help me or tell me what I should do?

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BB Bold 9000 :: Browser Start Page?

Jan 5, 2010

I was wondering if anyone can help me with changing my start page on the bb browser. It loads up to the AT&T MediaNet and when i go into the options to change it I'm unable to. I can't type or delete anything from the field.
Thanks for any help.

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BB Bold 9000 :: How To Click On A Web Browser Listbox

Jan 5, 2010

With default BB9000 web properties set, javascript support enabled, suppose you are at a web page which has a listbox control and you need to display the list items to select one do you do that with the BB9000 ?what button or what combination ?

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BB Software :: Erased Browser On The Screen Menu - Get The Browser Back?

Dec 13, 2011

i erased my browser on the screen menu?

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BB Bold 9000 :: App World And Browser Doesn't Work Unless Use Home Connection

Feb 20, 2010

I have a problem,BlackBerry Bold 9000
Carrier is AT&T

I have no connection on blackberry app World or any of the blackberry apps or my e-mail, I can use MEdia net browser to connect to the internet it works fine, I can us Wi-Fi and everything work fine. Myspace or Facebook or any apps don't work unless i use my home Wi-Fi. I talk to AT&T and they said my internet was working fine.

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Nokia :: N97 Phones Menu Options Are Missing

Mar 14, 2010

I received a N97 today(from out my country). I put my sim in, i can recive or make calls, however many of the phones menu options are missing. There is no wifi menu, when i tried to connect via Suite, phone didn't show me suite, in mass storage usb it shows me total memory is less than 1 mega, and when i try to enter other applications like "My Nokia" i get "Not allowed now" message. Is the phone locked or something? Can i fix it or should i take it to a service?

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BB Curve :: Missing Menu Options In Messenger

Nov 25, 2012

I have not had my blackberry curve very long but I seem to have lost half of my messenger menu options. I can no longer invite people to join and only have the group options available. How to restore my menu?

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BB Torch :: Can't Access Email Options Menu

Jan 23, 2012

I've tried to access the email options menu in several different ways and can't. It has been missing since I first received the phone some months ago and no one can tell me why. What can I do to remedy this?

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BB Bold 9000 :: How To Get Application From Internet Into BB?

Jul 6, 2010

Using my desktop PC, I found an interesting application on URL... and I would like to get it working on my BB Bold 9000. I have never downloaded an app. I'm pritty new here. How do I get an app installed on my BB? Any reference to info on the web is also welcome.

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BB Pearl :: Basic Screen Theres No Menu For Advanced Options?

Aug 12, 2011

how do i acess advance options , every time i goto options it comes up with a basic screen theres no menu for advanced options??

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BB Torch :: Put Apps And Menu Options Into Favorites Tray?

May 11, 2011

how to put apps and menu options into favorites tray?

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HTC One M8 :: How To Regain Access To Settings Menu To Get To Developers Options

Feb 7, 2015

I'm trying to access my HTC one m8 settings menu to get to the developers options, but the Sorry! Error message keeps popping up.

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LG G3 :: Blue Tint To Photos And Developer Options Menu?

Jan 14, 2015

I recently upgraded to the G3 (from an iPhone) and had a lot of trouble with call quality on the first phone so I switched to the S5. Long story short, I'm back to the G3 and am having some trouble with the new phone. The colors on the screen looked somewhat washed out and the camera isn't nearly as fast as the first phone - seems to take 3-5 seconds between shots to be able to take a photo (with just the 3 dots visible) or for the shutter button to reappear. It's the same whether HDR is on or off and if I swap down to 10mp I notice a lot of grain.

Colors looked washed out, faces had a blue tone and pictures were blurry. I did a soft reset and I also unmounted and remounted the SD card - no change. Finally, I noticed a Developer Options menu. After digging around on the internet, I thought this is a hidden menu that has to be unlocked? I decided to do a factory reset; the developer options menu disappeared, photos look much better although some pictures are still blurred and the screen looks much warmer. I have the Black G3 on Sprint and my Sprint Zone keeps saying there is an update but when I click on it, it pops up a message that says, "Update cancelled."

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BB Bold 9000 :: Unable To Connect To Internet Without Wi-fi

Feb 20, 2010

I am using AT&T as my carrier and I am unable to connect to internet (Web Browser or e-mail)
without Wi-Fi. I have already tried:

1. Unplug the battery multiple times

2. Host Table Resend

3. Resend Service Books

I am able to make calls etc. but e-mail internet only works when I use my home Wi-Fi connection but not using 3G. Does anyone have any other suggestions on what I could try. I have called AT&T and the only suggestion they gave is to wipe the device which seems rather drastic.

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BB Curve :: Cannot Find Theme Options Under The Main Menu Option Key

Oct 22, 2011

I downloaded a theme. I cannot find theme options under the main menu option key.How can I access the downloaded theme?

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BB Torch :: 9860 - Cannot Open Options Menu To Change Settings

Dec 23, 2011

I just bought a brand new 9860 Torch today and all of a sudden I cannot open the options menu to change settings. Also I cannot view my network and connections to see whether my data service is turned on. I am currently not receiving data on my device. This is alarming as I spent a small fortune to acquire this device today. Again I discovered to my horror the earpiece jack does not hold in the port of my device and unable to listen to music via handsfree. The options icon on the home screen does not open at all when I touch it.Instead it freezes. Same with the network and connections options under network connections.

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BB Bold :: Internet Browser Is Not Working?

Oct 22, 2011

its been a month and still my blackberry bold 9700 internet is not working good.everytime when im using it , it'll work but if i didnt use it for awhile , it'll stop working . everytime i try to anysite, it'll be like loading but than it'll close the tab and put me back to homepage and bookmarks.everytime i have to restart my bb than i can use it again, maybe like everyday upto 10times i had 2 restart the fone which kills my battery very fast?

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BB Bold :: Internet Browser SO Slow?

Sep 25, 2011

Since the big crash last week, although my email, messaging etc has been restored, my Internet browser is incredibly slow. It loads evcentually, but it is very time consuming and inefficient. Messaging is fine - general phone connectivity is ok as well. It isn't the network connection as I have been all over the place in the last few days and it has beenb the same wherever I am. It isn't my home internet as my PC and husband's phone (non BB) is browsing the Net without issue.I've cleared my history, cookies, cache, changed my browsing settings to untick images etc to try and speed things up but it is no better. Oddly the Facebook and Twitter Apps seem to be ok, but the actual browser facility seems to be defunct. I've done the soft reset, and even powered off and removed the battery over night.

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BB Bold 9000 :: Internet - Before Opening Another Page Return To ATT&T

Feb 11, 2010

I had a Pearl for 2 years and then it broke in July but my mom never stopped paying for the extra 30 dollars for the internet and stuff and then I got a Bold 3 weeks ago and up until like 5 days ago it let me on the internet. It will let me go to a site but then won't let me go anywhere else. For example it will let me go to and then I will google something and it goes to the AT&T world phone page and something pops up and says "A problem occured while trying to render the page" anyone know why it's not working?

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BB Bold 9000 :: Upgrade Blackberry Internet Service?

May 20, 2010

I have Blackberry Internet Service. Try to upgrade to 5.0 and iam only given 4.6 options. What gives?

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BB Storm2 9550/9520 :: Battery Pull Reset From Options Menu?

Jan 5, 2010

I had to take my phone up to verizon store to check it out and I watched the tech go to the Options menu, bring up the keyboard, type somthing in, and the phone reset like it does with Quickpull or a battery pull....

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