BB Curve :: Options Menu Won't Work In Browser

Mar 1, 2011

When I open my browser it keeps freezing, and if I press the Blackberry button to open the menu screen, it won't work. All I can use is the "back" button. I can't close the browser down completely, select, copy, anything at all.

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BB Bold 9000 :: WAP - Regular Internet Browser - Not Even In The Options Menu

Mar 8, 2010

I'm having trouble with my internet. i can use my WAP browser but i do not see my regular internet browser, not even in the options menu. also my bbm does not work. i cannot send or receive bbms. i can send out emails but not receive them. my apps that connect to the internet will not work, ie berryweather, facebook, appworld. i get a message about contacting my provider and upgrading to a service plan that allows me to browse. all this just happened all of a sudden on this phone. i've tried reloading the OS back to the original .167, and numerous battery pulls. nothing seems to work. is there an outage or something? even my wifi wont connect to my internet at home. it says connected but its greyed out.

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BB Curve :: Missing Menu Options In Messenger

Nov 25, 2012

I have not had my blackberry curve very long but I seem to have lost half of my messenger menu options. I can no longer invite people to join and only have the group options available. How to restore my menu?

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BB Curve :: Cannot Find Theme Options Under The Main Menu Option Key

Oct 22, 2011

I downloaded a theme. I cannot find theme options under the main menu option key.How can I access the downloaded theme?

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BB Curve :: Menu And Options On 9300 - Turn On The Mass Storage Mode?

May 1, 2011

I am trying to turn on the mass storage mode. I have found the information how to do this but when I go into Options from any icon the relevant list does not come up. When you highlight an icon, click on the Blackberry key and then on options it comes up with 'Home Screen Preferences' at the top of the page, not the menu I was expecting.

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BB Curve 8900 :: Browser Config Not Showing Right Options?

May 10, 2010

I just got a replacement 8900 from AT&T cause mine wouldn't let me upgrade to the 5.0 OS so I got a new one to see if it was my phone or just 8900's from at&t in general.

I had my old phone backed up, i just restored it and am now uploading apps and such.

But it's my browser that isn't what it should be..

on my old 8900 on the browser config, i had 3 options.. media net, hot spot and internet browser. and the IB is what i kept it on. but the new 8900 only has an option for hot spot and media net, and i don't want to use either of those :s

so, does anyone know how i could fix it and get my IB back?

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BB Curve 83xx :: Phone Wiped - No Browser Icon And All Of MMS Options Are Gone

Jul 26, 2010

I bought a Sprint 8330 from a guy on Craigslist, and it worked fine until my girlfriend freaking wiped my phone trying to guess my password. So I got on crackberry and followed the instructions from Lecture 12 of the BB 101 and got it up and running again. Or so I thought.. Now, I have no browser icon whatsoever, and all of my MMS options are gone. I believe the phone had OS4.3 before because now all of my home screen stuff looks different along with my inbox. I just wanna have my MMS and Internet back. Should I go back to 4.3? Or is this something really easy that I just don't know because I'm a first time BB user? Help pls?

Also! I had the phone flashed over to work with Cricket Mobile. I doubt that has anything to do with it though considering my MMS and internet still worked then.

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BB Curve :: 9320 - Parental Controls / Browser History Tracking Options?

Aug 11, 2012

I have just got a Curve 9320 for my 'tweenage' son and obviously wanted to set up some parental controls. However, it appears that the only setting there is on the phone is to completely block browser access, which somewhat defeats the object of getting him a contract that includes unlimited data. I have installed an app that can monitor phone usage, including logging websites visited - this works brilliantly on my Android phone but apparently the website tracker function won't work with Blackberrys. Is there any way of either restricting website access or tracking websites that he has visited (even though he may have already deleted browsing history)?

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BB Torch 9800 :: How To Access Options In Browser Settings To Select Which Type Of Browser It Viewed Webpage As

Aug 23, 2010

When I had my 8310 curve there were a crapload of options in the brower settings and one of them was to select which type of brower it viewed the webpage as, (blackberry, IE, etc.)

anyways, I'd like to know if this option still exists, because I'm trying to access a mobile website but its coming up as the full website. When I tried putting an m. in front of the website it didnt work so I'm not sure how to access it.

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BB Curve :: Lack Of Browser Option On The Main Menu?

Oct 6, 2011

i dont have the browser button on the main menu anywhere and can't get onto the internet! How can I get it?

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BB Software :: Erased Browser On The Screen Menu - Get The Browser Back?

Dec 13, 2011

i erased my browser on the screen menu?

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Nokia :: N97 Phones Menu Options Are Missing

Mar 14, 2010

I received a N97 today(from out my country). I put my sim in, i can recive or make calls, however many of the phones menu options are missing. There is no wifi menu, when i tried to connect via Suite, phone didn't show me suite, in mass storage usb it shows me total memory is less than 1 mega, and when i try to enter other applications like "My Nokia" i get "Not allowed now" message. Is the phone locked or something? Can i fix it or should i take it to a service?

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BB Torch :: Can't Access Email Options Menu

Jan 23, 2012

I've tried to access the email options menu in several different ways and can't. It has been missing since I first received the phone some months ago and no one can tell me why. What can I do to remedy this?

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BB Pearl :: Basic Screen Theres No Menu For Advanced Options?

Aug 12, 2011

how do i acess advance options , every time i goto options it comes up with a basic screen theres no menu for advanced options??

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BB Torch :: Put Apps And Menu Options Into Favorites Tray?

May 11, 2011

how to put apps and menu options into favorites tray?

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HTC One M8 :: How To Regain Access To Settings Menu To Get To Developers Options

Feb 7, 2015

I'm trying to access my HTC one m8 settings menu to get to the developers options, but the Sorry! Error message keeps popping up.

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LG G3 :: Blue Tint To Photos And Developer Options Menu?

Jan 14, 2015

I recently upgraded to the G3 (from an iPhone) and had a lot of trouble with call quality on the first phone so I switched to the S5. Long story short, I'm back to the G3 and am having some trouble with the new phone. The colors on the screen looked somewhat washed out and the camera isn't nearly as fast as the first phone - seems to take 3-5 seconds between shots to be able to take a photo (with just the 3 dots visible) or for the shutter button to reappear. It's the same whether HDR is on or off and if I swap down to 10mp I notice a lot of grain.

Colors looked washed out, faces had a blue tone and pictures were blurry. I did a soft reset and I also unmounted and remounted the SD card - no change. Finally, I noticed a Developer Options menu. After digging around on the internet, I thought this is a hidden menu that has to be unlocked? I decided to do a factory reset; the developer options menu disappeared, photos look much better although some pictures are still blurred and the screen looks much warmer. I have the Black G3 on Sprint and my Sprint Zone keeps saying there is an update but when I click on it, it pops up a message that says, "Update cancelled."

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BB Torch :: 9860 - Cannot Open Options Menu To Change Settings

Dec 23, 2011

I just bought a brand new 9860 Torch today and all of a sudden I cannot open the options menu to change settings. Also I cannot view my network and connections to see whether my data service is turned on. I am currently not receiving data on my device. This is alarming as I spent a small fortune to acquire this device today. Again I discovered to my horror the earpiece jack does not hold in the port of my device and unable to listen to music via handsfree. The options icon on the home screen does not open at all when I touch it.Instead it freezes. Same with the network and connections options under network connections.

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BB Storm2 9550/9520 :: Battery Pull Reset From Options Menu?

Jan 5, 2010

I had to take my phone up to verizon store to check it out and I watched the tech go to the Options menu, bring up the keyboard, type somthing in, and the phone reset like it does with Quickpull or a battery pull....

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BB Bold :: 9930 / OS 7.1 - Add Pause Or Wait Options Not Appearing In Contacts Menu

Jan 11, 2012

Since upgrading to os 7.1 on my 9930, when adding or editing a contact, the option to add pause or add wait no longer appears in menu.

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Motorola Droid Turbo :: Change Menu Options - Setting Owner Info?

Jun 18, 2015

How do you change the menu options? And by menu, I mean when you use the drop down notification bar and tap the icon in the upper right. On mine, I have "Owner", Brightness, Settings, etc. I'd really like be able to silence my phone from this menu. There are more spaces, so I feel like I should be able to change what's on there. And also, how do I set myself as the owner?

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BB Curve :: Browser, Applications And Bbm Won't Work?

Jun 6, 2011

I am using bb curve 8520 with O2 and has been running perfectly since january. My wifi keeps going on and off which is 1 problem as its not the wifi as it works with laptop. I noticed that while it was off that my bbms weren't sending and my browser and also twitter and facebook apps didn't work. (The only apps I use all the time) I could send emails and texts and it was showing GPRS next to the grey wifi sign. But once the wifi was white these things would work but it only lasted a few minutes before going again.

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BB Curve :: Internet Browser Won't Work?

May 15, 2011

2days ago my internet browser on my blackberry 8520 stopped working now i cant get on the internet on my phone at all.

Is this a problem with blackberry or my network service because every other app tht requires internet is working fine, i receive my emails fine and bbm is still working aswell as other im sevices

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BB Curve :: Browser Don't Work Properly?

Oct 25, 2012

I have 9300 curve. When ever I browse any site my browser show a message "closeing this because of low memory". I have done 2 thing 1st restarted it and 2nd taken out battery on running case

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BB Curve :: 9300 Browser Refuses To Work?

May 3, 2011

Yet another fault with my BlackBerry 9300, the browser refuses to work, I have full 3G coverage and I am connected to my home wifi with an excellent connection, yet my Blackberry just refuses to connect to any websites, all I get is a message saying Unable to connect to server, have had the problem for a few days, tried the usual battery pull, turned of my network coverage and tried running off my wifi and vice versa yet ive had no luck.

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BB Curve :: Wifi Connected But Browser Will Not Work

Nov 29, 2011

the wifi says its connected to my home hub but when i try to browse it says the radio is not on?I have tried to do a battery re-boot and the same message comes up?

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BB Torch :: Delete Recent Pages In The Browser Options?

Nov 10, 2010

I would like to know if you can delete recent pages in the browser options as I do not like to keep them visable.

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BB Curve :: 9360 Email And Browser Do Not Work After Reboot

Aug 30, 2012

I purchased a new BB curve 9360 & every time I reboot it my emails & browser do not work, my emails stay blank & my browser is not accessible. The only way to fix this problem is to reset my phone software, once I do this it all works again. Why my phone keeps doing this as I'm sick of resetting the software every time?

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BB Torch :: "Options" Option In The Menu Button Not Working?

Dec 17, 2011

Whenever I select "Options" from the BB Menu button's drop down list on my Torch 9800, the screen flashes, then goes back to my home screen. It has been this way for quite a while (nearly a year) and I am thinking that there is a permission that was inadverdently disabled. It does not work whether i use the native BB6 theme or others i have downloaded. how to make "Options" option start working again?

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BB Curve :: Browser Doesn't Work - Unable To Connect To The Selected Mobile Data Service

May 2, 2011

When I try to access web sites from the Blackberry browser I get the "Unable to connect to the selected mobile data service. Please try again later" message. This happens whether connected through the T-Mobile network or Wi-fi.When I change the browser settings to the T-Mobile browser I am able to access web site just fine. However I would prefer to use the Blackberry browser because not all pages load correctly with the T-Mobile browser.

I have an active data plan and am connected to an enterprise server. My outlook and webmail e-mails work so I don't think it's a problem with my carrier. I've tried a battery pull, re-sending my service books, etc without luck.I think the problem may have started after connecting to my desktop for the first time in about a year, but I'm not completely certain. T-Mobile support and IT administrator have been no help.

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Software :: My BB Internet Browser Has No Menu

Mar 4, 2011

Basically, ever since I got my BB in Oct 2010, the BB browser has been working fine.But only recently I can't use it properly because its menu has randomly disappeared.What I mean is, is that there's that button you press to get the menu (the BB logo button) on BlackBerry. I press that on the browser and what that now does is that it makes my cursor vanish from the screen and it shows no menu on the browser.True, I can use the browser shortcuts (for example, R means refresh) but there are so many I have to remember and I don't want to do that. All I want is to press the menu button and for the menu to appear.I've restarted it, nothing happened.I do have another, faster browser (BOLT) but you can't watch videos on there.I use the BB browser to watch videos and also other things.Is there any way to fix this problem or can it be possible to delete and reinstall the BB browser?

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