BB Curve :: Browser Don't Work Properly?

Oct 25, 2012

I have 9300 curve. When ever I browse any site my browser show a message "closeing this because of low memory". I have done 2 thing 1st restarted it and 2nd taken out battery on running case

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BB Software :: BBM And Browser Won't Work Properly?

Dec 26, 2010

i have the 8900 curve with tmobile uk, my contract does include unlimited internet/mail and the 5 data plan. For some strange reason 2 days ago blackberry messenger started playing up, my messages wouldnt deliver straight away, and they would take a good 10 mins to deliver and recieve. Same with the internet it would take ages to load or it wouldn't actually work, i sometimes can't even get into email settings via setup. I have connected my blackberry for now via my home wireless but i want to be able to use these programs without having my wifi connection on.

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BB Curve :: Web Browser Is Not Working Properly In 8520

Nov 30, 2012

my web browser is not working properly in curve 8520. whenever i open any site my scroll button doesn't work or push on the search tab. scroll button technically working. but on the web browser it doesn't work. e.g on facebook it doesn't press login button. and doesn't press the search button on google.

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BB Curve :: Bbm And Internet Won't Work Properly

Aug 27, 2011

i just bought my blackberry curve the other week and my bbm wont work. when i add people it says there pending but they dont recieve a request and the same happens when they add me?anyone else had this problem?Also my phone automatically takes a daily rate for the internet even when im connected to the wifi. is there anyway i can stop it taking my credit everyday unless i give it permission outside the wifi area?and when i try and use the internet outside my wifi the internet access is very limited i cant use facebook or pages similar?

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BB Curve :: Keypad Won't Work Properly On 'A'

Jul 19, 2011

i'm using a curve 8520 on 0S5.My letter 'A' in the keyboard suddenly won't work properly.. Just a soft touch and it would appear automatically... in Uppercase. Because of this, i am having a hard time when typing. i copy paste the lower case 'a' so typing would be easy.Also, since the 'lock' is also in that key, my phone would always lock automatically and with that... my phone seems to go 'off' and i would have to longpress any key so it would come alive again.i tried the application clean-up thing in the desktop manager as @BlackberryHelp tweeted me when i asked them about this but still there are no changes.. i also tried putting a tissue in the back of the metal plate thing.

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BB Curve :: Browser, Applications And Bbm Won't Work?

Jun 6, 2011

I am using bb curve 8520 with O2 and has been running perfectly since january. My wifi keeps going on and off which is 1 problem as its not the wifi as it works with laptop. I noticed that while it was off that my bbms weren't sending and my browser and also twitter and facebook apps didn't work. (The only apps I use all the time) I could send emails and texts and it was showing GPRS next to the grey wifi sign. But once the wifi was white these things would work but it only lasted a few minutes before going again.

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BB Curve :: Internet Browser Won't Work?

May 15, 2011

2days ago my internet browser on my blackberry 8520 stopped working now i cant get on the internet on my phone at all.

Is this a problem with blackberry or my network service because every other app tht requires internet is working fine, i receive my emails fine and bbm is still working aswell as other im sevices

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BB Curve :: 9300 Browser Refuses To Work?

May 3, 2011

Yet another fault with my BlackBerry 9300, the browser refuses to work, I have full 3G coverage and I am connected to my home wifi with an excellent connection, yet my Blackberry just refuses to connect to any websites, all I get is a message saying Unable to connect to server, have had the problem for a few days, tried the usual battery pull, turned of my network coverage and tried running off my wifi and vice versa yet ive had no luck.

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BB Curve :: Options Menu Won't Work In Browser

Mar 1, 2011

When I open my browser it keeps freezing, and if I press the Blackberry button to open the menu screen, it won't work. All I can use is the "back" button. I can't close the browser down completely, select, copy, anything at all.

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BB Curve :: Wifi Connected But Browser Will Not Work

Nov 29, 2011

the wifi says its connected to my home hub but when i try to browse it says the radio is not on?I have tried to do a battery re-boot and the same message comes up?

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BB Curve :: 9360 Email And Browser Do Not Work After Reboot

Aug 30, 2012

I purchased a new BB curve 9360 & every time I reboot it my emails & browser do not work, my emails stay blank & my browser is not accessible. The only way to fix this problem is to reset my phone software, once I do this it all works again. Why my phone keeps doing this as I'm sick of resetting the software every time?

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Nokia :: N97 Didn't Work Properly After Update To 2.1 - Charging Light Did Not Work Get Black Screen

Aug 18, 2010

I updated my N97, and after that my phone did not work properly, the old version was 2.0 and the new is 2.1, the charging light did not work and i get black screen when i turn my phone on.

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BB Torch :: Browser Won't Display Properly

May 23, 2011

Every few days the browser will stop working properly. It only displays the page partially.....some words are just simply gone and some hyperlinks are just displayed as a line. It happens on multiple websites. I have been to the ATT store several times and they have checked all of the settings and reset the device. All cache and cookies have been cleared. I have also spoken with support on the phone and they had me delete some service books and they resent them. The only way I can correct the issue is to pull the battery, but it just happens a few days later.

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BB Curve :: Browser Doesn't Work - Unable To Connect To The Selected Mobile Data Service

May 2, 2011

When I try to access web sites from the Blackberry browser I get the "Unable to connect to the selected mobile data service. Please try again later" message. This happens whether connected through the T-Mobile network or Wi-fi.When I change the browser settings to the T-Mobile browser I am able to access web site just fine. However I would prefer to use the Blackberry browser because not all pages load correctly with the T-Mobile browser.

I have an active data plan and am connected to an enterprise server. My outlook and webmail e-mails work so I don't think it's a problem with my carrier. I've tried a battery pull, re-sending my service books, etc without luck.I think the problem may have started after connecting to my desktop for the first time in about a year, but I'm not completely certain. T-Mobile support and IT administrator have been no help.

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Nokia :: 5530 XM / Skyfire Browser Not Working Properly

Apr 17, 2010

this browser is said to be good at Internet videos on the symbian phones. well i got my hands on it.... and was disappointed! yes, the actual Internet looks great, but it lags very much. it's like, i have to wait for about 30 seconds for the video to pause after i press the pause button. it seems the video area is almost non responsive and the video itself this normal or am i missing something?

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Xperia Z5 :: Landscape To Portrait Browser / Website - Content Doesn't Increase In Size Properly

Nov 4, 2015

Got myself an Sony Xperia Z5 not to long ago and i must admit I am very pleased by its performance and battery life. As webdesigner i ran into an problem which only occurs on my Xperia Z5. All other mobile brands don't have this problem with the page im working on.

The issue: when changing from landscape to portrait or vice versa, the content doesn't increase in size properly. Before i start digging deep i like to know if this has something to do with the Xperia settings?

first image is taken from an s6 and the second is from my Xperia. These photos where taken after changing from portrait to landscape. On page load the size is proper. [URL] .... I also seen this happen on a various of other websites

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HTC One M9 :: GPS Will Randomly Not Work Properly

Jan 13, 2016

Having random GPS issues were the GPS will randomly not work properly? For example the GPS will show me in a completely different area than I am, maybe 1/4 mile away.

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Nokia :: GPS Navigation Does Not Work Properly On E72

Jul 16, 2010

In Maps when I find a place to go to and press ok it says Waiting for GPS. And never finds it. I need to restart the phone, then it works ok, but only for one route. New navigations are not possible again.

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Nokia :: E72 Keypad Not Work Properly

Jun 4, 2010

I got my new e72 (fw up to date 031.023)a couple of days ago and i already found a HUGE problem with the keypad. The keys which have a number (R,T,Y,F,G,H,V,B, N and M) do not work properly!

I found that when typing at a regular speed these keys do not get registered all the time. At first i thought i was nuts and that i just "havn't gotten used to the phone yet" probably to satisfy my emotions of just having bought a completly new phone, having "upgraded" from the e71. For instance.. Without thinking please try typing these words, as you would normally with two thumbs:

I also found when the words start with a number key, everything is okay. But when you press those keys in the middle of a word, or at the end of the word they don't get registered very often (this does not happen with the e71)

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BB Bold :: FB Apps Can't Work Properly?

Sep 3, 2011

my FB apps cant work proplely, I dun no why. after I use 3 or 4 times, the FB apps doesn't show any new feeds even I click ' New Feeds'... Even I reinstalled again tat problem still came out after I uesd 3 or 4 times..

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BB Bold :: Playlist Won't Work Properly?

Jul 7, 2011

When a song finishes on any of my playlist whether new or old, it just repeats itself and won't go to the next song on the playlist. It started a couple days ago. How do I put it back to its original settings?

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Xperia Z3 :: Gyroscope Does Not Work Properly

Aug 28, 2015

My phone is Sony Xperia Z3. After the latest version of Android 5.1.1 gyroscope not working. But service menu *#*#7378423#*#* work.

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HTC :: Eris Does Data And MMS Work Properly?

Jan 1, 2010

I was wondering if anyone has tried out the Droid Eris on PP.If so, does data and MMS work properly? What issues have there been?, if any?

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IPhone :: My Calendar Does Not Work Properly

May 11, 2012

I am unable to add any events. The calendar does not give me any option, on List, Day nor Month. All it does is show me the month and highlights the current day.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone :: App Store Don't Work Properly

Jun 23, 2012

App store on iphone don't work properly, i cann't install any app, cause the install button is lagging or there is no install button at all, and i can't see any pictures, only the first. on iPad it's work good...iPhone 2))

iPhone 3G, iOS 3.1.3, iPhone 2

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Xperia Mini/pro :: CPU Did Not Work Properly

May 11, 2012

when I use my phone not long time for example a simple game or import contacts my phone CPU turns very fast and did not work properly and the menu that open is closed and you can not use the phone because each menu wanted open is closed and can not dial any number because it closed by phone. some times when the phone in my pocket and it warmed very little the CPU hanged and did not work .

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IPhone 5s :: Maps Not Work Properly

Aug 27, 2014

maps on iPhone 5S not work properly and giving this message:it work fine when search made in US or Europe or far east but not in Pakistan.

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.1.2

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Nokia Nseries :: 5800 XM Does Not Work With Car Kit Properly?

Jan 30, 2012

After recent upgrade to v 60.0.003, my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic does not seem to be working properly with my car bluetooth kit. It connects to the car kit alright, and the incoming call's ringtone is heard on the car kit and the call can also be accepted by pressing the green button on the car kit but the call voice (both mike and speaker) remains with the phone and does not come over the car stereo. If I look at the phone screen during the call, there is an option to activate the speaker but none to transfer the call to bluetooth device. I have tried fiddling with options in Accessories - > Car kit, as well as the bluetooth options, to no avail. Tried re-pairing but that didn;t help either.

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BB Bold :: Camera Flash Won't Work Properly

Oct 7, 2011

I have a blackberry bold 9700 and my camera flash works once than it doesn't work anymore unless I reboot the phone than it works once and then it not working.

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BB Bold :: Voice Commands Don't Work Properly?

Oct 28, 2010

Just received my hs-700 headset in the mail, now the issue is whenever I try to say a command, it ends up calling 1 person. over and over and over and over again.It doesn't recognize any commends. I'm speaking 100% clear and coherent for it to understand me. It was working at first when I tried calling that one person. It asked me to confirm whether or not I wished to call home or his mobile, I chose mobile. Now anyone I try to call through the exact same voice command (hold button down 2 seconds to initialize voice sequence, then say call and person's name), it calls the same guy!

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BB Pearl :: Messenger Didn't Work Properly?

Jul 15, 2012

Recently I had update my device (Pearl 8100) from OS 4.2 to 4.5. I also upgrade my BBM to 5.0 something. At first, it works properly and after a few days, it seems didn't works. The problem is such as i can't use or enter BBM from the shortcut. Then there is a message written about file error or something.

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