Nokia Accessories :: Adjust The Ringer Volume On The BH-505 Bluetooth Headphones?

Nov 21, 2011

How do I adjust the ringer volume on the BH-505 bluetooth headphones? I have tried everything imaginable and there is no documentation in the manual.

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IPhone 5s :: Not Able To Adjust Ringer Volume At Lock Screen?

Sep 9, 2014

Why it's not possible to adjust the ringer volume at the lock screen? Even though it's possible to adjust the volume during music playback and responses from Siri, etc.

There are a number of times during the day that I just want to be able to quickly pick-up the phone and adjust the ringer volume. If there was a profile app available in the app store that allowed me to automatically set different volume levels at different times of the day it would be great - particularly if the app didn't require me to jailbreak the phone.

What is the reasoning behind it? I heard someone suggest once that it's intended to protect against the volume buttons being accidentally pressed if the phone is inside an enclosed space, i.e. handbag or pocket, but I've never personally experienced this when jogging with the phone in my pocket while listening to music on my headphones. And if it's for security reasons, then why is anyone able to switch my phone into silent mode?

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.1.2

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IPhone 5 :: Ringer And Incoming Text Volume Is Low And Will Not Adjust

Jun 24, 2014

My iPhone 5 ringer and incoming text volume is low and will not adjust. What I can do?

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IPhone :: Side Volume / Ringer Has Gone Onto Headphones

Jun 10, 2012

Does any know why my side volume/ringer has gone onto headphones ?

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Motorola Droid X :: Ringer Volume Limited By Media With Headphones

Jun 28, 2011

When I have the headphones (standard, no controls) plugged in and media playing, the ringer will only ring at the level the media is set at. You can move the slider back and forth but it will stop increasing the volume for the ringer when it gets to the media slider setting. If I increase media slider, the volume for ringer will increase. It will go lower when reduced below media setting. The volume for the media setting seems to be a cap for all volume while headphones are inserted. It must be a bug in GB because Verizon was able to reproduce it. I need the phone to ring loud when under these specific conditions as I get called to go to work, it HAS to be able to wake me up. Ive performed a full factory reset and asked if I can go back to Froyo without a root and, no dice.

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BB Accessories :: Stereo Bluetooth Headphones With The Playbook?

Apr 20, 2011

I tried the other day to connect my Bluetooth stereo headphones to the Playbook....

The headphones connected but did not work....

Does anyone know if the Playbook supports Bluetooth headphones...or has anyone successfully connected stereo Bluetooth headphones to the Playbook..

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Lumia 1020 :: No Ringer Volume Slider When Bluetooth Connected

Nov 20, 2014

I've just noticed on my Lumia 1020 that when I have a Bluetooth headset connected to it I don't have the option of adjusting the Ringer volume as the slider disappears. You can see in the screenshot that I only get the one slider for Bluetooth volume.

Is this normal? I found below a topic where someone thought it was normal..if I have the headset connected, but sitting on the desk beside me waiting for a phone call, and I want to adjust the ringer volume. I don't want to have it always in my ear when not on a phone call, and I would've thought the ringer volume for the phone should always be available? Volume/Mute for Windows 8.1

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Xseries :: Adjust The Volume On The Nokia X2?

Jul 6, 2011

How do I adjust the volume on the Nokia X2?

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Nokia Accessories :: Headphones Are Not Working?

Sep 3, 2012

When i connect headphone to make or receive call, i cannot hear anything, but other party can hear my voice. i can hear music with same headphones. is there any settings for this? Phone model is Nokia 500

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Nokia :: How To Adjust Volume Of Alarm Clock?

Jan 20, 2010

I cannot seem to find a setting to adjust the volume of the tone that the alarm clock makes. The alarm volume is very soft and not loud at all. It doesn't wake me up.Could someone please show me how to adjust the volume of the alarm clock? Please?

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Nokia Lumia :: Can't Adjust Alarm Volume

Oct 23, 2012

Why is it that the alarm volume does not change if you change the phone volume setting on the 1-30 scale. The alarm volume level is insanely loud, and s always the same whether you phone volume setting is on 1 or 30.

It would be very nice if the volume of the alarm could be changed as well as currently it scares the s..t out of me every morning when it goes off.

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Nokia Accessories :: N9 Not Connecting To BH-905i Headphones?

Nov 16, 2011

Bluetooth on the phone is active & connecting to my blacberry/laptop fine. My BH-905i's have been working fine with my N8, but the N9 doesn't see them at all. I have the latest software update.

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Nokia Accessories :: Can't Hear Enything In My Headphones

May 8, 2011

my headphones are originaly from nokia, and when sb calls me i can't hear enything in my headphones, and i hear it in my phone. If i want to hear music on my headphones i can hear, but when sb calls me or i call sb the headpones don't work.

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Nokia Accessories :: Klipsch Image X10i In-Ear Headphones Incompatibilitation?

Mar 15, 2011

I purchased the X10i headphones for my N900 today today. There goes another 250 EUR down the drain. The headphones work with my 3 DACs, with my 3 computers and my laptop. With my iPod and my sons iPod Touch. But not with my N900 ( or my wifes Nokia Musicexpress). Upon inserting the headphones, they just make a CLACK-CLACK-CLACK-CLACK sound @ 10 CLACKs a second, until I remove them. Anyone else had the same problem? Or know of any other brand of phone which is incompatible with a pair of headphones?

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Nokia :: N900 Quick Way Of Adjusting Ringer Volume

Aug 22, 2010

Does anyone know if there is a really quick way of adjusting the ringer volume on the n900 without having to go into profiles. I thought there might be a shortcut key or something.

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Nokia :: 5800XM Is There Simplier Way To Access Ringer Volume / Mute Controls?

Apr 30, 2010

Referring to Nokia 5800, is their a simpler way to access the Volume/Ringer controls other than going into Profiles? I read somewhere about being able to create a Shortcut in my Apps to these functions.

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Eseries / Communicators :: Nokia E5-00 Headphones Volume

Apr 25, 2012

Just bought a Nokia E5-00. Although the sound quality is pretty good, the volume in my headphones is low for outside noise (tried 4 pairs, sennheiser, akg, iphone and the ones that came with the phone) . Is there a way to increase the volume in the headphones, or a music player that has an option like that ?

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IPhone :: App Volume Takes Over Ringer Volume?

Jun 27, 2012

Every app I have that requires volume to listen works fine. But when I close the app, my ringer volume level is still in app mode volume. The app volume completely takes over my ringer volume level although in settings it never really changed. In order for me to get my ringer volume back to it's set volume, I have to go into settings and move the volume up or down. Then and only then do I have control over the ringer volume with the buttons on the side of the phone.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5

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IPhone :: Sounds Disappeared And Ringer Is Now Via Headphones?

Mar 19, 2012

I no longer hear any key clicks or notification sounds, only a faint buzz from vibration, on my iphone 4S. Ringtone is still audible. Siri is also muted though I see the microphone is being activated. However, no other tones are. Checked all settings in sounds and all seems correct. When I push the volume button on the side, the display says ringer (headphones). So, I plugged headphones in and I am able to hear all of the sounds through them but not without the headphones. I've tried turning the phone off and on again and resetting with no results.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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Nokia :: 5800 Poor Volume With 3rd Party Headphones?

May 24, 2010

As discussed on other threads, with my 5800 XP the music podacst playback volume is rubish with Senheiser (and other 3rd party) headphones but excellent with the horrible white Nokia headset headphones. (BTW can anyone exaplain why??).So i want to buy some nice (not white!) headphones that give good volume.

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Nokia Lumia :: 900 - Output Volume For The Headphones Is Extremely Low?

Apr 24, 2012

I'm on my second 900 now and both have had this problem. The output volume for the headphones is extremely low even at 30/30. I feel like max volume should be loud enough that I never need to use it. I find myself not even being able to hear music at 30/30 when I'm downtown or on the subway. It feels like medium volume on anything else and it seems like it should really be 20/30.

I've posted this on other forums and it seems like all the phones are the same. Can Nokia just implement a simple sofware fix for this? Its riduclous that this got through the testing phase. Do they even know about it?

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Xperia Z3 :: Phone Ringer Automatically Turned On With Headphones In

Feb 13, 2015

I find it very troubling that the phone ringer is automatically turned on when the headphones are put in. I have even set a "Smart Connect" function to try to work around this. Nothing better than having your ringer sound out over a sound system in a restaurant where you work...
My feedback from support chat basically said that the phone is made to do that and that since the phone is functioning correctly there is nothing they will do.
I am pretty sure I am a capable person, and should be allowed to control my phones notification functions.

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IPhone 4s :: Volume Buttons Only Show Headphone Volume / Headphones Are Not Plugged In

Sep 1, 2014

My volume buttons only show headphone volume and headphones are not plugged in. How do I get my external volume back?

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Nokia Accessories :: BH-103 Volume Suddenly Very Low?

Sep 15, 2010

For the last day and a half I've been unable to use my BH-103 Bluetooth earplugs, as the volume is very low. I can hear the content in a quiet room, but not in public or when moving about.

My wired earplugs and another Bluetooth headset have normal volume levels.

What can I check or change. I've powered the unit off overnite while charging, and I've cycled the power (off then on) countless times.

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Nokia Accessories :: Low Volume In Headset WH-701

Dec 20, 2010

I ve purchased a Nokia 5235 five months ago. The sales pack comes with WH-701 headset. The headset has performed much upto my satisfaction for many days until one day when it suddenly started giving very low volume. The bass and treble is still the same but the volume. I have checked every setting in the phone but in vain.

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IPhone :: Speaker And Ringer Doesn't Work Unless The Headphones Are Plugged In

Jun 25, 2012

One day I was listening to my music on my iPhone and the phone dropped on the carpet (nothing hard) and after that when I took my headphones out, the phone no longer works on speaker and the loud sounds dont work unless the headphones are plugged in.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone 5 :: Speakers Have Stopped Working The Headphones Still Work As Does The Ringer

Aug 21, 2014

after running i disconnected my iphone headset. since then my iphone speakers have stopped working. i can still listen to music using headphones and the phone ringer still works but the speakers are silent. when i adjust the volume it indicates it is in "headphone" mode.

iPhone 5

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Nokia Accessories :: Can't Change Volume On BH-905i

Dec 12, 2011

I've bought a pair of bh-905i and it works very well with my N8! However, I can't control the volume from the phone! I'm sure the N8 has this BT profile as I can control the volume of another SE bluetooth headset via the N8.

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Nokia Accessories :: CK-600 Volume Won't Turn Up After Update

Jan 23, 2011

I updated the firmware on my ck-600 last night and this morning when i tried to turn up the caller volume I couldn't. After some head scratching I noticed the wheel only works now in the counter-clockwise direction. I remember the update did fail half way through and the nokia software prompted me to connect it again and retry. The update picked up where it left off and complete successfully (or so I thought)

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IPhone :: 3gs Only Outputs Volume Through Headphones At Full Volume Or None

Apr 16, 2012

As the title states my iPhone 3Gs will only output volume at full vome (way too loud on even the tiniest sliver) or none at all (when it is at 0). I've tried using other headphones, restricted the db limit, and nothing seems to work.

iPhone 3GS

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Nokia Accessories :: CK-300 Can't Set Volume Output With Music Player Or In Carmenu

Oct 26, 2010

I have CK-300 in my car and everything was working fine with my N95 8GB. Now i have bought Nokia N8 and I have a problem with volume output. I can't set volume output with music player or in Carmenu. In music player volume slider goes up and down but it is always the same output (overload). Only if it is fully down, then it mutes.

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