Nokia :: 5230 Bluetooth Connection - Device Not Found

Aug 23, 2010

Since I've had success on my last query I have another now. I have a Vodafone VBH-600, aka 6xx plantronics bluetooth headset and I cannot get it to pair with the 5230-"device not found" is all I get. Is it not compatible or like last problem is there just a simple solution?

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Nokia :: 2680 Try To Add Paired Device To Add Bluetooth / No Device Found

Feb 1, 2010

I have a Nokia 2680 and I fully charged my bluetooth earpieces.On my phone, I set the Bluetooth on, gave my phone a name and selected phone's visibility to all.When I try to add a paired device to add the bluetooth, it gives me a message saying no device found.The bluetooth earpiece is right next to the phone. Can anyone help?

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Nokia :: 5230 - USB Connection / Device Not Recognized

Jun 18, 2010

When I connect my 5230 to my laptop via the usb, the laptop thinks "device not recognized", do I need to change my laptop settings or phone setting ? Try not to blind me with science.

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Nokia 5230 :: Error Using Bluetooth For Connection With Carkit Parrot CK3100?

May 13, 2010

I'm trying to use my phone using a car-kit CK3100. Devices are recognizing each other but the problem is that cannot stay connected more than 5-6 seconds. After connection they are disconnecting and so on. What can be the problem? Did somebody else experience a similar problem?

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Nokia :: 5230 - Updating Device - Hangs For A Few Seconds On 'connecting' Then Get A Connection Error

May 15, 2010

Device: Nokia 5230
Provider: 02
Pay as you go (Text and web, unlim text and internet)

First problem:Updating my device;When I try to update my device, it hangs for a few seconds on 'connecting', then I get a connection error. I can connect to the net easy enough, but not update my device.

Second problem.Installing Ebuddy;I've downloaded the popular social networking application to my phone, but when it comes to installing it, i get the error message saying "CONNECTION FAILED! Your internet settings must be activated for Java applications, or try again later.

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BB Curve :: Bluetooth - No New Device Found?

Feb 2, 2011

The Bluetooth on the my Blackberry Curve 9300 was working fine until recently. I am unable to pair my Blackberry with a Car Multi-media Kit (part of a McIntosh Sat Nav/Stereo system in a Subaru).I have tried both "Search" and "Listen" under the Bluetooth Options menu and get the following respective messages "No new device found" and "No device paired".

I recently deleted the previously paired Car Multi-media Kit (as it stopped connecting for some reason) but I am not sure if this is cause of the problem.There is no issue with the bluetooth in the Car Multi-media Kit as I was able to pair separately both an Iphone and an Ipod.

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Motorola Atrix 2 :: Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver Not Found

Mar 21, 2012

When I try to connect to my Windows 7 laptop via bluetooth with my Atrix 2 I get this error message "Bluetooth peripheral device driver not found".

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Motorola Droid Razr HD :: "Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver Not Found"

Nov 15, 2012

I'm trying to link my RAZR HD and 64-bit Windows 7 laptop through bluetooth (Intel Centrino Bluetooth 3.0 adapter). I pair them, but when the driver installation starts, all but one of the 5 driver installations fail. Is this a Motorola problem and if so, is there anywhere I can download the correct drivers? I'm 90% sure everything is up to date on the laptop end of the equation.

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Nokia :: N900 / While Flashing / USB Device Not Found

Apr 21, 2010

When i try to flash my n900 it says usb device not found. waiting. when i connect my n900 in usb mode it does using windows vista please help!

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Nokia :: 5230 Ovi Maps And Data Connection

Jun 19, 2010

I found that even if I set Ovi maps to "offline", it still sends and receives packet data while the gps is in use. I started a route and after stopping it, I checked the "Log' and I can see more data send and received recorded. I do not have a data plan and would like to know if I am incurring charges in this case. I have a-gps and gps set, so I'm guessing these packets might be due to a-gps? Without a-gps and with gps alone the performance will be pretty bad, right? I have t-mobo and nokia 5230.

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Can't Get Any Volume Through Bluetooth Connection From Phone To A Jabra Hands Free Device

Jun 22, 2015

had galaxy express, connection to jabra hands free device had good volume but new galaxy s5 hardly audible how to fix this?

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Nokia :: 5230 How To Make Sure Phone Does Not Try To Use GPRS Connection

May 5, 2010

I just got my invoice today and it claims that a lot of times I used the internet, while I only allowed the GPS to use the internet once. What can be the reason for this? How can I make sure my phone does not try to use the GPRS connection?I noticed in the GPS settings that A-GPS is used. Does that use an internet connection?

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Nokia :: 5230 / Pop Up Message / Terminate Existing Connection

Aug 1, 2010

After installing Nokia messaging on my Nokia 5230 phone, I'm trying to setup a gmail account, After giving the username and password, It says contacting email-server but nothing happens.Its an endless wait.But somtimes it pops up a message saying that I have exceeded the maximum number of connections terminate existing connection.

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Nokia :: 5230 Starts Data Connection At Startup?

Jun 25, 2010

I have the following annoyng problem with my new Nokia 5230. After I powerup the phone, in about 30 seconds it starts connecting to internet without having any application running. Even when I try to disconnect the opened connection, it reconnects back by itself in about 1-2 seconds.Could you advice me what should be done in order not to have this "automatic" data connection at startup?

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Nokia Nseries :: Packet Data Connection Not Available For 5230

Nov 7, 2012

everytime i try to connect to the internet a message pos up and says that web:unable to perform, packet data connection not available.

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Nokia :: E71 Hands Free Via Bluetooth - Message - Unable To Create Bluetooth Connection

Jan 27, 2010

My E71 used to work fine in car hands free via bluetooth - now it pairs OK but then gives "unable to create bluetooth connection" message. Another E71 works fine.

I did try (twice) to e-mail Nokia care - each time I filled in all details only to get a Gateway timeout message when I tried to send it - and all details wiped out!

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Nokia :: E63 When Restart Device / Untrusted Software Found On Memory Card

Jul 5, 2010

I have frequent problem showing when I restart my device Nokia E63 "Untrusted software found on memory card to remove goto application manager" Any solution?

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Nokia :: 5230 Pocket Internet Connection / Aircel / Couldnt Use Map Option

Aug 20, 2010

I have 5230 purchased tow months back. I am having pocket internet connection activated from Aircel. With this connection I could not use the maps option since I am getting 'no connection' reply. When I contacted the cc of Aircel the asked me to send one sms "GPRS BP NOK 5230". If I send this sms I am immediately getting a reply message stating that "Your request could not be complied since your hand set is not compatible for GPRS setting". Pl clarify whether it is true that 5230 is not a compatible hand set for GPRS or tell me how to get Gprs activated to my hand set.

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Nokia :: 5230 - Using Bluetooth To Tether Via Ovi Suite

Jun 15, 2010

I have no problems with using the 5230 as a tethered device when connected with USB using Ovi Suite. However, when trying the same when the 5230 is connected via bluetooth Ovi Suite tells me that the "device is not connected" (or similar). It is connected - I can transfer photos, read SMS, send SMS, install apps etc etc under bluetooth. It just won't allow me to use it as a modem. I appreciate that using bluetooth to tether is not ideal, but there are sometimes when I am out and about with my netbook where I might not have the USB cable around.

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Nokia :: 5230 / Connecting Internet Via Bluetooth

Aug 24, 2010

I have a Nokia 5230 smart phone, I would like to connect the mobile to internet via Bluetooth. Can anyone suggest me that how to do the same?

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Nokia :: 5230 / Dialler & Bluetooth Errors

Feb 27, 2010

My wife has just got a new 5230, and we have come across a couple of issues which I wondered if anyone had answers to.First, when opening the "dialer" option during a call (so you can respond to "press 1 for....." questions), the "keypad" does not display the letters associated with each number (i.e. "ABC" on key 2, etc.). Is there any way of modifying settings to show the letters as well?Second, when using the phone in our new Fiesta, the phone book is displayed in the car as "last name, first name". The phone displays as "first name, last name" which is what we want. Using my phone in the same car (Nokia 3109), the car displays "first name, last name". I've got round the problem by putting each of the phone book entries into the Last name field only, but this obviously isn't ideal. Again, any ideas? I asked this question to the Nokia help desk, and got a generic "this is how you connect to the car using blue tooth" answer, which was no help at all!

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Nokia :: Nuron 5230 - How To Use Device As Modem For PC

Apr 13, 2010

I just purchased the new nokia nuron and am wanting to use it as a modem for my PC. Does anyone know how to do it?

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Nokia :: 5230 - Device Keeps Connecting To Internet

Mar 23, 2010

Whenever I turn my phone on, within a few seconds it has connected to the internet, which is draining my phone credit. I've tried changing the following: Settings -> Connectivity -> Admin Settings -> Packet Data -> When Needed / When Available but this doesn't make a difference. And within minutes of going through Settings -> Connectivity -> Connection Manager. The WAP has reconnected.

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Nokia :: N97 - How To Turn Off Vibration / Cannot Found Sound Clips Using Memory Card Of Older Device

Jan 29, 2010

Is there a way to turn off the vibration/click each time the screen is pressed? Second, where are the sound clips? I've put my memory card from my 5800 and the photos are there but I can't find 'sound clips' anywhere. Usually photos, sound and videos are all in 'gallery' but I can't find that anywhere.

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Nokia :: 5230 Can I Use Cable To Transfer Music Not Bluetooth?

Apr 1, 2010

I bought a bluetooth connector and PC Suite works for everything on my 5230 except the music player doesn't see my phone as it says I need a cable. Can you only use a cable to transfer music and not bluetooth?

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Nokia :: 5230 Best Earbuds Do Not Work Properly With Device

Jun 17, 2010

My best earbuds do not work properly w. this device.These are the v-Moda vibe duo and they work really well in any device i;ve ever plugged them into.i have 3 of these. I use my phone a real lot for music and the earbuds that come w. the Nuron are cheesy sounding and cheaply made.i thought this device would work fine w. standard earbuds.I;ve tried diff settings.the sound is muted and garbled until I press the speaker button and keep it held and then it sounds great obviously this isnt an option.what gives? does this phone require some proprietary earbuds? if so, that is really lame IMO.

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LG G4 :: USB Connection Settings Not Found

Dec 14, 2015

i have lg g4 .. when i connect it to my laptop by usb .. it not recognized it .. i installed lg mobile driver 3.14 .. and there is something wrong .. because i dont have any thing about usb connection in the setting in my mobile

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Nokia :: X6 - Bluetooth Connection To Computer

Jun 8, 2010

I have a new Nokia X6 and can not connect it via Bluetooth to any of my PCs, the previous Nokia 6300 did with no flaws whatsoever, this X6 is by far a better phone but can not even be detected by a PC.......Am I missing something ? (see attached for error message)

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Nokia :: X6 - Bluetooth Connection With Ovi Suite On PC

Apr 5, 2010

I installed ovi-suite on my windows XP laptop and tried to connect my X6 using bluetooth. I was able to punch in passcode on my X6. Then ovi suite simply won't continue recognizing my x6. I do see my laptop been paired in my X6, but ovi-suite simply won't continue to next step. After a while of "searching" ovi suite simply shows an error and the process continues. So how do I connect x6 to my PC with bluetooth?

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Nokia :: N97 - Bluetooth Internet Connection

Jul 8, 2010

N97 with all software up to date, same as PC Suite.

I can do "Connect to Internet" (from the tools menu) when the phone is linked via the USB cable. When it's on the Bluetooth, the option "Connect to Internet" is greyed out and not available.

Even if I go Tools -> Options, when I click "Connect to Internet" to configure something, PC Suite shows "You must connect your device to be able to change settings".

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Nokia :: N97 - Continual Bluetooth Connection

Apr 15, 2010

Bluetooth issues with the N97?

When I first took delivery of the N97 I had issues connecting it with the Audi BT Telephone interface. It took many attempts to get them paired. When the pairing was finally established, the N97 contacts were not uploaded to the Audi system. With previous phones (this had not been a problem with previous phones such as the 6500). The connection was also flaky - it would automatically connect for approx. 4/5 times at which point the automatic connection simply refused to work and it was necessary to delete the pairing and start all over!

I have recently upgraded the software in the N97 to v 20.0.019 (the latest available). There is no doubt this has resolved the non-uploading of the phone book - this now works well with the Audi and indeed works every time - that is if only I could get the phone to connect!

v20.0.019 may have fixed the uploading of contact information to the Audi BT phone system but it has made significantly worse the problem of automatic connection. Now, once paired, automatic connection is made just 1 or 2 times after which it is simply mot possible to re-establish connection. The ONLY way to fix this is to reload v20.0.019 to the N97. Once re-loaded, the connection is made and the contact information uploaded. GREAT! For a couple of times - then I have to repeat the whole process.

Incidentally, the Audi systems has no problem at all with the 6500, a Blackberry or the iPhone - it is ONLY the N97. The N97 BT connection to Nokia PC suite displays similar issues.

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