HTC Desire HD :: Won't Connect To Wifi

Jan 30, 2011

Received the Desire HD yesterday but it won't connect to my Wifi (although it says it is connected) as when I try to access the market, web browser, gmail it won't connect unless I switch on my 3G connection. The wifi symbol is present at the top of the screen.

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HTC Desire :: Can't Connect To Internet Or Wifi

Jan 6, 2011

I just recently swapped my iphone for a 4 month old HTC desire ,my problem is i cant get internet on the phone it wont connect to my wifi either

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HTC Desire :: Unable To Connect With WiFi

Sep 4, 2011

when I go into settings wireless networks, then click on wifi, it says error, can any tell me what is wrong

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HTC Desire HD :: Can't Connect With Outlook?

May 18, 2011

I bought an HTC desire HD today and I can't install HTC Sync on my PC (Windows XP). It requires Adobe Air which attempts to install when HTC Sync is opened for the first tije but Adobe Air just appears to freeze during the installation process. Has anybody else experienced this problem and managed to resolve it. Without HTC Sync I can't connect with Outlook.

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HTC Desire HD :: Cannot Use Internet Via My WiFi

Jul 4, 2011

I have an open Wi-Fi connection. My Desire HD locates it, get connected but then does nothing.

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HTC Desire HD :: Unable To Connect To The Internet After Using USB Tethering?

Apr 7, 2011

connected my phone to the PC and selected USB tethering. After I disconnect my phone from PC, I am not able to enable mobile network. I select Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Network. It says ' Use phone for data connection when Wi-fi is unavailable' even though Wi-fi is switched off. Edge icon does not come up in the task bar. Has anyone faced this issue? Please let me know if I have to change some settings.

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HTC Desire C :: Hotmail - Cannot Connect To The Remote Server

Dec 14, 2012

After a year of picking up my emails a couple of days ago the phone stopped and now all I get is this error message. If I go to hotmail via the internet on the phone is works fine problem is just from the mail application. Got a new error message " Your incoming server does not support SSL. Please modify you incoming server's security type."

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HTC Desire HD :: WiFi On Mobile Internet Off?

Feb 3, 2011

On my nokia 97 mini you could set the connectivity so that when the WiFi connection was active the mobile internet would be inactive.

However, I can not find a similar option on the DHD.

According to my usage analysis from my service provider, Meteor Ireland, I have been using mobile internet even when I have been using WiFi.

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HTC Desire :: USB Tether Use Wifi For Data?

Jun 20, 2010

Had my Desire for a while now, but just recently I have been working away from home and my laptop doesn't have wifi (I know, I should get a new laptop... but it works fine). I was wondering if I can use my desire a a usb wifi dongle?

My service provider does not like tethering, so I was wondering if when I share the desire's data connection it will use the phone's wifi rather than 3g connection? (obviously in an area where I have access to a wifi access point).

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HTC Desire HD :: WiFi Network Selection?

Mar 7, 2011

My phone works fine with my home WiFi, but as soon as I am out of range, the phone automatically connects with the BTFON/BTOpenzone network (which shows up as an 'Open network', although you have to subscribe to actually connect to it).This doesn't really bother me much, except that when I get back into range of my home network, the phone remains 'connected' to the BT open networks and I have to reconnect manually to my home network. Does anyone know if there is a way to get the phone always to ignore BT? Or at least to make my home network the preferred one when I'm in range?

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HTC Desire :: WIFI Not Working After Upgrade

Nov 7, 2010

I am new to this and not overly tech savy so pls excuse me in advance! I completed an upgrade on my Desire this morning when prompted to do so on the handset. Since then I have noticed my WIFI is not working. If I turn it on, it goes to "scanning" but has been doing this for nealry 2 hours. I have turned off and back on, also taken battery out for a few minutes and nothing.

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HTC Desire HD :: Wifi Settings For Linksys E1000

Mar 26, 2011

I have recently migrated to the Desire HD from Nokia E71. And while Im in awe of every new feature I discover with each passing second, theres a problem with the wifi system thats driving me nuts.

My DHD recognises and connects to my home wifi (Linksys E1000) but is unable to browse or run any app that requires internet access (Facebook, Twitter, Maps etc). At the same time, upon disabling wifi, it manages to do everything (browse, FB, twitter etc) on the GPRS connection of my teleco. Hence the problem (I think) is with the router and not the DHD.

I have spent a whole day looking for possible solutions on the web - upgraded to Linksys E1000 from my earlier WRT54G, Changed the channel from 13 to 6 (and experimented with others as well), Reserved the DHD in the DHCP of the router, Changed the security to WPA2 PSK - In short, almost everything I read would fix the problem, but to no avail.

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HTC Desire HD :: Using It As A Wireless Dongle To Access Wifi

Jan 18, 2011

Is it possible to use the htc desire hd as a wireless dongle to access wifi.

my laptop currently has no wifi and was wonderding if plugging my phone in allows me to use the phone to access wifi (i know it allows to access my data on the phone but dont want to do this).

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HTC Desire HD :: New Software Update And Now WiFi Isn't Working

May 25, 2011

I have just downloaded the new software and installed it and now my wifi doesn't work : although it connects very well to my router, no internet pages are loading, facebook isn't working either. It all works well if I turn the wifi off...

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HTC Desire HD :: Extremely Poor Wifi Reception?

Jun 13, 2011

Ive had my Desire HD for around 5 months now and from day 1 I've noticed that the wifi reception of the handset is terrible, I literally have to be within 5 metres of my router in order to get a signal, if I move to another room the signal drops to 1 bar pretty much straight away and then once I begin browsing drops completely and reverts to 3g. As I say this has been pretty much from day 1 and since then the handset has been treated with great care so are these phones that bad for signal?

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HTC Desire HD :: WiFi, Bluetooth, Radio And G-sensor Dead?

Jan 2, 2011

So my battery was totally down, i was at a friends place and forgot the charger. When i came back home and started it up, suddenly the wifi didn't connect. I went to wifi settings and it just said error. After that i found out that bluetooth, the radio, the g-sensor and even the light behind the buttons under the screen all didn't work (the buttons themselves do still work). Assuming this is a software failure and not a hardware one (cuz these are all really different components) i thought a factory reset would bring them back to life, but even that didn't work. So now i'm stuck with an empty phone ( i can't download all my apps back cuz i have a data limit) which is half broken. I sent a mail to htc already, but i hope i could get an answer from someone here faster.

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HTC Desire HD :: WIFI Just Stopped Working ( Said Was Connected But Yet No Pages Would Load)?

May 27, 2011

I got the HD a couple of days ago and upgraded the software the first evening I got the phone.. Then the WIFI just stopped working ( said I was connected but yet no pages would load which was very frustrating..)..Took phone back to shop and got a new one now , with 2.2 on it which works fine.. I know I am likely to get the warning for the udgrade tonight but I will probably not install it

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BB Curve :: Use As A WiFi Modem To Connect Laptop To A WiFi Hotspot?

Jan 1, 2011

Can I use my Blackberry Curve as a WiFi modem to connect my laptop to a WiFi Hotspot? How?

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Google Nexus 5 :: Not Connect To WiFi Or Data Even Though WiFi Says It Is Connected

Dec 25, 2015

I upgraded my rooted nexus 5 from 4.4.4 to 5.1.1 and now it will not connect to wifi or data even though the wifi says it is connected.

Google play cannot connect.

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IPhone :: When I Go Into My Settings And Try To Connect To Wifi, It Is Greyed Out And Says No Wifi

May 26, 2012

When I go into my settings and try to connect to wifi, it is greyed out and says no wifi

iPhone 3GS (8GB), iOS 5.1.1

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BB Curve :: Can Connect To Wifi But Cannot Connect To Internet

Apr 28, 2011

I can connect to a wifi network but I'm not able to look something on the internet. With a mobile provider it's possible.

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IPhone :: Cannot Connect To Wifi , No-Wifi Is Shown

Apr 16, 2012

no-wifi sign is shown in my iphone 4s tht i newly brought...

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1

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IPhone :: 4s Wifi Does Not Connect To Home Wifi?

May 9, 2012

Did the update and now my iphone 4s wifi does not connect to my home wifi. It just sits there with the little circle going round and round. My ipad3 updated and works fine...

iPhone 4S

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HTC Desire :: Videos & Photos Disappeared From HTC Desire?

Dec 22, 2011

I have HTC Desire. I had some videos and pictures in my mobile. I never deleted them from my mobile, I just transferred them to my PC and with transfer they disappear. I can't see them in Gallery any more. Luckily due to the backup software Astro, i have got my Pictures back but I can't locate my videos anywhere. To remind you, I just transferred them, not deleted them from mobile.

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HTC Desire :: HT Desire - Document Synchronisation In One Direction Only?

Dec 6, 2010

The HTC desire and HT Sync work well with Contacts, Photos and Calendar. But with documents, the synchronisation appears to be from the PC to the Desire and not the other way round. Thus it appears to copy rather than synchronise.

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HTC Desire HD :: Improve The Download Speed On The Desire?

Sep 18, 2011

On my PC and Galaxy Tab 10.1, when connected to my home router, I get about 1.5 mbps for my download speed. On the HTC I get less than 500 kbps. Anyone any ideas on how I can improve the download speed on the Desire, or is this the speed which it is supposed to operate at?

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IPhone :: Can't Connect To Wifi, Can Connect To Others

May 28, 2012

All devices surfing wirelessly on Airport Express.Replaced Airport Express with Time Capsule.Problem: Wife's iPhone4 (5.1.1) can not surf on wifi provided by my time capsule. All my other devices (iMac, Mac Air, iPad and my iPhone) can. Wife's iPhone can surf on an unsecure network somewhere nearby in my apartment complex. (Which to me, rules out a hardware problem).

Steps taken: Tapped iPhone wifi On/Off multiple times with no change. "Forget this network" multiple times with no change. Reset iPhone Network Settings multiple times with no change. Restored iPhone using iTunes as New iPhone once with no change. (Since doing that, I have restored with back up of iPhone settings and data.) Powered Time Capsule on/off several times with no change. Turned wireless security off with no change. Security is back on. It is WPA 2 Personal with a lengthy password. I'm not getting the "incorrect password" msg. Renewed lease multiple times with no change.

Other indications: 3G is in upper left. Status wheel is spinning next to my network's name. On the initial "Settings" window, my network name is shown (as if it were connected. But tapping it and going to the "wifi networks" window shows the list of available networks with the status wheel spinning next to mine.) Tapping the blue arrow on my network name leads to the window that has "forget this network" at the top, and a list of blank fields: IP address, subnet mask, router and so on. DHCP is chosen, HTTP proxy is OFF. Sometimes, the top two fields (ip address and subnet mask) have values filled in, but the rest of the fields don't.

On my Time Capsule, as seen via Airport Utility (V5.5.3), 3 devices are shown as connected. Clicking this provides a listing. My wife's iPhone wi-fi address is listed. It's "rate" however is 1. My imac is 216 and my iphone is 65. BTW, iOS devices drop off the list when they go to sleep. No big deal there.

Back to Airport Utility, in the summary tab... status is normal, version is 7.6.1, wireless mode is "create a wireless network", security is "wpa/wpa2 personal", channel is 149 auto and 1 auto (I tried changing 1 to 11 with no change), connect using "ethernet" and finally my IP address begings with 76.

Moving to the "Wireless" tab of Airport utility... wireless mode is "create a wireless network", radio mode is auto, radio ch. selection is auto, wireless security is wpa/wpa2 personal, "remember password in keychain" is checked. Now Clicking on the "wireless network options" button..... 5ghz is not checked, country is USA, multicast rate is "low", t-mit power is "100%", WPA group key timeout is 1 day (it used to be 1 hour but this has made no change in the problem), "use wide channels" is not checked, "create a closed network" is not checked.

MAC access control is not enabled. But it was enabled previously and I added my devices by their Wi-Fi addresses one at a time until i decided to turn it off due to this problem. this resulted in no change with the problem.

Personally, I feel the prob lies with the DHCP and ip address and related fields, but I don't know enough about what their values should be in relation to my other devices to alter them on my own.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

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HTC Desire :: Fault Be With The Microphone Of Desire?

Sep 8, 2011

Whenever I make a phone call, my line is really noisy like i'm outside in the wind.

When i use a different phone, the problem goes away.

Could this be a fault be with the Microphone of my Desire?

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Nokia :: N78 GPS Won't Connect Wifi

Jul 11, 2010

My N78 GPS wont connect to wifi only to those payed Vodafone services. Any clues?

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IPhone :: Cant Connect To Wifi With 4

Aug 4, 2010

I got an iphone 4 yesterday and i am having trouble finding wifi spots.i went to a shopping center today and it had around 10 different wifi spots and i could only see one.

my 3 other friends has iphones (two have 3gs on has 4) and they could see and connect to them all fine. this is happening everywherealso i cant even see my home network unless i am standing right next to the router where as the other iphones can pick it up from upstairs or in the there anything i can do to change this like restoring or anything else?
or is it faulty?

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BB Bold :: How To Connect To Wifi?

Jul 22, 2010

ive went to the wifi setting properties. then, the problem comes after i selected "scan for network" and selected my wifi network name. then, it requested me to insert a PIN into my router. how do i do that?

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