HTC Desire :: Unable To Connect With WiFi

Sep 4, 2011

when I go into settings wireless networks, then click on wifi, it says error, can any tell me what is wrong

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HTC Desire HD :: Won't Connect To Wifi

Jan 30, 2011

Received the Desire HD yesterday but it won't connect to my Wifi (although it says it is connected) as when I try to access the market, web browser, gmail it won't connect unless I switch on my 3G connection. The wifi symbol is present at the top of the screen.

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HTC Desire :: Can't Connect To Internet Or Wifi

Jan 6, 2011

I just recently swapped my iphone for a 4 month old HTC desire ,my problem is i cant get internet on the phone it wont connect to my wifi either

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HTC Desire HD :: Unable To Connect To The Internet After Using USB Tethering?

Apr 7, 2011

connected my phone to the PC and selected USB tethering. After I disconnect my phone from PC, I am not able to enable mobile network. I select Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Network. It says ' Use phone for data connection when Wi-fi is unavailable' even though Wi-fi is switched off. Edge icon does not come up in the task bar. Has anyone faced this issue? Please let me know if I have to change some settings.

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BB Bold :: Unable To Connect To Wifi?

Dec 25, 2011

i've just bought the 9790 and i'm still figuring out how to connect to wi-fi while turning off my data plan. so far, when i turn off the data plan, i'm unable to connect to wi-fi.

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BB Curve :: Unable To Connect To Any Wifi

Apr 5, 2011

I recently got a new blackberry curve 8520 and it connected to my home wifi when I bought it, but since I inserted my new orange sim I can no longer connect to any wifi, including home network. The phone will not connect to wifi with or without a sim.

I have made a search for a fix on google and tried different things, but nothing worked. I can only choose hotspot browser as my default browser, I have no other option available.

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BB Curve :: Unable To Connect To Wifi?

Feb 19, 2012

i cannot connect to my home wifi, it finds the hub but has a white line and wont connect to the wifi when i run a diognostic on the blackberry it claims the 'IP address is not valid?

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BB Curve :: Unable To Connect To Wifi

Jun 23, 2012

My blackberry curve 9300 is unable to connect to wifi. reason is failed to obtain n IP Address.

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BB Curve :: Unable To Connect Wifi?

Jun 28, 2012

I have a Blackberry Curve 9360 with OS 7 Bundle version 1555 after upgrading to OS 7 bundle version 2355 am unable to connect to wifi. am able to connect to my house wifi but not my office wifi dont understand what the problem is.

When i switch on my wifi it connect to my wifi completely and withing 3-4 seconds gets disconnected and says " Failed to Assoiciate to the Wireless Network"

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BB Curve :: Wifi Is Unable To Connect?

Feb 18, 2012

ive recently obtained my mobile internet back. however my mobile doesn't want to link up to my home modem, it detects it and accepts its password however it gives me the message that it is unable to authenticate.Now ive checked that the password is correct and the modem is working fine as all the other devices using it work.

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BB Torch :: Unable To Connect To Wifi

Oct 6, 2012

I just got a Torch 9810. Been trying for the past day and a half to connect to my wireless at home. In the Networks and Connections menu the Wifi networks is not there . . .only have Mobile Networks and Bluetooth . . .does this mean that my BB is not Wifi enabled? or do I have to go elsewhere in order for it to search and find my home wireless?

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BB Torch :: Unable To Connect With WiFi?

May 27, 2012

I have problem with my BB Torch 9860 smartphone.I used to connect my WiFi when i am in my home.In connection management it shows that WiFi connected but when I started to browse, the browsing is happening through my Wireless connection that is my mobile provider.So loosing my money due to this.I did so many checkups still facing same problem.Please assist me on this.Also I have one more problem with G-Talk, I installed it successfully and when tried to login showing that this handheld is not support gtalk application.Suggest me on this also.

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BB Software :: Unable To Connect To Wifi?

Nov 15, 2012

when i'am switch on the wifi my device is rebooting i'am not able to connect and also my Bluetooth not detect to other devices this problem my Email ID:Personal Content Removed>

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IPhone :: Unable To Connect To Wifi

Mar 11, 2012

I have an iPhone 4s with 5.1 software and everytime I connect to my WiFi and lock my screen it just disconnects. I've tried restoring it, resetting network settings and rebooting it. How can I fix this?

iOS 5

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IPhone :: Unable To Connect To A Wifi

Mar 14, 2012

Suddenly my phone stop connection to a known wifi network and is still impossible to connect even though is loading continuously addition to this safari cannot connect even in 3G .

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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IPhone :: Unable To Connect Wifi

May 9, 2012

The iphone 4 S does not join the Wifi Network that is clearly visible here, and says unable to join network - what can be done here?

The Wireless router is an Arris model that comes with Comcast / Cable Internet Services.

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IPhone :: Unable To Connect To Wifi?

May 23, 2012

Why am I unable to connect to my home wifi when it normally connects automatically

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IPhone :: Unable To Connect To Wifi On My 3gs?

May 25, 2012

my phone will not pick up my wireless network. Its unable to locate it. I have restored my network settings, turned my wifi off an on again, turned my phone off and on again but it still will not pick it up.

iPhone 3GS

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IPhone :: Unable To Connect To Wifi With 4s?

Jun 18, 2012

I am unable to connect to wifi with my iPhone. My computer is connected to the wireless network. I have re-entered password, reset password, unplugged and reset router.

iPhone 4S

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Xseries :: Unable To Connect With Wifi?

Apr 19, 2011

I bought a brand new X6 16gb about 2 weeks ago. Everything was working fine at the start. But now I can not get a wifi connection at all. It doesn't detect any WLAN. All my other devices are working fine and can connect to my wirless network OK. I've tried all the settings and it just doesn't work. It's getting very annoying. Any ideas what the problem is?

I haven't loaded much on the phone since i got it. As i mentioned, it was working fine at first. Then it got really slow and then after a couple of days it would only detect the wireless network sometimes (it would connect but i still wouldn't be able to browse) and now not at all.

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BlackBerry :: Unable To Connect With Wifi

Jun 16, 2012

My Blackberry refuses point blank to connect to my home WiFi even though it says it is. Updates are a complete joke and nothing on the blasted thing works.

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IPhone 4s :: Unable To See Or Connect To WiFi

Dec 6, 2014

My son's IPhone 4s suddenly loss WiFi connection. Did soft and hard reboot reset internet connection and reset phone but no luck seeing or connecting to WiFi. I even upgraded to iOS 8.1.1 but no luck. In the meantime my cellular data bill is going through the roof. How to fix the iPhone issue?┬ Should I upgrade to a new iPhone?

iPhone 4S, iOS 8.1.1

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Nokia E55 :: Unable To Connect It To Home WiFi?

Mar 24, 2010

I bought my E55 yesterday, and I can't seem to be able to connect it to my home's wifi.It says the pre-shared key is wrong, but I am positive it's correct. I tried re-entering my pre-shared key in my laptop just to make sure I don't remember it wrong and it connected fine, it's just the phone that doesn't connect.My laptop says my network is connecting using WPA/WPA2 to connect so does the phone. The password is totally 11 digits, 9 letters and 2 numbers.

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Nokia :: E72-1 / Unable To Connect Via WLAN / WiFi Available?

Feb 16, 2010

I purchased what I thought was the North American E72 in Topaz Brown, but what I found out from the software later was that it was an E72-1. I cannot seem to connect to the Internet via WLAN. Does this version of the E72 come with Wifi at all?And also, does anyone know whether the Topaz Brown colour comes with an English keypad (North American), without the Chinese symbol strokes on the keys? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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BB Curve :: 9220 Unable To Connect To Wifi?

Jun 3, 2012

I just bought curve 9220 and started using it with wifi at home, unfortuantely it keeps saying "not able to connect to network" or " Failed to get an IP address".

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BB Curve :: Unable To Connect To Home WiFi

Oct 1, 2011

My phone:
Curve 8520

As you requested, I'm posting my Wi-Fi Diagnostics tool´╗┐ results here.

Wi-FiCurrent Profile: SSID: AP MAC Address: Security Type: Pre-Shared Key (PSK)Association: N/AAuthentication: N/ALocal IP Address: Signal Level: Connection Data Rate: Status: No networks foundAuthentication Failure Reason: Network Type: 802.11b/gNetwork Channel: Pairwise Cipher: Not ApplicableGroup Cipher: Not ApplicableGateway Address: DHCP: N/APrimary DNS: Secondary DNS: DNS suffix: Subnet Mask: Server Domain Suffix: Certificate: Not ApplicableSoftware Token: Not ApplicableHotspot Code: Hotspot Message: Not ApplicableHotspot Status: VPNCurrent Profile: Concentrator Address: Contact: N/AAuthentication: N/ASecure Device IP: Status: Error: Link down.Resolving Concentrator: N/AConcentrator IP: Primary DNS: Secondary DNS: DNS Suffix: Secure Subnet Mask: Retry at: Session Lifetime: Re-login at: Failed Login Attempts: Certificate: Not ApplicableSoftware Token: BlackBerry InfrastructureAddress Used: // Used:;60864Connecting: ErrorAuthenticating router: N/AAuthenticating server: N/ALast Contact At: ´╗┐

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BB Curve :: Unable To Connect 8520 With Wifi?

Dec 11, 2011

i am trying to connect my blackberry curve 8520 to my own wi-fi at home, but it will not connect me to the router?its says to enter a pin to the router... i have watched videos on Internet and followed them step by step, but yet it still does not connect, this is what i have done:

-went to main menu
-clicked on 'manage connections'
-made sure the 'wi-fi on' box is ticked
-then clicked 'set up wi-fi network'
-scan for networks
-clicked on the network which is my router
-then it comes up saying

'provisioning wi-fi profiles...enter this pin into your wireless router: 18104707 time remaining 4:11.'

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BB Pearl :: Unable To Connect To Internet Over WiFi

Oct 19, 2012

My Blackberry Pearl 9100 sometimes encounters a problem when try to connect internet over WiFi. The Data services was switched on and APN settings were unchecked. It shows the complete signal strength of my WiFi signal but unable to browse. It hits an error message 'Unable to fconnect to the server'.

The google talk app works when BIS was connected. But, over WiFI it doesnt work.

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BB Torch :: 9800 Unable To Connect To WiFi?

Apr 22, 2012

When I set up my Torch 9800 to connect to Wi-Fi, the home screen reports the SSID of the access point, but when I attempt to use the browser, it reports "Unable to connect to the internet, please try again later." The "Device and Status Info" screen reports the WLAN IP Address as My wireless access point reports that the BB device is "on", and is assigned an IP address (

At one point my initial screen reported that three updates were available. However, each time that I clicked on a line offering an update, an error message reported that "The data service is not operational", and the message about the update went away.

Snooping with Wireshark show that, when the BB is turned on, an ISAKMP tunnel is established between the BB device (at address and (at, so there is absolutely nothing wrong with the physical wireless connection. (My cellular supplier is Rogers.)

My BB was received (brand new) in early April 2012, and I updated the device from 6.0 bundle 695 to 6.0 bundle 2921 on 2012-04-12, after installing the Desktop Software on my PC. (The Desktop Software offered the update, so I just did it; I was not even aware of this community until later.)

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Unable To Connect To Wifi?

Jan 29, 2011

I have an X10 mini 2.1 (with Rogers Wireless), and I've never had a problem connecting to wifi until early last week. Now it connects for about 10 seconds then disconnects then attempts to reconnect but with no success. I've backed up all my info/apps etc and reset the phone but have had no success with the wifi issue

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Xperia X8 :: Unable To Browse When Connect To Wifi

Jul 7, 2011

when i connect to a wifi i cant browse thru internet even the market. what should i do? i already done the factory reset settings..but still got the same problem.

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