BB Curve :: BBID Token Is Expired. (error Id: 40631)

Jul 30, 2012

Everytime I try to download or do something on Blackberry app world, I get the following BBID token is expired. (error id: 40631)

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BB Curve :: App World Not Working - Error ID 40631

Nov 21, 2012

My app world is not working, my I try to download it shows BBID token is expired (error id:40631).

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BB Bold :: Error BWP Security Token Retrieval Failed

Dec 13, 2011

al querer ingresar a Twitter desde mi Cel Blackberry 9700, me aparece este error: BWP Security Token Retrieval Failed y no se como hacer para poderme conectar con Twitter nuevamente, ya que para ingresar a Facebook no tengo ningun problema.

Gracias de antemano por cualquier recomendacion que puedan darme.

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BB Bold :: Device Token Storage Exception Error Id 40670?

Jan 11, 2012

What does this mean and how do I fix it? Happens when I try and do anything in app world.

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BB Bold :: Error Code: "Device Token Storage Exception ((Error Id: 40670)"

Jan 11, 2012

I got a new BB Bold 9780. When I try and go into the App World and then into "My World", I get the following error code: "Device token storage exception ((Error Id: 40670)".

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BB Curve :: Facebook App - Unknown Error Or Login Expired

Mar 2, 2011

I downloaded the facebook for blackberry app on my curve. To get into this I click on applications then facebook I prefer to get into facebook this way rather than clicking on the globe. It then gives me the option to enter my facebook email address and password once I've done this I click on login. It very rarely lets me on a box keeps coming up saying unknown error or login expired. It occasionally lets me on after trying to log in about 50 times. I tried uninstalling the app and re-installing it but still no difference.

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BB Curve 83xx :: RSA Secure ID Token (work Email) On Phone?

Aug 31, 2008

I just got a blackberry curve 8330 and would like to set up my work e-mail on it.My company does not use an enterprise server but does use RSA's Secure ID. This is a special encryption that uses a constantly changing PIN to login - it changes about every minute.

RSA offers an application to be compatible with the 8300 & 8310, but it doesn't list my 8330 as being compatible. [Crackberry won't let me post the link since I'm new... just do a google search for "Blackberry curve RSA Secure ID" and it will be the first link - RSA Secure ID Token 3.0 for Blackberry]

My first question is how different are the curve operating systems? if I load this software what's the chance it's going to work for my 8330 vs what's the chance that it's going to totally screw things up?And if no one is sure of how compatible it will be, does anyone know of any other apps that would do the same thing?

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BB Curve :: Device Switch BBID Not Being Accepted?

Aug 30, 2012

So I had to replace my phone. I did a device switch using BB desktop. My BBID will not work. It will not even accept my ID as valid. This happened the last time I broke my phone too. I was not able to restore my ID then either and had to make a new one. I don't want to do that again. I'd acatually like to recover both so I can get all the apps I have paid for back...

Actually none of my emails work... they did when I first activated the phone, now nothing. Texts work but not any Email.

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Nokia :: 5800 How To Fix Expired Certificate Error

Oct 21, 2009

I Bought The Phone The Day Before Yesterday and tried to install the applicationbs which ver on the official site like drummer , touch piano but wen i install them it shows an error of expired certificate...that time i had firmware 30.0.011 then i upgraded it to 31.0.101,then i tried to install the applications still it showed the same error....... Expired Certificate......even i formatted my memory card and restored the factory settings non of the .sis applications have been installed

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Xseries :: Expired Certificate Error When Trying To Install?

Dec 5, 2011

I am getting "Expired Certificate" error when i try to install some applications..I changed my date to bef 1 yr and checked,it doesnt work..How to solve this issue?Which video player will support to play mp4 format.Because Nokia x6 will support mp4 format.

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Nokia Applications :: C5-00 Error: Application Expired?

Apr 1, 2012

I've a nokia C5-00. 2 days back it has a problem, due to which, it start connecting to the internet, and drain my prepaid account. I try to fix it by factory reset but to no avail so i hard reset my phone. After that phone working fine but when i open the "Quran" application, it gives an Application Expired error. All other application are working fine. I downloaded this application from nokia store it was free back then.

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Sony Ericsson :: Satio - Certificate Expired Error When Installing Third Party Software

Sep 22, 2010

I'm having problem with my Satio. I want to install some third party softwares on my mobile but when I tried to install sis and sisx format file, every time it shows error and error is "Certificate Expired".

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Nokia Nseries :: N95 'certificate Expired' Error Message, Do The Following:-Tools > Settings > General > Date And Time?

Apr 12, 2008

If, like myself, you've been having problems installing older apps to your phone, and get the 'certificate expired' error message, do the following:-Tools > Settings > General > Date and time. Change the year to 2006 or 2007. Install your app. Change the date back.Job done. Smart Movie is so much better than the built in Nokia rubbish Message Edited by dolph452 on 12-Apr-2008 10:34 AM

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Nokia :: Apps Not Installing Error Read "Expired Certificate"

May 29, 2009

I got a new Nokia 3250 two days ago. When i got it i loaded the battery and started the phone. I set the time and date correctly, and after that the phone started installing ~10 things, but almost every of them, all exept 2 failed and i got a error message saying "Expired certificate". After few minutes using the phone, i found the applications from Application Management. Now i have these applications(SISX-files) that say not installed and cannot be installed because of "Expired Certificate"BrowserNG, Disc, Feeds, ImageEditor, lifeblog_installer, SettingWizard, Snakes60, contactsgrp(This is a .sis), MMS_Sync_Support.

After that i tried taking an image with the phone. The camera worked just fine, after taking the image the picture i just shot is on the screen. Then when i go to the gallery, first when i select Images, i get a error message that says:"Gallery: Unable to execute file for security reasons" Then when i try to go to the Images again, it lets me in without a error message or anything. This happens to me everytime i go to to the Gallery. Then i cant open a single image, i always get "Image: Unable to execute file for security reasons" But I can see the thumbnails of the images at the gallery. I can't send a image with bluetooth or multimedia, i can recieve a image, if with multimedia message, i can see the thumbnail, but can't "click" it bigger. As a bluetooth, the image gets to my inbox but i cant open the message.

Somewhere, like in the Bluetooth options, where you have differend stances like bluetooth on and off, i see just a blank, white space. But i can change the options by Left select buttom and change.In the phone i have a 128 MB MicroSD, with does not have any switches whatsoever.I ignored the problems so far and started loading music to the phone, and when i selected a bunch of music ~50 MB, it says that the memorycard does not have space for the music. It had like 100 MB free. Then i started to put music in it one at a time and i got them all in, with space for more music. The software in the phone is outdated so i tried to update it, but when i downloaded the installer, i couldn't run it because i have Windows 7 as my operating system in my PC. I can't really use any other computer.

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Nokia :: Getting "expired Certificate" Error While Install

Jan 21, 2010

I'm getting "expired certificate" error while installing the apps in 5230 .Tried all the steps mentioned in the URL ...

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BB Torch :: Can't Login To BBID On Device

Nov 9, 2012

I cannot login to my BBID on my Torch 9860. I'm using the correct password and username, but I get a message saying "can't login to account". With the same username and password I can login to the account on my pc. I've changed the password several times, thinking I had forgotten it, but the result is the same every time.

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BB Torch :: BBID User Name Not Recognized

Nov 12, 2012

I'm trying to set up an additional e-mail address, but when I try to access the set up menu, the BB tells me my user name is not valid, and must be at least 4 characters long. The user name I have on record is my gmail address which is much more than 4 characters. How do I proceed to access the set up menu?

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BB Curve :: FaceBook Said Your Session Has Expired

Jun 2, 2012

I have a facebook account already set up for a while now. Now that facebook has the stay connected with your smartphone I have tried to connect my phone with facebook. I get a link sent immediately and everytime I try to install I get a message that reads your session has expired. This is within a few seconds of clicking on the link. I received this phone from my husband and believe it is already installed as I receive notifications from facebook on my blackberry but can not respond as I have to sign in. When I go to login, it will not allow me to. What the heck is with Blackberry or Facebook?

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BB Curve :: Get A Mail Saying That Link Has Expired

Jun 24, 2012

I created a blackberry ID a while ago but never verified the email. I now have a new phone and I want to get all my BB contacts from my old phone but it is not accepting my blackberry ID. I logged into my account and saw that the email was not verified. I tried ot verify the email, but everytime I get a mail saying that the link has expired.

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BB Pearl :: Error Message Message Expired By Service

Oct 23, 2008

I am trying to text one specific number and i keep recieveing this error message "Message Expired by Service". I am able to text to other numbers except this one. Anyone have any answers or know a way on how to fix this?

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BB Torch :: Unable To Reset BBID Password

Apr 1, 2008

I cannot receive the password recovery mail even i checked on the web mail server

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BB Bold :: 9900 Can't Log In To BBID Account From New Device

Apr 6, 2012

I recently changed my BlackBerry device and ever since, I have not been able to log in to my BlackBerry ID account from the new device (Bold 9900). I reset the password from my PC and used the new password on my new device and I keep getting the following message: "Unable to log in to your BlackBerry ID account" How can I fix this problem as I am not able to install any updates or install apps from BlackBerry App World.

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BB Torch :: BBID User Authentication Required

Jun 13, 2012

In March I was asked to validate my credentials, so I clicked on the link and it took me through to the Verify Blackberry ID page.I changed my email address as I had just got married. However it defaults to my old email address. I change it to my new email address and password but it says 'unable to log in at this time' I can log on through the PC as my new email address and password. It doesnt even recongise my old email address - but always defaults to it on the verify page.

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BB Bold :: 9900 Unable To Get Past Bbid Logon

Apr 18, 2012

Orange sent me a new sim as I've had issues with reception received new sim, put in my phone monday (16/4) when I was advised it will be activated.When I try to enter my logon and password to the BBID screen that comes up, nothing happens.I get a please wait message, nothing further happens.Called orange who were pretty much useless, told me to wait until 8pm last night (17/4) as my new sim should be activated with blackberry by then.I've tried removing battery & removing sim various times for various amounts of I still cannot get into my phone, my BBID is def correct.Really do not want to wipe my phone and start all over.

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Nokia :: Warranty Is Expired

Feb 18, 2009

I have purchased my phone last year on 7th april. I went to NSC to repair my phone but they are claiming that the warranty is expired on 26th jan 2009! What should i do now?

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Nokia :: E61 Certificate Expired?

Jan 21, 2007

On E61, I just updated my phone software, and now when I'm downloading a Symbian app from another vendor I get a msg that "Certificate Expired". Whose certificate, and what can I do about it? I've already accepted installation of all signed apps. Thanks

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Nokia :: E71 Expired Certificate With Theme

Feb 25, 2009

I Just used new Nokia E71.However when install Theme for my phone, it always failed.It showed on screen "Expired Certificate".Pls kindly help to solve this problem.

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Nokia :: License Of Connect Expired - E72

Apr 9, 2010

when ever i try to browes or go to OVI Store i am getting license fo connect expired. But i am able to get mails!

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Nokia :: Licence Expired On Maps 3.0

Feb 2, 2010

I have a 5800 and have successfully updated the firmware to v31.0.101 and installed maps version 3.01, but I cannot get the free navigation to work. I have the latests maps using map loader, but every time I try and start it navigating it tells me that my license has expired. In Shops & Licences/My Licences all that is listed is 'Drive Europe - Expired on 26/10/2009'.

Shouldn't Nokia Maps 3 be free?Is there a license code I can input manually to get free drive and walk navigation? Every time I try update (in Shops & Licences/My Licences) it says that there are no updates available.

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Nokia :: Expired Certificate On 5800

Feb 5, 2009

Just bought a Nokia 5800 XM and faced with problem, all applications I'm trying to install except Handy Taskman warns me about expired certificate. My colleague also bought it this morning and don't have such problems.

Nokia 5800 Xpress Music + 8 Gb Nokia microSD class 6

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Xperia X10 :: WisePilot Is Expired After Upgraded To 2.1?

Nov 9, 2010

After I upgraded to 2.1, my wisepilot is expired (it might be a coincidence). However, as someone stated before, default apps are there to stay. So I have an app that's hogging up my phone memory which I don't use? I cannot use it unless I have a valid voucher, or even if I don't use it, there's no way for me to remove it...This is just one out of so many "default apps" that it comes with.

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