BB Bold :: 9780 Cannot Receive/send Email After Security Wipe

Dec 5, 2011

I cannot receive/send email after perform the security wipe and retore my back up.Below is the step I have done:

1. Perform a complete back up using Blackberry Desktop Software.

2. Perform security wipe manually on the phone via Options > Security > Security Wipe.

3. After wiped, I using Blackberry Desktop Software to restore my backed up data.

4. Starting from now, i can't send/receive emails.

I have try go to Setup > Email Accounts > click into Internet Mail Account, but it bound back to the Setup page. Then i try Message icon > Options > Email Account Management, it prompt up "Unable to open email setup application. Contact your wireless service provider" message. May I khow what happen to my blackberry?

Below is my blackberry configuration:

Vendor ID: 609
App Version:

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BB Bold :: No Email Inbox Showing After Security Wipe - 9780?

Dec 23, 2011

I've searched every forums and search engine for this, but cannont pin point my exact problem...I bought a 9780 yesterday, everything was fine, i set up my emails etc... everything worked.THEN... i stupidly security waped the phone this when things changed.Once the phone came back on i re-configured my email accounts, but now when i go onto my emails i see no inbox folder or emails what was there previouslyALTHOUGH i can send and recieve emails, but these come in list format...Ive made sure and uncheak the hide folder and sent numerous service book requests (these come through...)

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BB Bold :: 9780 Won't Send Or Receive Email

Jan 28, 2012

ever since I wiped data from it, I haven't been able to send or receive emails on my Bold 9780. I just keep getting an error message saying sorry unable to continue your session

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BB Bold :: Done A Security Wipe And Now Can't Set Up Email?

May 20, 2012

I did a security wipe on my Blackberry Bold 9900. I have managed to restore everything, however I cannot seem to set up my email address (which is a Yahoo address). I keep getting the error message that it has not been possible to connect to the server.

I have also foun a problem with my BBM, I am able to send messages, but no one can send any to me. This problem has also come about after the security wipe.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Will Be Able To Email After Security Wipe?

Aug 23, 2010

I want to wipe my device because it won't let me delete the previous email addresses that were added by the user.I got this blackberry from ebay and I dont know if i'll have problems emailing if i do a complete wipe of the device?

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BB Bold :: 9780 Cannot Send Or Receive SMS

Jan 3, 2012

I just got Bold 9780 last week, and everything is working perfectly except SMS. I can't send or receive sms on the phone, I have called my service provider and they said nothing is wrong with my line. Is there anything I can do.

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BB Bold :: 9780 Inbox Icon Has Disappeared / Can't Send Or Receive Messages

Aug 23, 2011

Ive recently bought the bb bold 9780, it was working fine the first week. Now all of a sudden, when i switch the phone on, java script error msg's appear, also which is most frustrating,, my inbox icon has disappeared & i cant send or receive messages. I've even taken it to an o2 guru, they were baffled an hadnt seen it before.

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BB Curve :: Set Up Email After A Security Wipe?

Nov 30, 2011

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to set up email after a security wipe. I am trying to set it up through the set up wizard but when I click on email accounts my blackberry freezes and I am then required to do a battery pull.

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BB Bold :: 9780 Unable To Receive An Email?

Oct 11, 2012

BOLD 9780 -can send email, however not receiving?

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BB Storm 9500 :: Security Wipe / Email

Aug 3, 2010

I just bought a Storm, second hand, and the Security Wipe had been performed. Everything works great, except I cannot get it to recognize my email settings. I have set up several phones in the past without any problems, and am using the same settings I have always used, yet it will not recognize them. Is this due to the Wipe that was performed?

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BB Torch :: Setup My Email After A Security Wipe?

Aug 30, 2011

i recently did a security wipe on my phone and can no longer use my email accounts. i can only read but can reply to them, and it doesnt let me see which account the message is from (i have 3 different accounts). when i go to setup email account my phone freezes

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BB Software :: Get Email Up And Running After It Has Had A Security Wipe?

Nov 3, 2011

How do I get my email up and running after my mobile has had a security wipe? When I go to email setup it is only giving me the option I want to use a work email account with a blackberry enterprise server, not the two options including I want to add or create a email account.

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BB Bold 9000 :: Anyone Used Security Wipe Option?

Jan 3, 2010

Does it do the same thing as say, jlcmdr? Upgrades would be a lot easier if I could do half the work on the phone itself.

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BB Bold :: White Screen After Security Wipe?

Jan 27, 2012

My BlackBerry Bold 9900 has been giving me some problems lately, so I backed up all my data and attempted a security wipe.

After erasing all the contents, my phone's screen just turned white without any error message.

Even after performing a hard reset, my phone still turns white.

how can I restore my phone back?

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BB Bold :: 9650 Keeps Hanging Even After Security Wipe?

Sep 30, 2011

Before I start, I want you to know a few things about me. I am an IT Professional with lots of experience so please note that I am not a novince when replying to this message. I have the following certifications:Microsoft Certified IT Professional (Windows 7, Server 2008, Exchange 2007)Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA),MCDST, MCSE, Network +, Security + That said, my loyal Bold 9650 keeps hanging. I first went to 'Options' and did security wipe after backing it up. the same issue persist. I did this again for like four times but still the same thing. Then I proceeded and used BBSAK to do a complete device wipe and the problem persists. Usually the phone behaves well after the OS is installed but shortly after then, the same problem surfaces again even before connecting my BIS data.The OS installed on it is 6.0 Bundle 3084 (v6.0.0.719, Platform

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BB Bold :: 9790 - Lost Some Options After Security Wipe

Aug 14, 2012

I've accidentally wiped my brand new Bold 9790 by a mistake after 10 times password try.It seems that I have lost lots of things on it which I cannot remember all of them, but at least I can remember I had "Advanced system setting" or something like that, and "BlackBerry Device Analyzer" and as far as I know two different part for checking Battery status. What should I do to or what I have to do to restore them or to get these back? I also wonder where I can see what I had at the beginning in all tabs and menus and in each part?

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BB Bold :: Security Wipe Deleted All Apps History?

May 22, 2012

I have a bold 9700 and recently it got really really REALLY slow, to the point where out of blind frustration i went to the options screen and did a security wipe for all third party apps, i thought it would just deleted them from my phone but it deleted all my app history from app world aswell meaning i cant reinstall any of them.

I paid for quite a few apps including Shazam Encore and Bejoose that i really dont want to have to pay for again, is there any way i could get them back?

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BB Bold :: Using Master Reset To Wipe 9780

Jun 28, 2011

If I am to do a master reset wherein it will delete my emails, contacts, messages, third party apps and memory card data and restore my blackberry to factory settings, will it also change my phone from being unlocked to a locked phone again?

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BB Bold :: 9780 : Preform A Factory Reset Or Wipe?

Oct 3, 2011

How can I preform a factory reset or wipe? My bold intermittently has cell coverage and hoping that restoring to factory defaults will fix issue.

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BB Bold :: Can Receive Email But Not Send?

Apr 20, 2012

downloaded new BB desktop software for mac and since synching the phone, have been unable to send emails from the phone, only receive. can use BB messenger no problem

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BB Bold :: Cannot Send Or Receive Email

Jul 5, 2012

After a year and a half of use, my BB 9650 has not been receiving or sending email for 3 weeks.When I try to send email, the message displays the error "User account is in SUSPENDED mode"Tried accessing email settings - got the message "Your device is not registered. Go to Options > Settings Advanced Options Host Routing Table"When I do, I do see the Registration message in the message list, but still cannot send or receive email.I've also noticed a new icon a few times, and when I open I see a message "Regenerating encryption keys" - this process always times out and says there's an issue connecting with the server.I do not have an issue accessing the internet, using the Facebook application, phone calls, texts, etc.How I've tried to fix:Reboot - both by battery and then removing battery and SIM cardcalled my wireless provider and they confirmed Blackberry Internet Service is on - that it's an issue with the device (which they did not provide and do not support)Downloaded and updated Desktop softwareupdated device software to

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BB Bold :: Can Send But Not Receive Email On 9930

Sep 20, 2012

I have two eamil accounts on my BB. A gmail account and a business email. Gmail is fine. Business address can send but hasn't received for the last 8 hours. Did the service books thing, pulled the battery 3 times, looked at all kinds of forums etc, and still nothing.

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BB Bold :: Can't Send Or Receive Email On One Out Of Two Account

May 17, 2012

My BlackBerry 9900 has suddenly stopped receiving emails which are diverted from my office, I also can't send emails from that address. Another email account is working absolutely fine.

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BB Bold :: Can't Change Email Or Receive And Send Them

Aug 7, 2012

I switched from a BlackBerry Curve 9300 to BlackBerry Bold 9900 using the BlackBerry Desktop Software and for some strange reason I can't receive or send E-mails or even change the E-mail Address. I try going on 'Setup E-mail Accounts' but it won't open E-mail Accounts no matter how many times I click on it. I have tried restarting but it won't work.

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BB Bold 9000 :: Cannot Send And Receive Email & PIN Messages

Jan 10, 2010

Rogers Blackberry technical support has tried everything and they are now telling me it's a hardware issue, and I need to pay full price for a new phone because my warranty has expired. I don't think it's a hardware issue. I will explain. A few days ago I installed Blackberry Desktop Manager 5.0.1 on my new computer. After connecting the Bold to my new computer, Blackberry Desktop Manager stated that a few of my applications are old and upgrades are recommended and therefore I upgraded. One of these upgrades included an upgrade to my operating system (to version

After installing and re-booting, the smartphone did not work the same. I was able to use the phone, text message, and internet (rogers mall website directly and not search engine like before) but I could no longer set up e-mail, and PIN messages. I contacted Rogers Blackberry technical customer and we re-boot several times...did not work, then re-installed the operating system several times...did not work. I also checked Host Routing Table, and it was empty (as per technical support there should be a log of files). I tried to register and nothing changed. The only other change that I noticed is next to the 3G characters, there used to be a blackberry logo (4 dots), and now it's gone. I only see 3G.

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BB Bold :: Can Now Receive Email, But Cannot Send / Reply To Emails

Jan 5, 2012

I recently received a replacement Bold 9700. I have restored my previous phone's info that was backed up before.

I can now receive email, but I cannot send / reply to emails. The only option I get is to "Save Draft".

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BB Bold :: Possible To Receive / Reply But Impossible To Send New Email

Nov 15, 2012

I can receive and answer emails, but I just can't write and send a new one... None of my email addresses works.

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BB Bold :: Take Out A General Security On 9780?

Nov 8, 2011

how can i take out a general security on my bold 9780

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BB Bold 9650 :: Compose / Send / Receive Email / Can't Seem To REPLY To Messages

Jul 29, 2010

I have run into a massive problem with my BB email.I can compose/send and receive email pushed to my phone but I cannot seem to REPLY to messages by hitting reply. Instead I receive an error saying that I can only compose a draft. Now this only happens when I am replying to an already pushed email. I have already tried resending service books and resending HRT.

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BB Bold :: 9780 Stuck On Security Software Verification?

Aug 6, 2012

only got the phone today.. and wanna try sort it myself because i got into O2!! its stuck on Security Software Verification and Now Permanent Frozen and i cant do anything wiv it... ive tried over and over again turning it on a off, updateing the os, backing it up, desktop software and desktop manager.

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IPhone Can't Receive Email To Reset Security Questions And Answers

Jun 25, 2014

Why is it that I can't receive the email to reset my security questions and answers.. My email information is all accurate but I'm not receiving the email and I've even checked spam and junk folders..

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