BB Bold 9000 :: How To Get Work BB To Bypass Work Internet Censor Policy?

Mar 2, 2010

work just implemented a new censoring program that blocks sites like Internet and facebook. now i can't access those sites through the bb browser. is there any way to bypass going through work's censors and just get content directly from the web?

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BB Bold 9000 :: Clear IT Policy / Error On Policy File

Aug 26, 2010

I needed to clear the IT policy from my BB Bold. I followed the instructions:
- backup
- wipe handheld
- replace policy.bin file
- restore
The phone works just fine. The policy appears to be gone, and I can set the security options as I want. However, when I start my Blackberry Desktop, I get an error saying "error reading policy file. Please contact your Administrator". Any idea what the issue is and how to correct it?

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Motorola Droid X2 :: Wifi Sleep Policy Doesn't Work

Oct 16, 2011

I like to keep wifi active all the time when at home. So, I set the wifi sleep policy to NEVER (advanced wifi option) but...when the screen goes dark, my wifi immediately disconnects. I confirmed this by pinging the ip address of my Droid x2 from a computer. When the screen is lit the wifi goes active and I get a reply to the pings. When the screen goes dark after the 30 sec screen timeout, the pings no longer work, and I am no longer connected via wifi or 3g. In fact, there is no data connection at all.

I even tried the other wifi sleep policy settings, but they don't seem to change a thing. Bottom line is when I am connected to wifi and the screen goes dark, I loose all data connectivity & loose the ability to receive gmail and Touchdown email notifications.

I just recevice the X2, upgraded from the Droid X. I used to have a Droid X and the "never" sleep policy option worked just perfectly. Why is it not working on the X2? I am running 2.3.4.

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BB Bold 9000 :: Https Email Or VPN For Work

Jul 16, 2010

my company changed their web email, it used to be http://owa.XXX.XX.XX/exchange which used to work fine for me, as I used to set up my email for blackberry using it. on my home computer, in order to access it using Microsoft outlook or any other Email software, I have to be logged in VPN before using the software to check my emails, thus the POP3 and SMTP will only work if VPN is connected.

now they changed the web email to : https://owa.XXX.XX.XX/owa which if you notice, starts with https, my problem is, blackberry is not accepting it. VPN I have a profile on my computer i am not sure how i can import it, and I am travelling tomorrow and the Staff Support in our company is closed for the weekend, anyone have a solution for this will be really really helping me a lot,
Thanks a lot for your support in advance.

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BB Bold :: Protect Doesn't Work In 9000?

May 4, 2011

After make the download and installation of Blackberry Protect on my Bold 9000 i received the follow messege:Smartphones that uses Enterprise Server doesn't have compatibility with Blackberry Protect.

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BB Bold :: 9000 Wifi Doesn't Seem To Work

Sep 19, 2011

Just bought an unlocked Blackberry Bold 9000 the wifi doesn't seem to work. I can connect to wifi hotspots but I can't access the internet at all it is always "unable to connect to the internet" What should I do to get this to work? I know I can connect to routers, my internet just refuses to work though.I don't have a data plan, does that mean I can't use my WiFi? My OS is 5.2

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Motorola Atrix :: Wifi Sleep Policy Simply Doesn't Work

Oct 3, 2011

I have set my Wifi Sleep Policy to "Never", because i like to strem my music with DLNA App to my HiFi, and i'm also downloading with Torrent App some TV Shows.Music Streamin works fine with Original DLNA app from Atrix, but only until the Display turns off. Then it stoped everything.I also set DLNA to never sleep and i also tried Battery set to "Performace". It simply doesn't work.With Torrent app from the Market also the same problem. I tried several apps. After the display is turned off there are no transfers.I own also Samsung Galaxy Tablet. With this device i don't have any of these problems.The funny thing is that the original DLNA app from Atrix simply don't stream the music after the display turnes off.

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BB Bold 9000 :: Some Websites Not Even Work / Where Can I Download Add Ons For Fire Fox

Jul 6, 2010

I have a Bold 9000, and some websites don't even work when I'm browsing. I'm assuming it's because they have javascript, flash, or whatever. Also, some pages I browse tell me I'm using an old browser and should update to a newer one. Right now, the "support javascript" and all those boxes are checked. I'm using Firefox. Are there better mini browsers to use? Where can I download the add-ons like javascript and such?

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BB Bold :: 9000 Won't Work Anymore - Red Light Keeps Flashing

Jul 7, 2011

Yesterday, my BB stopped working, so I took out my battery, in order to make it start again, which it didn't. The screen stays black and the red light keeps flashing, always 4 times, then a few seconds pass by and then it flashes once again 4 times and again and again...

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BB Bold 9000 :: Can't Sync With Work Outlook Email And Calendar

Jun 2, 2010

I just got a new crackberry and found out that I can't sync with my work outlook email and calendar b/c it's on an exchange server. Is there a way around this?

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BB Bold 9000 :: Phone Stopped Working - New Charging Dock Will Work?

Aug 14, 2010

My bold stopped working a few weeks ago, At first i thought it was the battery, Bought a new battery nothing happened. Next i thought it was the Charger, Bought a new one still nothing happened . Someone told me that the USB port was probably broken, And i can't get it fixed by tmobile cause the bold is a AT&T Phone . So a friend of mine told me to buy a charger dock on Amazon/Ebay , And the Phone will charge i just won't be able to put stuff on my phone through my Computer . Can anyone clarify that if i buy the dock it will work?, Also if it doesnt work at this point what should i do?

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BB Bold 9000 :: App World And Browser Doesn't Work Unless Use Home Connection

Feb 20, 2010

I have a problem,BlackBerry Bold 9000
Carrier is AT&T

I have no connection on blackberry app World or any of the blackberry apps or my e-mail, I can use MEdia net browser to connect to the internet it works fine, I can us Wi-Fi and everything work fine. Myspace or Facebook or any apps don't work unless i use my home Wi-Fi. I talk to AT&T and they said my internet was working fine.

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BB Bold 9000 :: Remove IT Policy BOLD

Feb 13, 2010

I have searched the posts and see how to remove this on other model BB's but will installing the POLICY.BIN file remove the IT policy on a BOLD 9000? I just purchased this phone off ebay and its got a dumb policy on it that i need to remove..

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BB Bold 9000 :: Dropped Bold Won't Work

Feb 2, 2010

I dropped my berry on the floor with carpet and now it wont work any suggestions? Or is it screwed?

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BB Bold :: Internet And Email Don't Work

Jan 15, 2012

Neither Verizon nor Numericable, my provider in France, seem to be able to offer any tech support beyond telling me to pull the battery, toggle connections on and off, etc. I am not a techie by any stretch of the imagination, so I probably won't understand any jargon or acronyms you use in your replies, and will similarly need more detailed instructions on how to access things within my device (e.g., "just go to the host routing table!" won't mean anything to me).

1. I have a Verizon branded Bold 9650. I have unlocked it so that it is able to make/receive phone calls and texts by having Verizon provide me with the MEP code.

2. I have an unlimited data and Blackberry internet plan with Numericable, who contracts their 3G service through Bouygues. I am 100% sure of my plan, but whenever I try to open my browser, it tells me that "Browsing over the cellular network is not included as part of your current service plan. To browse the web you must use Wifi or contact your service provider to change your service plan".

3. I plan to crosspost this on the Blackberry France forums and the Crackberry forums. I hope this isn't bad manners, but I just want to get this resolved as soon as possible.

4. I have browsed other solutions but a lot of them seem to require a Windows computer to connect the Blackberry to. I unfortunately only have a Mac.

5. I've been waiting for over a week for something to change - Numericable at first told me that 'it takes 5 days to register on the network' and then to await a call from tech support that never came.

6. I would ideally like to be able to use this phone whenever I go back to the States in 7 months, so I don't want to mod it in an way that makes it permanently unusable on the Verizon network.

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BB Bold :: Cannot Get The Internet Service To Work?

Oct 17, 2012

I bought a BB Bold 9700 from eBay, and I cannot get the BB internet service to work.
I do have a data plan that works with BIS. Before this i used this sim with an Android phone, hat worked just fine.And I have tried this sim on an Curve 8320, and on this one works just fine.I use a prepay card from Vodafone DE.I called the customer service from Vodafone and they've told me that it takes 3 days to activate this service (even though it worked on the 8320 imediatly).The 3 days have past, and nothing.A guy from a Vodafone shop in Germany, told me that the phone has been pre-registered before by someone else, and that I should contact Blackberry Support, but this guy didn't seem to know what is talking about.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Configuring Internet Access Could Not Work

Aug 13, 2010

I have a problem with a new blackberry bold 9700 i have just bought. I live in bolivia and i purchased this phone, asked in the store if it is compatible with my network etc and we tested with my sim. It worked fine for calls and got a 3g signal.When i returned home I tried configuring the internet access andn could not get this to work. So today i took it to my provider and asked a tech to configure and he said that i must first buy a "plan blackberry" for it to work - ok i said ad went to change my plan to plan blackberry - but after i had this the tried to set it up and then tell me that the phone is locked to only use at & t blackberry service.
So my questions are ..

1. - is this true?
2. can i unlock this somehow?

seems unfair that i have paid full price for a phone that is tied to a network that doesn't exist in my country - it was imported legally - if i cannot change it.

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BB Software :: Internet In Bold 9790 Doesn't Work

Mar 5, 2012

I have a BlackBerry® Internet Service in my plan. Internet doesn't work even though blackberry messenger, maps and apps work well. T-mobile is my service provider.

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BB Bold :: 9700 Internet Doesn't Work On Wifi?

May 11, 2012

i bought the bold 9700 today. As i succesfully connect to my wifi and type in an adress, i get this error "Unable to find the requested server"P.S: i have no data plan yet.

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BB Bold :: 9700 Internet Browser Doesn't Work After OS6 Update

May 20, 2011

After the update to OS6 my browser wont works...i get the blue bar in the bottom blocked saying "request in progress".The curious thing that BROWSER WORKS FINE ONLY IF I SELECT 2G CONNECTION... NO WAY WITH 3G.All other apps works perfectly after the upadate to OS6: facebook, windows live messenger, emails push, beweather, google maps, poynt and so on...

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BB Bold 9000 :: Want To Setup Personal Email But Option Only Available For Work Email

Jul 14, 2010

I need some help setting up my Blackberry Bold 9000. I bought it off of Ebay and I have already wiped with memory. I need help setting up my email account and all of that stuff. When i try to set up a personal email address the only option I get is for setting up a Work email. This is what it says "I want to use a work email account with a BLackberry Enterprise Server"

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BB Bold 9000 :: Unable To Access Work Email Through Outlook Web Access

Feb 21, 2010

I keep getting an error stating; "Unable to add account. Please check your information and try again."Now, I'm not sure what my Mailbox name is.I was told to log in on my computer's browser to my work email via Outlook Web Access and put the cursor over the inbox to read the name on the bottom of the screen.This is all it reads: "https://webmail.(companyname).com/owa/#. What do I use for the mailbox name?

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BB Software :: Can't Seem To Get The Internet Or Any Other Internet Related Services On It To Work

Aug 13, 2010

i got a blackberry storm which was initially locked to vodaphone, but its been unlocked and is working fine but i cant seem to get the internet or any other internet related services on the phone to work.

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BB Bold 9000 :: Bold 9000 Not Connecting To Internet

Jan 26, 2010

I have a bold 9000 and I can not connect to the internet. Carrier is AT&T and I live in the North East (NYC area). Worked fine up until yesterday (Jan 25). Now gmail, facebook, browser - none work. I've tried the battery pull, turning on/off the network, run a diagnostic test from mobile network options. In the mobile network test i get the volling anomolies "Blackberry PIN-PIN: No" and it says can't connect to my email (gmail).

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IPhone :: 4.0 Internet Sharing Bypass.

Aug 7, 2010

So on the 4.0 OS, it comes with internet sharing but when he attempts to turn it on, it says to contact at.has there been any hack to bypass that "contact" at so that he can tether it.

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BB Curve :: Can't Get The Internet To Work

Jun 21, 2011

I got my new blackberry today after my previous one had software problems and even with the same contract i can't get my internet to work, its says "This is a wif-fi service.please ensure your device has an active wi-fi connection and try again." After checking the "manage connections" option it said my wif-fi was on but instead of having the usual tick it had this symbol "-"

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BB Curve :: Internet Won't Work

Jun 23, 2012

I'm having problems using the internet on my balckberry. I bought it unlocked and switched networks recently. It was working fine, then I went abroad and when I came home the internet won't work. I contacted my service provider and they said I needed to contact Blackberry support and request that they unblock my blackberry.

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BB Software :: Cannot Get Internet To Work

Dec 9, 2011

I have a blackberry storm 2 that was originally on a verizon network here in the US. It is now unlocked and I am using tmobile. My plan allows me unlimited internet, but this is not the blackberry plan. So simple browsing should work.

Unfortunately even after calling tmobile I cannot get the internet to work on my phone. Everytime I try to connect to the net I get this message " This is a wifi service . ensure your device has an active wifi connection and try again. "

I was given a bunch of settings , restarted the phone , and was eventually told to go to the advanced options , browser and change the default setting of hotspot browser. For some odd reason I cannot change it to anything, it remains stuck on hotspot browser with no other option. As mentioned earlier while I do not have a blackberry plan , i do have unlimited web browsing , which I cannot perform from my phone.

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BB Software :: Internet Will Not Work?

Dec 1, 2010

When I go to my browser and type something in.. Or anything that needs to be connected to the internet.. It says I must be in wifi. I don't have wifi where I am and my daughter has a BB too and she is able to connect to the internet without being in wifi.How can I change the settings so I don't need to be in wifi to access my browser?

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IPhone :: 3g Internet Work ?

Mar 14, 2012

i have just brought iphone 3g unlocked and i have a virgin sim card that has unlimited data. will my internet still work ok?

iPhone 3G

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BB Curve :: Bbm And Internet Won't Work Properly

Aug 27, 2011

i just bought my blackberry curve the other week and my bbm wont work. when i add people it says there pending but they dont recieve a request and the same happens when they add me?anyone else had this problem?Also my phone automatically takes a daily rate for the internet even when im connected to the wifi. is there anyway i can stop it taking my credit everyday unless i give it permission outside the wifi area?and when i try and use the internet outside my wifi the internet access is very limited i cant use facebook or pages similar?

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