Samsung :: SCH-U450 Mobile Web On Page Plus?

Apr 18, 2010

I have been using the voice and messaging features of my Verizon Wireless Prepaid Samsung Intensity (Samsung SCH-U450) on the PagePlus network for quite some time. I have been unable to get the mobile web feature working though. When I try to access the mobile web, it takes me to the page wanting me to pay 1.99 to verizon for one day's usage. This of course doesn't work.

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Samsung :: Able To Use Mobile Email Feature / If Its On Page Plus?

May 4, 2010

are you able to use the Mobile email feature if its on page plus? it does not work for me.

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Samsung :: SCH U450 - Trying To Add Music But Getting Error

Mar 19, 2010

I can get my Samsung to appear in rhythm box but not in my desktop and in rhythm box. I get an error when trying to add music.

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Samsung :: U450 - Getting Firmware From Service Provider?

May 20, 2010

I need firmware and dll to my U450 from verizon.

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Samsung :: Intensity (u450) Mp3 Player Cant Access ALL Music

Feb 3, 2010

I formatted, then put a couple of songs on it to test it out. The phone recognized and played them, so then I added the rest of my music to the memory card. There's about 14 gb on the card now, so it's almost full. The phone also accurately tells me that there's about 14gb of the memory card that's occupied. BUT The music player now only puts a small portion of all those songs into its playlist, I would say it only plays about 2 gb out of the total 14 gb. I also cannot choose which songs get put on the playlist. I am on Telus, NOT Verizon, by the way. Why can't I access ALL my music in the music player?
Is there a maximum to the number of songs in the mp3 playlist that I wasn't aware of? Did I buy the wrong memory card?

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Samsung :: Intensity U450 - Stuck In A Reboot Cycle

Feb 15, 2010

Have tried holding various keys in an attempt to access a BIOS screen or some such thing to no avail (why aren't cell phones more like computers?). As for how my phone got to this state...

-I wanted to add custom ring tones to my recently purchased Samsung Intensity but found that texting them to myself via led to a significant decrease in quality and the costs would quickly add up as I attempted to fix the issue by editing the sound files in Audacity and texting newer versions to my phone

-To get around using, I found a method of putting the files directly on the phone by installing the phones drivers to my computer using Samsung PC Studio 3 and moving them directly to the phone using Qualcomm Product Support Tools. The method is copy+pasted below for reference

-After a while I got the ring tone to how I wanted it and went to delete the experimentation files on the phone. I had done this in the past through the phone's interface without issue (though an attempted file rename had caused a quick freeze which was solved by removing and replacing the battery), but this time it froze when attempting to delete the final file

-The phone would not respond to any keypad presses including the power button, so I chose to restart the phone by removing and putting back in the battery

-The phone will no longer pass the "Verizon Wireless" screen and reboots after hanging on that screen for ~7 seconds

Pasted below is the complete method I used to transfer the files for reference. Other smarter methods may exist, but given the issue I had with, my lack of a mircoSD card, and my desire to avoid media messaging charges I elected to go with this method. Credit goes to ch from the Mobiledia forums for figuring this out and typing this up. It works beautifully aside from the issue I have had. I suggest that anyone who chooses to use it remove sound files from the phone only through QPST and not through the phone's interface.

Software required:
1.Samsung PC Studio
2. QPST (Or other software to allow you to browse the phone's file system)

1. Install Samsung PC Studio (Will only be used to install drivers for the intensity)
2. Change USB Port Map to "Modem" on your phone
a. Go to Settings & Tools > Phone Info > and then press the # button.
b. Enter 000000 for the lock code.
c. Select option 2 "Port Map"
d. Select option 4 "USB"
e. Select option 4 "Modem"
3. Plug phone into usb port.
4. Go to device manager and install drivers for the unidentified devices
a. The drivers will be located in C:Program Files SamsungSamsung PC Studio 3
5. Start QPST EFS Explorer
6. Browse to brewmodmr on the phone
7. Delete MrInfo.db
8. Drag and drop your mp3 ringtone files into this directory
9. Restart the phone.
10. A new MrInfo.db file will be created. Copy it to your desktop.
11. Edit the file with notepad. You should see an entry for each sound file in the directory, followed by |0|0 or something like that. For the first file change the second 0 to a 2. For the next file change that same zero to a 3, and so on. I guess the second zero just needs to be a 2, 3, or 4.
12. Copy MrInfo.db back to the phone in same directory.
13. Reboot the phone and your mp3 will show up under the "My Ringtones" menu.

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Samsung :: Restart Loop Sch U450 - Reformat The Phone?

Apr 29, 2010

I have a samsung Intensity (sch-u450) which recently entered a never-ending reboot loop. I've tried taking out the battery for a while, then starting it again to no avail. I'm not sure what could have caused this since, as far as I know, nothing changed from the last time the phone restarted. Is there any way I can basically reformat the phone (or fix the restart loop)?

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Samsung :: Rant M540 / WAP Setting For Page Plus

Feb 6, 2010

What the heck is the phone working fine but i cant get the browser to work or picture message.Help.need setting.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Can't Get Past Splash Page

Mar 19, 2012

For reasons unknown, after shutting off my phone (I suppose it was a forced shutoff, since the webpage I was viewing had frozen), my Galaxy SII now refuses to go past the splash page/start-up screen, that says "SAMSUNG GALAXY SII". The text will display for about 5 seconds, then the screen will go black for about five seconds, then it will redisplay the text for five seconds, in a never-ending loop.

The phone will charge, and if I turn it off then plug it in I get the standard picture of a charging battery. If I plug the phone in my laptop, the laptop does not recognize that it is plugged in, though the phone does charge.

I've tried getting access to the recovery menu, but I can't seem to get to it - once I push the power button, it enters the splash page loop. The only thing that will end the loop is removing the battery.

I have no idea what I've done to force it into this loop, but it's extremely inconvenient.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Keep Getting The Network Page Coming Up?

Jul 21, 2011

When I try to connect to my favs through Opera mobile I just keep getting the Network Problem page coming up.Anything I can do to fix this please?

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Galaxy S6 :: Set Start Page In Samsung Internet Browser

Jan 15, 2016

Is there a way to set the start page in the default Internet browser on a SM-G920T phone?

Whenever I exit the app and re-launch, it restores the previous session (i.e., it reloads the last page viewed).

I'd like it to always start on the page I've defined as my home page.

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Samsung :: Tether With Renown U810 - Version Page

Jan 15, 2010

Is it possible to tether this phone. I have seen where people are removing the dun in the verizon address in the phone settings. Is this possible if so can someone tell me how. I have connect via bluetooth but it goes straight to the verizon page only.

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Samsung :: R410 - Not Able To Login / Go Button Loading Same Page Again

Feb 19, 2010

I'm trying to log in to using my R410. The page loads just fine (I'm actually quite impressed with the speed) but after I type my username and pass and click the "go" button it will load then bring me to the same page as if I never typed in my login info! I figure maybe there are some setting somewhere I can change?

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Samsung :: Omnia I910 - Setting New Accounts With Page Plus

Jul 15, 2010

My wife I and I just receive brand new Verizon sealed in the box Samsung Omnia I910 phones [1 each]. After several years with Verizon we are really excited about starting new accounts with Page Plus. Can someone here help us set up these phones or at least point us in the right direction. We know next to nothing in this area. I am fairly good at building and servicing computers, but I have never done anything on a phone.

Here are some of my questions:
1. Can we get the GPS to work with Page plus on this Samsung Omnia I910? And if yes, how?
2. Can we get the Internet to work with Page plus on this Samsung Omnia I910? And if yes, how?
3. Can we get at least one of our Verizon phone numbers transferred over to Page Plus, and if yes, how?
4. Should we update our OS [I think it is Windows 6.1 Mobile Pro] and if so, how?
5. How do you recommend we set up this phone? Are there like any special tweaks or mods that are cool yet do not alter the stability of the phone?
6. Is Windows Mobile Pro 6.1 any good [we both had Windows Mobile 5 on our VX 6700's and it was ok, but often very slow and crashed a lot too at times]?
7. Could you please be nice to us [it is our very first time here and we are totally excited about setting these new Samsung Omnia i-910's up right the first time.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Display Calendar On Home Page?

Mar 18, 2012

Can anyone suggest a way of showing my appointments on the first home page of my Samsung Galaxy 11?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Within Applications Screen Move App From One Page To Another

Jun 26, 2011

Within the Applications screens the app installed show on the sequence that they are instaled.Is there a way to organize them by moving between pages?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Slow To Return To Home Page?

Jun 9, 2011

i've had my S2 for about a month now and have noticed over the last week , how slow it is to return to the home page. This is returning from anything whether that be from an application or messaging or just going into the settings. I've timed it today and it takes 7 seconds to return. It doesnt matter whether i use the home button or use the back button , it still takes ages. When moving between other screens, the phone is its normal fast speed its just when it returns back to the home page.

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Samsung :: M550 Trying To Flash To Page Plus Phone Says Digital Roaming

Apr 20, 2010

I have Samsung M550 from Sprint and trying to flash to Page Plus. Everything is good, then i'm at PRL file, and when i do, phone says "Digital Roaming" Has anyone flashed this phone from Sprint to Page Plus and give me directions if possible thanks in advance!

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Home Page Icons Duplicated In App Section

Jan 20, 2012

Somehow all of my homepage icons are doubled into my apps section screens. How to remove them?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Hide Any Installed Apps From Home Page?

Sep 7, 2012

I want to hide few icons from the phone/homepage/menu coz, I dun want others to use that app.Is there any app available on the market?i tried with hide it Pro but not proper for hiding the apps.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Home Button Always Opening Last Page When Tapped

Jan 18, 2012

When I tap my home button on my Galaxy S2 it goes to my 4th page. How do I change that to another page like page 1.? I have tried removing pages, also moving around pages and even removing and going down to 1 page then adding more of my apps back yet it always goes to the last page...

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: When Opening A New Web Page Get The Message - Window Limit Reached?

Aug 7, 2012

how I resolve the following issue. When opening a new web page I get the message - Window limit reached - can't open a new window until you close one.Honestly, I have only had this phone less than two weeks and I want to throw it against a brick wall!

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Samsung :: Jet To Receive MMS On T-Mobile

Apr 23, 2010

How can I set up my Samsung Jet to receive mms on T-Mobile ?

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Samsung :: Galaxy S For T-Mobile

Jul 16, 2010

Is there a REGULAR Galaxy S that will work on the T-Mobile 3G bands?

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BB Tour 9630 :: Way To Have Web Page Bookmark Shortcuts On Home Page?

Jun 1, 2010

I have a new Tour Blackberry 9630. Is there a way to have Web page bookmark shortcuts on the Home page? I have tried several copies, moves etc and can not seem to make it work. Want to be able to click on a bookmark and have it open Internet and go to that page.

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Samsung :: Synching Pc With Mobile Device

Jan 2, 2010

I'm having problems synching my pc with mobile device. I've tryed the microsoft troubleshooting guide. maybe I'm overlooking something.

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Samsung :: SCH-i760 Possible To Use IE Mobile 6 Before Activation

Mar 11, 2010

Can I try out the installed software on the SCH-i760 before its activated to Verizon?I want to see if IE Mobile 6 will run a activex file I have for viewing a security DVR cameras thru the wi-fi.

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Samsung :: Attractive Mobile For Girls

Jun 9, 2010

I have been looking for a nice girly mobile for my younger sis+cousin. She needs the one with style and attraction. Just like girls love. Do you get anything in your mind by that?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Mobile Network Not Available

Dec 1, 2011

IMEI can be seen,everything is fine, when plugged in my orange sim card it just said "mobile network not available". The signal strength is fine and can be seen. I tried an O2 sim card, a talktalk (vodafone) sim card and they both worked fine. both of my 2 orange sim cards didn't work on this phone, but they worked fine on my other 2 phones. latest update, just flashed orange stock rom KJ4, got the same problem.tried manually connect to orange, got notice that "unable to connect, try later".

some more detail:every time when I flashed a new rom, always a notice saying "can't access to "/system/csc/ORA/system/". Tried *#272*imei#, there was no optional CSC available.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Mobile Network Not Available?

Jul 19, 2011

I have tried reinstalling the frimware and all that did was lose my apps. Tried doing a different firmware and tried rooting all the same results. The phone is definitely unlocked and unblocked as while I was searching google I came across one of those secret codes to show the status of the locks and all 4 of the categories were unlocked. I have tried a batterry pull and tried cleaning the Sim card. Also just in case this helps when I g into Settings>Call>Additional Settings it says 'Network Or Sim card error'. However the Sim card is perfectly fine.

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BB Bold :: Transfer Contacts From Samsung Mobile?

May 24, 2012

how can I transfer my contacts from Mobile phone book of Samsung S-5560 to Blackberry bold. how can I transfer my black berry contacts to Samsung Galaxy note.

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