Samsung Galaxy S II :: Reset The SWYPE Dictionary Back To Original?

Feb 22, 2012

I have Gingerbread UGKG2. When I first started swyping I'll admit I didn't really know what I was doing. I'd correct a word and if it said "would you like to add 'es' to the dictionary" (or whatever I had typed in) I just said yes. Now it keeps putting in these non-words and I can't get rid of them. I've seen the threads where people point out where the dictionary is found in other O/S's but not this one. I've also seen people post that you just highlight the word and you'll have the option of deleting it from the dictionary, no so on my phone..

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: How To Restore Back To 100% Original

May 22, 2012

I rooted my phone some while back in order to do backup. Now I need to restore to original - completely. I have the USB key/dongle if that matters. Are there any easy step-by-step how-to that describes the process to restore so that the phone isn't rootet and there is no programs left that isn't original?

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Change Swype Keyboard Back To Standard When Texting

Sep 25, 2015

How do I change the swipe keyboard back to the standard keyboard on my galaxy S5???

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Samsung :: Galaxy S Vibrant Swype Not Working

Aug 9, 2010

Hi I just picked up the Galaxy S Vibrant last friday and can not seem to get the swype function to work. I looked into the setting and see that the keypad sweep is on however do not see the swype function on the qwert key pad. Am I missing something here? Do I need to install swype keypads?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Updating Swype Text?

Aug 2, 2011

After watching my brother use the newer Swype text on his Sony Xperia, I was wondering if it's possible to update Swype on the Samsung Galaxy S2.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Swype Starting To Freeze

Nov 19, 2012

It's happening more and more frequently. Changed battery in case it was this...also Swype starting to freeze more too.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: User Dictionary Does Not Appear Under Language And Keyboard

Dec 15, 2011

I've just been reading in Android Magazine (a very good read) that I can edit my User Dictionary by going to:

Menu | Settings | Language & Keyboard | User Dictionary.

Except I can't as "User Dictionary" does not appear under "Language & Keyboard". I presume Samsung have moved it somewhere else. Does anyone know where?

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Galaxy S5 :: Wallpapers Keep Changing Back To Original Ones

Sep 24, 2015

My Samsung s5 keeps reverting back to the original screen wallpaper. Is starting to really tick me off. The ones that will last for a month or two then it goes right back sometimes they last less than that. Also my apps keep disappearing on the home screens. The app pages I create.

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Motorola Defy :: How To Reset/clear Swype Cache

Jul 4, 2011

how do you clear swype remembered words.. can't find it on settings>keyboard

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Galaxy S5 :: Did Factory Reset And Lost Some Photos - How To Get Them Back

Nov 26, 2015

Did a factory rest on s5 and lost some photos how do I get them back?

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Galaxy S5 :: Forgot Lockscreen Pin - How To Reset It To Get Back Into Phone

Aug 31, 2015

I activated my android device manager and reset the lock password using findmymobile but when I enter the password it says incorrect. how can I change the pin so I can open my phone?

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Galaxy S5 :: Lost Text Messages After Factory Reset - How To Get Back

Nov 8, 2015

I had some very important text messages on my phone is there anyway to retrieve/get them back...

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Using A Jig To Reset Counter?

Nov 4, 2011

My jig has just arrived and I would like to know how to reset my counter to zero.

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Samsung :: GT-S5233W Need Dictionary / Works On Mobile Phone

Feb 25, 2010

I need a dictionary (English - English )which can works on my mobile phone SAMSUNG GT-S5233W and any other softwares. I tried to download it but all the jar , java files don't work on this type. I dnt know why.

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Samsung :: 490 Trance Access Predictive Text Dictionary

Apr 4, 2010

Is there a way to access the predictive text dictionary on a Samsung 490 (Trance)?It has saved several 2 letter words that aren't actually words that screw up my messaging and yet I can't get it to save my name.

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Galaxy S6 :: Swype Autocorrect Option

Apr 21, 2015

So, simple question, is there, or is there not a way to turn off auto-correct on the S6, for the Swype keyboard?

My title is as it is because, no matter how concise your search is, on here, or on google, searching ANYTHING for turning off autocorrect will give you results for every other device in the universe but the s6.

The menu is different, the settings are different, there is no "auto-complete" in the menu...the way you do it s5 and prior does NOT apply. Turning off some other option, like the auto-predict, auto-capitolize, etc, etc...does NOT work.

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Galaxy S6 :: How To Put Swype Keyboard On Phone

Sep 8, 2015

How can I put the swype keyboard on my Galaxy S6?

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Do A Reset On Samsung Phone Custom OS

Oct 8, 2015

I got a used samsung 5 phone from tmobile because my original one broke. After a few hours, the phone became very slow and sometimes unresponsive. I tried to do a reset but then a warning came up, saying how the phone is a custom os and resetting it might cause damages to the phone. Is there another way to solve the lag on my phone or do I still proceed with the reset?

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Reset Password For Samsung Phone

Nov 26, 2015

I always use my fingerprint as a password but for some reason that option has dissapeared and the only thing on the screen is the option to put it a password or emergency call. I don't remember my password and can't get in, i've tried restarting my phone, turning it on and off, and taking the battery out but its still like this.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Way To Undo Factory Reset

Mar 26, 2012

Way to undo factory reset? or are my photos and games lost forever?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Stuck During Factory Reset?

Apr 24, 2012

what to do if the phone stucks at "signing in" to gmail account after factory restting the my phone is on the same screen for the past 30min

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Hard Reset And Calculator App Is Gone?

Oct 29, 2011

had to do a hard reset and calculator app is gone , how do i get it back ?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Backing Up Before Doing A Hard Reset

Jan 24, 2013

I am not very well versed in computerspeak , and have never had to back up anything on my phone. I am having no luck in diagnosing a problem with my bluetooth(won't turn on) , Samsung has suggested doing a Hard re set ,in hopes of fixing the problem. I would like to back up ALL of my data , contacts , apps , texts , etc. , but have no idea on how to go about it. I did a search here and became even more confused ! Will I be backing up to a pc , if so will I need a physical connection , will I backup with KIEs , and again , how is this done , and what , if any apps should I get to make my life easier , by the way after this , I want to update the OS as I am using gingerbread.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Unlock SIM, Reset And Restore It?

Dec 23, 2012

I have an unlock code for my phone and want to give it a go. I have backed up all my app settings and config to Google servers.I have backed up all contacts etc seperately to PC.Do I also need to back up my apps or will Google Play take care of that for me?

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IPhone :: Reset An Original 2g Before It Goes To A New Owner?

Apr 22, 2012

reset an original 2g before it goes to a new owner, but I cant remember the password and it wont open with my itunes acct

iphone 2g

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BB Curve :: Complete Reset As Original?

Apr 20, 2011

My 9300 menu is blocked and I have not possibilities to move in the menu to achieve the full reset has describe.I already tried to remove many times the battery but no way, the situation remain the same acces to the menu exept the "screen menu" which unfortunatly don't contain the tools. Is there a possibility to pass through Desktop or another buton ? What about the hole inside next to the battery, does it is a complete rest point ?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Twlauncher Has Stopped After Factory Reset (ICS 4.0.3)?

Aug 4, 2012

I recently upgraded from Gingerbread to ICS and had battery life and overheating issues. I was told by Samsung to do a drain the battery, recharge to 100% and then to a factory reset. I followed these instructions, but now I get the following message on my screen: "Unfortunately, twlauncher has stopped"I can no longer use the phone or reinstall my data from KIES (Kies does not even recognize that my phone is connected). I have tried to reboot in Safe Mode and do a factory reset, wipe cache, and reboot from there, but i still get the same error message about the stopped twlauncher. my phone is unlocked (International European version GT-i9100) and was rooted using SU-Busybox and Recovery Clockwork Touch.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Its Restarting, Did A Factory Reset, Was OK Now Won't Power On

Oct 15, 2012

My husband and I have each had an S2 w/T-Mobile for roughly five months. Several days ago his started restarting on its own any time the screen was turned off (either manually turned off by tapping the "power" button or when the screen timed out) but no other time. It was doing this for a couple of days. I contacted tech support and they suggested a factory reset, which I did. It came back online with no trouble, and he was able to log in to his accounts, make calls, send texts, etc. It didn't restart on its own at all for the couple of hours we had it with us that night. During those couple of hours it was plugged in to charge. We went to bed and the next morning it was completely dead. No response to any buttons, doesn't acknowledge when it's plugged in, nothing. We tried swapping batteries and SIM cards with my phone, and still nothing.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Factory Reset To Incorporate Gmail Into K9?

Oct 21, 2011

I've installed K9 mail app., do I have to do a factory reset to incorporate my G mail into K9, or is there a workaround I can do to include/assimalate the existing G mail a/c into K9

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Completely Dead No Response On Reset

Aug 15, 2012

Completely dead, I plugged the charger in, but no response, - battery is ok as I tried it in another phone , tried various combinations of buttons( volume up/ down/ home button/ power on) but again dead.

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IPhone :: Password Reset Without Original Computer?

May 28, 2012

It seems that I have an iPhone that had the password changed and then forgot so ended up locking the phone. Once locked I was advised to go to the Apple store where they said to connect to the original PC, but that machine is no longer available (hard drive crash and wipe). There is no back-up available, so how can I reset the password to access the phone? And then sync (or transfer) the iPhone to a new computer? Any special needs to complete a backup at this time?

iPhone 4, crash

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