Samsung :: Galaxy S Vibrant Swype Not Working

Aug 9, 2010

Hi I just picked up the Galaxy S Vibrant last friday and can not seem to get the swype function to work. I looked into the setting and see that the keypad sweep is on however do not see the swype function on the qwert key pad. Am I missing something here? Do I need to install swype keypads?

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Samsung :: Galaxy S Vibrant - Compatible With Mac?

Aug 1, 2010

I guess the title says it all. The Galaxy S is at the top of my list right now as my next phone when it launches in a few days. Does anyone know if it plays nice with a Mac for loading media etc. onto the internal memory?

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Samsung :: Galaxy S Vibrant - Email

Aug 9, 2010

I just bought a Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant and I am confused about Email and Samsung Email. When I get notified of a new hotmail message it goes to Samsung Email. I also see my messages in the Email program. how do you even remove Samsung Email? I installed it from Samsung Apps and now there is no way to remove it.

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Samsung :: How Does Galaxy S (Captivate Or Vibrant) Stack Up?

Jul 21, 2010

Running live wallpaper and probably 20 open apps as well. Still does pretty good. Can't wait for 2.2 update.

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Samsung :: Vibrant Galaxy S - Video Settings?

Aug 9, 2010

i just bought a samsung vibrant and after looking at videos sample test on Internet. what's the best setting for video on a samsung vibrant? can you tell me the best setup for the settings if i'm trying to record it as hd.

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Samsung :: Wind Galaxy S Vibrant Charging?

Jul 11, 2011

I have a Tmobile branded Galaxy S Vibrant and I cannot charge my phone using non samsung usb cables. I tried after market and blackberry micro-usb both tries to charge but it is not charging. When connect these cable to samsung usb charger or a computer, the phone saying its charge but it looks like my battery is discharging based on the battery charge meter. Example if I start to charge when I have 55% of charge, it will go down to 54% then 53% or it will stay at 55%.gps is off, wifi is off, screen is off, etc. I am using it on Wind Mobile in Ottawa Currently the connector in my original samsung micro-usb cable is cracked and it won't work. Where can I get samsung micro-usb cable that will charge my phone?

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Samsung :: Vibrant / Galaxy S Typical List Of Complaints

Aug 15, 2010

I've had my Samsung Vibrant for a few days and am getting a strong sense of buyer's remorse. I've owned a couple of Windows Mobile phones before as well as Nokia Symbian phones and have sold them all for the same reason. I'm just too easily swept up by the hype and the specs, when in reality I am not even close to being a power user and the compromises of owning a smartphone are ultimately too much. Battery life, form factor, ergonomics, ease of use, real physical buttons, aesthetics, comfortability, etc. are still greatly diminished. I was hoping that because of the rabid adoption of smartphones into the mainstream nowadays that they would start to become more mainstream friendly, but it seems the opposite is happening since even dumbphones are taking bad design cues from their bigger smartphone brothers.

Now speaking about the Samsung Vibrant, here's what has been irking me. The biggest problem is the form factor. It's like holding an index card that you don't want to accidentally bend. Beyond the slimy chrome trim, there's nothing else really to hold onto on the sides. The sides also slope down towards a less wide back instead of being rounded with the same width. I can never hold the phone in any sort of safe grip, as its always a delicate process requiring a gentle touch. Then there is the cheap plastic back, very slimy as well, along with the chrome, making holding a phone feel like a real mess.

When I make a call, I have to place my face against a greasy flat glass surface that is overly warm, while holding onto a slimy phone that is also heating up on the backside where the battery is. I don't see the obsession with thinness as those mere millimeters saved really ruin the ergonomics. For comparison, the T-mobile Garminphone, although not as well spec'd, feels so much more solid in the hand with a rubber back and metal finish, and I can actually hold it. Why Samsung placed such a cheap back cover on the phone instead of more premium materials is anyone's guess. They could have placed a better camera, bigger antennae, real buttons on the side, and a bigger battery as well if it weren't for that obsession of getting the thickness under 10mm.

Speaking of battery, since this is my first Android phone, the less than one day battery life was quite shocking, even with many things turned off and the phone mostly unused a majority of the time. The biggest draw for the Samsung Vibrant, of course, was the Super AMOLED screen. Now that I've acquainted myself better with it and the newness has worn off, beyond having brighter and more saturated colors which my eyes feel are less natural and more gaudy, I don't see much difference between it and the LCD on my previous Samsung G600, which I thought had a fantastic screen. I also don't really miss the 4" size, because ultimately beyond checking text updates, I find anything less than a 15" notebook to have too small a screen for comfortable or pleasant web browsing or movie watching.

The phone also isn't much of a looker. Chrome edges, cheap back, and nothing visually to separate it from the iPhone or any other large touchscreen handset.I'm sure most people are perfectly happy with their new Vibrant, but I am really missing my Samsung G600 slider right now and will probably end up selling my Vibrant. My complaints sound superficial but they are enough to be dealbreakers to my enjoyment of this phone.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Updating Swype Text?

Aug 2, 2011

After watching my brother use the newer Swype text on his Sony Xperia, I was wondering if it's possible to update Swype on the Samsung Galaxy S2.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Swype Starting To Freeze

Nov 19, 2012

It's happening more and more frequently. Changed battery in case it was this...also Swype starting to freeze more too.

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Samsung :: Post Your Galaxy S / Captivate & Vibrant Home Screens

Jul 21, 2010

It's rooted and side-load enabled.I have Beautiful Widgets and LauncherPro Plus installed to help out with some of the look and feel.

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Samsung :: Galaxy S Vibrant Compass / Doesn't Seem To Point At Right Direction

Aug 26, 2010

anybody has a problem the Galaxy S vibrant's compass? it doesn't seem to point at the right direction

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Reset The SWYPE Dictionary Back To Original?

Feb 22, 2012

I have Gingerbread UGKG2. When I first started swyping I'll admit I didn't really know what I was doing. I'd correct a word and if it said "would you like to add 'es' to the dictionary" (or whatever I had typed in) I just said yes. Now it keeps putting in these non-words and I can't get rid of them. I've seen the threads where people point out where the dictionary is found in other O/S's but not this one. I've also seen people post that you just highlight the word and you'll have the option of deleting it from the dictionary, no so on my phone..

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Samsung :: Galaxy S I9000 In Canada - Vibrant Won't Work In HSDPA Mode In Europe

Aug 3, 2010

Has anyone had any experience using an i9000 in Canada on either of the three big networks (Bell, Rogers and Telus)? What I need to know is if it'll work well in HSDPA mode given that it only has one (1900) of the two required Canadian HSDPA bands (850 and 1900). What bothers me it that it looks like the one Bell is launching (the "Vibrant") has only two HSDPA bands instead of three, and I really need the European band as well (2100). Hence Bell's Vibrant won't work in HSDPA mode in Europe.

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Samsung :: Vibrant Shuts Off

Aug 22, 2010

I'm hoping someone can give me some tips. I bought the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant through Bell 2 days ago. Since then it froze up once, twice it shut down on me. I put the phone down, went to use it and the screen was blacked out, nothing worked. I ended up taking the battery out and re-installing to turn the phone back on.Since I've only had it two days I'm a little concerned, it's also my first smart phone so I'm not sure if this type of thing is common.

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Samsung :: Unlocked Vibrant With AT&T 3g

Aug 23, 2010

So now that we know that the Vibrant has its unlock code easily accessible, and that it works on at&t 3g, can anyone confirm if they make you add a data plan with it? or can it be used happily on media net?

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Samsung :: Vibrant - Warranty Coverage

Aug 14, 2010

I want to buy T-Mobile's Samsung Vibrant on ebay, if it is a brand new unit, is there anyway I'll get warranty coverage? Because it's hard justifying a expensive purchase without a proper warranty.

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Samsung :: Possible Pricing Info On T-Mobile Vibrant

Jun 29, 2010

Credit goes to autoexecbat for this. Currently, if you go to Tmobile's Vibrant page you'll see this:Apparently though, they had the price up earlier: If legit, that seems like an amazing price for the phone.

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Samsung :: Can Vibrant Or Captivate Be Used For 3G In Europe And Asia?

Jul 22, 2010

Vibrant, for example, has UMTS Band I and Band IV. I suppose Band I alone means 3G capable in Europe and Asia, right?

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Samsung :: Vibrant - Slow Response Of All Functions

Aug 10, 2010

I found out that, it is slow response now. I check all the application what is running on the phone, but nothing special. Is there any firmware that I need to do? I heard that, from Korea Galaxy S has been firmware upgraded and working better. And also motion sensor? that response is slow too. When I'm on the phone and I take the phone away from my ear than it should light up the screen but, now response is very slow.

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Samsung :: Hidden 3g 850 Has Anyone Tried This On Bell Canada Vibrant?

Aug 14, 2010

I am thinking of either buy the phone from T-mobile or Bell Canada. T-mobile phone that is unlocked can work on AT&T, Rogers, Bell, Fido, Telus and T-Mobile and WindMobile. Tmobile version on the samsung vibrant doesn't have front facing camera.Bell version of Samsung vibrant has front facing camera. Can someone post other hidden 3g bands this phone supports by following these instructions: TT-3g-capable!If bell phone supports all four spectrum as T-moblie, I will buy Bell Samsung galaxy, only because of front facing camera.

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Samsung :: Vibrant I9000M / Unlock Bounty

Aug 16, 2010

People who wish to donate feel free to donate whatever amount, once I collect at least $60 to $100 I will go ahead and express order a bunch of turbo sims and others with express shipping and test them out.Once I get them and try all out I will post which ones work with what limitations / functionality. If I find one that works and there is extra cash left, I will use it to order more of the ones that work and send them to the highest donators and continue to ship / allow pickup for all the others unlock cards that did not work to well.$2 donations from everyone might make this a success allowing us all an unlock solution till Bell / Samsung allow us one. If I donít get enough cash I will refund everyoneís donations.This is just a suggestion so please donít start a war on this site. I am trying to do myself and the community a favor.Pickup will be At Downtown Toronto / Fairview Mall

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Samsung :: Connect Bell Vibrant To TV Via HDMI?

Mar 11, 2011

[URL] Trying to find a way to connect my phone to the tv and stream?

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Samsung :: Vibrant Messaging / Cannot Receive Incoming Text

Jul 30, 2010

I have problem with texting with the phone so far because I cant receive incoming text (confirmation code AIM, etc). I can text conversation with my friend only if I text them first, otherwise they cannot reach me through text.

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Samsung :: Cheapest Online Store To Buy Unlocked Vibrant?

Aug 24, 2010

I'm looking for the cheapest online store to buy an unlocked samsung vibrant from.

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Samsung :: Bell Vibrant: ,Touchwiz, And Install LauncherPro?

Aug 24, 2010

I already have my phone rooted, and unlocked, can someone tell me or point me to somewhere where it shows the best way to remove all of Bell's bloatware, remove the awful TouchWiz UI, and install LauncherPro? And also the lag fix and stuff.

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Samsung :: Vibrant After Installed Couple Apps. Response Become Little Slower

Jul 27, 2010

I received my Vibrant on last week. I've installed less than 10 apps.Which is not heavy,(emails, weather, three games.) After this, all of the reponse has been slow.Especially, when the phone is screen locked, and I try to use the phone I press unlock button on the side. Screen come up slower than the first time. And also, when I talking on the phone through the ear, and I try to hang up(the phone is getting away from the ear, it supposed to show the menus, like add call, dial pad, end call.)This screen comes up little slow now.I went on to check the apps running and nother were really heavy software running. Should I try to reset the factory reset? Any recommendation? I know, this is not a major problem.(maybe I should not say these are the problem) but it was fast response but, why it does response little slow?

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Samsung :: Vibrant T959 - Unlocking Device Using 3rd Party Code Source

Jul 20, 2010

Has anyone successfully unlocked the Tmobile Samsung Vibrant using a 3rd party unlock code source? I have purchased a code with ebay seller "unlockadic" and Hopefully one of these sources come through with the code.

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Motorola Photon 4G :: Swype Stopped Working - Keyboard Never Appears

Dec 12, 2011

I can use other input methods but when I select Swype the keyboard never appears. Is there a way to re-install it?

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Galaxy S6 :: Swype Autocorrect Option

Apr 21, 2015

So, simple question, is there, or is there not a way to turn off auto-correct on the S6, for the Swype keyboard?

My title is as it is because, no matter how concise your search is, on here, or on google, searching ANYTHING for turning off autocorrect will give you results for every other device in the universe but the s6.

The menu is different, the settings are different, there is no "auto-complete" in the menu...the way you do it s5 and prior does NOT apply. Turning off some other option, like the auto-predict, auto-capitolize, etc, etc...does NOT work.

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Galaxy S6 :: How To Put Swype Keyboard On Phone

Sep 8, 2015

How can I put the swype keyboard on my Galaxy S6?

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Why Won't Swype Text Automatically Space On Phone

Aug 8, 2015

It worked fine until a could days ago and nowas it won't auto space with swype. I've checked make sure it's turned on but I can't figure out the problem

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