Galaxy S6 Edge :: Why Won't Swype Text Automatically Space On Phone

Aug 8, 2015

It worked fine until a could days ago and nowas it won't auto space with swype. I've checked make sure it's turned on but I can't figure out the problem

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Why Does Location Keep Turning On Automatically On Phone

Aug 26, 2015

I have owned a galaxy s6 edge for three or four months now and for the last month or so, the location setting has been turning itself on. I have noticed that this only happens when I have some form of internet connection (4g or wifi).

I checked the location services menu and it says that no apps have recently requested my location so why this is turning on. I have also moved my location quick setting to the end of the scrollable quick settings so there is no possibility of turning it on accidentally.

I don't want it to know where I am (data protection and all that).

Android version : 5.1.1

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Updating Swype Text?

Aug 2, 2011

After watching my brother use the newer Swype text on his Sony Xperia, I was wondering if it's possible to update Swype on the Samsung Galaxy S2.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Running Out Of Internal Storage Space

Dec 22, 2015

my 32gb Galaxy s6 Edge Plus is running low on space and my Dropbox account that is attached to the phone is also full and therefore is not uploading/ storing my new pictures/videos into the "cloud".Dropbox is offering an upgrade to 1TB of storage for $10/month .... however there is no middle storage plan apparently. It goes from Free to $10/month.what are the best cloud-storage options out there that I can connect my phone to and that enables automatic storage uploads of pictures/videos?

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Why Pictures Showing Up As Video In Text On Phone

Aug 30, 2015

When users send me pictures, my S6 edge chooses to play them as videos, so i have to wait for the picture to pop up, and when it does its super tiny. Any settings I can use to fix this?

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Screen Resize When Try To Delete Text Messages On Phone?

Jul 23, 2015

When I'm trying to delete text on my S6 edge, the screen keeps resizing to large. Is there anyway of stopping this from happening?

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: How To Block Unwanted Text Messages On Samsung Phone

Oct 4, 2015

I have received unwanted txt messages from premium rate number how do i STOP this?

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Galaxy S6 :: How To Put Swype Keyboard On Phone

Sep 8, 2015

How can I put the swype keyboard on my Galaxy S6?

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: WiFi Automatically Enabling Itself

Jul 13, 2015

This past weekend, I went to my cabin for the first time with my new S6 Edge. During the drive, I had no Sprint (home) coverage, but there was roaming coverage.

My problem is this. Whenever I roamed, my WiFi would automatically kick in and connect to my GoPro (dash camera). Obviously, my GoPro WiFi does not provide any internet access, so my phone would loose all data connectivity, meaning I don't get text messages or e-mails (I use Google Hangouts, converts texts to data).

I would disable the WiFi on the cellphone from the swipe-down menu, but 1 minute later it would just reactivate itself and connect to my GoPro. I even watched it this by keeping the swipe-down menu open and watched the WiFi button go from gray (disabled) to yellow (enabled) without me touching anything. I eventually disabled the wifi on my GoPro, but this is not ideal because I had another device connected to keep an eye on what it sees. I obviously lost this other device when I turned the wifi off in the gopro.

The wifi would still keep enabling itself, but it would have no network to connect to, so it continued to use my roaming data as expected. However, since the wifi was on, it drained my battery faster, and it would still enable itself whenever I turned it off.

I did disable the Connection Optimizer, verified I had roaming data and voice enabled (Domestic), etc. Is there something else that would force the wifi to become enabled when I don't want it to?

I would also like to point out it does not do this when I am connected to Sprint's network, even if I don't have data on Sprint's network. It only does it when I am roaming.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Change App That Automatically Launch When Connected To Bluetooth?

Aug 20, 2015

How to change the default app that gets launched when Bluetooth connects? It seems to always launch the built in music app which is definitely not what I want. Can I set this to Spotify or something else?

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Does Default Space In Every Text Box / Start Each Entry In Lowercase

Jun 16, 2015

Since this last upgrade (I did mine this month, 6/15) all my text boxes start with a default space, thus preventing a capital letter unless I backspace EVERY time.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: How To Set Up Predictive Text

May 9, 2015

how to set predictive text on galaxy s6 edge

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: How To Get Predictive Text Working

Dec 1, 2015

I am using the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and have had several Galaxies in the past. The other phones would predict what word I would type next, so I didn't have to enter all of the words manually. This phone doesn't do that, although it does try to guess which word I'm currently trying to enter. I'm using the Swype keyboard, just as I used to on other models. Why this feature isn't working?

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Not Receiving Text Messages

Sep 13, 2015

I am having troubles with my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925W8 running Android 5.1.1. Ever since I upgraded to 5.1.1 I have sometimes been unable to receive text messages. This never used to happen with the older version of software I ran when I first got my device, and it is becoming rather annoying.

At random times I cannot receive text messages, and I have found the only way to 'spur' my device to receive messages would be to sending one. But this can be rather tedious, because if I haven't received a text in a while I'm not sure if it's my phone acting up again (so I must send a random text to try and download the waiting texts) or I just genuinely have not received a text.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Text Message Preview?

May 16, 2015

when my screen is lit up its previewing the txt message. How do I shut this off?

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: How To Restore Preemptive Text On It

Oct 27, 2015

How do I restore the preemptive text to my Samsung 6 edge phone

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: How To Add Signature To Text Message

Oct 9, 2015

I want to add a permanent signature to every text message I send out on my Samsung Galaxy S6. As it is very important that my name appears on every message because of my profession.

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Galaxy S5 :: Storage On Phone - What's Using Up All Space

Dec 10, 2015

My phone comes with 16gb on board, I have had it for 14 months. I checked it and my apps are only using about 1.0gb, with data downloads, pictures and so on the phone say it's only using about 4gb but the rest of it says other 11.5gb. I cleaned the internet history, catch files, all calls in the log, and so on. I can't find what is burning up all my storage space. Is there some hidden stuff somewhere I have to clear or something. I had this problems like last month and deleted like 4 apps so I gained about 1gb, but the phone filled it up with something.

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Clear Up Space On Phone

Dec 6, 2015

So I have a 16GB Galaxy s5 and am down to 1GB of free space, though it's been less than that before and prevented updates. I thought the problem would be pictures and videos but it turns out 3GB are being used for contact storage, this is absurd because I only have 236 contacts. I do have it connected to my FB so I have contact photos on most, but that still seems like a ridiculous amount of space. I've had the phone for about a year and I clear cached data regularly because of the space issue. What do I do? Do I need to delete the contact photos? And if so how? Is there some sort of cloud storage I could use to get the data off my phone?

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Text Messages Delivery Report

Aug 5, 2015

I was wondering if there is a way to set up text messages without using a 3rd party app, to see if the person I have sent a text to, has received the text. I know on my Galaxy S5, it was in the options, but I cant find it on my S6 edge.......

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Can't Send Text With WiFi When Don't Have Any Bars

May 28, 2015

cant send text with wifi when i dont have any bars

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: No Capital Letter When Starting A Text?

May 30, 2015

it's a really small minor but it bugs the he'll outta me that I have to press the shift button before I type a text in order to have a capital letter. it is pretty retarded that the message doesn't do it automatically like the iPhone.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Setup Text Messaging Signature?

Oct 16, 2015

How do I setup a text messaging signature on my S6 Edge?

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Clear Up More Space On Samsung Phone

Apr 16, 2015

I can't even update apps on on my Verizon Galaxy S5. I uninstalled several apps to try to free up room, but I'm still getting "insufficient space" errors. Photos and videos are going to direct to SD card (unless I'm doing it wrong, but I see the SD card indicator). Is there a quick way to tell which app may be putting too much data on the phone rather than the SD card? Or where space is being taken up that can be freed or moved?

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Motorola Defy :: How To Activate Speech-to-text For The Swype Input Method

Aug 13, 2011

How to activate speech-to-text for the Swype input method

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Screen To Turn On When Get Text Message Every Time?

Dec 2, 2015

Is there a way to turn that setting off?

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: How To Get Rid Of Received Text Messages Sent To Stock Email

May 29, 2015

Not sure if I have accidentally pressed something to trigger this. I just got a TMobile 128gb.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Email And Text Alert Sounds Are Not Changing?

May 22, 2015

I have a S6 edge. I have different notification sounds for both. Starting today they are both playing different sounds. When I go into settings it shows the name of the alert I have picked, but it plays a different sound. I can't figure it out. It's been fine for the past week.

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Galaxy S6 :: Phone Reporting Incorrect Free Space

Oct 2, 2015

The other day I noticed that I was getting close to filling up my phone's storage and so I decided to copy all photos and videos to my PC via a USB cable. I basically "Cut" the data and "Pasted" it in a folder on my PC.

Obviously the photos and videos are now gone and removed from my phone, however the free space did not increase. In fact it stayed exactly the same and I moved several Gigs worth of data from my phone.

I also made 2 x screenshots(Please see below) which highlights my problem in more detail. You will notice that the Miscellaneous file shows 15.86GB , but when you open the "Miscellaneous file" section, the items listed combined space does not even get close too that.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Why Doesn't Send Photos Or Video Via Text Message

Dec 2, 2015

When I try to send multiple photos with my new s6 edge it will only load one of the pics to be sent via txt. When I try to send a video it says it has to resize video so I allow it to do so. But then when I send the video it is half the length and very blurry.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: Screen Won't Turn On And Display When Text Message Received

Aug 16, 2015

So just got my s6 edge 3 days ago (13th.) I don't know if i just noticed now or what, but whenever i get a text message or facebook message, basically any notification, my screen wont turn on and display it. Just led blink + sound+ viberate. I went into my settings and tried basically everything possible. I have show notifications on lock screen and inside messages app its toggled to show on lock screen also.

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