Samsung Galaxy S II :: It Is Frozen At Start-up?

Oct 23, 2011

I initially tried to flash the Lite'ning ROM but then I got the issue where there is a boot loop with the (S) screen. Afterwards I tried following the instructions on this thread: [URL]

After this, my phone doesn't even go past the Samsung Galaxy S II screen (black and white) and just freezes there. The only way I can turn it off is to remove the battery pack. Fortunately I can still access recovery and download mode. I've tried redoing the instructions on the thread i mentioned several times and still no go. I have no idea what to do right now.

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Galaxy S6 Edge :: How To Restart Frozen Device Which Won't Start And Reboot Even After Rooting

May 24, 2015

I bought S6 edge a few days back, yesterday it prompted restarting the phone after turning on the virus protection after turning off it doesn't boot and is frozen on Samsung logo screen . Tired everything resetting it through ODIN but ever after rooting and resetting it still does not reboot.

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Galaxy S5 :: Samsung Phone Is Frozen Will Not Switch Off - How To Shut It Down

Aug 24, 2015

New phone still not used to it....

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Start Music Won't Stop

Jun 13, 2012

when i start the phone from turned off the start up music plays continuously until you make a call. why? how do i stop it and can i tun it off anyway? cheers rob

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: This Device Cannot Start (Code 10)

Mar 27, 2012

just updated to ICS via Kies, (O2), but now I cannot see my phone on my PC.Getting the above error in device manager. I have re-installed the drivers twice?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Why Does It Always Start Call With Speaker

Sep 6, 2011

Why does my Samsung galaxy s2 always start call with speaker on whether incoming or outgoing

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Galaxy S6 :: Set Start Page In Samsung Internet Browser

Jan 15, 2016

Is there a way to set the start page in the default Internet browser on a SM-G920T phone?

Whenever I exit the app and re-launch, it restores the previous session (i.e., it reloads the last page viewed).

I'd like it to always start on the page I've defined as my home page.

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Samsung :: Galaxy Spica - Upgrade - Doesnt Start Up

May 22, 2010

I have got a samsung Galaxy Lite (aka Spica)... i was trying to upgrade it but it died and now doesnt start up! I can't acces to recovery/download mode it just stays off! i'f i plug in USB it starts charging but nothing more...

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Galaxy S5 :: Samsung Start Downloading But Keeps Reverting When Download Not Complete?

Dec 1, 2015

starts to download but then reverts to beginning at various times and therefore does not complete download.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Cannot Connect To Kies - Cannot Start Service On Device?

Aug 16, 2011

I have a S2 with 2.3.3 installed. I did upgrade previously using Kies. I now want to connect the phone to Kies, but it does not work properly.I connect the phone to the PC and it is detected by Windows. I can even browse the files in Windows Explorer. When I start Kies, it just says "Connecting..." but fails after a while with error "Can not start service on device". The phone screens shows that I am connected to Kies.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: User Manual And Quick Start Guide PDF Downloads?

May 4, 2011

Here they are, the Galaxy S II User manual and quick start guides from the Samsung's website. Might come in handy for some. Or those of us that loose the originals etc



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BB Bold 9700 :: Frozen On Start Up With New Sim Card

Aug 25, 2010

I tried searching similar topics but could not find relevant ones. everyone seems to have no issue with swapping out sim cards on their bolds. If there is a thread already open, i do apologize. I'm really frustrated and really need my blackberry to be up and running.

I have a Bold 9700, updated to the latest OS, everything works fine. I recently had some issues with my old sim card so I went to my service provider to change it to a new one (same number, same line, same contract, just a new sim card).

As is expected I was told that when my old sim is deactivated, simply insert my new one and I can use my phone as per normal.

However, when I did this, the phone was stuck at the loading screen (the entire bar is white) for eternity (maybe 5 minutes or so) before proceeding to the homescreen. There is no "verifying security" load bar, the phone is entirely frozen, no buttons work, the touch pad does not work, it shows 3G on the top right without the blackberry sign, there is no service provider name, and once in a while the small clock loading logo appears.

I pulled the battery a couple of times and the problem persists. I called the service provider to reactivate the new sim card, they did it 3 times, same problem. I inserted the sim card into other non-blackberry phones i have and it works on all other phones. When I put back my old deactivated sim card into the 9700, the phone starts up fine within 2 - 3 minutes, "verifying security" bar as per normal, everything moves, just no service connection. When i turn on the phone without a sim card it starts up fine as well with a message at the top saying insert sim card.

I even went down to the blackberry technical service department of my service provider and they were of no help. all they could say was "we have to wipe your phone and reload the software" which I am trying to avoid and I can do myself anyways.

My phone is unlocked, comes unlocked here in singapore, I even checked using the "MEPD" method, all disabled.

This has been very frustrating, especially when I need my blackberry for work. What is wrong with my phone? How can the simple replacement of a sim card be so difficult on a blackberry when it is problem free for ANY other phone I have ever used? I am now dreading when I have to travel abroad for business and require a foreign sim card.

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BB Curve 8900 :: Frozen During Upgrade - DM Says It Waiting For Device To Start?

Jul 16, 2010

Just attempted to upgrade to OS 5 and all was going well up until the phone re-booted, blackberry on the phones screen with a loading bar that stuck 3/4 the way for a good half hour, i disconnected, battery pulled and phone just wont load past 3/4. DM says it waiting for device to start?

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Samsung :: Rant M540 - No Samsung Logo On Start Up Screen?

May 8, 2010

I have a display problem with one of my two phone. When you power on the phone the Samsung logo appear and off after that but the phone boot up OK just don't have any on the screen, I can make call or receive OK. I disassemble both phones and swap the main board and find out that nothing wrong with the LCD Screen but the Main board. The phone have BK03 bin and I loaded with CB23 bin and it working good now.

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Galaxy S6 :: Why Text Messages Slow Or Frozen As MMS

Jun 11, 2015

the text messages seem to be frozen with the little blue circle working and just giving me the message "sending"..i haven't had this problem with other messages, only a few. the messages are not very long at all and no pictures or anything, just text messages.

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Galaxy S6 :: Frozen On Updating After Factory Resetting?

Jul 21, 2015

My S6 is rooted. So I was going through a root app called lucky patcher and accidentally deleted the file I couldn't fix it so I just assumed I would factory reset. Now the phones is stuck on the first updating page. I tried to factory reset again but still dose the same thing wen it reaches the page again.

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Galaxy S6 :: Phone Frozen Only Small Blue Light On

Nov 14, 2015

phone was downloading some android update then froze tried the reboot procedure it will pop up Samsung s6 screen for a moment then nothing

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Recover Frozen Phone Without Battery Pull

Apr 30, 2014

So yesterday my s5 froze while I was using it. I was simultaneously using whatsapp and viber. The screen went unresponsive, (but no black screen). I waited for 2-3 minutes but it stayed frozen at that point. I use nova launcher.

Long pressed power key, no response. Finally had to do a battery pull to reboot.

Is there any hard key combination I can use to recover the phone ?

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Galaxy S5 :: Blue Border Around Screen When Typing Fast Or Repeating Key Then Frozen

Apr 14, 2014

I type quickly (or pressing one button repeatedly quickly) and, often the screen would get a blue margin around the screen, and it gets into a weird mode, sort of a pseudo frozen state. I'd have to press the home button repeatedly to get out of that strange mode.

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Does Audio Keep Playing But Video Stops And Image Frozen In Recorded Videos

Jan 12, 2015

Didn't notice that every video I record after my last update , can only record audio and video the first minute or less and then for some reason playback stops but you can still listen to audio. This has happened to all my recorded videos.

Read somewhere on the internet that you have to delete DATA and clear CACHE on the Camera app, have not recorded any video since then, but will try to see if this works.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Samsung-apps Camera Firmware Update Available?

May 15, 2011

Just updated via Samsung Apps the camera firmware to a CDE11 or something version. Took 4 minutes to update and flash this firmware. I wonder what exactly it changed in the camera firmware? Hopefully improved things or bug fixes.I will test a few videos and see if the bitrate has changed or not.

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Galaxy S5 :: Phone Won't Start Up

Oct 27, 2015

My phone froze all of a sudden, didn't touch it or drop it. I tried turning it off, but that didn't work so I removed its battery. When I pressed the power button it wouldn't start up. I tried everything I found on the internet, nothing worked, and when I tried installing new firmware, there was an error, and now everytime I power it up, there's just this:

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Samsung :: Samsung Galaxy Nexus Product Registration?

Apr 28, 2012

I bought a nexus yesterday and have been unable to register it with the American samsung site (no options for us canadians there) not to mention the fact that after typing in my serial the site says my handset was manufactured 1/31/1993!

On the canadian site which i have all my other samsung products registered, there is no listing for my model number (GT-I9250TSDTLS (this is whats on the box, phone menu just lists my model as Samsung Galaxy Nexus, though the label under that battery shows GT-I9250M as the model am I supposed to register my phone?[URL]..shows that galaxy owners can get a free copy of angry birds space... how do I get that?

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Galaxy S6 :: How To Always Start Camera With Pro Mode

Feb 22, 2016

Always start camera with pro mode.I don't want to start with auto mode.

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Galaxy S6 :: Turn Off Start Up Sound?

Nov 7, 2015

How do I turn off the T-Mobile "song" when I turn on my Samsung Galaxy 6?

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Set Up Google Chrome Start Up Page

Mar 16, 2015

I've upgraded to Lollipop on my S5, and for some reason, my google chrome start page and subsequent tabs, are trying to open a document that I had written and deleted.

I've tried to change the homepage, the subsequent tabs, delete and reinstall the update, but no avail. It still tries to load the deleted document.

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Galaxy S5 :: When Start A Call Why Does Display Shutoff

Mar 8, 2015

As soon as I hit the green handset to start a call on my S5 with the Android upgrade, the display immediately turns off. I need it to stay on so I can sometimes use the keypad. Before the upgrade, the display would stay on for me. This is not related to the device setting for display timeout, as the timing is different than when the screen is generally on, but inactive. Also, the option to keep the screen on while I look at it isn't useful in this case. It used to work, then stopped with the upgrade.

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Won't Phone Start Up Android Auto On

May 11, 2015

I have a Galaxy S5 with Lollipop through AT&T and had Best Buy install my Pioneer AVH-4100NEX. I updated the Pioneer firmware, set it up to look for Android Auto on USB2, Android Auto is set to start automatically, and I have the phone and Pioneer connected via Bluetooth. However, when I plug the micro-USB into the phone, all it does is start charging; nothing pops up saying the phone isn't compatible or anything else and I don't get the Android Auto ToS message. When I pull up the AV menu on the Pioneer, neither the USB1 nor USB2 icons are lit up. I've tried plugging the phone in with and without the Android Auto application installed. I double-checked and Best Buy did plug the USB into USB2 using the USB cable from the box. USB Debugging is enabled on the phone.

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Samsung :: Refreshed Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Jan 30, 2012

Word on the street is that there may be a refreshed Samsung Galaxy Nexus coming. I wasrReading over at Android and Me and this thread caught my attention:The rumors state that there is going to be a refreshed camera. Possibly along the way of 8.0MP. On top of that, the processors are scheduled to be refreshed using The faster SGX544 GPU is included with Texas Instruments upcoming OMAP4470 processor. This is the successor to the original OMAP4460 found in the Galaxy Nexus, that includes the older SGX540 GPU.With the Sprint version of the Galaxy Nexus coming soon we'll have to wait and see if they are in fact getting a refreshed model or the LTE based model that Verizon has currently, Either way, I hope they do launch a refresh on the HSPA+ line as well. I use the Galaxy Nexus and while I love the phone, I wish the camera was better. Faster is always better as well so I'll take the processor bump.

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Samsung :: Samsung Galaxy S2x Telus Warranty

Mar 9, 2012

I was thinking of buying the s2x telus version from craigslist. I was wondering if someone who bought the phone from telus sells me this phone, would I be able to enjoy the 1 year manufacturer warranty? I understand that the warranty starts when the phone is first bought. I'm just wondering if that warranty will be transferred to me under these scenerios?

1. If the seller had bought the phone from telus outright.
a. If the seller has kept the original receipt and gives it to me.
b. If the seller has lost the original receipt and does not provide me with it.

2. If the seller had bought the phone as an upgrade.
a. if the seller has kept the original receipt and gives it to me.
b. If the seller has lost the original receipt and does not provide me with it.

In case I do get to enjoy the warranty, will I be taking my phone to a telus store if it needs repair or will I send the phone directly to the manufacturer? I don't plan to use the phone with the telus network after I purchase it.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Change The Samsung Account In It?

Aug 8, 2011

I just purchase my sg2 phone yesterday. Unfortunately, my brother has used my phone last night and register the Samsung account in it by using his email or id. When I tried to change the account, it cannot be done cause I have to do the factory reset in privacy setting (which will erase all my personal info and downloaded applications). I don't want that to happen as well. Plus, my my brother can't even remember what the password he has used for the Samsung account I'm very pissed off now that my Samsung account belong to him and the fact that I can't do the factory reset because of him. I'll mention again, he forgot the password he used for MY SAMSUNG ACCOUNT IN MY SG2.

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