Nokia Nseries :: Connect 500 Through Wifi To Laptop?

Nov 7, 2012

How connect 500 through wifi to laptop?

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Nokia :: N96 / Connect To Internet Via Laptop By WiFi

Jul 27, 2010

I have a laptop connected to internet via ADSL USB Modem, there is a wi-fi network created on the laptop that I use to connect another laptop to the internet. When I connect my N96 to that network, everything works great except when trying to access a web site, it says "General: Feature not supported!Is that kind of connection not supported or what?

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BB Curve :: Use As A WiFi Modem To Connect Laptop To A WiFi Hotspot?

Jan 1, 2011

Can I use my Blackberry Curve as a WiFi modem to connect my laptop to a WiFi Hotspot? How?

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 Does Not Connect Via Wifi

Oct 23, 2011

My N8 does not connect to websites via wifi, in general, 90 % of the times it does not open any web page, either with the default web browser or Opera. However, the phone connects to the wifi network, and Skype for instance always works via wifi, but normally, you cannot go to any webpage or use other programs needing the internet.Surprisingly,sometimes it does connect (10 % of attempts), while nothing was changed in the router or anything. It does happen with any wifi network.

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Nokia Nseries :: Cant Connect Via Open Wifi

Dec 20, 2011

I can't connect to internet with none of the wifi at public places in N97 Mini.Sometimes say me than I can't connect to network, I have firmware version 12.2.121.

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Nokia Nseries :: Phone Won't Connect To Wifi?

Sep 7, 2012

I've had the 808 since the initial release in India, i.e since August 13. Got it replaced once for the purple tint issue. Though the replacement set has some issues with touchscreen response, but I've learned to live with it. And everything else was working fine, till about a week ago.But now my 808 cannot connect to Wifi, randomly (quite often, actually). If I enable the wifi and go to the Wifi main page, I can see my home network being detected and shown as "Known". I tap on it to connect, it says "Connecting" for about a second or even less than that and then says "Known" again. I've tried tapping on it many times, but it just doesn't connect. Tried different connections of wifi, i.e. joikuspot from my N8, cannot even connect to that. Disabling and re-enabling the Wifi don't work either.

To make Wifi work again, I have to reboot the phone every time the problem arises. It's really annoying, since I use a lot a Wifi.Sincerely,SabbyjHit the kudos button if I was of any help to you. And don't forget to mark the solution if I get one.

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Nokia Nseries :: Connect Web Browser And Email Through WIFI?

Mar 10, 2012

My web broswer and email is working fine in gprs service..My wifi connection also working fine in opera, facebook and other applications.But my web browser and email is not working in wifi connection.. Do i have to change any settings.

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Nokia Nseries :: Connect 5230 To Internet Via Some Type Of WiFi Add-on Or PC?

May 9, 2010

Is there any way to connect your Nokia 5230 to the Internet via some type of WiFi add-on or my PC?

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Nokia Nseries :: It Connect To Wifi But Unable To Access Internet

Feb 9, 2012

I just updated my N8 from symbian anna to belle. Everything went ok. Now I'm trying to connect to my home wifi network which has WEB security. I can connect without a problem. I mean the phone says it's connected to the network. But when I try to access a website there is only the error page. And after a minute or so the wifi connection drops out by itself. I saved the network, and there's no other destination in the settings/destinations menu. the phone is not connecting to it by itself. Is there a way to go back to Anna?

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Nokia Nseries :: 700 - WiFi Doesn't Auto-connect To Known Network

Apr 27, 2012

I have a Nokia 700. Upgraded to 112.010.1404 via Nokia Suite as soon as I got it. I have set my WiFi network as the highest priority. I can connect to my WiFi network, yet after a while of inactivity the phone starts using 3G data again. I go into the WiFi networks and see that my network is listed as "Known" but not "Connected". I have to manually select it to re-connect.Power saving mode for WiFi is set to off.Is there a setting to automatically connect to any known WiFi network when in range? I am happy to manage battery life by manually turning ove WiFi when not needed.

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Xperia X10 :: Can't Connect It To My Laptop By Wifi

Dec 27, 2011

Why cant i connect my X10i to my laptop by wifi

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IPhone :: Ipad And Mac Laptop Can Connect To Wifi Router But 4s Won't?

Jun 7, 2012

My Ipad and mac laptop can connect to my wi-fi router, but my iphone won't. I've reset network settings, but this didn't resolve the problem.

iPhone 4S

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Can't Connect To Wifi From Laptop Hotspot

Jan 31, 2012

So I set my laptop as a hotspot. It works just fine with iphone 3gs, i pick up the signal and its really strong. But I have the Galaxy SII Skyrocket (AT&T) 2.3.5 and it scans but wont even pick up the signal. Tried reseting wifi on the phone, turning airplane mode on and off, made multiple networks to try and connect to but still no dice.

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Nokia Accessories :: Can't Connect BH-905 To Laptop

Nov 2, 2011

I have the Nokia BH-905 bluetooth headphones, and I have successfully connected them to the iPad 2. I cannot, however, find a way to connect them to my Dell Studio 14, Windows 7, 64-bit. I follow all the instructions to a T, but my computer does not recognize the heaphones when I click "Add a Device."

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Nokia :: How To Connect Internet On N900 Using Laptop

Jul 25, 2010

Can anybody will assist me as how do I connect n900 internet using my Lap top.. Since I don't have data package which is very steep in UAE where im living currently. Im sharing wired connection with my friend and we don't even have the wireless modem. Previously i had Samsung Window Mobile device which use to connect the internet via my lap top but this N900 does not recognizes at all.

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Nokia :: N95 / Unable To Connect With Laptop By Bluetooth

Apr 16, 2010

I want to connect nokia N95 8gb with my Laptob using bluetooth serial port, but i'm shocked when discovered N95 does not support serial port profile and the laptob can not open virtual bluetooth serial port to transfer data.

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Nokia Accessories :: Connect Bh-214 To Hp Laptop With Windows 7

Dec 4, 2011

How can i connect bh-214 to hp laptop with windows 7

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Nokia Lumia :: Connect Laptop To Internet Using It?

Mar 4, 2012

I've spent 8 hours trying to solve this. It used to be really easy with PC-Suite and now it's unbelievably hard. I use my phone to connect my laptop to the internet and now I can't do this(?). How do I do this with Lumia?

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Nokia Nseries :: Songs License Missing From N8 But Work In Laptop

Oct 24, 2012

I have downloaded songs from my laptop using Nokia Suite. Later did a laptop format, then register to songs work in laptop.But same songs are not working in my mobile( Belle is reinstalled using Nokia Suite). Giving msg as below:- License for 'wma' expired or missing. Get new license now ? When I click on Yes, it request something and then error as Unable to acquire license.If I have helped at all, a click on the White Star is always appreciated. You can also help others by marking 'accept as solution'.

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Asha 30/40 Series :: Connect Nokia C3-00 WLAN To Laptop?

Aug 15, 2012

I have a C3-00 I wish to link to my laptop WLAN signal but, it could not even detect the signal while PCs effortlessly connect to my WLAN. is there a special way to setup the WLAN on the laptop to make it detectable by my mobile phone?

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Nokia Accessories :: Cannot Connect Bluetooth Headset With Laptop?

Mar 17, 2010

i would like to pair my Nokia BH-104 bluetooth headset with my HP laptop running Windows 7 Professional 32-bit.I can pair the headset but the drivers are not installed correctly. It is decognzed as a Bluettoth Periphelial Device, but not as a headset. Updating the drivers fails.

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Nokia :: E72 / Working As Modem / Unable To Connect To All Websites From Laptop

Jun 30, 2010

I have an issue with my e72-1 at the moment. It's either the phone, the ovi software.I have the following: Nokia e72 < acts as modem via cable or bluetooth > laptop..When it acts over modem via either cable or bluetooth, I can only access certain sites eg.I can't access google, or msn messenger for instance
I can access wikipedia, and my ISPs website as an example.Originally I thought it was because it was only able to access australian servers, but this isn't the case. My browser just seems unable to get a connection to certain sites/servers ever - it times out when i try to view google - but only when my phone is the link to the internet.On the phone, I can access every site/server that I want. But not on my laptop via the phone. When I'm on another internet connection (home or work etc), I have no issues connecting to those sites/servers from my laptop.Browsing google over other connections has not helped me find a solution yet. The connection to the net is stable - it doesn't drop out and can remain connected indefinitely.I'm running:

Laptop version: windows7, with ovi

Phone version: 031.023

The results have been the same on earlier versions of the phone and ovi software. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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IPhone 3GS :: Won't Connect To Laptop - Infinite Connect / Disconnect Loop

Jun 4, 2014

Today I received a second-hand iphone 3GS to replace a 4s which I lost.

Upon receipt, the phone displayed an image of a usb connector and an itunes logo suggesting that I need to connect to itunes before use.

When I attach the phone to a toshiba satellite C50 laptop it connects and immediately disconnects with an audible tone. This connect/disconnect cycle repeats every second or so and never ends.

If I connect the phone whilst powered down, hold the power button and home button together for 10 secs and then hold the home button only to enter restore mode, the phone connects to itunes and I get the option to restore. However, the restore always fails.

I have tried connecting using two seperate USB cables - I am not sure if either is genuine. There is no effect.

I have tried disabling USB controllers individually within device manager. There is no effect.

I have tried different USB ports/ There is no effect.

While connected, the phone appears in the device manager intermittently, appearing and disappearing as the phone connects/disconnects.

The laptop is running windows 8.

iPhone 3GS

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 Does Not Connect With BH-105?

Sep 10, 2011

My nokia N8(updated to Anna) does find the Bluetooth headset Nokia BH-105. The headset is working, I tested with an N95. Also the N8's Bluetooth is working, I can connect with other devices.

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Nokia Nseries :: Can't Connect To Internet

Oct 8, 2012

i just had my nokia 808,but i never had the chance to connect to the internet even if the signal is strong.

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 Can't Connect To Ovi Store

Sep 1, 2011

i tried reinstalling ovi store app..but nothing happen...still cant connect after installing symbian anna...

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Nokia Nseries :: 500 Connect As Modem?

Oct 27, 2012

When connecting the Nokia 500 to PC, as a Modem, it is not connecting at all where PC suite is not installed...

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Nokia Nseries :: Could Not Connect N8 With Ovi Store

Oct 25, 2010

I got my N8 from Vodafone as upgrade today, but I could not connect with Ovi Store it shows " unable to connect to service". I had also uninstall and then install again.

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Nokia Nseries :: Nokia Call Connect For Cisco?

Feb 23, 2012

I'm trying to run NCCC on my Nokia E71 and 701.All what I received from administrators:- server name- user (device?) name- pinIphone and Android work fine with entering this settings SCCP settings have only server name parametr, username and password field in ciscovoip setting menu not available for inputI'm working in big company and modifying some cisco settings is impossible?

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Nokia Nseries :: Set Wifi In My N70?

Oct 14, 2011

how i set wifi in my n70

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Nokia Nseries :: Use 500 As Wifi HUD?

Feb 24, 2012

can i use nokia 500 as wifi HUD?

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