Nokia Nseries :: Unable To Sync Gmail

Sep 12, 2011

Have problem with sync gmail on my nokia n97. from last week nokia showssync process but at the end I have the same email in inbox like i have before.No new emails coming from server. If I look at gmail through web page new emailsare there.Any sugestions what should be wrong ? I have deleted the account andset new one but still the same. Sync only to the certain date

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Nokia Nseries :: How To Sync Contacts And Calendar From Gmail

Sep 5, 2012

I'm not very "techy" so i have trouble uploading my contacts which are on my Gmail account, as well as my calendar, I know there is googa sync for the calendar, but is there another way?

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Nokia :: Unable To Sync Gmail Account With New Device Messaging Client

Feb 11, 2010

Since downloading the new Nokia Messaging client (Main) on my N97 Mini (11.0.045) it refuses to sync with my gmail account (it worked prior to downloading the new client via Software update on the phone).

I've tried changing the "When to Sync" setting to soonest or 15 mins etc but that makes no difference.If I change the access point it will open a connection (which it wont have done until this point) but still no sync. It never seems to close the connection, unless the phone is rebooted.Anyone have the new messaging client working ?

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Nokia Nseries :: How To Sync The Calendar With Gmail-calendar

Oct 12, 2011

I have an E-72 and use the calendar a lot. But how can I sync it with gmail-calendar?

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Nokia Nseries :: OVI SYNC Unable To Restore Contacts

Aug 28, 2012

recently after maintenence of my E6 from nokia care I lost all contacts. however i kept the backup in OVI Sync but instead of Restore i Synced again and now i m tring to recover/restore the all my Contacts from OVI sync but not succeding. way how can i restore my contacts ?

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BB Bold :: Unable To Sync Gmail On It?

Dec 4, 2012

After the latest OS update, I can no longer sync my gmail. GMobile App does not install.

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BB Torch :: Unable To Sync Gmail

Dec 26, 2011

I am new to Blackberry, the proud owner of a Torch 9810. I love a lot of things about it except e-mail handling.I am having to manually delete mails already deleted from my laptop. My Torch is not reconciling my Gmail automatically; in fact, when I go to the BB menu in e-mail to manually reconcile by selecting that command, it still doesn't work.The above wouldn't bother me quite so badly if I didn't have to delete them (again) one at a time. I'm sure there must be a way to select multiple e-mails from my Inbox to delete en masse, but I haven't hit upon it yet.

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Nokia Nseries :: Unable To Sync Contacts, Mail And Calendar Via Mail?

Oct 6, 2012

Everything worked well for over half a year until last Thursday.I sync my contacts, email and calendar with my Google Account via Mail for Exchange protocol. Contacts, calendar and email sync stopped working on Thursday. Manual sync does not work. I set up my Mail for Exchange mailbox again, reinstalled phone software.

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Motorola Photon 4G :: It Does Not Sync Calendar, Contact, Gmail With Company Gmail Account

Oct 28, 2011

My Photon 4 G does not sync calendar, contact, Gmail with my company Gmail account. I believe that it just stopped syncing last week and I believe that it was following a Motorola update, but cannot say for sure. Under Data Delivery, both Background Data and Data enabled are checked green. However, this is interesting because Email and corporate sync is grayed out on that screen. When I go to Account, checking the sync options is not possible, but I can do a manual sync. Please note, at one time, these options to sync Contacts, Gmail and Calendar were available. I've pulled the batter. I really do not want to reset to factory default. Suggestions? (Please note this is a company Gmail account, not just regular Gmail.)

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Nokia :: Device Wont Sync With Gmail

Mar 31, 2010

Just got my phone today and everything works fine except for the email. The problem is that I cant see messages newer then 2009.06.14? So i have all my messages except for the new ones?

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Eseries / Communicators :: Gmail Sync In Nokia E72?

Mar 13, 2012

I have been using Nokia E72 for quite some time now and was pretty happy with the email client. I am using Gmail through IMAP for more than a year now on my Nokia E72. However, lately the Gmail has stopped synchronization with the email servers. While the mail shows connected but new mails are not fetched from the server despite several attempts.

While I am still able to send mails from my already configured gmail account and that is working fine but new mails retrievals from the server is not working for any reason I am not able to find

I have also tried to delete this account and reconfigure the GMAIL via IMAP4 however the results are still the same.My phone software is updated to the letest version available on Nokia Suite.

If this problem still persists for a long time and I am unable to find a solution for the same I fear I might have to move to a different phone possibly an Android or a Blackberry. The last email retrieved on my phone was on February 16, 2012 and after that there are 100s of emails exchanged but my phone doesn't sync.

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Nokia :: Unable In Setting Up A Gmail Email Account On E72

Jul 31, 2010

I am having trouble setting up a gmail email account on my Nokia E72. After upgrading the phone's firmware to the latest version: 031.023, the email setup crashes by quitting out after typing in the username and password. Sometimes it will say: "detecting account setting" but then it quits and no account is created.

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Nokia :: N900 Able To Receive Email From Gmail But Unable To Send Out

Jul 27, 2010

1. I got some serious problem here, I am using my home connection through wifi and my N900 is able to receive email from gmail but unable to send out. I checked the configuration through gmail website and it is correct for sure!

2. I tried to share photo using the share via facebook plugin or pixelpipe plugin, I get transfer error! I've no idea why. But I could use my wifi to validate facebook and pixelpipe account without any problem.

What I suspect is the outgoing connection issue. In fact I am using my laptop on the same wifi connection without any issue at all. What can I do on my N900 to fix this problem?I can use 3G to send out email and upload pictures to facebook but I can't do it via wifi!

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Nokia :: E72 Unable To Configure Mail Clients Like Gmail And Yahoo

Apr 15, 2010

I have purchased E72 on or around 15th Jan., 2010 from one of the Nokia Dealers in Indraprasth Shopping Center, Borivali, Mumbai. I found one man in his shop wearing a Nokia Shirt and after I bought this mobile, he set up the e-mail configuration using his sim card as his was of Airtel and Mine was MTNL. After that day I stayed in Mumbai for only 2 days and never used any of the email services. When I reached my office overseas, I tried to access the emails on my phone but it would hang and I would have to restart it again. Thinking there is a virus, I downloaded the F-secure Anti-virus from the Ovi Store. But it became worse. It stopped the Java applications on the phone.So, I uninstalled the Anti Virus and tried the email. But in vain.Then I was asked by one of the engineers at my service provider to remove the mailboxes and re-configure them. I did remove the mailboxes and since then - now 3 months.I have not been able to configure my mailboxes on my E72 again.

I went to the Nokia Priority Dealer - Foneman in Mangal Kunj, S. V. Road, Borivali -W, and they failed to configure it and sent me for software upgrade to Nokia Care, Near Railway Station in Borivali - W.They upgraded the software as they claim and tried to configure my email IDs. But they have failed too.Yet when they open their IDs on my E72, they open.What is the problem and how can I sort it out.I want my Gmail and Yahoo IDs functioning on this device.Or else, this device is of no use to me.I am very much disappointed with the Nokia Service which I have received from the Priority Dealer and Nokia Care.Is it because I bought the phone from a dealer and not a Nokia Priority Shop?Those so called promoters at the Priority Shops are incompetent and in the process of configuring my mail IDs on my E72, he went and terminated my Ovi Mail ID. Now I have signed up with another ovi ID and it has started working on the E72.This means there is some technical problem which is stopping the configuration of the other email clients.

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Nokia Nseries :: Suit Not Sync With 500?

Dec 16, 2012

i have nokia 500 which is awesome smart phone, but here is problem with it, when i try to connect my cell phone with nokia suit to save my massages and other contents on my PC, it does not synchronize with the nokia suit, i want to know that if there is Hardware problem or software??

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Nokia Nseries :: Sync Photos From PC?

Aug 6, 2012

I've just came back to the Symbian fold after a long hiatus (my last Symbian device being Panasonic X800 with S60 2nd Edition). There's some learning curve, but so far I'm really enjoying my Nokia 808.

Previously, I've been using a Nokia 6700 (S40) as a communication device and iPod Touch as a photo/web viewer/PDA, but I would like to consolidate these functionality into one with 808.

This would mean I would want to be able to automatically sync photos from my PC to my Nokia in addition the the standard Nokia Suite ability to sync from the phone to PC. With iTunes, I would have specified a picture folder and the sync would go both direction with an ability to set folder exceptions if necessary. Would you know if there's a way to do something similar with Symbian devices?

One solution would be to skip Nokia Suite altogether and use something like Microsoft SyncToy in USB Mass Storage mode, but it's not exactly an elegant solution.

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 Fails In Hotmail Sync?

Dec 7, 2010

After reinstalling the whole firmware in Nokia Care, everything works fine, except the email app.

VERY STRANGE problem. I can only sync maximum 50 emails in my hotmail account but 250 emails in my yahoo account! The setting are all the same (maximum mails in inbox > 250).

I have tried to delete the account and re sign up it, and i have tried to login with another hotmail account. STILL THE SAME. 50 emails maximum for hotmail accounts. Soft reset has been tried. NO USE AT ALL :-(

How can I solve it? Do i need to reinstall the whole firmware again in nokia care (OMG !)

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Nokia Nseries :: Sync ITunes Playlists With 808?

Jul 19, 2012

Media Sync does not work with the 808 like it did for my E7?Does the Nokia Suite sync with itunes library to import playlists over? or do I need to recreate all my playlists from itunes in the suite?I wonder if I can copy the playlists files from my Nokia E7 over to the 808 and see if the 808 Music player pics them up rather than doing it all manually?

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Nokia Nseries :: How To Sync Music To N8 MicroSD Card

Jun 10, 2011

I bought a 32GB MicroSD card for my N8 so that I had enough capacity to store all of my MP3s. Unfortunately I can't convince Ovi Music Player to sync music to that location. It always tries to sync the music to the N8's 16GB internal storage area despite there not being enough capacity to do so. Is there any way to configure either Ovi Music Player or the N8 to use the MicroSD card exclusively for the music library?

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 Cannot Sync Music After Belle Upgrade

Aug 6, 2012

My N8 could always sync music no problem before I changed to Belle. After the upgrade, Nokia Suite could not see any of the existing music on my phone even though it is still there & I can play it through the phone. I added some more music to the phone through the drag & drop function on Nokia suite & now when I try to sync, this isn't visible either. How to get Nokia Suite to see the music on my phone?

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 Outlook Missing Data After Ovi Sync

Dec 12, 2011

some of my n8 contacts have many number within a contact. after sync ovi displays all details but once i check in outlook just one number is taken as i wish to transfer all contacts to samsung s2.

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Nokia Nseries :: Sync Of Contacts To Microsoft Outlook?

Jan 29, 2011

I don't seem to be able to sync my contacts to my Microsoft Outlook (2003) from my N8. It worked fine with the N85. I get an error message from Ovi Suite that neither Calendar nor Contacts could be synced but the Calendar does get updated. Unfortunately not the contacts. When I go to Sync Options and select Outlook for contacts and calendar I get a message from Outlook that it cannot connect to the Exchange Server, but I don't use Exchange server, I use a private e-mail account. I have tried to set up the account again as per the Ovi Suite error message (Error 83860004) but nothing. Of course also restarting Ovi Suite.

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Nokia Nseries :: Contacts Sync Not Working With Exchange?

Oct 20, 2012

I have new N8 with fresh Belle Refresh, no contacts in memory.I have tested Exchange ActiveSync connection with my google account.Everything works, contacts, mails and calendar were synced.Then i tried to turn off contacts sync - contacts from phone memory vanished.Then i deleted google mailbox and created new Exchange with other gmail account - since then contacts are not synchronized, even with sync turned on.I've deleted mailbox again and setup first one, still not contacts synchronized.

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Nokia Nseries :: Belle N8 Mail App Doesn't Sync?

Mar 3, 2012

the mail app sucks on nokia belle just stops synchronising on my n8 after sometime...let it be auto or manual sync, it just doesnt was working on anna for me...i have tried everything also tried not using the ovi server for synching mails...still doesnt work .i am using the gmail id only works for sometime after i reboot my phone...and then again need an update?

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Nokia Nseries :: Cannot Sync Contact N8-00 Shows Error 80700004 8d

Oct 10, 2012

Tried everything but no results the error is attached. Cant access my contacts on N8-00 by any ways.

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Nokia Nseries :: Belle To Play 360 Volume Control Not In Sync?

Sep 24, 2012

When I connect my 808, N8 or C6-01 (all running Belle) to a Play 360 speaker have noticed an inconsistency in the volume control function.Firstly let me make this easier to explain by pretending that the Belle devices all have 10 volume levels and the Play 360 speaker has 10 volume levels.Secondly I will explain how I expect the volume controls to work and indeed how it does work on my N95 and N97 (yes I've been very thorough with my testing!):When I set my phone (N95 or N97) volume to any number from 1 to 10 the speaker plays at exactly that volume level. If I increase or decrease the volume level on my phone (N95 or N97) then the volume level on the Play 360 speaker increases or decreses to match the phone's level.

When I adjust the volume level using the +/- buttons on the Play 360 speaker the phone (N95 or N97) volume level adjusts to match the change. So, no matter how I change the volume the phone and speaker are always in sync, e.g. 1=1, 2=2, 5=5, 10=10.Now we're getting to the problem...On my Belle devices, 808, N8 and C6-01 the volume levels only sync with the Play 360 when music is not playing. As soon as I play music the levels become independant of one another.For example: While the music is paused I can press the - button on the Play 360 to reduce the volume to level 1. I also do the same on my 808. So now both devices are at level 1. Remember, the music is currently paused. If I increase the volume on the Play 360 I see on the 808 screen that the volume increases there too.Same for decreasing volume too, both stay in sync as long as music is paused.

However, when I start the music playing and press +/- on the Play 360, although the ambient volume changes accordingly, the phone volume level remains the same. This means that even after I've got the Play 360 at max volume, I can then increase it further by using the volume control on the 808.What you end up with is 10 levels of volume on the Belle phone and ten levels of volume on the Play 360. As long as no music is playing they adjust together. When music plays they adjust independantly.

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 Mail For Exchange Sync Stopped Working?

Jun 2, 2011

Device: Nokia N8-00 Carrier: Three UKI have been using Mail for Exchange to sync my calendar and contacts between my N8 and by google apps account for several months. It stopped working last week, and I have been unable to fix it. The log just says "sync died (11)" but I have not been able to find out what that means.

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Nokia Nseries :: Nokia 603 - Unable To Configure IBM Lotus Notes Traveler

Dec 29, 2012

I tried to configure IBM Lotus notes traveler in my 603, but it went unsuccessful with some odd errors.

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 Unable To Log On To All Ovi Services?

Jul 2, 2011

i have a 4 month old n8 currently has issues with all features related to logging on to ovi. Thats the social app, the automatic update of email also stopped working as well as ovi sync. When i try log on it takes a while then says connection failed. Try again later. The next screen asks for my password again which i actually Havent changed as i can still log on to the ovi website. The ovi store was previously working well but i thought it could be the problem so i uninstalled it to no avail. I tried a soft reset which deleted the mailboxes but didnt solve a thing. Now i Cant set up any mail boxes. It takes ages on the preparing for set up screen without moving forward. Ovi sync still not working, neither is social and now i Cant download ovi store. Seems like the link is failing. Everything else is working fine. Internet included. I'm avoiding a hard reset because I'm miles away from a computer for a back up.

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 Unable To Set Up Email

Oct 8, 2010

I get the message "Nokia Messaging subscription is required to use mail on this phone contact your operator" When i try to set up my email accounts with my new nokia N8

I then get prompted for email and password, but i don't get anny options for Gmail, Yahoo etc, and the only option is "mail for exchange" and that doesn't work with the gmail account.

Could it be that my email account has a "." in it... im running out of options here... have done a factory reset and everything.

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Nokia Nseries :: Unable To Pair Up With BH-214 To N8?

Feb 14, 2012

I wish on both devices (mobile and headset) but I can search my headset on phone. Is it a bug of belle update or there is another way for me to connect both devices?

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