Nokia Nseries :: Nokia Suite For Selective Synchronization?

Nov 14, 2012

i'm using a nokia n8 phone and i used to keep a copy of my photos and videos on my pc using nokia suite, i just clicked on the gallery sync. button and it was done.i recently bought a new memory card and i started downloading videos by the (Internet downloader) app. i have now like 7gb of videos on my memory card.the problem is that now every time i try to sync. the gallery, nokia suite makes a copy of all downloaded videos on my computer. is it possible to set nokia suite to sync. only the photos and the videos taken by the camera and ignore the downloaded videos?

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Nokia :: Synchronization Ovi Suite With Outlook

Jul 9, 2010

by synchronizing ovi suite with Microsoft outlook 2003 (11.8313.8324) SP3 under windows xp sp3 the suite try to synchronize with outlook but nothing will work.

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Nokia :: N96 - Improve Synchronization Of Contacts Between Ovi Suite And

Apr 7, 2010

About every second time I synchronize my N96 with both my PC and my contacts on, ovi suite states an error. ("Synchronization failed ...")

In general, synchronizing contacts between ovi suite and is taking ages.

I think reliabiliy and speed of this feature still needs A LOT of improvement...

(Although that applies to some other features as well... for example bluetooth connection, which is completely useless for me: /t5/Nokia-Ovi-Suite/bluetooth-sync-extremely-slow/m-p/656359)

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Nokia :: Ovi Suite / Crashes When Synchronization With Outlook 2003

Jul 17, 2010

I newly installed the latest Ovi Suite and it crashes when synchronisation with Outlook 2003 is initiated. Syncing the messages works. OS is Vista 32-bit. I could send a dump-file to the Nokia support, if desired.

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Nokia 5230 :: Synchronization Contacts And Calender With Ovi Suite?

Apr 24, 2010

I have a Nokia 5230 with software version 20.0.005 and I am running Nokia Ovi Suite on Vista 64 bit.I connect either by bluetooth or USB. With this it is possible to synchronize messages, music and pictures. However, when synchronizing the calender or contacts with bluetooth Ovi Suite simply crashes.When synchronizing with the USB cable it gives either the message: "Sync Canceled Could not sync contacts. Reconnect the USB cable to your device or connect via Bluetooth. Then sync again. Error code: 80043c93" When synchronizing the calender it gives the message: "Sync Canceled Could not sync calender items and tasks. Reconnect the USB cable to your device or connect via Bluetooth. Then sync again."I have configered Ovi Suite to synchronize with Microsoft Outlook.Do you have any solution to this problem.

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Nokia Nseries :: Update N8 To Belle Without Using PC / Nokia Suite?

Feb 21, 2012

I've been trying for hours to update my N8 to Belle with the Nokia Suite installed from Nokia yesterday, but after the screen goes blank I end up in an endless loop of "Connection Lost" and retrying. I kept trying for over three hours yesterday, and again today. So, I tried to install via "Check for Updates" on the phone itself, but this says "No updates". Is there a way around this?

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Nokia Nseries :: How To Use N8 With PC Suite

Apr 8, 2011

The N8 is supposed to be used with OVI Suite, but if possible, I'd also like to be able to use it with PC Suite. The latest version of PC Suite won't allow this (not compatible) but an older version seems to accept the N8. I saw in a discussion at Nokia Beta Labs that I can also install a late version of PC Suite. It's 32.2 megs in size. (The newer versions of PC Suite install on my computer, but tell me to use OVI Suite for my N8.)

With the version I downloaded from hotshare installed, PC Suite recognized my N8. It also displayed a message saying PC Suite must be updated to support new features, and told me to click on "help" and then the update link. I did that, and the next message was "Do you want to install PC Suite on your mobile phone (N8-00)?"

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Nokia Nseries :: Connecting N92 To PC Suite?

Mar 8, 2012

My screen has is blacked out.I have downloaded and installed nokia suite 3.386. I want to save my contacts and messages to the computer.

I tried connecting the phone with the usb but because I dont see anything I cannot make the right choice. post a step by step guide which will enable me to connect my phone to the pc suite.

E.g (1. Click the menu, 2. then click left soft key. 3. then go down 3 times.)

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Nokia Nseries :: Not Being Recognized In Ovi Suite?

Jan 13, 2011

i m charging my n97 mini via usb. the light on the side is on but the screen is black. Is something supposed to happen on the screen? and its not being recognized in ovi suite.

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Nokia Nseries :: Can't Copy All The Messages From Pc Suite

Oct 30, 2012

I am not able to copy all the inbox messages from nokia PC Suite to my nokia 808. When i am trying to copy the messages saved/synced with nokia PC Suite back to my mobile, only some messages are getting copied back to mobile and some are not getting copied.

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Nokia Nseries :: Ovi Suite Disconnecting When Trying To Update N8?

Sep 20, 2011

Software update on phone tells me to go online and get it done there. So I do and it downloads ok, all 272MB of it, but it keeps on disconnecting when trying to install to the N8. The phone switches off and stays off. I leave it for 10 minutes because of a post I seen just to be on the safe side but still nothing.

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Nokia Nseries :: Suite Reinstall Of The FW Nothing Has Changed?

Apr 25, 2012

due to crash after FP1, the phone died. At service they reinstalled the latest FW package and the Microsoft App disappeared. Even after Nokia Suite reinstalling of the FW nothing has changed. Does anyone have such an experience, have you found out how to fix it?

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Nokia Nseries :: Transfer Ovi Suite To New Computer?

Jan 24, 2012

I have a new laptop coming and just wondered what is the best way to transfer Ovi Suite to it? I can download a fresh copy but this would lose the history.Is there any way that this can be done please? Forgot to say that my telephone is Nokia N8/Symbian.

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Nokia Nseries :: Can Suite Re-install The Anna On N8

Dec 2, 2012

I've looked, and so far, all I've found is an update that will installe Belle. I tried that once, and now my system pops up "System Error" every time I turn it on, so I don't want to try installing Belle again, in case something worse happens.

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Nokia Nseries :: Cannot Update Firmware V025.007 Via Suite

Jan 8, 2012

i cannot update firmware v025.007 via nokia suite

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Nokia Nseries :: OVI Suite For N8 Not Working With Windows 8 Consumer?

Mar 10, 2012

i am not able to connect my N8 to OVI Suite since I installed the Windows 8 Consumer Preview operating system. My USB port is working fine as I am able to charge and connect in media transfer mode. It just doesn't work when the OVI suite mode is I can work around this please. I use OVI suite a lot as I do most of my messaging through the PC. When will Nokia release a new edition of the OVI Suite that will work well with Windows 8. On once occasion, I was able to reinstall OVI suite by right clicking and selecting Windows 7 in compatibility settings and by running the program as administrator. However, even that doesn't seem to be working anymore.

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Nokia Nseries :: Suite Does Not Show Latest Version?

Apr 17, 2012

Today while browzing Nokia site happened to see new phone software version. When I checked through Nokia suite it was showing the software version that was already installed in the phone.Do anybody else who own a 701 came across this anamoly.My latest addition S3If my post has helped you please click the white star on the right

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 Does Not Support Ovi Suite Or Mass Storage

Oct 12, 2011

my n8 has this problem since 3 days.i m not able to connect any pendrive or drivevia usb otg says unsupported usb device.disconnect device.and moreover I m not able to connect my n8 on my pc or laptop it only charge the phone and does not support ovi suite or mass care is of no help.

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Nokia Nseries :: N8: Suite Update Service Unavailable

Aug 11, 2012

i just got an Nokia N8 from a friend of mine, and i wanted to fully update it, but whenever i try to update it to Belle it gives an error saying "Nokia update suite service is unavailable", sometimes it reaches 119/124 mb, or 95/100 mb or 21/26 mb and then i get the error.and sometimes it reaches 124/124, 100/100, 26/26 mb but it then says "5000 minutes left to finish download" it stays at that point for about a minute and then i get the above mentioned error.if it matters the phone is from another country than my own.i searched all over the nokia discussions forum and i saw there were numerous similar posts, i did everything it was suggested there but it still hasnt worked.

so how can i get the belle update?

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Nokia Nseries :: Unable To Reinstall Belle FP1 Using Suite?

Apr 17, 2012

after upgrading my 701 to Belle FP1:

- i started to have Wi-Fi issues, connection dropped more than usual;

- Every time i clicked over the "Climate Mission 3D" it used to launch "JoikuSpot" instead;

- Nokia Store keeps reporting there was a new Maps Suite v2.0 even though this update/version was already in place and even if you performed the installation following that notification...;

So to get over these issues i went for a "clean installation", this wasn't possible, i tried to reinstall the system using Nokia Suite, it didn't work as it always gives back the error 12054;So, i tried the hard reset first, this worked, it wiped out everything except the info at the SD card but this step brought me even more issues, so i tried again using Nokia Suite and the issue remained, i receive the error 12054 every time i try reinstall the system.So apart from the mentioned above, i've got the following new issues:

- Wifi connection drops even more often;

- Apps installation fails a lot, thanks perhaps to the Wifi connectivity issues;

- Word, Excel, Ppt, OneNote, Broadcast, all these are gone;

- Some apps simply don't open, example: default QuickOffice;

I've reported this issue to Nokia Support and the answer was go to the next Nokia Care point..

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Nokia Nseries :: Uninstall Public Transport And Maps Suite?

Apr 13, 2012

How do I remove/uninstall Public Transport and/or Maps Suite from my N8/Belle? Public transport is useless unless you are traveling to those cities - it should be optional to load as are the maps.When I check via Nokia Suite on my PC I can see those apps listed as installed (see pics.). But I CAN NOT see ANY of those in Settings -> Installations -> Already Installed. Is there any other way to remove besides from resetting the phone?

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Nokia Applications :: Selective Uninstall Of Microsoft Apps?

Jul 12, 2012

I have N8 and new 808 Pure View. On N8 I deleted the "Broadcast", "LYNC" and "SHARE POINT" as have not use for them. This did not delete the Office apps (excel and word).

On my 808 I opted to delete Lync and this caused deleting of all MS apps including office.

Did anyone try to delete Lync and Share Point on 808 device? Is it same? how to remove just Lync and Share Point?

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Nokia Nseries :: 700 - OVI Suite Error / Data Transfer Or Media Nothing Works

Aug 1, 2012

Recently my 700 phone as weird problem. When I connect the data cable with PC nothing happens. The nokia suite or data transfer, media etc., nothing works. The connection manager usb shows not connected. I tried soft reset, restart etc but nothing works. The data cable is ok, I checked on my another 603.

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Nokia Nseries :: Ovi Suite Error "Could Not Sign In"

Apr 3, 2011

I have latest Nokia Ovi Suite vs. on my PC (XP SP3) and desktop Nokia Ovi Suite keeps giving me the following error every time I try to Sign into Ovi

"Could not sign in. Nokia Ovi Suite could not connect to the Nokia account server. Make sure the internet connection is working properly and try again."

My internet is connected! I manually sign into with no problem. No proxies or anything like that. I have repaired and re-installed the Nokia Ovi Suite on my PC several times and updated expired certificates as was recommended in some threads here. Still no luck! it used to work like a charm before

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Nokia :: OVi Suite - Update Phone Using PC Suite With Updater Software

Jun 18, 2010

I used the Ovi suite to install the free maps on my E72 which work great but the software itself is very poorly written, too many bugs and problems so i would like to uninstall it and use the PC suite instead. can I now update my phone using the PC suite with it's updater software or do I have to now rely on the Ovi suite.

The reason I ask instead of having two pieces of software is i want to a Vista/XP (two machines) clean install followed by a Ghost DVD so the smaller image the better (plus i dont like to have **bleep** installed on my machine:-)

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Nokia :: N6230i Transfer Data From PC Suite To OVI Suite

Jan 29, 2010

Can i tranfer data from PC suite to OVI Suite - I need transfer all data from Nokia 6230i to new Nokia 6303 classic, or how to do it?. N 6230i is not connectable to OVI suite!

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Nokia :: E71 Sync Back With PC Suite After Started Using OVI Suite?

Apr 6, 2010

How can I make my nokia E71 sync back with PC Suite after I started using OVI Suite? I have a Nokia E71, and i was using Nokia PC Suite to sync it with my outlook 2007 it all worked fine, contacts, to do notes and calendar (i wasn't syncing mail cuase i use gmail), untill the new ovi suite came out and i decided to try it since It sounded better.turns out It really sucked this ovi suite!! one of the worst softwares I've ever used, it duplicated all of the appointments that had color categories in outlook 2007, it is dead slow to sync!!!(i mean reeeaaly slow), even tough the Suite integrates more stuff in to one place it has reduced funcionality to sync stuff with my phone, it offers less funtions, not to mention that the user interface sukcs (its poorly desingned, it takes long to accses stuff, it shows me stuff as if it was advertisement).PC suite was very simple but funcional, oviously i went back to pc suite, to my surprise i couldn't sync, pc suite & the phone would do as if they were syncing, but when i checked at the end it wouldn't sync stuff.

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Nokia :: PC Suite And OVI Suite Can't Find Phone

Aug 16, 2010

I got this phone 3 months ago, and it paired with PC Suite perfectly, till few days ago, when i lost connection with it, and now PC Suite and OVI Suite can't find my phone. I checked bluetooth device that im using, and made sure that phone bluetooth is on. In Attachment is shown how PC Suite and Bluetooth react when i try to reconnect the phone.

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Nokia :: N900 Smart Suite And Ovi Suite

Apr 15, 2010

Have a N900. Got the phone to work against Smart Suite and later Ovis Suite very well for the first 3 weeks. Then the trouble started. I used it both with USB cable and BTooth. First my synchronization with Lotus Notes calendar stopped (have to go by the PC), then contacts and messages. And today it does not even recognize the phone as a compatible phone. In the whole period I have been installing all kind of applications. My suspicion is that the trouble is due to an installation of a particular application - my question is:Anyone that got an idea what might have caused this?? Hope for help without re-intsalling the machine.

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Nokia PC/Mac Software :: Pc Suite Versus Ovi Suite?

Apr 16, 2011

i am having major issues with my e51 and pc suite! The s.ware support 4 my phone is not loading, and when i tried the new ovi suite as an alt. the software is not compatable with my phone! How is my phone going 2 get updates if i can only update via p2 suite?

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Nokia :: N95 - Synchronization That Makes Mp3 Untraceble

Mar 28, 2010

Something is wrong with the mp3 function of my Nokia N95. Last night when I loaded some new files into it, and asked the system to refresh, it took a long time, all the while showing a deliberating sign. I finally stopped it, and found to my horror, that instead of the addition of the new files, the size of the mp3 library had been reduced from around 1300 items to 50. The stranger thing is how come the remaining 50 remained--some of the 50 are placed in exactly the same file container as arranged from the computer-format.

I took some time to move the files around in the computer-format (as can be seen there, all files still exist), and got the result that most of the 50 also disappeared (from the cellphone-format), though leaving a title that canāt be clicked open (like a company with telephone numbers but no one answering them, and a working place where no one works! By contrast, the first great majority to disappear leave no title). In a way, this makes more sense, since the disappearing pattern becomes less random and inexplicable. But some still remain, and the others in the same file container do not.

How to solve this bewildering and annoying glitch. (to my ignorant knowledge of digital things, it seems most likely to be a virus attack.)

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