Nokia Lumia :: 900 Screen Not Responding?

Oct 1, 2012

about 1 month back, my lumia 900 has the following problems : screen not responding, screen becomes sensitive (things moving by itself etc), soft resetting brings a funny problem, screen scrolling by itself and goes to settings of applications, won't stop until i did another soft reset. i have to soft reset few times for the phone to be stable.then i did a hard reset abt 3 weeks back. reinstall everything, the applications. the phone was stable but last week faced the same problems i mentioned above. i brought the phone to nokia service center and explained everything. got it back last weekend. i asked what they did. They only updated back the firmware (which i could have done myself via zune).unfortunately today, i faced the same problem. Quite frustrated as i expect quality from Nokia. don't know if this is a hardware problem or s/ware. if i bring to nokia service center, they maybe do another firmware reinstallation. really hope from some insights from nokia.with lumia 920 coming , the resale value will surely drop. i will be forced to let go the phone if problem cannot be solved and suffer a big drop in second hand value.

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Nokia Lumia :: 920's Screen Is Not Responding?

Nov 20, 2012

I have had the phone for 5 days. Screen started to act up yesterday by not responding for short time periods. today it has stopped responding altogether. No response to any touch and no change after being plugged in.

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Nokia Lumia :: 710 Screen Not Responding While Charging

Mar 17, 2012

I am using a usb charger to charge my lumia 710. I notice my lumia 710 screen not responding to touch while charging, all the physical buttons are fine, but screen is not, that means I can't receive call or view apps while it's charging. I unplugged the usb cable, then it is back to normal. As soon as I plug back in, the screen stops working.

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Lumia 1520 :: Screen Stops Responding When Waking Up

Sep 5, 2014

This has happened several times lately. Green 1520 less than a month old. Sometimes when I wake up the phone, the screen simply won't respond to touch. It's not a matter of it lagging on waking (which also happens), it flat out won't respond period. I would rather not have to go through getting a replacement already.

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Lumia Icon :: Touch Screen Not Responding Even After Multiple Soft Resets

Jul 15, 2014

The touch screen wont respond on my Icon even after multiple soft resets. I do have the developers 8.1 installed. If this would be a faulty phone or would it be something in the 8.1 download....

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Nokia Nseries :: 500 Screen Not Responding?

Jun 28, 2012

I have nokia 500 with latest belle software. I have bought it and hard reset it yesterday with button combination and also with factory settings option.Now, the problem is that when i start any installation, it asks to install it. When i press ok it proceeds to neXt dialogue, either asking for permissions or asking to close an app, depending o the sis file.NOW, a moment before this dialogue, i get totally black screen for milliseconds. And then i cannot touch any button when the prompt appears. I can switch to menu and hs using hardware keys but cannot touch anything on screen. Long pressing menu key allows me to touch the screen and close apps but i can't touch anything else. I can also use power key menu to shut down mobile.Everything else is normal otherwise, i even installed many apps today successfully but now this problem occurs.

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Nokia :: N900 Touch Screen Not Responding - Tried Battery Pull

Jul 5, 2010

My N900touch scrren is playing up,the pictures there and everything but it just wont respond to touch at all,Ive tried taking battery out/sliding lock key/turning on and off and I cant resolve it...any1 got any tips?I cant even touch on settings to restore back to factory settingsand as its the touch screen that isnt working I cant update/reset through PC suite as I cant select that mode on the phone

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Nokia :: 5800 / Touch Screen Stopped Responding After Dropping

May 9, 2010

My Nokia 5800 was dropped on the floor from a distance .. within few days whenever i receive a call .. i touch the green arrow to answer the call but its like i'm not doing anything , it works only if i pressed the keylock from the side, and when i make a call i can't use call option if only i pressed the keylock from the side .. its like my nokia doesn't know that i'm here and touching the screen if i only pressed the keylock from the side .. everything work good after doing that .. just the problem appears when i receive a call, make call, stopping the alarm .. they all want me to press the side keylock then i can start working.. i need help because its confusing me.i've been told to turn the sensor setting on, remove the memory , reset , upgrade , but nothing solve the issue , i'm waiting your replay guys.

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Nokia Nseries :: N97 - Screen Sometimes Stop Responding To Touch Input

Mar 15, 2010

I have an N97 and every day now the screen will stop responding to touch input. I think this is a hardware issue as I have always updated the firmware as soon as its released and I have the same problem no matter the firmware. Resetting and turning off/on again doesn't solve it. Just have to lock the screen and rub my thumb over the entire screen and it seems to start working again. Could part of the touch screen be getting stuck down?

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Nokia Nseries :: 5800 Touch Screen Is Not Responding Well Like Any Touch Screen Should

Nov 30, 2011

My 5800 touch screen is not responding well like any touch screen should. Compared with my friend's phone and he said there is definite problem with touch. Now is this rectifiable? Or better to go for an exchange? I dont trust Nokia Care because my e72 is still with them for some error which they are not explaning properly. Poor customer service.

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Lumia 1520 :: Phone Sudden Freezing And Not Responding

Aug 24, 2014

My 1520 has been driving me nuts lately. I'll be using it and then it was start going crazy. For example, I'll be watching a video and suddenly it will start vibrating as is I'm hitting the navigation keys and it will act as if someone has hit the back button a few times, then the home button, and then Cortana. It always freezes after this and I either have to wait 10 minutes or so to get the touch screen or navigation buttons to respond (volume, camera and lock button all work fine), or I have to soft reset the phone. Sometimes I can go a few hours and be fine, sometimes it will start doing this every 10 minutes.

It started doing it shortly after I got the 8.1 update, so I thought it may be related. I did a hard reset and then used the Nokia recovery tool and am still having the problems.

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Nokia Lumia :: When Moving Away The Lock Screen Apps And Everything On The Screen Looks Very Out Of Color And Blurry?

Nov 17, 2012

When moving away the lock screen.. my apps and everything on the screen looks very out of color and blurry. But it will go back to normal in maybe 2 too 10 seconds.It's been happening frequently and was wondering if it has happened to anybody else and if there's a way to fix it.

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Nokia Lumia :: Nokia Lumia 710 Screen Has Black Dot

Dec 16, 2012

I have my Nokia Lumia 710 and from the beginning there is like a black dot on the screen. First i thought it is above the screen so i could wipe It...but it is not! In is actually under the screen and it really bothers me when i am on white background, on internet or playing games.

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Nokia Lumia :: Screen Capture / Screenshots / Print Screen On WP8?

Nov 5, 2012

how to do this, but press the 'Power button' and 'Start' icon together and briefly. You hear the camera shutter sound, and it's saved in the 'Photo' section in an album called 'Screenshots'.

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Cseries :: C5-03 Screen Not Responding?

Dec 20, 2012

What to do i cant calibrate my phone's screen? It sometimes respond but not in tge place where i touch

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BB :: Storm Screen Not Responding

Dec 31, 2010

I've acquired the handset yesterday and I have tried the "card in front battery trick" but nothing works, the four knobs on the button and the knobs on the side works, everything is visible with the screen it is showing everything just perfect and it isn't "sticking" or "laggy" but when I touch the screen it just isn't responding no matter where I touch it and also how hard I press.

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HTC :: Touch Pro Screen Not Responding

Feb 2, 2010

Just got it, and the screen doesn't respond. Warranty is expired, all buttons work and so does the LCD, not the digitizer though. Is there a way around replacing the digitizer?

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IPhone :: Screen Is Not Responding

Jun 17, 2012

iPhone 4 screen is not responding.

Info:iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone 4s Screen Not Responding?

Jun 4, 2014

i recieved a text today and when i went to slide to unlock my phone my screen didn't respond. i tried to take a picture and my screen still doesnt respond. so i¬ slide up and it works but it doesn't respond when i try to click on camera, calculator, flashlight, etc...then i pull down and it works but wont allow me to press on anything.

iPhone 4S, iOS 7.0.1

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IPhone 5s :: Screen Not Responding?

Dec 10, 2014

My iphone 5s' touchscreen has not been responding as of late. it glitches very badly, randomly opens apps and does not respond to my touch. Sometimes it even completely freezes up. I do not know what to do. It just goes in and out of apps crazily without me doing anything to it. Its as if it is being controlled remotely from somewhere else.¬

I have tried to restart the phone to fix the issue but that hasn't worked. I also reset the phone to factor settings and set it up as a new device but to no avail. this is really inconvenient as I need my phone to function properly for day to day use.

iPhone 5s, iOS 8.1.2

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BB Torch :: Screen Icons Not Responding?

Jul 5, 2011

I have a bb torch 9800 and some of my on screen icons have stopped responding . 1st my facebook icon , I tap it and it doesn't responds and my phone freezers , 2nd I go into media - pictures - my albums are there but when I tap on them they don't responde either and my phone freezes .

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Xperia X10 :: Screen Not Responding To Touch?

May 6, 2011

GF facebooked messaged me last night after I tried to ring her, saying that since our last call, her phone had seemed frozen and wasn't responding to her touch. It was on the locked screen and she couldn't get it to work. Physical buttons worked ok.I got her to reboot to reinstall through SU, but not joy. So, what's likely to be wrong with it that suddenly, the whole screen goes pop?

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Xperia Z5 :: Home Screen Not Responding

Oct 13, 2015

I've recently got my Z5 (upgrade from Z3) literally on Monday 23rd Nov.

I've loaded most of the stuff I had on my Z3 and not loaded anything else that I didn't have on the Z3 (eg. Apps).

However, the first morning upon trying to sleepily swipe the alarm off, it wouldn't work so when I eventually opened my sleep encrusted eyes to see what was up it had a little pop up message saying "home screen not responding: close | wait" so what I pressed as I was trying to get it to stop blaring out Queen at the ungodly hour.

Didn't think much of it but over the past few days it's been doing it still. This morning it did the same thing but it also does it during the day too when I take it out and unlock to start using it.

I'm not sure if it's a temporary thing and whether it's because it's the first usage and it's unhappy with my choice of alarm music, the music I listen to during the day via Bluetooth headphones or maybe the somewhat RAM hogging weather live app I have running as a live background function.

I tried Google but it came up about home being touch unresponsive which this isn't technically doing. If I press "wait" it's a bit like a pc in that it will sit frozen for a minute then start working.

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Galaxy S6 :: Screen Is Black But It Still Responding

Nov 29, 2015

Basically my phone just stopped working (which is what i thought at first) but it's actually responding to my password (which is just the shape of the letter N) which is good because i just backed up all my important files onto my laptop, also my notification light is still working.

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Xperia Z2 :: Row Of Screen Not Responding On Phone

Apr 12, 2015

I found that one of row of screen become unresponsive, i checked with Sketch application to detect that row and it's showing in attached picture. i tried with resetting my Z2 phone but problem not solved.

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Galaxy S6 :: Top Of Screen Is Not Responding To Touch

Nov 8, 2015

It all started yesterday morning. I send a message when suddenly my screen was not responsive. I tried a soft reset (power-volume down). That worked but my screen turned out black.

After +- 20 soft resets my screen finally worked again. But now the top of my screen is unresponsive. It's basically the top 1 cm that isn't responding to touch. What should I do?

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Galaxy S6 :: Why Isn't Top Of Screen Responding To Touch

Nov 8, 2015

It all started yesterday morning. I send a message when suddenly my screen was not responsive. I tried a soft reset (power-volume down). That worked but my screen turned out black.

After +- 20 soft resets my screen finally worked again. But now the top of my screen is unresponsive. It's basically the top 1 cm that isn't responding to touch. What should I do?

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HTC :: Verizon Touch Pro Screen Not Responding

Jan 12, 2010

I have a Touch Pro and the screen just stopped responding. I didn't drop or bump it, that I know of. Does anyone know of any fixes or even someone or some place that can fix or replace the screen?

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IPhone :: 4 Not Responding, Blank Screen?

Apr 10, 2012

I found my iphone unresponsive this morning. i am unable to switch on neither is it responding to charging. the screen is blank. i keep this phone with care and i have had no incidence of fall ever since i had it. its an iphone 4.

iPhone 4

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IPhone :: 4S Not Responding / Screen Black

Apr 19, 2012

My screen is black and it isn't responding.

iPhone 4S

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IPhone :: Touch Screen On 4g Not Responding According

Apr 21, 2012

when trying to type some letters and numbers wont type. Already change touch screen, reset to factory new. How can it be fixed?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

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