Nokia Accessories :: Disable Voice Prompts Connecting On CK100 With C5 Phone?

Mar 29, 2011

Is is possible to disable the following prompts on the CK100 with a C5 phone

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Nokia Accessories :: Possible To Disable 3 Beep Prompts when Connecting Iphone To Ck-110?

Jun 25, 2012

Is it possible to disable the 3 beep prompts when connecting my iphone to the ck-110?

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Nokia Accessories :: Smart Phone Compatible With CK100 Car Kit

Nov 14, 2011

which models of Nokia smart phones are able to be used in conjunction with the CK100 car kit?

And what will be needed to purchase to connect the phone to the already installed CK100 car kit?

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Nokia :: E63 How To Disable Java Prompts?

Jun 18, 2010

Java software always asks to read/write user data in my E63, how to disable java prompts of read and write user data.

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IPhone :: Navigon App And Voice Prompts From Phone Speaker?

Jan 11, 2010

I am interested in getting a navigation app, specifically the navigon app but my concern is that i will not be able to hear the voice prompts for the turn by turn if it is just coming out of the iphone speaker. do they have a cradle out for the navigon app? if so does it have built in speaker that would make the voice prompts audible?

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Nokia :: N97 Mini Can Disable Security Warnings And Access Prompts?

Jan 5, 2010

Is it possible to disable the Phone Data security warning and Allow connection access prompts ?, it's rather annoying, as I would like the Facebook, Accuweather and other apps to just start, without one or in facebooks case two prompts.

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Nokia :: Download Voice Guidance - Not Connecting Only Displays Connecting?

Feb 12, 2010

When it asks me to download voice guideline it doesnt connect just endlessly displays connecting. I have no problems connecting with anything else.

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Motorola Bluetooth Stereo Headsets :: H730 - How To Turn Off Voice Prompts

Nov 4, 2011

I've read the owners manual and followed the instructions. My wife and colleagues have done so, too (as they have the same headset). And, yes, we've tried re-setting the device as well. I've also called Motorola tech support -- and even got through to Level 2 Support. They couldn't figure it out either. The manual's instructions clearly do not match the functionality of the H730 hardware. How to stop the rather annoying voice prompts.

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Nokia Accessories :: Bh-505 Not Connecting?

Feb 13, 2011

i hv a nokia 5230 and i bought a bh505 hsfree when i paired it with my mob i got paired but now it doesnt getting paired with 5533,n73,even 5230

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Nokia Accessories :: N9 Not Connecting To BH-905i Headphones?

Nov 16, 2011

Bluetooth on the phone is active & connecting to my blacberry/laptop fine. My BH-905i's have been working fine with my N8, but the N9 doesn't see them at all. I have the latest software update.

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Nokia Accessories :: Connecting C5 To Sony Car Unit?

May 8, 2011

when I used to connect my old nokia 6300 to my car radio/cd unit (sony 6000 cd) via bluetooth I used to have the call list (as stored in the phone by name displayed in, out, missed etc on the car head unit screen when the phone button was pressed.I was able to scroll through these up/down and select dial to make a call.I have now upgraded to C5 and although connects and makes and recives calls fine all that is displayed in the Sony car unit screen is the numbers not the 'names' as stored on the phone making it tricky to know who I'm calling.Am I doing something wrong do I need to change a setting on the phone? I have 'remote sim' on in the bluetooth menu in the phone.

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Nokia Accessories :: Unable To Disable Headset?

Oct 17, 2011

i have purchased new C5-03 model of Nokia some days ago and it working fine.But i have faced one problem in headset, when i connect headset to mobile then there is little sounds occur and on screen it says "speak now".I can not understand why this comes and how to disable it?Because of this problem music player coud not play so i can not use radio and can not hear songs from mobile, so please anyone help how to disable it? So i can use headset.

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Nokia Accessories :: Connecting Mobile To PC / Laptop And Making Calls

Mar 14, 2011

My mobile model is Nokia 5230 and I have a bluetooth dongle. I want to use PC as my hands-free and record my music classes. Is it possible? I'm able to dial and receive calls from PC when I connect the mobile to PC via cable. But not able to hear anything in speaker. How can I connect my mobile to the soundcard of the PC, so that I can use my microphone and speaker to talk and listen to the other end? I would like to know whether its possible to use my Nokia phone as a USB modem.

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Nokia Accessories :: BH-217 Bluetooth Voice Prompt Missing?

Feb 13, 2011

I just bought a BH 217 bluetooth headset. I did hear the voice prompts on the first day. Now it seems to have disappeared and i simply cannot get it back. The user guide says you have to press the multifunction key for 5 seconds and then again for 2 seconds (when the device is switched off) I have tried that, but every time i press it for 5 seconds it comes on, and thats all that happens.

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BB Bold :: 9650 Bold Has Stopped Recognizing Word Or Name Prompts For Voice Dialing?

Jan 9, 2012

My 9650 Bold has stopped recognizing word or name prompts for voice dialing. It still works for phone numbers but not names like "John Smith" or words like "home". My dealer tried to correct it by removing the battery and restarting the phone. When it starts it shows a java uncaught exception for java.lang.NullPointerException

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Nokia Accessories :: When I Connect My N8 Headset Voice Command Is Activated

Sep 3, 2011

When I connect my N8 headset, voice command is activated, how can I deactivate it?

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 - Disable Charging Batteries When Connecting To It?

Jul 12, 2012

My N8 starts charging the battery every time I plug it into the USB port of my laptop, even though the battery is with over 80%/Can I disable charging when it is connected to the USB? ORCan I configure it anywhere so it starts charging only when it is below 20%?

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Nokia Lumia :: Error Message Prompts. " Connection Error, Can't Connect To Phone?

Feb 29, 2012

I have a noia lumia 710, and whenever I connect my windows phone , zune opens but then an error message prompts. " Connection error, Can't connect to your phone.Disconnect it, restart it, then try connecting again."I have tried all possible solutions.I try every steps suggested in that link.htmand also that link I could do the Certificate steps cause when I open certmgr.msc I don't see anywhere the Zune certificate.

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Nokia :: How To Disable Voice Guidance?

Apr 15, 2010

I have a bluetooth car kit that mutes my car stereo. When ever the Maps app talks the stereo mutes. I would like to disable the voice so I can view directions but not have my stereo continually muted. Turning the volume to zero does not solve it. No voice is head but it still mutes the stereo. Currently my only solution is to turn my N97 bluetooth off. Is voice disable possible? Route66 has that feature. Is tired of Nokia whingers. Go to Apple, that's where you deserve to be.

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Nokia :: 5800 XM - How Can I Disable Voice Dialing?

Aug 29, 2010

Whenever my 5800 Xpress Music connects to a wired or bluetooth headset it starts 'Speak now' voice dialling which sometimes accidentally starts a call to one of my contacts and I'm unaware of dialling out until the recipient answers the call. I've checked the forums and instruction manual but switching voice dialling (or commands) off doesn't seem to appear anywhere.

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Nokia Nseries :: Disable Voice Dial On N8?

Oct 5, 2011

how to disable voice dial on n8

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Nokia Lumia :: Disable Bluetooth Audio But Keep Voice?

Dec 30, 2012

I've been searching everywhere and can't seem to find an answer to this..What I want to do is keep the bluetooth voice link in my car (all working great btw) but disable the audio so that navigation directions come from the phone speaker. My Nokia N8 did this by default but I cannot seem to find an option in Setting or Drive to prevent the audio from going to Bluetooth.

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BB Accessories :: Connecting VM-605 With New?

Jul 16, 2011

I replaced my Blackberry, which was working fine with my VM-605. How do I connect the unit with my new machine? (I no longer have access to the former one.)

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BB Accessories :: Playbook Is Not Connecting To Stereo Bluetooth Headset?

Apr 20, 2011

For some reason my playbook is not connecting to my stereo Bluetooth headset(SonyEricsson MW600). Manage to add it to my playbook but its not connecting.

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BB Accessories :: Dictionary Disappear When Connecting Mini Keyboard

Jun 18, 2012

Why does the dictionary disappear when connecting the mini keyboard? It is useful to access accents in french and to abbreviate typing.

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BB Accessories :: 9900 Bluetooth Not Automatically Connecting To Ford Audio System

Feb 26, 2012

I have set up my bluetooth to work on my Ford Focus Audio system. Followed the instructions:

- Paired the devices.
- Entered the code given by the audio unit.
- Confirmed that they were connected.

The blackberry asked if I wanted the phone to connect automatically to the unit (So I don't have to go through the process of waiting for, and accepting a connection on the phone. Drove to the garage to get fuel and turned off the engine. Got back in the car started up and drove off. At this point the phone should have connected automatically like my old Nokia. No sign of it doing so. On stopping I looked at the phone and it was asking to accept a connection from Ford Audio. This is not automatic connecting. Automatic connecting is the phone linking up itself as soon as I get in and switch the radio unit on. So why hasn't this worked?

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Nokia Accessories :: Use Charger Ac-4e For X2-00 Phone?

Mar 1, 2011

Can I use nokia charger ac-4e for nokia x2-00 phone.I lost my original charger but i am owner of nokia ac-4e charger(for 3110 classic).

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Nokia Accessories :: Connect BH-608 With 2 Phone?

Jun 28, 2010

I don't know how to connect with 2 mobile phone I try to fallow the step in catalog but didn't work with me

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Nokia Accessories :: Already Used CR-115 Car Holder With Phone With More Then 13.0 Mm Thickness?

May 15, 2011

I have a Nokia CR-115 car holder, which I use with my 5530. It's a very good, compact and safe car holder, I like it a lot.I intend to buy a C6-01 and accordingly to Nokia's site, the recommended car holder for this phone is the CR-114, not the CR-115..The only difference between CR-114 and CR-115 is the thickness of the phones they support. CR-114 is for phones with 8-18 mm and CR-115 is for phones with 8-13.That said, I don't think there wil be any trouble if I use the C6-01 on a CR-115 car holder. C6-01 has 13.9 mm thickness, only 0.9 mm more than the theorical maximum of the CR-114 holder. I mean, since the CR-115 holder will grip most part of C6-01 thickness, I think it'll be OK.Has anybody already used a CR-115 car holder with a phone with more then 13.0 mm thickness?

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Nokia Accessories :: 5230 Card Is Not Recognized On The Phone Or The PC

Jun 20, 2011

I have a US TMO 5230, got a "Generic" 32gb MicroSDHC for it. Looks like an Adata or Kingston except for the lack of logo.When I installed it out of the package the phone said the card was corrupted, so I reformatted on PC.Took it out of PC, put it in the phone, phone said the card was unformatted, and gave me the option of formatting it.Ran the phone's formatting option , and the card is not recognized on the phone or the PC.when installed in the phone and I go to "memory" in the filemanager, the cardslot shows as empty, no card in place. when I put the card into the slot on my notebook, it doesn't even recognize the mSDcard.does this mean the card is defective.

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Nokia Accessories :: Phone Book Not Getting Synchronized With Bluetooth

Apr 20, 2012

Had the Parrot 9100 Bluetooth, the phone book did not synchronize with the Bluetooth! Obviously my Nokia C3 does not support automatic synchronization.

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