Nokia :: 5800 Ovi Maps Latest Version But It Does Not Work

Mar 20, 2010

i have installed on my 5800 xpressmusic ovi maps latest version but it does not work. it doesnt have any connection.
if i click my position or drive ot anything else it sais on the top of the screen waiting for GPS and it doesnt do anything. it has no signal, i dont know.

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Nokia :: 5800 - Ovi Failed To Work After Updated To Latest Version

Jan 6, 2010

Both PC Suite and Ovi were working perfectly until I updated my Ovi to the latest version early this week. Now, whenever I start Ovi, it will crash after 15-20sec if my 5800 is connected ( either bluetooth or USB ). If the phone is not connected, Ovi will stay without any issue. Btw, PC Suite is working fine. Here is the error message pop-up on the screen when Ovi crashed.

"Nokia Ovi Suite 2 has stopped working". A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available". No solution is actually provided and the only option is to "Close program". Here is the windows error log :
Faulting application name: NokiaOviSuite.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4b20f226
Faulting module name: QtCore4.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x49a63f0a
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x000573e3
Faulting process id: 0x1494
Faulting application start time: 0x01ca8e7c0e7fd709
Faulting application path: C:Program FilesNokiaNokia Ovi SuiteNokiaOviSuite.exe
Faulting module path: C:Program FilesNokiaNokia Ovi SuiteQtCore4.dll
Report Id: 8bb5c369-fa6f-11de-85e1-0024e8bf6e9f

Here are the Ovi Suite and Phone firmware details:
Nokia Ovi Suite
Nokia PC Suite
PC Connectivity Solution
Connectivity Cable Driver
Nokia Ovi Suite Software Updater 2009.40.0.60128
Maps Service API
Nokia mPlatform 2.6.40
Ovi Desktop Sync Engine
Operating system: 32-bit Edition
Language: English

Detected internet browsers:
- Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0.7600.16385 (Default browser)
- Mozilla Firefox 3.5.6

Detected Bluetooth stacks:
- Microsoft (Version: 6.1.7600, Build: 16385)

System config :
O/S : Windows 7 Enterprise 32-bit ( Version 6.1 - Build 7600 )

This is what i did so far :
i) Uninstall Ovi , re-download from Nokia web, reinstall : Failed to fix
ii) Uninstall Ovi and all Nokia related software , clean Registry and reinstall Ovi Suite : Failed to fix
iii) Format and reinstall Windows 7 ( Yes, I did !!! ) , re-download and reinstall Ovi Suite : Failed to fix

I strongly believe this error is caused by the latest version of Ovi Suite, as i have another laptop which running with the older version of Ovi Suite works perfectly with my 5800. I have uninstall the Ovi Suite, I will only try it again when next release is available.

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Nokia :: N97 - Latest Version Of OTA Maps

Jan 30, 2010

I updated my N97 to version 2 yesterday and downloaded the news maps OTA, but it says it is version 3.01. Isn't the latest one 3.03?

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Nokia :: 5800 Which Is Latest Available Software Version

Feb 14, 2010

Which is the latest available software version for Nokia 5800? The one which is in my phone is 30.0.011. However i tried to download OviMaps and it's saying that to install new maps the software version needs to be 31.0.008 or higher. I tried to update the firmware using software updater but it says that no new updates available. Which one to believe now? Product code is 0575590. Is there any new update available for this product code? If it is there how to update?

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Nokia :: E71 - Cannot Install Latest Maps Version 3.0

Feb 8, 2010

I have put a 8GB memory card in my new phone. When I try to update my Nokia maps the uploader only installs nokia maps v1.0. Uploader says I have version 0.0.13h? It won't install the latest maps version 3.0. I copied the files from the memory card which came with the phone to my 8GB card but this doesn't fix the problem.

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Nokia :: Error Installing Latest Version Of Ovi Maps

Apr 18, 2010

I tried to install Ovi maps 3.03 but during the installation, it says there's not enough memory and it asks me to delete something from the C:. But I didn't really put much in C: and I don't know what I can delete without affecting the system.So, when I open "Maps" now, the old version still pops out (it says 3.01 when I click into "About"),but apparently the installer in the PC suite thinks I have 3.03 already.What should I do?

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Nokia :: History Missing Within Ovi Maps (latest Version)?

Feb 17, 2010

With the trial I had with 3.0.1 I was able to use Maps and it's history. When I clicked to travel by car, set destination, I was able to select 'History' there. The strange thing is, since I upgrade to 3.0.3 / FW40 (latest free version) the 'History' option was gone. Only Search and From maps are still available. I did a lot of navigation since the installation but the 'History' button did not came back. At first I thought it was something with the software but I did a Hard-Reset (Camera+Green+Red) and did an update using SW-update. Still the same. I formatted my microSD card just before I did the reset just to make sure it wasn't the data on the card. I also downloaded the Europe maps for offline instalation but this does not resolve the issue. Any ideas? I could not find an answer on the internet. History accessible after upgrade from FW v31 to v40. Why is it gone on my Nokia 5800 Express Music (FW 40.005)?

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Nokia 5800 :: Sports Tracker Website Where To Get Latest Version?

Jan 5, 2010 The 5800 is missing from the download dropdown, does anyone know where to get the latest version of it?

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Nokia :: E71 - Updated Latest Version / Corrupt Maps Application Cannot Be Deleted

Jun 20, 2010

I have been using Nokia maps on my E71, and I have updated to the latest version, which deleted the maps present on the phone. I now cannot load any maps onto it. While connected to my PC the maps application says that the maps on my phone are corrupt, but I cannot delete them, or load new ones. I have tried deleting the cities folder, and deleting the qf file, but get the same error. I also reinstalled Ovi suite on my PC, same error. I cannot uninstall the maps app on my phone.

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Nokia Navigation :: Nokia 500 Gps Fail After Updating Maps To The Latest Version?

Dec 23, 2012

I have a Nokia 500 with Belle installed (vers: 111.021.0028) and Nokia Suite vers 3.6.36.On the 17.12.2012 I've installed the latest version of Romania maps: and since then I get the same error message 'car navigation cannot start at this location'. I can access the maps, I get the correct position but the problem occurs when I try to navigate to any address. It doesn't seem to have an actual issue with the location because I've tried several locations in Bucharest and got the same error.

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Nokia :: N97 - Latest Ovi Maps Does Not Work On The Device

Jun 21, 2010

I have a Nokia N97, happily using Ovi Maps and recieved a text stating newer, better more efficient version now available, so I updated through the software updater, and now it WILL NOT NAVIGATE. I use mine in offline mode, so it uses GPS only, and it finds me, and my current lcoation very quickly, but then when you add a route it just locks onto "Waiting for GPS" with a map image of my destination address, and no matter where I am location wise the GPS navigation NEVER starts. A family member has an N97 also, from another network provider, and exactly the fault has appeared on there N97 since upgrading to the newer maps program. Also on both phones the satnav GPS signal strength indicator has been removed from the screen on newer ovimaps so you cannot even see what is happening.

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Nokia :: 5800 Maps - OVI - GPS With Navigation To Work

Feb 11, 2010

When I check the installed applications on my Nokia 5800, i see a Nokia Maps and an OVI Maps. What is the difference between the two? Do I really need both maps? or I need both for the GPS w/ navigation to work?

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Nokia :: 5800 - Bluetooth GPS Will Work To Get Position On Maps

May 17, 2010

Is it possible to get the 5800 to work with a Bluetooth GPS to get a position on maps.

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IPhone 4 :: ITunes Did Not Work After Update Latest Version

Jun 24, 2014

I updated my iPhone to the latest version (7 point something) but my iTunes no longer recognizes the phone when I connect it via USB. The iPhone permanently shows the connect to iTunes logo but does nothing when I do connect it. I'm using a Windows PC as the platform. When I open Devices in Control Panel, there's a small yellow exclamation mark icon next to the Driver, it says in recovery mode...┬

I cant reboot the phone because the Home button is bust.┬

At this point I'd be happy if I could simply get the phone to work properly again - even if that means I have to use the old iOS.┬

I've tested the USB cable and its working 100%┬

I've updated iTunes but that didn't work┬

I've uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes but that didn't work┬

I've followed several apple support steps which didn't work┬

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Nokia :: Ovi Maps 3.03 / Check Latest Maps Or Updates?

May 19, 2010

using Ovi Maps 3.03. Sorry if this has been asked already but a couple of things :How do I check what maps are actually installed on my phone?How do I know if there are newer map versions available than whats installed on my phone?Im asking this because I noticed the Ireland map on is more up to date than whats on my phone. I installed the Ireland map again using ovi suite on my pc but it's still missing some new details that are found on the map.

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Nokia :: Latest USA Map Version

Apr 22, 2010

what is the latest map version available to download, Map downloader dosent show the version number of maps, Nokia programmers dosent even know this is a good programming practice to display map version.

Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition
Firmware: 31.2.101 RM-428
TomTom Go 720
Ohio, USA.

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Nokia :: N95 What's Latest Map Version?

Jul 20, 2010

there is still no easy way fo finding out if I need to update my map data.My N95 8GB lists version

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Nokia :: What Is The Latest FW Version For X6

Mar 31, 2010

Nokia's Indian call center really are useless. They tell me the reason I cant access the ovi store is because I dont have the latest firmware. The firmware on my phone is v12 The latest firmware, according to them is v11.
They don't seem to understand that perhaps their information is wrong, and that I must speak to my network to get the latest firmware or they can't help me! So what IS the latest firmware for the X6?I really hate offshore call centres where if your problem doesn't fit the script then they just freak out. It's like they are robots or something.

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Nokia :: 2700 Will Maps Work / Work Offline Without Using Gprs / Update Maps?

Mar 1, 2010

first, will maps work in 2700 classic at all ?
second, will it work offline without using gprs ?
third, can i update my maps s/w since .sis file dont work in 2700 ?

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Nokia :: Foreign Maps And Sat Nav - Does Version 3.03 Download All Maps?

Apr 27, 2010

About a month ago I bought the Nokia 5800 as I wanted the free Sat Nav, I have version 3.01 on the phone, when I phoned Nokia about something else I asked them about version 3.03 and they told me I could not install this until I had used all the days of my 10 free trial, then I was to ring them again and they would help install it for me, after 55 minutes on the phone we had no joy, so I decided to try myself and did it first time. Now the question I need answered with your help is, I am going to Italy in June and when I open the GPS (offline) it works fine in the UK where I live, and when I input the town Pisa, Italy it finds it on the maps, does this mean that the Sat Nav will work in Italy or is this just a map?

When you download version 3.03 does it download all the maps?Also is there anyway I can find out which maps I have on the phone?

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Nokia :: 6210 Navigator - Version Of Maps Or Ovi Maps

May 20, 2010

I`ve tried to upgrade my Nokia 6210 Navigator from Nokia maps 2.0 to Ovi maps 3.01 but it. Doesnĺt seems to work. If i try to upgrade it with the old Nokia map updater it just says: Cannot get enough information about the phone unspecified error. Can anyone tell me if this is possible? I also get a error message when i try to use this file that ovikovi posted ( client/nokia_ maps_3.01_09wk44_b01_s60_3.1_lm_rom.sis). The error message that shows up in the phone is: It doesnĺt work to install this file, the unit is built in! And in Ovi Suite it says: The file is in use. Another application is using nokia_ maps_3.01_09wk44_b01_s60_3.1_lm_rom.sis /I┤ve also tried to uninstall the version og Nokia maps that is installed on the phone but that doesnĺt seems to be an option ! Any one who has a clue of something that can solve my problem?

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Nokia :: N70 How Toáswitch To Latest Firmware Version.

May 5, 2010

my nokia n70 hand set (firmware v-5.0705.3.0.1, code-0529361) , i saw there is a new firmware version (v-5.0737.3.0.1) in nokia site, but i cannot load it to my hand set.. pls tell me how to switch to latest firmware version.and also my hand set does not support

01. Internet player

02. widgest

can anybody tell why Internet player is not supporting in my handse & how get fixed these issues

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Cseries :: Latest Firmware Version Available For Nokia C3?

Aug 1, 2012

what is the latest firmware version available for nokia c3? (RM-614)

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Nokia Nseries :: Latest Anna Version For N8

Nov 15, 2011

Everywhere on the web it says that the Anna version is 025.007I live in the U.S. And my phone is still 024.001 and I tried every single way to do the software update but it still shows no recent updates.Can anyone help me know what's the problem here.

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Nokia :: 5800 Satellite Maps / Update Speed In Ovi Maps

Aug 10, 2010

I've bought a new 5800 Xpress music recently and have three questions with Ovi maps:
1. I don't see any satellite (photo) maps when selecting the satellite mode in the display options; instead, the map is just filled with a pattern of alternating dark green and light green linear areas. How do I enable real satellite data, as shown in the attached picture?
2. The update speed of the map when navigating on foot or by car seems very slow. Is there some way to increase / improve this?
3. The phone doesn't seem to recognize really well if I hold it vertically or horizontally. Can I improve that behavior, or switch between manually?

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Nokia :: Unable To Upgrade To Latest Version Of Quickoffice

Feb 24, 2010

I'm unable to upgrade to the latest version of Quickoffice. I've tried both options offered in the application - download and e-mail, but neither work. When I try to download, the application stops responding and when I use the e-mail option, the application reports that the process was successfully completed, but I don't receive an e-mail. My phone can access Internet normally.

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Nokia :: Ovi Suite Installation Error (latest Version)

Aug 20, 2010

i'm having error while installing Ovi Suite latest version i downloaded from the site My PC Details:

Operating System
MS Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit
AMD Turion 64 X2 Mobile TL-56 67 ░C
Tyler 65nm Technology
4.0GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 299MHz (5-5-5-15)
Generic PnP Monitor @ 1280x800
ATI Radeon X1200 (Toshiba)
Hard Drives
488GB Seagate ST9500420AS ATA Device (Unknown Interface) 48 ░C
Realtek High Definition Audio

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Asha 30/40 Series :: What Is The Latest Version Of Software For Nokia

Oct 3, 2012

i have a nokia asha 200 and i want to know about latest version of software....

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Nokia Nseries :: Suite Does Not Show Latest Version?

Apr 17, 2012

Today while browzing Nokia site happened to see new phone software version. When I checked through Nokia suite it was showing the software version that was already installed in the phone.Do anybody else who own a 701 came across this anamoly.My latest addition S3If my post has helped you please click the white star on the right

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Nokia :: 5800 Maps AND Ovi Maps Both Installed In Memory

Feb 2, 2010

Looking at my Installed Applications on my 5800XM I realised that there are the following two entries:

Nokia Maps 9MB

Ovi Maps 7MB

Are they supposed to be both there? Shouldn't the Nokia Maps application have been overwritten when updated to Ovi Maps? Can I manually remove the Nokia Maps application to free these 9MB of C: memory?

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Nokia :: 5230 Does Not Connect With USB After Downloaded Latest Version PC Suite

Mar 8, 2010

When I plug the cable in my phone and notebook, the phone asks me to select the connection type. I select PC Suite. I have downloaded the latest version, but PC Suite does not connect with my phone. I use Windows XP Home Edition SP2I don't have a clue about the cable type, but it fits. There is no SD card in it

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