Nokia Navigation :: Nokia 500 Gps Fail After Updating Maps To The Latest Version?

Dec 23, 2012

I have a Nokia 500 with Belle installed (vers: 111.021.0028) and Nokia Suite vers 3.6.36.On the 17.12.2012 I've installed the latest version of Romania maps: and since then I get the same error message 'car navigation cannot start at this location'. I can access the maps, I get the correct position but the problem occurs when I try to navigate to any address. It doesn't seem to have an actual issue with the location because I've tried several locations in Bucharest and got the same error.

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Nokia :: N97 - Latest Version Of OTA Maps

Jan 30, 2010

I updated my N97 to version 2 yesterday and downloaded the news maps OTA, but it says it is version 3.01. Isn't the latest one 3.03?

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Nokia Navigation :: How To Check Version Of Maps Of Nokia Navigation

Jun 7, 2012

I installed Nokia Navigation 2.0 with some maps on my Lumia phone. But how can I find out the version of the installed maps? And how can I check the actual existing version of the maps on the Nokia server?

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Nokia :: E71 - Cannot Install Latest Maps Version 3.0

Feb 8, 2010

I have put a 8GB memory card in my new phone. When I try to update my Nokia maps the uploader only installs nokia maps v1.0. Uploader says I have version 0.0.13h? It won't install the latest maps version 3.0. I copied the files from the memory card which came with the phone to my 8GB card but this doesn't fix the problem.

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Nokia :: Error Installing Latest Version Of Ovi Maps

Apr 18, 2010

I tried to install Ovi maps 3.03 but during the installation, it says there's not enough memory and it asks me to delete something from the C:. But I didn't really put much in C: and I don't know what I can delete without affecting the system.So, when I open "Maps" now, the old version still pops out (it says 3.01 when I click into "About"),but apparently the installer in the PC suite thinks I have 3.03 already.What should I do?

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Nokia :: History Missing Within Ovi Maps (latest Version)?

Feb 17, 2010

With the trial I had with 3.0.1 I was able to use Maps and it's history. When I clicked to travel by car, set destination, I was able to select 'History' there. The strange thing is, since I upgrade to 3.0.3 / FW40 (latest free version) the 'History' option was gone. Only Search and From maps are still available. I did a lot of navigation since the installation but the 'History' button did not came back. At first I thought it was something with the software but I did a Hard-Reset (Camera+Green+Red) and did an update using SW-update. Still the same. I formatted my microSD card just before I did the reset just to make sure it wasn't the data on the card. I also downloaded the Europe maps for offline instalation but this does not resolve the issue. Any ideas? I could not find an answer on the internet. History accessible after upgrade from FW v31 to v40. Why is it gone on my Nokia 5800 Express Music (FW 40.005)?

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Nokia :: 5800 Ovi Maps Latest Version But It Does Not Work

Mar 20, 2010

i have installed on my 5800 xpressmusic ovi maps latest version but it does not work. it doesnt have any connection.
if i click my position or drive ot anything else it sais on the top of the screen waiting for GPS and it doesnt do anything. it has no signal, i dont know.

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Nokia Navigation :: Maps Not Working After Latest Update?

Nov 10, 2011

today i saw there was an update for the ovi maps with enhanced drive navigation of 16 mb(optional) i decided to update it..i was downloaded properly n also installed,bt wen i saw all the maps icons in the application folder i was a bit shocked.then i opened ovi maps bt within seconds it says that 'feature not supported' i was tensed n i restord my phone to factory there was no use of was same.

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Nokia :: E71 - Updated Latest Version / Corrupt Maps Application Cannot Be Deleted

Jun 20, 2010

I have been using Nokia maps on my E71, and I have updated to the latest version, which deleted the maps present on the phone. I now cannot load any maps onto it. While connected to my PC the maps application says that the maps on my phone are corrupt, but I cannot delete them, or load new ones. I have tried deleting the cities folder, and deleting the qf file, but get the same error. I also reinstalled Ovi suite on my PC, same error. I cannot uninstall the maps app on my phone.

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Nokia Navigation :: How To Raise Installed Maps Version

Jan 5, 2013

I'm Nokia 808 smartphone owner running latest officially available firmware but as to the Nokia Maps version i'm still using Maps v3.09 12wk09 b05 while lots of people around already have Maps v3.09 12 wk20 b01installed.The problem is to figure out how to update my current Maps to the latest version. Neither Nokia suite nor built-in device manager can see any update available, Nokia store still offers Maps v3.09 12wk09 b05 bundled into Nokia maps suite.

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Nokia Navigation :: Can't Download Free Version Of Ovi Maps

Apr 6, 2010

I Got a Nokia 6220 Classic and I can't download free version of Ovi maps. Why? When will I be able to download it?

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Nokia Navigation :: Current Ovi Maps Version For 5230?

Oct 14, 2012

What is the most current ovi maps version for Nokia 5230? I have ovi_maps_installer_3.06_11wk7_b11_s60_5.0_nocs_beta and it is incredibly slow locating a position on the GPS. I don't use a data plan so I need to know where I can download the current version to my PC.The GPS on both my son's and wife's 5230 seems to snap to position in seconds. They both have one of the 3.03 versions. My 3.06 version takes several minutes in the same location. I had a lot of trouble in the Dominican Republic and in Colombia with 3.06. Could I switch the SIM card and memory card with my son's phone? Maybe it's the GPS circuit on my phone that is so slow.Is 3.09 available for the 5230? Ovi and Nokia seem to make it very difficult to find the latest version for a particular phone.

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Nokia Navigation :: Cannot Update From Beta Version Of Maps?

Nov 17, 2011

Cannot update from Beta version of the maps.

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Nokia Navigation :: Maps (web Version) Cannot Share Route

Nov 22, 2011

I have prepared a route, on Nokia Maps online, which has 22 waypoints plus the start and end point (that's the maximum number of points Nokia Maps online supports). It's a very long route in Brazil: 8.340 Km long. As the route is saved to my Favorites, I can easily see it on any browser when I click on the corresponding favorite name.

But I simply cannot share this route, and I'm very sad about it, because I prepared the route with the intention to share it. When I click on the route's share icon on my Favourites and paste the short link to the browser, I get the errror: "Oops, something went wrong. Please come back later.". This happens on any PC web browser.

Here's the short URL I'm supposed to use for sharing this route: What's going on here? It seems to be a bug of Nokia Maps code or a bug of the URL shortener. I suspect the most on the URL shortenere, as the route has 24 waypoints. But then again, if Maps supports routes with 24 waypoints, the URL shortener should also support it.

If there's any Nokia representative here, could I have a way of contating the support theme in order to follow this up?

I've attached a screenshot of the route on the map, as there's no sensitive data on it.

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Nokia Navigation :: Updating N95 Ovi Maps 3.00?

Apr 23, 2010

i have a little problem with my maps updater and N95. i recently (two days ago) updated my N95 firmware and its now 35.0.0002, and after that, i tried to install ovi maps commercial version (ovi maps 3.00 without free navigation) using maps updater but it shows cannot read enough information from N95? and closes? what can i do now? how can i find the commercial version again since N95 is not supported by free navigation version?

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Nokia Navigation :: Maps Cannot Open After Updating It

Oct 6, 2012

After updating the maps through software updater, the maps app could no longer open though drive opens. The funny thing is that when I choose open location in Nokia maps in a twitter client, the map opens; but to open it through the menu app becomes a problem. I'm using 603 belle sw version 111.020. I could not find any fp1 or fp2 update.

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Nokia :: Unable To Use Maps And Updates To Version 3 After Updating Device

Aug 19, 2010

after updating device to version 500.21.009 i'm unable to use maps and also to update it to version 3.

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Nokia Navigation :: Voice Guidance Broken After Updating Ovi Maps (C7)?

Feb 17, 2011

after updating Ovi Maps to final version 3.06 10wk50 with new maps the German voice guidance with street names is broken. The voice announces i.e. to turn right in one kilometer and again to turn right now, but the announcement to turn right in about 300 meters including the street name or the highway number and direction is missing completely. Sometimes the command to turn now is also left out. I tried using the German female voice without street names as well as the UK English voice with street names - both work well without any problems.I already reinstalled Ovi Maps via Ovi Store, deleted the qf file and the cities folder on the mass memory and re-downloaded the map and voice files, I resetted the phone via *#7370# and reinstalled the actual firmware (013.016) via Ovi Suite without success.

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Nokia Navigation :: What Can Cause Compass To Fail In C6-01

Oct 19, 2012

The compass is not working on my Nokia C6-01.I cant calibrate it. Even other compass apps dont work. Nokia care staff reinstalled firmware, but the issue was not solved. They said it is a sensor issue and they will check whether this is in touch panel or the board itself. I just want to know whether sensor has any role to play in a compass. The Nokia care staff has no idea of what a compass is and how it works. He didnt understand the exact problem even after I showed it. I had to grab another similar phone and showed him how it works or should work. I am fed up with the failure of Nokia phones within a year or so. This is my 3rd handset in row to have developed issues. Seems better to move on to other phones.

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IPhone :: Using 4s And Latest Version Of ITunes But They Don't Recognize Each Other Since Updating Latest Itunes?

May 6, 2012

Since latest verion of iTunes was updated my iPhone 4s is having a lot of difficulty in recognising iTunes.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1

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Nokia Navigation :: Positioning Server N8 Assisted GPS Fail?

Oct 2, 2011

After upgrading my phone to Anna, I am no longer getting GPS locks under AGPS at all. Previously, I had no trouble acquiring these locks.I did look at positioning methods and chose the right home network settings (set to NO) and I have created new server in addition to but to no avail... There is no choice for selecting an access point for these positioning servers, so I'm not sure if the data requests for positions are getting through at all...I installed LeGPSData and can see that there are 10-12 satellites in view but none in use.. The GPS locking problem seems to affect Ovi Maps, Google Maps or Viewranger... basically any tool that depends on Nokia's AGPS implementation......

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Nokia :: Fail To Update Maps On N78

May 13, 2010

trying to update maps on N78 v.30.011 but MapsUpdaiter says it cant retrieve info about phone error 3 and error 1.

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Android Market Not Updating To Latest Version

Sep 29, 2011

My android market is not updating to the latest version i.e. 3.xx stuck on 2.xx. How do I get it self updated instead of using an external apk to install?

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Nokia :: Ovi Maps 3.03 / Check Latest Maps Or Updates?

May 19, 2010

using Ovi Maps 3.03. Sorry if this has been asked already but a couple of things :How do I check what maps are actually installed on my phone?How do I know if there are newer map versions available than whats installed on my phone?Im asking this because I noticed the Ireland map on is more up to date than whats on my phone. I installed the Ireland map again using ovi suite on my pc but it's still missing some new details that are found on the map.

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Nokia :: Latest USA Map Version

Apr 22, 2010

what is the latest map version available to download, Map downloader dosent show the version number of maps, Nokia programmers dosent even know this is a good programming practice to display map version.

Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition
Firmware: 31.2.101 RM-428
TomTom Go 720
Ohio, USA.

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Nokia :: N95 What's Latest Map Version?

Jul 20, 2010

there is still no easy way fo finding out if I need to update my map data.My N95 8GB lists version

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Nokia :: What Is The Latest FW Version For X6

Mar 31, 2010

Nokia's Indian call center really are useless. They tell me the reason I cant access the ovi store is because I dont have the latest firmware. The firmware on my phone is v12 The latest firmware, according to them is v11.
They don't seem to understand that perhaps their information is wrong, and that I must speak to my network to get the latest firmware or they can't help me! So what IS the latest firmware for the X6?I really hate offshore call centres where if your problem doesn't fit the script then they just freak out. It's like they are robots or something.

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Nokia :: N85 - Updated Maps Application / Added Voice Navigation Closes Maps

Feb 4, 2010

I have a N85 Navi which I bought less than a year ago. I updated this week the maps and the application (latest version)and added one voice for the navigation. After this update when I open the Maps and select Settings and Navigation (to change i.e. voice), Maps closes automatically without any error messages. I can open all the other settings sub-menus. Any ideas why this is happening? Do I have the to re-install the application, maps and voices?

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Nokia :: N70 How To switch To Latest Firmware Version.

May 5, 2010

my nokia n70 hand set (firmware v-5.0705.3.0.1, code-0529361) , i saw there is a new firmware version (v-5.0737.3.0.1) in nokia site, but i cannot load it to my hand set.. pls tell me how to switch to latest firmware version.and also my hand set does not support

01. Internet player

02. widgest

can anybody tell why Internet player is not supporting in my handse & how get fixed these issues

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Nokia :: 5800 Which Is Latest Available Software Version

Feb 14, 2010

Which is the latest available software version for Nokia 5800? The one which is in my phone is 30.0.011. However i tried to download OviMaps and it's saying that to install new maps the software version needs to be 31.0.008 or higher. I tried to update the firmware using software updater but it says that no new updates available. Which one to believe now? Product code is 0575590. Is there any new update available for this product code? If it is there how to update?

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Cseries :: Latest Firmware Version Available For Nokia C3?

Aug 1, 2012

what is the latest firmware version available for nokia c3? (RM-614)

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