Nokia :: 2730 Classic - Bluetooth Driver / Using Phone As Modem

Feb 10, 2010

My phone is Nokia 2730 classic and I have this software:
PC Connectivity Solution: Version
Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver: Version
Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP 32-bit Edition, Service Pack 3
Language: eesti
Language for non-Unicode programs: Eesti
Detected Internet browsers:
- Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 (Default browser)
- Mozilla Firefox 3.5
Detected Bluetooth stacks:
- Microsoft (Version: 5.1.2600, Build: 5512)

The problem is that I cant use my phone as an internet modem via bluetooth with Microsoft bluetooth stack (everything else works). I tried the BlueSoleil driver and it works fine but I do not want to pay extra 19.95 euros for the driver.

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Nokia :: Won't Connect 2730 Classic To Pc Via Usb

Aug 12, 2010

Guide me to connect above mentioned model of cell phone to pc via usb cable.I have xp service pack 2 in my pc and also nokia pc suit. When I try to connect it with my pc it gives massage "host did not response".

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Asha 30/40 Series :: 2730 Classic Cannot Download Apps - Certificate Not In SIM Or Phone

Nov 24, 2011

I updated my nokia mobile 2730 classic, so that time onwards when I try to downloading the applications my mobile saying "certificate not in sim or phone".

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Nokia :: 2730 Classic / No Screen Protector

Jul 13, 2010

Why is the screen protector for 2730 classic has words on it like ( 3G and WCDMA )written on it when I first bought it so I went to nokia service center and they said they are all like this from the company so said I want to the nokia service center I want to buy from you a screen protector and they said they don't have even the out side market they don't have . What can I do please help me I want to protect my screen from scratches.

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Nokia :: 2730 Classic Browser Not Open

May 21, 2010

i used nokia 2730c but browser not open i push the botton but not open. please give me answer

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Nokia :: 2730 Classic / Graphical Smileys

Mar 25, 2010

Have just purchased a Nokia 2730 Classic, and using my T-Mobile contract sim in it.When sending texts I can not find how to access the smileys? Graphical Smileys are on cos it says Yes in, Messaging, Message Settings, General Settings, Graphical Smileys.I thought you just had to go to the *+ key and hold that down to get to the punctuations, and then press it again to get to the smileys, like on other nokias, but they are not there? Do I need to press something else, or switch something else on somewhere on the phone?
The smileys worked with this sim until this morning in my old phone, so it cant be a network or sim problem.
I have read through the user manual but it didnt solve this.

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Nokia Applications :: 2730 Classic Not Supported 3G And New Software

Jul 17, 2012

nokia 2730 classic not supported 3G and new software?

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Nokia :: How To Update Inbuilt Opera Mini Browser In 2730 Classic

Aug 21, 2010

I have Nokia 2730 classic mobile , which have inbuilt opera mini v.4.1.1 browser as default mobile browser .

How can i upgrade this browser to latest version of opera mini ?

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Asha 30/40 Series :: Nokia 2730 Classic Freezes On Deleting Messages

Oct 12, 2011

My Nokia 2730 classic phone memory is full (my own fault!), however when I try to delete messages the phone freezes. I have to take out the battery & leave it for a few hours. Sometimes it comes back on after that though lately it won't even do that.

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Nokia :: 6730 Classic / Connectivity Cable Driver Error

Jan 31, 2010

I tried to install Nokia PC Suite for my Nokia 6730, but without success, because the system says: "The older version of Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver cannot be removed."What can I do ?

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Nokia PC/Mac Software :: 5233 Cable Modem Driver File?

Jan 3, 2012

link to nokia 5233 cable modem driver file (.inf) I just need to use the modem functionality hence no pc suite or ovi suite.

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Nokia :: 2730 2730 Shows 1 Unread Message

Aug 14, 2010

I have a nokia 2730c and it shows 1 unread msg icon yet there is no new message in my inbox..i have tried looking for sim messages but there are also none..there are no incoming sms and my inbox is still not full. The icon just indicates there is an unread message in my inbox..I also tried browsing the messages in my inbox opening them one by one but still the icon is still there. please help me.

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Nokia :: 6303 Classic Bluetooth Connection To PC

Apr 18, 2010

I used PC Suite (latest version) with a bluetooth connection between a Nokia 6310i and a Compaq nx8220 laptop computer. No problem at all. Than I bought a Nokia 6303 Classic and tried to connect to the laptop. The PC Suite software does not recognize the 6303. The same problem with OVI Suite, which works with the 6310i. The Nokia 6303 connects with my Nokia 610 Car Kit, without any problem. I re-installed the PC Suite Software without any result.When I replace the 6303 with the 6310i again, than it works OK.

System Information:
Nokia Ovi Suite
Nokia PC Suite
PC Connectivity Solution
Connectivity Cable Driver
Nokia Ovi Suite Software Updater 2010.6.0.60359
Maps Service API
Nokia mPlatform 2.6.86
Ovi Desktop Sync Engine
Operating System:
Microsoft Windows XP 32-bits editie, Service Pack 3
Language: Netherlands
Detected internetbrowsers:
- Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702
- Mozilla Firefox 3.6.3 (standardbrowser)
Detected Bluetooth-stacks:
- Microsoft (Version: 5.1.2600, Build: 5512)
- Broadcomm (Version: 4.0.1, Build: 3400)

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Nokia :: 6700 - Classic Bluetooth Headphone Support

Mar 6, 2010

Is it possible to connect 2 bluetooth headphones and listen to music simultaneously on them on a nokia 6700 classic?

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Nokia PC/Mac Software :: Bluetooth Driver Windows 7 - N8

Dec 6, 2010

My PC doesn't find the drivers for the bluetooth N8 in Windows 7 64 bit.

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Nokia :: Bluetooth Modem Access Between User Accounts

Jan 15, 2010

I have had a Nokia N95 for a couple of years now and sometime ago I found it more convenient to connect this to PC Suite using Bluetooth which gave me more scope to move the phone around to get a stronger signal as I use it's modem for my PC internet connection.

Following good practice I have always configured my PC's to have an Admin account and a limited user account for everyday use. Since using the bluetooth connection I find that as soon as I log out of the limited user account in order to log in as the administrator to install or update some software, I find I can no longer connect to the internet. It seems as though PC Suite cannot access the modem even though PC Suite appears to have connected to the phone ok. The only way I have found to solve the issue is to unpair and re-pair the phone which results in the Connection Manager reinstalling the bluetooth modem, which appears to reset / refresh things. Of course as soon as I log out of the admin user and return to the limited user I have to repeat the unpair /pair process again. I have been through several Nokia PC Suite updates which have completed without reporting any errors and have done fresh install when reinstalling XP but this has always been a persistant problem.I wonder if this scenario ever featured in any testing before PC Suite was released but it should be straight forward enough for anyone to replicate this issue using bluetooth.

I had hoped that when the new Ovi Suite option popped up within PC Suite that this update would have fixed this but unfortunately no such luck.

Windows XP SP3 and latest patches to date.
PC Suite v7.1.40.1
Belkin Bluetooth USB

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Nokia Nseries :: Unable To Find Bluetooth And Modem

Dec 21, 2012

PI know definitely that n97 have bluetooth and modem.I have one but i cant find them.

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Nokia :: 5800 Bluetooth Peripheral Device Unable To Find Driver

Jan 6, 2010

I recently connected my Nokia 5800 to my bluetooth connection on my Windows 7 Ultimate pc of which downloads and installs the drivers from Windows Update.This works fine for the most part but i am left with 3x Bluetooth Peripher Device enteries showing in Device Manager and a Yellow Exclimation Mark located next to the Nokia 5800 device icon in Device and Printers but i cannot seem to find out what drivers are missing, even Windows Update find nothing for these entries.I have the latest version of Ovi Suite installed on my computer but this does not install any bluetooth drivers, I have the latest drivers for my Trust 16008 Bluetooth dongle but these 3x Bluetooth Peripheral Device enteries only appear when i connect the Nokia 5800 to bluetooth. I have also tried to locate the drivers from the support CD but this fails also.

I have tried looking on Nokia Discussions for a solution but it seems i am not the only person that is having the problem with these enteries in Device Manager and no drivers for them.It seems that Nokia has not released the relevent drivers therefor full Bluetooth Driver installation is incomplete.I would like Nokia to fully rectify the situation and explain why these drivers are missing and if they will be released.

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Nokia Nseries :: 5233 Load The Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver?

Nov 11, 2011

Nokia 5230 my Windows 7 32 bit is not able to load the Bluetooth Peripheral Device driver.Unfortunately its not available on the automatic Microsoft Update too.

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Nokia :: 5800 Using Phone As A Modem

Jan 9, 2010

I've been using my 5800 for about six months but now I'm having trouble using the phone as a modem connected to my laptop via USB. I can get an internet through the handset on its own, but when I try to connect through PC Suite, i get a message saying 'Failed to establish a connection'.The modem service USED to work; first time, every time. The only thing I can think of is that it stopped working after I updated the phone software. Has anyone else encountered this & know of a fix? I'd prefer a quick solution before I start with backing everything up, factory resets etc.I'm using the latest phone software & PC Suite, Windows Vista & I'm on the Vodafone UK network. Like I said, it all USED to work perfectly.

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Nokia Lumia :: Using Windows Phone As Modem?

Aug 27, 2012

Previously I was using Nokia E7 from which I can use device as modem and can connect to internet on PC via USB cable thru Nokia PC Suite, Now I have change my device and using Nokia Lumia 610. How can use this device as modem and can connect to internet on PC via USB cable as this iphone does not connect to PC Suite and Zune in only used for media and photo sharing purpose. There is not option to connect to internet in zune

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Nokia X6 :: Phone Calls While Using Phone As Modem / GPS?

Jul 28, 2010

I noticed I can't receive calls while using the gps on my x6. A call went right to voicemail. Is that normal? I'm also thinking of trying to use my x6 as an internet modem. Can I still receive and make calls while the x6 is tethered as a modem?

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Nokia 6301 :: Phone As Modem - Slower Than USB Dongle?

Jan 18, 2010

I am using a Nokia 6301 as a bluetooth modem with my laptop. Would a USB broadband dongle be any faster?

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Nokia :: N97 Mini - Does Messaging Conflicts With Phone Modem

Aug 2, 2010

I have discovered that if Nokia Messaging is running on my N97 mini, using the "Internet" connection, it's impossible to use te the same time phone's modem, trying to connect to the Internet through a PC. In this case an error 734 is issued by WIndows (PPP connection terminated). The trick is to disconnect Nokia messaging; doing so will lead to a successful connection from the PC.

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Nokia :: 6220 Classic - Certain Keypads Not Working Rendering Phone Entirely Useless

Jan 16, 2010

I've got a Nokia 6220 Classic and over the past few weeks, certain keypads have started acting strangely. Firstly it was the [7] key. When I pressed the keypad nothing happened so I hit it a few more times and eventually the number came up. As time went by, the problem spread to [1], [4] and [*/+] until finally none of them react at all anymore. As a result, I can turn the phone on but I can't enter my pin-code to access the menu etc.Has anybody encountered this type of thing before? I'm at my wits end and am just wondering if anyone has any words of advice that might help me. I've obtained an early exit fee from my service provider so now I just need to find out if it's going to cost more to fix at a Nokia Care Center.

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Nokia :: 6500 Classic - Writing Sms Make Phone Calls And Take Pictures

Jul 26, 2010

I wanna know, is Nokia 6500 a good reliable phone? Cause lately I've had many problems with all my recent phones, so in the market at this country the only ones available are Nokia 5130, Nokia 5000 and Nokia 6500 classic. There are other but i donít want a phone fold nor slide.

As what I'm looking for is a reliable phone for writing sms, make some phone calls and take some pictures, I thought the best option was Nokia 6500 classic, with firmware v 09.48, what do u think?

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Nokia :: N86 - Phone To PC Connection / Cant Find Model Specific Driver

Apr 5, 2010

I am using Windows 7, fully updated with as far as I can tell a fully updated version of the N86. Recently got new firmware, but can't say for sure if this is when the problems started.

The problem I have is I am unable to connect the phone to the PC and get it to work with either Ovi of PC Suite. I have tried re-installing the drivers, but every time I plug it in, all I get is a Windows message installing drivers, and then a message saying S60 handset is installed, and a Windows screen giving me options such as file transfer etc.

If I try and connect in either Ovi or PC Suite, it can see the phone but says it is not in PC suite mode, even though I have selected this option on the phone. I have a feeling that Windows is installing a generic S60 driver, rather than a model specific one, and this is what is causing the problem, but I can't find a model specific driver anywhere.

This phone has been working on this PC before, and I seem to remember it installing 3 or 4 drivers when first connected, but now it only installs an "MTP USB Device" driver. Any help would be appreciated, because at the moment all I can do is transfer files. No backups, no syncs, nothing with either Ovi or PC Suite, the only access I have is through Microsofts own explorer.

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BB Curve :: Setting Up Bluetooth - Driver Missing?

Aug 25, 2011

I am trying to pair my laptop with my 9300 - the driver is missing so when I try to update the driver, I select Blackberry Smartphone - once it tries to run - it says "Windows found a driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it. Blackberry Smartphone... This device cannot start. (Code10)

I'm trying to pair for a couple of reasons - primarily to bluetooth tether using my data plan to get my laptop on the internet.

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BB Bold :: 9700 / Windows 7 64 Bit - Bluetooth Driver

Feb 16, 2012

A computer with Windows 7 64 bit OS - attempting to pair with my Bold 9700 but cannot find a driver to install to make this work ...

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BB Torch 9800 :: Tethered Modem Over Bluetooth?

Sep 1, 2010

I was configuring bluetooth connection between my laptop and Torch 9800 and windows automatically configured my Torch as bluetooth modem and now I can use my Torch as a modem over bluetooth for internet access. This is a welcomed surprise as I was contemplating whether or not to spend 20 plus dollars to buy the tethered application but apparently there is this free option. This is probably not new to BB experts but I was so happy about this "new discovery" that I thought of sharing.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Bluetooth Device Driver / Windows 7

Mar 5, 2010

I am unable to successfully add my Blackberry 9700 as a bluetooth device paired to my Windows 7 64 bit laptop in order to use the wireless syncing function. When I attempt to pair the device, I receive the error message "device driver was not successfully installed" and "Bluetooth peripheral device- no driver found." The properties display 2 missing drivers. Can someone advise me from where I can obtain these missing drivers. I am using Desktop Manager

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