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Motorola Atrix 2 :: Bluetooth Not Auto-Connecting To Car Bluetooth?

My new phone is correctly paired with the blurtooth in my 2011 Subaru Forester and connected and worked, but does NOT auto-connect when I restart the car, I have to go into bluetooth settings on my phone, and tap the device "Car_Media" to make a connection. My previous phone worked correctly and auto-connected when I started the car.. I've fully deleted all devices and pairings from the car and the phone and re-paired the new phone several times. NG. How do I get the Atrix to auto-connect?

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Bluetooth Speakers Disconnect When Bluetooth Mouse Is Moved?
Can bluetooth speakers and a bluetooth mouse not be used simultaneously? If I have music streaming to the bluetooth speakers, once I move the mouse the music stops until I'm finished moving the mouse and then starts playing again.

Posted: Sep 19, 2011

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BB Bold :: Bluetooth Of 9780 Stop Connecting To Other Bluetooth Device?
The Bluetooth of my bold 9780 stop connecting to other Bluetooth device and other device can not see my Bluetooth too.Have tried all possible means, yet is not working.

Posted: Sep 18, 2012

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Motorola :: Bluetooth Auto Sync W/ E398
Is there any way for me to set up my PC & e398 so that it automatically syncs with outlook via bluetooth on a set interval? Say, 1am every night. Since my PC has bluetooth, this seems like an easy way for me to backup my contacts and calendar data and generally keep everything in order!Is this possible? Or is it (one of the few things) something that the e398 doesn't support?

Posted: Jul 18, 2005

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Motorola :: Connecting To T-Zones Via DUN Over Bluetooth Using Moto Z3
I have a locked T-Mobile Rizr Z3 that I would like to use with T-Zones and DUN to get slow internet on the go. My Windows Vista laptop has bluetooth (manually upgraded BT stack to enable extra BT features, currently using 'WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software"). I would perfer to use bluetooth, but a USB connection is acceptable. USB is all set up and configured. P2K and AT modes all work fine.I have followed many instructions to configure my computer to use DUN to connect to the internet. I have been made aware of the possibility that T-Mobile may block some ports, but I suspect that this may not be true.I have tried to configure the advanced "Extra Initialization Commands" that must be entered, and i have 4 different numbers to dial.

Error 692: There was a hardware failure in the modem (or other connecting device)."The phone activates when I attempt the connection, and there is bluetooth traffic between the two devices. Windows Vista offers to log what happened. I did this, but ended up with a couple-hundred page long HTML file that was of no help. I am willing to zip it up and post it if anyone wants some light bathroom reading.

Posted: Aug 9, 2007

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Motorola Droid Razr :: Bluetooth Not Connecting In Car Since ICS
Since the upgrade to ICS, my Droid Razr won't connect with the factory installed bluetooth in my 2008 Nissan Sentra. It worked perfectly before the upgrade but now nothing. It pairs and when I call using the steering wheel controls it turns on the phone with the correct person and calls them. However, you can't hear the phone ringing in the speaker and if/when the person answers you can't hear them. I was excited to get the upgrade but my car bluetooth is more important to me. Everything else works great but the bluetooth is a major safety issue for me as I drive a great deal. Does anyone know how to fix this or is there a way to undo the upgrade?

Posted: Jul 7, 2012

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Motorola Droid Bionic :: Getting Bluetooth To Auto-reconnect?
I have paired my Bionic with our courdless phone - Panasonic KX-TG6581 - The cordless phone with bluetooth link works like a headphone device, and calls can be answered on the cordless phone while at home.

My problem is that the Bionic does not reconnect to the phone after a Bionic power cycle - I have to go back to the bluetooth device on the Bionic and hit connect.

My Motorola Droid worked perfectly with this device

Posted: Oct 5, 2011

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Motorola Motoactv :: Bluetooth Headphones Auto-connected Once Never Again
I have a set of Jaybird JF3 Freedom BT headphones (fantastic running headphones BTW!) - both the Motoactv manual and the device itself tell me that when the Motoactv and my BT headset are in range of each other and powered on, they will auto-connect. Of the 30+ times I've used them, this only happened once. Every other time I have to go into Settings - Wireless - BT Headsets-JF3 Freedom and hit the "Reconnect" button - then they reconnect right away. One random time, they auto-connected. I didn't do anything different than I normally do.

Posted: Feb 6, 2012

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Motorola Droid 3 :: Bluetooth Earpiece Won't Auto-connect
I have a Droid 3 and the bluetooth headset I have does not autoconnect (paired but not connected). I have to do it manually. My Droid 1 would autoconnect just fine. I don't see any option to auto connect. I saw some mention somewhere that there might be a code issue and someone sent something to google. I did not know if there was a fix for this. This was going on before and after the update.

Posted: Oct 19, 2011

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: HS 850 Bluetooth Headset?
Tried this headset yesterday and the volume was very low on the phone. Which Motorola headset has the best earpiece volume for the Atrix?

Posted: Aug 31, 2011

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Bluetooth Will Not Turn On
Today I tried to pair my Atrix with my PC for the first time and was unable to pair the devices. After several failed attempts I noticed that the Bluetooth on the Atrix would not restart either from the Widget or settings menu. Turning the phone on and off repeatedly still would not get the Bluetooth to turn back on. Previous to this attempt at pairing with my PC the Bluetooth on my Atrix has been working just fine in my car.

Posted: Jun 18, 2011

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Volume Very Low Especially Via Bluetooth
I've been having consistent problems with volume, specifically being too low, and especially while connected to a bluetooth headset. I also noticed some odd, and likely related, behavior with the volume in general.

Posted: Sep 22, 2011

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Motorola Atrix :: Bluetooth Pairing With BMW X5?
My 2006 BMW X5 comes with a bluetooth handsfree feature. It used to pair and work with my iPhone very well. Now, I am off the iPhone and much happier with my Atrix.However, the bluetooth doesn't work too well. I can pair the phone with the car fine. However, the phone keeps constantly disconecting and connecting (like every minuto or so), which makes it unusable with the car's handsfree. I know it is not a problem with the car (it still pairs fine with the iPhone) nor with the phone (it pairs well with my bluetooth headset). It's just the combination that is bad. I've read somewhere else that BMW's are tricky and several android users are having trouble. It seems that android lacks a handsfree profile required by BMW. Anyway, is anyone having the same problem? Any ideas of what can be done? (I've already unpaired all phone from the car, repaired, removed the battery from my phone, etc, etc, etc).

Posted: Apr 21, 2011

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Motorola Cliq :: How To Turn Off Auto Answer Function (Car Bluetooth)
When my phone is connected to my car's bluetooth (Belkin Aircast) it auto picks up after the first ring.This is very annoying for 2 reasons:

1) If I don't want to speak to the person I should be able to ignore it.
2) When the call comes in and I'm listening to the stereo I have to switch to the auxiliary before I can use the phone but the person calling hears whatever I'm listening to.

Anyway to disable the auto answer?

Posted: Jul 12, 2011

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Motorola :: What Are Advantages To Connecting Verizon RAZR 2 To Macbook Via Bluetooth?
What are the advantages to connecting my Verizon RAZR 2 to my Macbook via bluetooth? Can I transfer files such as music and/or pictures from Macbook to phone?

Posted: Jan 13, 2008

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Bluetooth Random Disconnects?
I am having problems with random and frequent disconnects with the Atrix 4G when on Bluetooth while connected in a car. Initially my setup was using a Motorola Roadster and while playing audio I would randomly not get sound, then shortly after I would get the message that the phone was no longer connected to the Roadster.Usually it would eventually reconnect, sometimes almost immediately after. This would happen sometimes as often as every few minutes, while other times it could play a half hour or more before encountering the problem.

Initially I was unsure whether it was the Atrix itself or the Roadster, but after having recently purchased a Ford F-150 with SYNC bluetooth connect, I am encountering the exact same behavior with random disconnects. Unfortunately with the Ford SYNC, I never get it to automatically reconnect, and I must go into the phone, turn bluetooth off and back on, then manually reconnect from the phone.Most of the time I have the Atrix connected through the Motorola Car Dock, but I think the same behavior has occurred out of the dock.I have never noticed this same behavior with other bluetooth devices I have - Jawbone Icon, Monster iClarity speaker. I don't know if I have enough data to tell definitively or not, but I think I have only observed this when the auto was in motion.

Posted: Apr 15, 2012

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Bluetooth And Wifi Won't Turn On?
tried reboot and battery removaleverything else works

Posted: Jul 24, 2012

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Bluetooth Connected But Not Paired
When I go into "Bluetooth Settings" I cannot set the device to "discover-able".All of them say "paired but not connected" but none will connected to the device with which it is paired. And one more thing: when I scan for devices, it scans and scans but will not detect/find any device.

Posted: Aug 15, 2012

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Motorola Atrix HD :: Bluetooth Pairing After JB Update
After updating to the new JB, my ATRIX will not stay paired with the bluetooth radio in my truck.Before JB, I had no problems.Anyone else have any pairing issues after the update?

Posted: Jan 2, 2013

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: No Longer Able To Turn On Bluetooth?
For some reason I am no longer able to turn on Bluetooth on on my Atrix. When I turn it on, it looks like it is turning on but then the widget and/or settings panel check box go back to the off state.

I've tried rebooting but it doesn't seem to make a difference. I've seen other posts which recommend a factory reset but I would prefer to not do this as I only factory reset my phone about a week ago.

Posted: Jul 10, 2011

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Bluetooth In Call Volume Going To 0?
Immediately after the phone connects to the Bluetooth built incar phone, the "bluetooth in-call volume" of the phone goes to 0. I can't hear a caller until after this volume is raised. I can only adjust it during a call using the volume control on the phone. It stays at that level until the BT disconnects, but the volume is again 0 after reconnecting.Is there anyway to permanently set this volume level? It is a complete pain otherwise. If I can change the volume before a call, not only during, that may be acceptable.More info: I have a Motorola Roadster external phone headset, too, and it doesn't behave this way. The car manufacture claims it is the phone that sets the volume not the car. The car has the latest firmware.

Posted: Jan 6, 2012

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Bluetooth Paired But Not Connected?
I am trying to send my contacts from my old phone to my new Atrix 4G via Bluetooth. But Atrix keeps showing my old phone as paired but not connected.I even tried to connect it with my husband's iphone, but it still shows the same status.

Posted: Jan 19, 2012

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Syncing Contacts With Bluetooth?
how to sync my contact list from my Motorola Atrix to my 2011 Kia Sorento.I can pair the unit but does not copy(or see my) contact list.Have gone to my dealer and 2 Bell service centres.

Posted: Nov 16, 2011

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Unable To Connect It Via Bluetooth To My Car
I upgraded my Atrix 4.1.57. Since the upgrade, I have not been able to connect my phone, via Bluetooth, to my car. The phone and car find each other, the phone asks for the PIN code and it says connected. But, when I try to connect the phone to my car, I get an error message that the car has rejected the connection.

Posted: Apr 18, 2011

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Bluetooth Button Control?
When I use my bluetooth headset and press the main button it brings up Motorola's voice commands. I would prefer Google's Voice Controls as the default choice when using the bluetooth headset

Posted: Aug 23, 2011

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Bluetooth Will Not Unlock Screen Since Update?
Since the latest update, system version 4.5.91 android version 2.3.4, Bluetooth voice commands will no longer unlock the screen. Therefore, voice commands will not work until you manually unlock the screen. This is a recipe for disaster when using in the car! I've found several other complaints like this, but have found no solutions from Motorola. Under location and security settings I have enabled Allow Bluetooth Bypass, however this has no effect. I have turned phone off and back on. I have disconnected Bluetooth devices and reconnected, but problem still exists. The whole point of having Bluetooth in the car is the ability to make phone calls without reaching for or looking at the phone for increased safety.

Posted: Sep 1, 2011

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Bluetooth And Voice Activated Dialing?
My bluetooth keeps disengaging especially after transferring between a phone call and listening to music. Voice activated dialing takes forever to boot up on my Atrix.

Posted: May 27, 2011

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: WiFi/Bluetooth Not Working After GB Update?
However, one day after the update my wifi would not work and continued to give me "ERROR" under the on/off option. Also, my bluetooth tries to turn on, but won't.

Posted: Jul 25, 2011

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Bluetooth Media Audio - 3 Second Delay?
I have a 2010 Mazda Speed 3 and I hear this is a common problem. Phone calls are fine but media playback has a 3 second delay with Bluetooth in the car. I don't have this problem with other Bluetooth speakers or ear pieces.Is this delay a common problem for vehicles or is it just MY vehicle?

Posted: Jul 25, 2011

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Motorola Atrix 2 :: Music Player Interaction With Car Bluetooth
How do I control which music player is used when my phone is connected to my car's bluetooth?Or, is there anyway to disable the stock music player? For example, I have the atrix's stock music player, google music, and spotify installed on my phone, and the phone will randomly select which one it would like to use when the bluetooth connects. Even if I was just listening to google music, when the bluetooth connects, the phone will automatically switch to the stock player (even though last time I was in the car I was using google music).

Sometimes I'll be listening to google music, and when I change the song it will revert to the stock player.How to make it so that the music always stops when bluetooth disconnects?The music player will randomly keep playing or pause when I turn the car off. I want it to always pause.This seems to be affected by random music programs being installed (even when not in use) such as spotify or iheartradio.

Posted: Feb 3, 2012

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Enable Voice Commands From Bluetooth?
I recently added Bluetooth to my 2011 Toyota Tacoma by installing: a Pioneer DEH-P6200BT, the handsfree steering wheel buttons, and a

PAC SWI-PS (interface between the steering wheel controls and the Pioneer). Everything works as expected except that the Voice Command button doesn't seem to do anything. I'm pretty sure the PAC SWI-PS is programmed correctly. the On Hook/Off Hook buttons work as do the audio control buttons. But the Atrix doesn't respond to the Voice Command button.

Posted: Aug 11, 2011

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Motorola Atrix 2 :: Bluetooth Mouse Doesn't Connect?
The first time I tried it out it worked fine and now my Atrix is paired with the mouse, but now the mouse will continue to flash blue (which I belive means that it is searching for a device?) but will not connect.

Any advice what might be wrong?

Posted: Nov 23, 2011

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Motorola Atrix 2 :: Bluetooth Doesn't Work When Wifi Is On?
I have a few problems with the Atrix 2 and curious if others see these things.First...I really like this phone. I like the size, the weight, the speed, the apps, etc. was annoying enough that I decided to use my bluetooth headset. The sound improved immeasurably by doing that. But, I noticed that while at work, listening to music, that I couldn't turn on wifi while I had bluetooth engaged. The music would haltingly play, like a skipping disk, until, finally, after about 30 seconds it stops altogether. As soon as I turned off wifi, the bluetooth playing would reengage where it left off and play perfectly.I also notice that with the plugged in mic or with my bluetooth headphones connected, if a call comes in while I'm listening to something, about 1/2 the time, the phone wouldn't ring or vibrate.

Posted: Nov 21, 2011

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Why Personalized Ringtone Not Play In Bluetooth
Why the world's most powerful phone can not play my ringtones in my bluetooth headset? My crusty old razor could do it. Perfectly every time. No computer degree required.

Posted: Aug 16, 2011

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Bluetooth D/n Display Names Only Numbers?
I updated ATT software, now my BMW 7 Series only displays contacts' phone numbers (in numerical order) and not contacts' names. I've done all the trouble shooting I could conjure up (already spoke to ATT/Motorola Tech/BMW), all to no avail.

Posted: Feb 22, 2012

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