HTC One M7 :: Screen Keeps Lighting Up For 10 Seconds Or So

May 10, 2013

This morning my screen will not stay off. Every few seconds it lights up for 10 seconds or so. It's completely frustrating. I've uninstalled every app I can think of that would have anything to do with custom notifications, screen lighting or the lockscreen with no success.

Between this and the phantom mail alert sound I can't kill I'm about to reset it factory defaults and set it up one app at a time to ensure I get it right.

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BB Curve :: 8530 Screen Keeps Lighting Up?

Mar 7, 2011

I am a new BB owner and I set my LED backlight to 30 seconds, however it keeps coming back on, even after I have pressed the Mute button to lock the screen.

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BB Torch :: Its Screen Is Just Off, Buttons Lighting Up?

Jul 4, 2011

My blackberry is like its screen is just off. My buttons work, they're lighting up and i can click everything, lock my phone, and everything. But the screen is always black.

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Galaxy S5 :: How To Prevent Screen From Lighting Up When Fully Charged

Jan 13, 2015

when I go to plug my GS5 in to charge for the night, the screen will eventually light up when it's done charging. Is there any way to prevent this?

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Motorola Milestone XT720 :: Screen Keeps Lighting Up Regularly Though It's Locked

Feb 7, 2012

I have a slight problem with my Milestone XT720. When I lock the screen (whether I just lock it using the power button or I wait for it to lock itself or I set up the code to lock the phone) after a while the screen lights up for a few seconds and after that it fades to black again. This happens 3 or 4 times in a row and then again after a while (maybe 10 or 20 minutes). I own this phone only few days and haven┤t got completely in grips with it but I could not find any setting that would turn this off and neither I found anything useful in the user guide. Is this something I can fix by disabling something or is it a fault of some kind?

Personally, it does not bother me that much but I imagine it shortens battery life a bit so I┤d rather sort it out.

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IPhone 5 :: Screen Is Repeatedly Going Blank And Then Lighting Up With The Apple Logo

Aug 26, 2014

My iPhone 5.0 is repeatedly going blank, lighting up with a white background and a black apple logo, displaying stripes and different colors and going blank again.┬ I can't access any of my apps or use my phone.┬ I've tried turning the phone off and on.┬ I've also tried holding down the power and menu button together.┬ The problem is persisting.┬

iPhone 5

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BB Curve :: 9300 3g Screen Not Working But Keypads Are Lighting Up / Red Light Is Flashing

Jul 18, 2011

my blackberry 9300 3g screen isnt working but keypads are lighting up and red light is flashing but i kept on charge then it lit up and the screen went on but was flickering but then the phone turned off i have looked on the internet and thought it was somthing to do with the dust but i dont know?

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IPhone 5s :: White Screen Of Death For 5 Seconds And Then It Returned To Usual Home Screen

Jun 4, 2014

I bought my white iphone 5s like 2 months ago! The problem is that 2 weeks ago from nowhere i got the white screen of death for 5 seconds and then it returned to usual home screen, i thought it was normal but it happened again like 1 hour ago! I did some research and found it was an ios 7 bug that Apple supposedly fixed with ios 7.1.1 update!

iPhone 5s, iOS 7.1.1

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Nokia :: X6 Bluetooth Connection To Hands Free Kit - Disconnecting Every 25 Seconds And Then Reconnecting 25 Seconds Later

May 20, 2010

Have just got my new X6 and its great except that i am having problems with my connection to my bluetooth car kit. It connects fine and has paired with it but it seems to disconnecting every 25 seconds or so and then reconnecting 25 seconds later. Its driving me bananas cos each time it does it the radio cuts out. If i am on a call it seems to keep connection. I fell i may have missed a setting somewhere but cant find anything about this.

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IPhone :: IPad Shows The Apple Logo For 5 Seconds While Charging Then Shuts Off For 10 Seconds?

Apr 12, 2012

The apple logo appears for 5 seconds then disappears for 10 then appears for five and so on. I can get it to the connect to iTunes screen but as soon as I unplug it from the wall it shuts off completely. A laptop with iTunes isn't enough to power it up.


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BB Storm2 9550/9520 :: Clock Option - With Having Clock On But Have Screen Go Off With Usual Setting To Black Screen After 30 Seconds?

Jan 23, 2010

I love the bedside mode of the Storm 2, especially with the dock I recently purchased. The only problem is, I like the room dark as possible and even with the phone in bedside mode when charging, and the setting check to dim the clock, it's still far to bright.

Is there a way of having clock on, but have the screen go off with the usual setting to black the screen after say 30 seconds or whatever I choose for the backlighting time out, then have the screen come on if I reach over and touch the screen to display the clock, then letting the backlighting go off again after the preset time?

This would make the setup perfect for me, allowing me to use the Storm 2 as a bedside clock without having to have the display on all the time, but being able to turn it on for a short period of time as needed. If this is possible, can somebody post the settings needed

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BB Curve :: Screen Has Gone Off (saved) After 20 Seconds?

Jan 1, 2012

Up to now my screen has gone off (saved) after 20 seconds. It now remains on constantly. I would like to revert to the 20 second turn off.

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Galaxy S5 :: Screen Keeps Waking Up Every Few Seconds

Jun 29, 2014

Just today, my phone started waking itself up every few seconds after I had pressed the lock button and this is severely draining my battery. It has been doing it all day. I restarted my phone and it keeps happening. I have not manually updated anything recently. What can I do to make it stop!?

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Galaxy S5 :: Screen Shuts Off After 15 Seconds

Jan 9, 2015

My co-worker asked me to fix her Galaxy S5 because I have the same phone, but I can't figure it out.

The display dims after 12 seconds and shuts off 3 seconds later.

I've turned off power saving features and even changed the time out to 10 minutes and no luck.

I tried turning on smart stay, but that got me to about 30 seconds and no farther.

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LG :: Banter Screen Flashing Every 3 Seconds?

Feb 4, 2010

I am hoping that someone here can help me with a phone dilemma.I have a LG Banter.Out of the blue today the display screen started flashing every 3 seconds.It has done so for the last few hours.It does not interrupt phone conversations, I can still use the phone like normal, it is just extremely annoying. Has this happened to anyone else, if so how to I get it to stop?

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IPhone :: Get A Blank Screen For 5 To 10 Seconds?

May 23, 2012

When I launch pretty much any application I get a blank screen for 5 to 10 seconds.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

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Cseries :: When Tap On It, The Screen Goes Black For 3 Seconds And Then Nothing?

Apr 18, 2012

Recently, I have noticed that Message Reader does not work on my C7 device. When I tap on it, the screen goes black for 3 seconds and then nothing - back to the menu.However, when I go through Messages > Folders > Inbox and I long-tap on a message it gives me the option to listen to this SMS, and it works!The problem was solved when the original settings were restored but... it did not last more that a day or two.

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Nokia E72 :: Shutdown After 10 Seconds Screen Disappears?

Mar 2, 2010

I just bought my new E72, it shutdowns after 10 seconds or less , the screen just disappears, it's been now charging for 9 hours and still nothing happened, And after I plug the charger it also takes less than 10 seconds and the screen disappears too.

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LG G3 :: Reboot To Home Screen For About 5 Seconds And Then Just Shuts Down

Sep 15, 2015

Now its on a charger and it will reboot to my home screen for bout 5 seconds and then it just shuts down. Its charging but not staying on.

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HTC One M7 :: Why Does New Phone Screen Turn Black After 2 Seconds

Sep 16, 2015

` I've set my display to turn off after 45 seconds, but despite this my display often turns black after 2 seconds of me not touching the screen which means I have to unlock my phone again and then hold my finger on the screen non stop!

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Xperia Z5 :: Screen Becomes Unresponsive For A Few Seconds When Typing

Sep 6, 2012

Sometimes when typing I can't use the back/home keys and the screen becomes unresponsive for a few seconds then will work OK for a while then do the same again.

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Xperia Z3 :: Phone Screen Keeps Turning Off Every 3 Seconds

Apr 21, 2015

My screen keeps turning off every 3 seconds even when using my phone. I tried extending the sleep time but regardless of the time chosen it turns off the screen within 3 seconds. I then turned off Stamina mode and it seems to be fine now. But now my battery will die faster without stamina mode. The long lasting battery is why I chose an Xperia Z3.

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Motorola Defy :: Screen Just Lights Up Then Goes Off After About 10 Seconds

Feb 20, 2012

My defy screen just lights up then goes off after about 10 seconds, as if it is waking up to recieve a message/txt/call but then realises nothing incoming and goes back to sleep?

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Nokia :: 6300 Screen Turning Black Every 10 Seconds

Mar 26, 2010

I recently replaced the LCD in my 6300 and this is happening, I have reset the phone and done a software update and it is still occuring. Any ideas?

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Nokia Nseries :: Screen Completely Blacks Out After X Seconds

Mar 5, 2012

A quite simple complaint - for Symbian S60 v3 - The screen completely BLACKS out after X seconds (configurable up to 90 seconds) no matter what settings you use. (Latest firmware.) I can't find a power-saver disable anywhere in the options. I want to be able to use a permanent screen saver display, such as a greyed-out clock on low power display, or the status + time blue and white stripe. This is fine on my older N76 and many other models. Why has this feature been excluded?

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BB Curve 8900 :: Screen Switches Off For Seconds And Come Back

Feb 4, 2010

Device info : Blackberry 8900 v4.6.1.199 (Platform bought my blackberry curve couple of days ago and everything is fine but what happens sometimes is that the screen swtiches off like when you put it in the cover for example but the problem is that while I am using it suddenly the screen switches off (goes blank) and I try pressing buttons or the track ball or the lock button .. nothing happens .. I wait couple of more seconds and then the screen comes back and I continue using it normally. It is happening alot now , do you think it is a software problem or not ?Does the cover that came with the blackberry curve has to do with it ? Like a magnetic thing or something ?

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BB Curve :: 8520 - Screen Turns Blacks For Few Seconds

Mar 25, 2011

My curve 8520(23BCFD52) has a wired problem. When I am using my phone, al of a sudden my screen black(dead) for few seconds , all keys are working at that time. after a few seconds my screen comes back. my phone also hangs all of a sudden.all this started to happen after I loaded my memory card.

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Lumia 1520 :: Screen Taking 5 - 6 Seconds To Rotate

Mar 31, 2015

I have an unlocked 1520 running Denim(not Preveiw for Developers). For some reason whenever I switch to wide-mode and back the screen takes at least several seconds, sometimes 5-6 seconds to rotate. Is there any way to get the screen to rotate faster?

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Galaxy S6 :: Phone Freeze For Two Seconds And Then Return To Screen

Sep 22, 2015

one week ago i installed OTA 5.1.1' but it's not the new with the new icons, and i am having some issues with it, the phone lags in the settings app for the first couple of seconds, when someone call me and i slide the green circle to the right the in-call screen appears but the phone freeze for two seconds and then return to the screen you see when someone calling you again....sometimes i have to slide it 3 times to answer the call, i didn't have these issues in 5.1.1, now the question is for those who have the newest 5.1.1, do you have these issues??

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Does Screen Turns On Every 15 Seconds While Phone Is Charging

Apr 22, 2015

My S5's screen turns on every 15 seconds or so while the phone is charging. Its not that big a deal, but I can't imagine it causes the phone to charge faster when it is turning on the screen all the time.

What's odd is that it stops doing it when my phone gets to 90%-charged. From 90% to 100%, it doesn't do it, but any percentage lower than 90%, it turns on about every 15-20 seconds and stays on for like 2 seconds, turns itself off, then turns on again 15 seconds later.I have browsed through the Settings pages, but can't find anything that looks like a way to stop this.

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Galaxy S5 :: Screen Timeout Set To 3 Minutes But Acting As Set To 15 Seconds

Aug 18, 2015

My screen Timeout is set to 3 minutes but is acting like it is set to 15 seconds?

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