HTC Desire HD :: SD Card Wiped After 2.3.5 Update

Jan 3, 2012

After Update to 3.0 Unfortunately it killed my SD card, and photos music etc with it. I can't get any other phone or PC to recognise the card now.

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Galaxy S5 :: SD Card Wiped After Lollipop Update

Apr 27, 2015

after the update was finished all my contacts were gone all the photos for the past year and a half everything on my SD card was completely gone even my sim card didn't have any more contacts on it. It was updating when I went back inside and didn't even pump me for the update or to remove my sd card.

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Xperia Z3 :: SD Card Completely Wiped After Sony Latest Update

Apr 16, 2015

Updated the phone yesterday after Sony released new update to Lollipop ( meant to fix all the bugs that lollipop had) and my ENTIRE card was wiped. Over 2500 songs gone in an instant. I am so totally over this whole android Sony screw up I can't even express it in words.

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BB Tour 9630 :: Wiped Media Card Up - Now Device Memory Just Shows Up Not Media Card

Aug 12, 2010

Ok, media card was working fine, had alot of work pictures stored on it and was becoming a hassle to hunt through all of them to find what I wanted. So, I inserted media card in computer and transfered what I wanted to a folder on the computer. Then I formatted the card using the computer. When I put the card back into the phone, the phone knows its there, but I must have wiped the card completely as none of the folders for video, pics, etc. are on it anymore. If I take a picture and go to find it, the media card does not even show up, just device memory.

Does anybody have a remedy for this? I already tried formatting the card in the phone but that didn't work. The phone is telling me in the memory options that 1.8GB is free, so I know it works, it just lost the folders or whatever........

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Cseries :: C1-01 Wiped Micro-SD Card

Apr 26, 2011

I have an 8gb Micro-SD card in my Nokia C1-01. I had a lot of music on the card and up until a few days ago it was working perfectly.Yesterday I switched on the phone and it would not recognise the card. In fact, it said the card needed formatting! I re-formatted the card and put more music on it and it works fine again now but I do not understand what went wrong.

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RIM :: Wiped Device And Now SD Card Won't Decrypt

Feb 17, 2012

Is there a decryption key contained in my backup? Anyone know how I can retrieve my content? 9700 running 6.0 b2921

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Nokia :: N86 / SMS Messages Wiped From Micro SD Card

Apr 27, 2010

Can someone tell me how SMS messages are stored on a Nokia N86 and in what kind of file? I need to restore from a memory card. I have always stored my SMSs on my micro SD memory card with no problems, but today they completely disappeared, I have nothing left in my Inbox, Drafts or Sent folders - over a year's worth of messages that I wanted to keep!It happened today when I went into the photo settings on the N86 and noticed that my photos were being saved in 'Mass Storage', so I changed the option to 'Memory Card'. For some strange reason this seems to have had the effect of wiping / overwriting all my saved SMSs on the memory card. Strangely other files seem to have been left untouched, e.g. in the document folder.

Can anyone help?

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IPhone :: 3gs Update Wiped Everything?

Mar 18, 2012

I have an iPhone 3gs, and I recently updated to the most recent version. When it did this, it completely wiped out everything I had on my iPhone. I've never had a computer for it, and just used my sisters when I visited my parents.

So I plugged into my dads laptop, (which has never seen my iPhone), opened his empty iTunes, and pushed an update through. It literally took everything I had and trashed it. Luckily (maybe), I was able to go to my sisters computer and find the last update. AN ENTIRE YEAR AGO! So I have a bunch of outdated contacts and apps. the worst part, though, is that I have about 20 paid apps that I CANNOT find out how to get onto my iPhone. "Sync iPhone" does nothing, and "Transfer Purchases" does nothing either.

iPhone 3GS

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IPhone :: 4 Update Wiped Out Everything?

Mar 21, 2012

I finally updated to 5.1 after getting my wife a new iPhone 4... well, needless to say itunes FAILED to create any sort of a back-up and wiped out my photographs, my contacts, my e-mails - my text messages - everything.

iphone, iOS 4

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Sony Ericsson :: W595 - Memory Card Wiped / Lost All Pictures And Music Files

Nov 20, 2010

My W595 has wiped my memory card, I've lost all my pictures and 295 music files!

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BB Tour 9630 :: Video Camera Doesn't Record Sound - Wiped Phone Formatted SD Card

Jan 25, 2010

Well, I've been running 5.0 OS's for months, and I'm not sure exactly when this problem happened, but my video camera stopped recording sound. Speaker phone and the voice notes recorder work fine.

I wiped the phone, formatted the SD card, and went back to the os.I've still got no sound. Is there actually a different mic for the video camera than the speaker phone and the voice notes recorder?I've pulled the files onto my computer to verify that there is absolutely no sound.

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BB Curve :: Update Wiped Address Book Out?

Jun 29, 2011

Would like some help with getting my contacts back....the update I did wiped my contact out. that shouldnt happen there is a problem there!! i hope it doesnt happen to anyone else...not a happy camper will not buy a Blackberry again because of it.would like some answers!! does anyone know the fix for this? has it happen to anyone else?

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BB Torch :: 9800 Completely Wiped During Update

Aug 22, 2012

When I plugged my phone into the computer to charge, an update came up on bb desktop manager - to update to the 6.0 Bundle 2467 - and I began the update. After a few minutes I realized that I should back up my phone before updating but bb desktop wouldn't let me - it said that IT needed to update. So the device software update paused until the desktop update was complete. When it was finished, the device update continued...and I didn't backup.

Somewhere in the middle of the update (after about a half hour) the phone blinked, there was a funny "beep" and a message came up that the update could not continue. The phone had rebooted but was stuck at about 65%. I let it sit for a few minutes, still not moving. Pulled the battery, let it sit for a few minutes like that and re-inserted. Started to reboot, then stalled again at the same spot. Pulled the battery after another few minutes and waited about 15 minutes.

When I put the battery back in, the phone quickly booted up completely...but because the updater stalled mid-update Everything is lost! Contacts, Calendar, Memos. Is there any way at all to recover anything?? Or is all my data lost somewhere in cyberspace? There is a small file, about 5MB called Blackberry Contacts so I thought I could sync the files from there, but I don't know how!

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Xperia X10 :: Update Wiped The Backup And Restore App?

Aug 5, 2011

Ok, i have updated my phone so many times and nothing has ever gone wrong, i have always backed up my files in the "Backup and Restore" App and there has never been a problem. I have just updated my phone with latest update and it has wiped my Apps including the "Backup and Restore" app! (My files are always sent to my memory card with no problem) Now i cannot restore any of my files and its really F***ed me off, The Xperia 10 has to be the faultiest phone i have ever had, even when the phone is locked and in my pocket it manages to change my settings and forwards messages to random people!

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IPhone :: Software Update Wiped All Data From 3gs

May 7, 2012

I have updated the software on my Iphone 3GS using itunes, however it has now erased all the data on my phone including contacts, photos etc. How can i retrieve them?

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.1

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IPhone :: Software Update Had Wiped My Calendar?

May 11, 2012

the latest software update had wiped my calendar. I had important information in my calendar which is now lost? Is there anyway to get it back?

iPhone 3GS

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Xperia X10 :: Latest Update Via PC Companion Wiped All Data

Sep 11, 2010

Lost all my numbers, texts, photos, everything!

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BB Bold :: Email Setup Application Update Wiped 9700?

Jul 8, 2010

On June 10, I received a notification that there was a new update available to the Internet e-mail setup application. I can't access my em-mail settings without downloading the update. I downloaded the update, and, after rebooting, there was an error message saying the software couldn't be found! There was nothing on my phone besides a white screen with a long list of software file names. I couldn't go past this screen, make phone calls, text, or even power down without pulling the battery out! BB Tech Support was able to help me reinstall the operating system and restore evertyhing through the desktop software (sadly my last sync was 4 months ago so I lost all of my apps).To this day, it still prompts me to download the update when I try to access the E-mail Setup application. I don't remember what version the update was on June 10 but the version showing is 6.11.0419.0755. I need to access this application but I'm terrified to download the update.

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Motorola Droid Razr M :: Jelly Bean Update Wiped Out Speed Dials

Nov 18, 2012

The jelly bean upgrade wiped out all my speed dials. I went into phone settings and there is not an option for assigning speed dials (as indicated in the manual). How to set them up.

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HTC :: Desire From Telus Not Recognizing Sim Card

Aug 23, 2010

I just received my HTC desire from a member on the boards.I am having trouble getting the Sim card recognized. Since it is not recognized it is not letting me access the APN settings.

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HTC Desire :: Store APPS On The SD Card?

Jun 19, 2010

i have a htc desire phone. When i try to download apps from the market, they are automatically installing in my phone memory. Can anyone please tell me the way to install them on my SD card instead. I'm currently running out of phone memory, so i have to install other apps on my sd card?

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HTC Desire HD :: * Replacement Sim Card Cover *?

Nov 29, 2010

im looking to get a replacement sim cover for my desire hd, and i was wondering if anyone knew of a place i could get one. because somehow ive managed to dent mineIm in the UK, so somewhere UK would be great

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HTC Desire HD :: Replacing Pre-installed SD Card?

Feb 27, 2011

however, I want to replace it with the 16Gb card I have from my old phone. The problem is that I think that there might already be some applications on the existing SD card and don't want to lose them when I change over.I haven't been able to get it to work. My PC will only take normal sized SD cards, so that back-up option isn't one I can use. how I can take a back-up of the existing SD card, or even simply to transfer what's on it to the 16Gb card?

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HTC Desire :: Transfer Contacts To SIM Card?

Jan 31, 2011

I have an HTC Desire and want to transfer my contact to SIM card so that I can use the Sim in another phone.

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HTC Desire Z :: Installing Hd Games To Sd Card

Jan 6, 2013

I have a HTC desire sv almost same specs as x the problem I'm facing is I'm unable to install hd games since the phone storage has only 800mb. space.i have gone to settings>apps and checked for the option to move to sd card but there are only 2 options available move to phone and move to internal.I cannot play game's like max payne.since the cache is too big for the phone memory.

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HTC Desire HD :: How Is Greader Downloading Jpg's Onto Sd Card

Jan 31, 2011

AndExplorer discovered a .data folder on my SD card that contains htcGreader and hundreds of unknown jpgs. Google search claims htcgreader is an reader, but this doesn't fit what I'm seeing. There also a sub folder called .feedicons which I deleted yest eve but both folders have reappeared overnight and populated.The jpgs are thumbnails of mobile phone ads, afghan rebels, people generally, or unknown news items. But as they're downloading automatically and I've no idea of content, its a concern.

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HTC Desire :: Apps Not Transferring To SD Card

Oct 6, 2010

Just had a message on my phone saying that the phone memory was almost full, so I have been looking through the apps to see which I can get rid of etc, A lot of them won't let me transfer them to the SD card, any ideas why?

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HTC Desire HD :: Unexpected Sd Card Unmount?

Dec 25, 2010

had the above error message now sd card isnt detected

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HTC Desire HD :: How To Access/open The Sd Card Info

Dec 28, 2010

I have the desire hd and have put astro file manager onto the phone from my mac.After ejecting the phone it says at the top left sd card updating but when i search for the astro file or a game also loaded from mac i cannot find it. How do i access/open the sd card info

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HTC Desire HD :: How To Change SD Card And Retain Data

Dec 1, 2010

How do I change the SD card (to a new larger version) and retain system data that my phone has put on it? I haven't had it long, so there shudn't be much, but there seems to be many system files & folders present!

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HTC Desire :: Brand New 32 GB SD Card Staying Mounted

Jul 7, 2011

I recently bought a 32 GB Sandisk micro SD card to replace the 8 GB one that came with my phone. I used my laptop to transfer all the info from the 8 GB card to the 32 GB card with no issues at all and then installed it in the phone. The phone recognized it and all seemed ok, until I tried to access the new SD card (opening an audio file, taking a new picture, etc). Every time I do that, I get a popup message saying that my SD card has just come unmounted and I need to remount it.

I play around with this for several hours, including reformatting the new card, etc, always getting the same results...even if I put the new card in the phone completely blank and try to take a pic, I get the same "unmounting" error. I've formatted both cards several times to start anew and the formatting is the same as the 8 GB card which works just fine.So, thinking I have a defective SD card, I return it and buy another brand new Sandisk SD card. Repeat all of the above procedures with the same result: "your SD card had unexpectedly come unmounted. Remount and try again".I know the 32 GB cards aren't laptop will read and write to them just fine.I called the tech support for my cell phone company, and they said that despite what's published (everywhere), my phone will only support a 16 GB SD card. On that note, EVERYTHING I've seen (including the literature with the phone and all the specs online say that it will support a 32 GB SD card.Software wise, I'm running 2.2, which is the most current software version that my carrier (Cellular South) has released.

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