Google Nexus 5 :: Why Won't New Music App Shut Down

Mar 19, 2015

This morning (19 March 2015), my Nexus 5 updated its Google Play Music App to v 5.8.1836R.1787745. Now, once I start the thing, it won't stop. Yes. It stops playing music. But, the app continues to sit in the notification area when I drag down from the top, the Bluetooth "headphones" icon won't go away, and the phone starts to heat up at the top back. How to go back to the old behavior of it just going away when I'm done with it?

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Google Nexus 6 :: Why Does It Suddenly Shut Down

Oct 1, 2015

At least 5 to 10times it automatically shuts down without any information. It happens more when the battery is below 30%.. How to fix this problem.. Mine is 64GB NEXUS 6 bought in Denmark and using in India.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Shut Down All Of A Sudden Without Powering It Off

Aug 18, 2015

My Nexus5 phone shuts down all of a sudden without me powering it off. It is happening every now and then. It also happens when I connect my phone via usb to my laptop. Could this be because I'm testing my apps on my phone using Android Studio. Every time i connect the USB it restarts over and over again.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Shut Down When Taking Photos?

Jul 25, 2015

My Nexus 5 will just shutdown when i am taking photos. Esp when the photo is taken in an environment when more processing is needed like low light area. The phone will just switch off. Pressing the power button would not work at all. The only thing that can revive it is a power surge i.e. plugged in a power source. The phone will revive and the picture is not taken at all.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Phone Just Shut Down While On Charge?

May 13, 2015

I was using an app on my Nexus 5 while it was charging and the screen just froze so I locked it and when I tried to unlock it, it didn't work. I also tried the power button but it doesn't do anything. Is there anything I can do? Should I take it to a shop?

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Google Nexus 5 :: Transfer Music Stored On Cloud (Google Music) To Device?

Mar 20, 2014

How do I transfer my music (which is supposedly stored on cloud on Google music) to my Samsung device. Which is not running Google music.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Random Shut Down And Loss Of Battery

Jan 8, 2016

So, I had my N5 since 2013 and the battery as the updates went around was up and down until Marshmallow came out, it was amazing. Great speed , battery and everything, but i broke my own rule and updated to 6.0.1 as soon as i was able to. Well since then the battery isn't so good, and whenever I use heavy apps (primarily when i try to multitask between them) the phone will black out and will turn back on with a chunk of battery missing or it used to be dead. Again this only started with new update so I cant totally point at the battery being old as the problem, but as a new bug with update. I cleared cache and reset it. I tried to downgrade it but kept saying there was missing images and such.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Unrooted Phone Randomly Shut Off

Aug 29, 2015

I didn't drop it or get it wet or anything, it was just sitting on my desk and it randomly shut off. I've tried shutting it off and on again but it just comes back to the google screen where it sits frozen for about 30ish+ minutes before it shuts off, I can't turn it off otherwise, if I try turning it off it just turns itself back on so I can't shut it off. Is there anything I can do to save my data (or even better, fix my phone) or am I screwed? I also don't have USB Debugging turned on so I can't get stuff back that way either. My phone is not rooted and running stock android 5.1.? (Don't remember my exact version but I think I've missed the last 2 minor updates)....

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Google Nexus 5 :: Suddenly Shut Off And Won't Turn Back On?

Jun 1, 2015

Was on my Facebook app checking a Notification when suddenly the buttons to return to home screen, back and move between currently running apps stopped working. It is not unusual sometimes the touch screens don't respond and the easiest fix would be to press the power button to go to the lock screen and come back. When I tried turning on the phone to unlock it, it never turned back on.

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Google Nexus 6 :: Random Shut Downs Running 5.1.1

Sep 2, 2015

I've been having random shutdowns lately. And i just got a warranty exchange same thing happens. I have the t-mobile version. i do have the latest version of 5.1.1 ....

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Google Nexus 5 :: Phone Screen Gone Black (possibly Shut Off)

Jun 19, 2015

My Nexus 5 screen while plugged in has gone completely black, like it's off.

I've tried holding the power button, holding power+volume up, and power+both volumes.

All that happens is a mini vibrate every 10 seconds or so (like the vibrate that occurs when the word Google normally appears) but absolutely no light on the remains black.

About a month ago the screen/digitizer was replaced because the thing had a mind of its own, clicking everywhere randomly. Until today it was working flawlessly. Twice today it started lagging, forcing me to power off/power on. That worked both times, but now this has happened.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Phone Random Shut Off / Battery Drops

Jul 22, 2015

Ever since 5.1.1 rolled out it seems like the battery was draining faster than normal but it was at least usable. Now, my phone will just randomly shut off while i'm in the middle of doing something(so far it has only shut off while i'm using the phone and not while it's idle). When it does shut off it could have between 80% and 100% battery even and then when i turn it back on after it shuts off my battery will be around 15% and will shut off again almost immediately.

If i plug the phone into the charger (with it turned on or off) it will charge to full in less than half an hour so i seriously doubt that the battery is actually draining, but the phone sure thinks it is.

So far to try and fix this i've wiped the cache and also performed a full factory reset and that actually only seemed to make it worse - before the reset this only happened maybe 3 or so times per it's happening 3 or 4 times per day which really makes it unusable. The apps that i'm using when it shuts off are not consistent. It will do it in games, in chrome, in messenger - really anything.

I'm willing to try anything - if I didn't provide enough information about something let me know and i'll be glad to follow up.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Phone Randomly Shut Off And When Turn It Back On / Infinite Boot Logo Appear

Aug 29, 2015

My phone randomly shut off and then I when I turn it back on. the infinite boot logo appear. I installed clockworld. tried to reformat everything and reinstall stock image and still nothing.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Unable To Boot - Stuck At Colored Dots Loading Screen Then Shut Off

Sep 18, 2015

After fully charging the phone yesterday, when I went out to get food, my phone shut down along the way and being unable to boot. My phone is running on stock 5.0 with no mods

At first, I was able to get to the colored dots loading screen but it would always get stuck there and shut off. Then I keep trying to restart it up and it got worse and worse, now I'm always stuck at the GOOGLE screen. I'm not sure if this is a boot loop issue as it just gets stuck at GOOGLE screen. I tried the recovery mode cache wipe and it gets stuck at the GOOGLE screen in the middle of the wipe.

So this morning, after fiddling around the power buttons some more, I am able to get the battery logo while charging, though it is weird that it shows 100% then completely drained the next minute or so. I try to load into the recovery mode again and this is what I see at the bottom

E: failed to mount /cache (invalid argument)
E: Can't mount /cache/recovery/log
E: Can't open /cache/recovery/log
E: failed to mount /cache (invalid argument)
E: Can't mount /cache/recovery/log
E: Can't open /cache/recovery/log
E: failed to mount /cache (invalid argument)
E: Can't mount /cache/recovery/log
E: Can't open /cache/recovery/log
E: failed to mount /cache (invalid argument)

I'm not sure what to do at this point, I'm still in recovery mode but don't want to push any buttons yet as it was a real struggle to get to this point as I'm always stuck at the GOOGLE screen.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Google Play Music Is Not Detecting Songs

Jun 8, 2015

I reset my phone because after 5.1.1 update my phone battery was poor so i reset my phone copied songs from my PC to nexus 5 when i open Google play music it is unable to detect those transferred songs. when i went to ES Explorer i can able to see all the songs i copied. what should i do? one more reset? is there any way to say google play music about songs presence?

P.S i already deleted cache, cleared data of that app no use

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Google Nexus 5 :: Can't Get Google Play Music To Work

May 15, 2015

I bought a song from the play store the other day only to find that Google Play Music will no longer play any music on my Nexus 5. I do have PowerAmp set as my default player (I think) and I cleared the GPM app cache. It should work but it doesn't play anything at all, none of my other music either.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Turn Off Google Play Music

Nov 8, 2013

My music library lacks decent album arts, and I was wondering if there is any way of getting rid of the full screen album art on the lockscreen and instead just having my regular wallpaper?

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Google Nexus 5 :: Why Doesn't USB Added Music Show Up In Any Music Player

Apr 4, 2015

I have a serious problem involving my music files which I have transferred via USB to my Nexus 5. After a system update to Android 5.1, my local music files still exist on the device but DO NOT show up in any music player. I have tried to use Google Play Music (my default music player) as well as other music players from the Play Store. ALL indicate that I have zero song files on my device which I know is definitely NOT true. I used to be able to play them and view all albums in Google Play Music but now the music files are ONLY accessible via ES File Explorer.

Nexus 5, 32 GB
Android 5.1
Google Play Music 5.8.1836R.1787745

I do not wish to have to play music manually through the file explorer, and I NEED at least Google Play Music working

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Google Nexus 5 :: Can't Listen To Any Music

Oct 26, 2015

When i'm on the road with my scooter atm i can't listen to any music. Currently using default Play Music app but that doesn't support the bluetooth profile HFP (Hands Free Profile). So i'm looking for an mp3 music player that does (pref adfree free, paid can work too) but it MUST support the HFP profile for my helmet bluetooth scala rider. It's an older model that doesn't support A2DP.

Posting this here cause i've got no clue what to use, if such a thing exists at all.A bonus would be that navigation instructions (navigon europe over HFP) still come through. Not asking for what's best etc, just curious if such a thing exists. I'll make my own choice afterwards. Free (no ads) if possible, paid is an option too.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Get Music From PC To Device

Dec 30, 2015

Can't get my pc windows10 to recognise my device ( lgnexus5) when trying to move music to my device, from windows media?

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Google Nexus 6 :: Which Folder To Add Music And Notifications

Sep 10, 2015

I have folders containing Music and Notifications.

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Google Nexus 6 :: Max Volume - Listening To Music

Apr 22, 2015

"The first is that the headphone jack seems a bit underpowered and doesn't produce anywhere near the volume level my S3 had with the same earbuds and software (PowerAmp)"

I am finding the same issue, however, not using PowerAmp - just using Google Music. It just doesn't get as loud as my S5 did. Is there a setting that I am missing?!

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Google Nexus 5 :: Ringtone Not Pausing Music?

Nov 17, 2015

I just switched over from a Samsung Note Edge to a Nexus 5, and have been super happy. However, there is one thing that I just noticed today that is weird. When I'm listening to music and someone calls me, the music keeps playing, and there is no ringtone. I have almost missed a couple of calls because of it. This is my configuration:

OG Nexus 5 on most recent update from Google
Not rooted
Completely stock
Using Google Play Music
Using headphones plugged into phone (not bluetooth headphones)

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Google Nexus 5 :: How To Download Music / Book In PDF From Mac

Jun 1, 2015

How to download from mac to nexus 5 a book in pdf....

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Google Nexus 5 :: Play Music Keeps Pausing?

Nov 24, 2014

Since the 5.0 update, everything has been awesome. Only issue I have run into, is that sometimes out of no where my phone will pause Play Music with out me touching my phone. For example, I listen to Play Music at night and its setup on either a loop or just one of the sleep radio stations. But after one or two songs or even twice in one song, it will pause.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Why Can't Sync Music To Computer

Jun 22, 2015

I have downloaded music from google play store onto my nexus 5.however when i try to sync to my computer i cant find the playlist.when i tether my phone to the computer it should sync automatically but doesn't and i cant even find where the music went or how to get it to show up.

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Huawei Nexus 6P :: Google Player - Some Of Music Is Not Playing

Dec 26, 2015

Just got a new 6P from Google. I have it unlocked and TWRP installed, but no rooted just yet. Loading everything up on the phone, and I've come across an odd issue. I loaded my 1500 or so songs from my Samsung S5 to the 6P, and Google player only sees some of the songs. All the ones I bought from Amazon and some other random ones I'd ripped from our CD collection. Rocket Player sees them all, but won't play any but the ones Google Player plays. Tried some other music apps, but similar results.

I deleted all the songs, put them back in different folders, wiped the cache on Google Play and Rocket, booted the phone. I used ES File Explorer to go to individual albums and try to play the songs direct from there, but still does not work. I get "Couldn't play the track you selected".

Google search said to nuke all the music and go into Apps>Media and clear the storage, but that is not an option under Apps on this phone. Doesn't really seem like that kind of issue anyway, since it will play some of the songs.

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Google Nexus 6 :: How To Convert YouTube Music Video Into MP3

Jun 19, 2015

There is some songs i can't find. Only on youtube, so i want to convert a youtube music video into mp3 so i can download it and listen to it.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Low Volume When Listen To Music On Pandora

Apr 2, 2014

I switched from a Motorola Droid Maxx on Verizon to a Nexus 5 on T-Mobile. The Maxx had outstanding volume. I could turn on Pandora and listen to music while in the shower or outside working. With the Nexus I struggle to hear the lyrics in the songs from only a few feet away. Is this normal for any of you or is mine particularly low?

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Google Nexus 5 :: Can't Get To Play Music Through Car Stereo Through Headphones

Sep 7, 2015

I am trying to listen to my music thru my car stereo on my nexus 5 it shows on the stereo auxiliary but the phone call or music dosnt come thru. I have tried on three stereos

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Google Nexus 5 :: Navigate The Slide Bar For Playing Music

Jul 1, 2014

Do I contact LG or Google? My touchscreen keyboard doesn't work and when I try to navigate the slide bar for playing music it acts like nothing has been pressed. So obviously I want replacement, it's been around 8 months or so since I bought the phone.

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