Galaxy S6 :: Why Audio Coming From Headphones Muffled

Dec 1, 2015

An odd thing has been happening to my Samsung Galaxy S6 recently, and I have had no luck at resolving this issue so far. When plugging headphones or any other auxiliary cords into my phone to listen to music, all of the audio coming through the headphones is muffled, like it is playing from behind a window. I have done many things to try to resolve this issue, including trying different headphones and restarting my phone, but no luck. It was only when I tried something else that I concluded that this issue is not hardware related. When I used a 3rd party music application (in this case Spotify), the first second of whatever audio is playing comes out perfectly fine, but very quickly switches to the muffled audio. I have also figured out that only while on Spotify can I temporarily prevent this issue from occurring by opening up the default music app on my S6. This somehow changes the already playing music from muffled, to regular.

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Xperia PLAY :: In Call Audio - Sound Muffled?

Dec 5, 2011

The past few days I've a problem where people can't really hear me during a call. The sound is muffled to them. Works fine using headset so expect a hardware problem.

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Motorola Droid Turbo :: Audio Always Sounds Muffled

Sep 28, 2015

Whenever I take a video w/my Droid Turbo the audio always sounds muffled.

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Muffled Audio When Recording A Video?

May 8, 2011

I'm trying to record video. I'm getting some nice image quality, but almost no sound. The audio is extremely muffled. I have my playback volume as high as it will go, and still can just barely hear anything. I can use Tango and make phone calls just fine, so it seems that my mic is working. The only time I've noticed the problem is when I'm trying to record a video. Even if the person I'm recording is standing right in front of my and speaking in a loud, clear voice, I can't hear much in the recorded video.

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Motorola Motonav :: ROADSTER Audio Muffled / Bad In FM Mode

Mar 8, 2012

I've tried to use the Roadster's FM mode, but find its audio quality in FM mode to be very bad. I can barely understand peoples voices as the audio sounds muffled. I can try to make it better by reducing the BASS on my FM radio to minimum, and maximizing the TREBLE.I'm almost ready to open up the Roadster and see if I can figure out a hack for the hardware to fix this.

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Motorola Droid :: Distorted Audio When Using Headphones, Audio Jack?

Nov 9, 2011

I've been using my Moto Droid, running Android 2.2.2 for some time now. Up until recently, I've been able to use it to listen to Pandora and mp3s loaded onto the phone. Now, any time I plug a set of headphones into the audio jack, the audio is really distorted. It sounds like a channel is out or something, and this happens across all volume levels. It pretty much sounds like you're listening to music underwater. Doesn't matter if it's streaming adio through Pandora or mp3 audio. When I unplug the headset (any headset, mind you) and go to external speaker, the audio is fine.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Notification Sounds Coming Through Speakers Even With Headphones Plugged In?

Nov 13, 2013

Just wondering if this is a bug or intentional? Whenever I have my headphones plugged in and I get a text notification (or any notification really) the noise plays through my headphones and through my speakers on my N5. Is this intentional and is there any way to stop this? I only want the noise coming through my headphones when they're plugged in.

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Lumia 1520 :: Sound Coming From Headphones And Speakers After Cortana Reads Text Messages

Feb 6, 2015

I was wondering if any of you had this issue. I have a LUmia 1520.3 and everything works perfectly, except that if I am listening to music and I get a txt message. If that happens after the message is read and I return to the music the phone starts to play thru the speakers and the the same time. There is a significant reduction in the volume thru the headphones but it still plays. I have tried different headphones and the problem persist over the podcast app as well.

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HTC One M9 :: Volume Decreases When Playing Audio With Headphones

Jul 13, 2015

I recently purchased a brand new HTC 1 M9.

The phone works fine apart from when I listen to music with my headphones plugged in. For the first 10-15 minutes there is no problem at all. Then what starts to happen is the volume starts to decrease automatically right down to zero. I can actually see this happening on the screen as it is decreasing. Even though I try to turn it up it is battling with me & wants to turn the volume down. I don't tend to get this problem with the headphones I got with the phone but it seems to happen with some decent headphones I prefer to use.

I did read a post earlier about disabling "fast boot mode" in Settings >> Sounds but I cant even see anything regarding "fast boot mode".

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Lumia Icon :: Audio Quality With In-ear Headphones

Sep 4, 2014

I'm planing to switch to Lumia 930 from iPhone 5s, and so far, everything what i've found convinced me to make a switch except audio quality when listening to the (local) music. I just really can't find impressions from actual user about this. Many people are telling me that audio quality with in ear headphones is terrible, cant even be compared with iPhone 5s' sound quality. But honestly I doubt that it can be THAT BAD on one flagship phone.

I'm using iphone since 3g, i switched once to Galaxy S (when it was released) then after couple of months moved back to iphone, and another trip to android last year with Xperia Z but couldn't wait to get rid of android once again. Quality on both android phones was noticeably worse than on any iphone i used. I don't want to make same mistake again since listening to the music on the phone is a big thing for me.

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Xperia Z3 :: All Headphones Listed Under Audio Settings Are Old

Mar 1, 2015

Just about all the headphones listed under audio settings are old. Can we update this? I have the Z3v and the mdr1a headphones

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Xperia Active :: Record Audio With Headphones Jack?

Jul 23, 2012

Headphones jack is only line out? Can i record sound only frontal jack line in?

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IPhone :: Audio Distortion When Fully Inserting Headphones?

Apr 12, 2012

I've noticed a small crack on the very top left of my 3GS around the metallic frame that has coincided with a problem with the audio when adding headphones.

I suppose I'm trying to diagnose whether the impact of this crack could have damaged in some way the audio jack to cause audio problems when fully inserting the headphones. If I insert the headphones 1/2 way the audio is as new, but obviously as they're not fully inserted makes it tricky to listen without having to support the jack to provide the connection.

I've tried fully inserting a similar jack linked to my stereo, however, and the audio is as new!?!? I've also tried the headphones out of another iPod to see whether that is causing a problem as well as attempting to clean the jack and blow any dust out but to no avail.

iPhone 3GS

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Nokia :: 6700 No Audio Heard Coming From Music Player App?

Aug 9, 2010

Occasionally, when I plug in the supplied headphones which are marked as model number "WH-101 HS-105", there is no audio heard coming through them. When I plug them in, they are detected and a message says use phone mic for calls. However, there is no audio heard coming from the music player app. If I unplug the headphones the music player audio comes out loud and clear from the loudspeaker.The only solution is to reset the phone, the headphones then work correctly and I can listen to music through them. This makes me think it is a software / firmware problem rather than a hardware problem.I sent my phone and the headphones back to my operator O2 UK and waited 4 weeks for my phone to return. They eventualy returned my phone with a note saying a new circuit board had been fitted and the phone would have a new IMEI number.The fault returned the first time I plugged in my headphones!I have looked for info on this fault on the web, but have not found anybody else with this issue to date.

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Motorola Droid Razr M :: Audio Static Or Hissing Sound Over Speakerphone / Headphones

Sep 24, 2012

Experiencing static or hissing sound over speakerphone and headphones? This is improved by turning Audio Effects OFF, but not eliminated. I also went to the Verizon store and tried out a display Razr M and it had the same problem. This is very noticeable over headphones when listening in a quiet room. The behavior is independent of audio source, headphone type and speaker vs. headphone jack.

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Lumia 1520 :: Audio Text With Wired Headphones Results In Back Speaker Activation

Aug 27, 2014

I saw this elsewhere but have been unable to locate

After 8.1 update, when listening to music via wired headphones, inbound text announcement will notify me, spoken response of ignore will result in audio resuming on headphones AND back speaker concurrently.

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Audio Not Working On IPhone 4s But Working With Headphones

Sep 6, 2014

IPhone 4s audio not working at all but works with headphones.

iPhone 4S, iOS 7.1.2

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IPhone 4s :: IOS 7.1.1 / Stuck On Headphones Mode But Never Had Headphones Plugged In

Jun 1, 2014

iphone is stuck on headphones mode but never had headphones plugged in

iPhone 4S, iOS 7.1.1

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Galaxy S6 :: Texts Not Coming Through

Dec 28, 2015

I'm not getting my text messages. Well, I get them, but very, very late if at all. I sent well wishes to people that night and received a barrage of responses about 8-12 hours later. Even when I text myself nothing happens. I've tried reflashing, playing with every setting I could and nothing.

The only way I can force them to me in is by dialing voicemail and texting myself while the call is active. THEN it works. I get my text immediately and whatever's been waiting in queue.

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BB Bold :: 9700 Red LED Light Coming On For A Few Minutes Then Coming Off?

Jan 13, 2010

As I was talking on my relatively new Bold 9700 it just completely died! The battery was charged but the screen and everything just went black. It will not power on. I have removed the battery and put it back in and the only response to that it the red LED light coming on for a few minutes then coming off.

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Galaxy S5 :: Voicemail Notification Not Coming Up

May 16, 2015

Since I've updated to lollipop, I've have a bunch of issues. One I just found out now is that I'm not getting my voicemail notifications when someone leaves me a message. I called someone back cause I noticed I had a missed call and they told me they left me a message. When I checked my voicemail, I had over 10 new messages that I didn't get any notifications for.

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Galaxy S5 :: Messages Randomly Not Coming Through?

Mar 15, 2015

Occasionally, but more often lately, my Galaxy S5 on verizon has not been recieving texts from my friend with an iphone 6 on verizon. But don't tell me to check imessage settings or to delete messages/ her contact info then re-add it because I've already done all of these things. And by the way I've never owned an iphone.

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Galaxy S5 :: Messages Randomly Not Coming Through

Mar 11, 2015

Occasionally, but more often lately, my Galaxy S5 on verizon has not been recieving texts from my friend with an iphone 6 on verizon. But please don't tell me to tell her to check her imessage settings or to delete messages/ her contact info then re-add it because I've already done all of these things.

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Galaxy S5 :: No Sound Coming From Speaker?

Apr 3, 2015

I have just become the second owner of a Samsung S5, really good condition cosmetically however I there is no sound coming from the speaker. I have reset it twice and still no luck.

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Galaxy S5 :: Why Does Phone Keep Coming Up With Unfortunately Stopped

Jan 26, 2015

My phone keeps coming up with 'unfortunately, samsung galaxy has stopped. ' doesn't matter what apps are open or what I'm doing on the phone. I've stopped all running apps but don't know what else to try.

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Galaxy S6 :: When Play Media Over Headphones Can Hardly Hear It

Oct 20, 2015

When i play media, even at top volume I can hardly hear it. I have set my media volume to max. I can hear system sounds and other sounds absolutely fine.

I have tried several different files and several different media players and I have the same problem with all of them.

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Galaxy S5 :: Microphone Disabled When Headphones Plugged In

Apr 17, 2014

I have a T-Mobile Galaxy S5 and when I have my Sony headphones plugged in the microphone is disabled. This worked fine on my Galaxy S3, why this would be?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: No Sound From Headphones/music?

Aug 25, 2011

I'm not getting any sound at all when I try to listen to music.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Speaker Not Working, OK With Headphones?

May 22, 2011

I've had my handset for just 3 days and the sound has stopped working. It works fine when I have headphones plugged in but nothing without.I'm going to try a factory reset in case an app I have installed is preventing the sound but I must say I'm pissed off as I've spent a lot of time customising it and getting it exactly as I want it...Anyone else had this? On another forum it says it might be the headphone socket sensor, so I tried plugging and unplugging headphones several times to no avail...

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Galaxy S6 :: Bluetooth Syncing - Headphones Connected

Apr 24, 2015

I'm planning to pick up a S6 next week but I have one quick question. I have used Samsung devices in the past and if I had my headphones connected and I paired my device with my car or Bluetooth speakers the audio would continue to play through the headphones and I would have to disconnect them before audio would play via the Bluetooth device.

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Galaxy S6 :: Phone Won't Power Off - Camera Keeps Coming Up

May 31, 2015

Having a strange issue where the phone won't power off using the physical power button, the camera keeps coming up, and the phone gets really hot.

Did the soft reset by holding power + volume down for 7 seconds and had it restart, power off, and safe restart, all of which I was able to do successfully, but each time the phone has the same issue when it boots back up.

I don't want to hard reset and lose my layout.

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