Galaxy S6 :: Constant Unsuccessful Sign In Email Notification?

Nov 29, 2015

I am getting constant notification that my email sign in was unsuccessful on my Samsung S6.

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BB Curve :: Constant New Email Notification?

Oct 17, 2012

I constantly have a new e-mail notification in the top left hand corner on my Curve 8350. I've already tried removing the battery and I've thoroughly checked my e-mail and there is nothing new.

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Motorola Cliq 2 :: Unsuccessful Update Installation Unsuccessful?

Jul 17, 2011

many of my apps will not update now and many more will not install , i have the apk files and they dont install either. also when i used "app saver" to restore my old apps after a factory reset those apps wont show up in the market and i can not update them.

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Galaxy S5 :: Getting A Message Pop Up Sign-in Failed For Email?

May 20, 2015

I have a galaxy S 5 and i had a pop up as a notification it reads; Sign-in Failed for my email, I'm already logged in, does this mean some one else is trying to log in?

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Galaxy S5 :: Sign-in Failed Message For Email - New Password Not Working

Dec 15, 2015

Had to change my password for my email and now I get the sign-in failed message and my new pw is not working on my samsung s 5.

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BB Curve 83xx :: Red Notification LED: How To Make It Constant Instead Of Flashing?

May 25, 2010

I would like to replace the flashing red LED (new message notification) with a constant red LED. It's a bit annoying having to wait ~5 seconds to see whether it's flashing or not. Constant red light would be much faster.
In the profile options I can only choose between flashing and off.Is there a workaround for this or are there any 3rd party applications that could accomplish this?

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Galaxy S6 :: Email Notification Does Not Go Away

Apr 24, 2015

I am getting an email notification as soon as email arrives. But when I read it or delete it on my PC the notifications still stays. How can fix it?

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Xperia Z3 :: Warning Sign In Notification Bar?

Apr 19, 2015

Why is it showing this warning sign in the notification bar? 

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Galaxy S6 :: Email Notification Persists

Jan 5, 2016

Using stock email app for outlook 365 account. The only way to get the email icon to clear from the notification bar is to swipe down and hit clear. Opening the email app and reading all unread emails does not clear the notification bar.

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Galaxy S5 :: Email Sync Turned Off Notification?

Aug 5, 2015

I got a notification that my sync for email was turned off as a pop up. I never touched the setting. Not sure why that is happening.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Use Own Ringtones For Notification Of Email?

Jan 2, 2012

I want to use my own ringtones for notification of email or text but can't find how to do it. How can this be done?

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Galaxy S6 :: Why Can't Change Email SOUND Notification On Phone

Sep 21, 2015

It's a really basic thing, i go into sounds and notifications, ringtones and sounds, email, tap on the email address i want to set, i change the notification sound to what i want, i hear the preview and i'm done. HOWEVER, it will not play that sound. no matter what i do it plays the little bike bell. I've tried to change it directly from email settings, no matter what i do the sound wont change and it wont vibrate. ringtone for phone and text, and everything else changes fine. just not email. i've rebooted, and cleaned cache partition.

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Galaxy S6 :: Disable Email Notifications In Notification Panel?

Dec 17, 2015

On my Galaxy S6 everytime I get a new email there is an email icon just below the notification panel. is there any way to turn this off? I already recieve a sound, and a pop up of the email, and there is an indicator of new email on my email icon on the home screen, so I don't need yet another notification.

Same situation with text messages. I would just like to disable the notifications that appear below the notification panel.

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Galaxy S5 :: Set Up Different Notification Sounds For Text Versus Email?

May 29, 2015

I'd like to be able to identify whether im getting a text versus a email by the notification sound on my Samsung s5

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Galaxy S5 :: Airplane Mode Is Allowing Email To Come Through And Notification

Jan 11, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S5 / version 4.4.4 (not rooted)

I use the phone alarm clock at night and use airplane at night to turn anything off so I'm not receiving notifications for texts, emails and other things. Somehow, occasionally an email gets through and I get a notification. This happened today a 430am and woke me up (3 hours before I actually needed to get up!)

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Cannot Get Rid Of Email Notification (16 Unread Mails)

Mar 12, 2012

I have the GS2, in the social hub my home emails appear, it is displaying I have 16 unread mails, I cannot find any unread emails anywhere! when new mail appears that total goes up to say 23, I open 7 and it goes back to 16 again!!

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Email Notification: Bell, Vibration?

Aug 10, 2012

When I get new email, my phone rings a bell sound and vibrates. I am running ICS. How can I disable this (i.e., silent operation)?

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Eseries / Communicators :: E6 - No Constant Email Retrieval?

May 28, 2012

Nokia E6-00Symbian BelleSoftware Version: 111.130.0625Nokia Suite version 3.4.49Since a while the phone started not to retrieve the emails from my Gmail account instantly anymore, only when I turn on the phone on or when I press the email "sync" button.The settings for the Auto-retrieval are everyday, All day, Soonest and Full mail.It worked for a few days after I reset the phone to the factory settings. But now it is back to that fault.

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Galaxy S6 :: Text Message / Email Notification On Lock Screen

Dec 15, 2015

When I get a new text or email if I unlock my phone and touch the email or message app and read or delete it, it still shows the notification in the upper left. If I then lock my phone and unlock it again it still shows the notification on the lock screen. I have gone and cleared the cache and data from the message app and restarted. The only way it goes away is if I swipe it away on the lock screen or select it from the lock screen and view/delete after it opens.

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Galaxy S5 :: Different Notification Sound For Text Message From Email Address?

Feb 15, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S5 running Android 5.0. I receive text messages from work through an email address. I have the address saved in my contacts as an email address. I would like to have a specific notification tone for these messages. Is this possible?

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Galaxy S5 :: Set Phone To Make Notification Sound For Text Messages And Not Email

Nov 6, 2015

Is there a way I can set the phone to make the notification sound for my text messages and not my email too?

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Motorola Droid Turbo :: How To Stop Yahoo Mail Sign-in Notification On Phone

Sep 8, 2015

I recently closed my yahoo account but every day all day long I am getting on my mobile phone this cannot sign into yahoo. Why? Is someone trying to sign into my account or does it do this when someone has sent me an email? I closed the email over a week ago, and I know that it is there for 90mdyas due to security issues if it has any. I just want this gone and off my phone NOW!!!!!

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Galaxy S5 :: Orange Circle Notification Number - Facebook And Email Apps - How To Turn Off

Feb 26, 2015

On the app icons for Facebook and Email, I have orange circles with a number in them showing new emails or Facebook notifications. I want to make the orange FB notifications DISAPPEAR. My belief is that since I see that orange # show up so frequently, with every new comment to a FB post, that my device must be pushing notifications and checking FB every 10 minutes, wearing down my battery. So I would like to end that.

I have already:
1.Gone to App Settings > Refresh Interval and said NEVER
2.Gone to App Settings > Notifications and choose INACTIVE
3.Gone to Account Settings > Notifications > Mobile Push and UNCHECKED everything
I have also gone to Device Settings > Applications > Application Manager > Facebook and UNCHECKED Show Notifications.

The same orange circle with number of new emails show on my email icon, but I don't mind that so much. However, if I can disable it, perhaps I can find my way to disable on Facebook.

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Galaxy S6 :: Constant High CPU Usage?

Dec 14, 2015

For soke reason, ony galaxy s6, there is a constant high CPU usage, out of 2.5gb that's free I usually have about 600mb to play with, meaning the phone becomes sluggish at times.

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Galaxy S6 :: Constant Reboot When Auto Connecting

Aug 3, 2015

The phone constantly resets when trying to connect to unknown networks that require a password. It took me ages to figure out what was causing it and it's a real pain. You could just be walking down the street and it'll try to connect to a WiFi network that will kick off this constant resetting. You have about a second to turn WiFi off, before the process starts again.

I mention EE as they have their own software variant that enables WiFi calling in the UK, not sure if that's relevant?

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Galaxy S6 :: How To Get Rid Of Constant Ping Pong Sound

Mar 28, 2015

This sounds like the old game of ping(bat and ball ) and seems to come on at random times . the only solution so far is to turn the ringer volume down .

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Galaxy S6 :: Nearby WiFi Portal Causes Constant Reboots

Apr 21, 2015

I am on my second T-Mobile Galaxy S6. The first unit had a hardware camera defect as well as this wifi bug. I had them replace it and the new unit's camera is good but it has the same wifi issue. Here's what happens:

When I go to an area with an "open" wifi network, a notification pops up on my screen that says "Click here to connect to null." What's strange is I have almost all wifi features off, particularly "Network notification." It should not tell me when any network is available. I also have "Allow Always Scanning" off as well as Wifi Calling disabled (not that relevant). Anyway, once this happens, I have about 2 seconds to turn off wifi or else the phone will reboot. It's a "soft" restart though, meaning it shows the Samsung and T-Mobile logo then is back on again within 5-10 seconds and fully "booted" within 30 seconds. This will keep happening until I turn off wifi.

It's not just any wifi connection that will cause the issue. I think it has to be an "open" connection that uses a portal for authentication (think universities, hotels, airports, etc). Recently, I clicked on one of the notifications (connect ot null) and saw a Cisco portal. I am not sure if it's isolated to Cisco AP's...

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Galaxy S5 :: YouTube Constant Buffering After About 30 Seconds Playback

Nov 20, 2015

Recently my T-Mobile GS5 constantly keeps buffering when watching youtube. This is the first time its ever done this. It will play about 30 seconds or so and then buffer. Sometimes if I restart the phone it stops. Whats causing this?

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Galaxy S6 :: G920I - Constant Mobile Service Dropouts

Aug 14, 2015

I'm running the latest xtresto lite deo mod v2.2 I'm getting constant network connection drops not just data but call service/ sms as well i updated to the xtresto mod in hopes of fixing this but it didn't. Its not just my area i live ... I generally fix it by turning on airplane mode then off and I've also tried just wcdma/ gsm and just wcdma.

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Galaxy S6 :: SM-G920F Freezes And Constant Reboots Out Of The Blue

Jul 30, 2015

Currently I have G920FXXU2BOFJ Baseband and it constantly crashes, even without doing anything. The crashes/reboots are completely random and very annoying. I have tried to update the firmware to a latest version from France (which had some updates for Android 5.1.1, file name G920FXXU2BOG8_G920FOXA2BOG8_XEF) but the problem persists.

Trying to revert the firmware to the original I made a mess so I'm currently using Smart Switch as I write to recover the phone from the dead. I thought it was a hardware problem, but I can leave the phone in Download Mode for as long as I want without issues (not very useful as a smartphone that way though ) However, even in the Wipe Data/Cache mode it still freezes.

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Galaxy S5 :: Constant Recovery Reboot Saying Installing System Update

Oct 19, 2015

I downloaded the new system update, now my phone is in a constant recovery reboot saying installing system update. I press the power button plus the volume up and i can see what it is installing it goes through the same thing over and over and just reboots back in the recovery booting again when its done installing...what is causing this i cant do a system reset either it wont let me (volume up +home+power ) does not work , removing the batter does not work (soft reset)...

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