Galaxy S6 :: Constant High CPU Usage?

Dec 14, 2015

For soke reason, ony galaxy s6, there is a constant high CPU usage, out of 2.5gb that's free I usually have about 600mb to play with, meaning the phone becomes sluggish at times.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Constant High CPU Usage Of System Server - Bluetooth Phone Service

Aug 31, 2015

I am running stock 5.1.1 on my Nexus 5, and have recently noticed reduced battery life. When running Quick System Info PRO, I see that "system_server - BluetoothPhoneService" is constantly consuming anywhere from 15-60% cpu, usually 20-30%. I have tried restoring all the Google factory ROMs one by one, starting with 5.0 (LRX21O) up to 5.1.1 (LMY48I), yet the issue persists. Toggling Bluetooth doesn't work and Bluetooth functions normally when needed, but is usually kept off.

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Xperia Z3 :: High RAM Usage

Aug 28, 2015

I've had my Z3+ for a week now and Clean Master App has now three times warned me of "little RAM left". I had the Z3 for a little over 4 months and never got this message. The phone works OK, it does not slow down or anything. I may have had 5-6 apps open (Phone, Messages, Chrome, Mail, Facebook, Messenger)  - nothing unusual, when i got the messages. Clean Master then proceeds to clean a couple of hundred MB (not much).

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Motorola Droid 3 :: Task Manager Reporting Constant 25% CPU Usage?

Jul 23, 2011

There is an option in the task manager under its settings to show system apps. When you do it will show that the Android system is running at 25% of the CPU. You can refresh this and it will remain the same.

I'm curious, is that because it is taking a snapshot of what the CPU is doing right at that moment (which would be refreshing the Task Manager list) or is Android really constantly gobbling up 25% of the CPU? Seems high if it's the latter...

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IPhone :: Data Usage To High?

Apr 9, 2012

I am currently with Vodafone in the uk and about 6 months ago I recieved a text message saying I was close to my data limit of 750mb and that they would provide me with an extra 250mb charged at 5 per shot. I downloaded a data usage app to monitor my usage and it was climbing at a ludicrous rate. As imaginable when I contacted Vodafone to inform them of the issue they didn't want to know and were not the slightest bit interested in the problem at all. I decided to return the phone to apple who after literally 5 minutes of using the phone said that there was defiantly and issue with the handset and that due to it still being under warrenty they would replace it free of charge.

Now this problem seems to have reoccurred where as I very nearly went over my limit last month I put this down to playing draw something through 3G and susiquently deleted the app. I decided to reset my data usage on the iPhone I have this morning already used 20mb + in just under an hour. It isn't as through it climbs when not being used it just seems to use loads or recieved data when I'm surfing the net.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

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BB Bold :: Internet Usage 9900 Too High?

Jul 11, 2011

In august I bought the new Bold 9900, and suddenly my internet usage went up from 80Mb in a month to 80Mb in a week. I don't use my phone in a different way (no new apps,..) and I still use internet as I did before.

what I should do with this? My provider has a 200Mb limit..

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BB Curve :: High MB Usage When Phone Idle?

Sep 12, 2011

I have a plan with Singtel in Singapore for my Blackberry curve 9300 (Unlimited data roam overseas) and I got a message saying I had 15 MB usage and they explained applications could be running? I just want to receive emails as normal

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BB Bold 9700 :: High Memory Usage While Browsing?

Sep 6, 2010

Somehow my memory usage is so high the dang "processing" clock shows up every few seconds, literally.This happens after a few hours of browsing, and I should point that the whole time what I did was merely browsing, I didn't do anything else.

These are the applications running while I'm browsing:
1. Browser (well, duh)
2. Messages
3. Phone
4. Home screen
5. BBM
6. SMS Filter

According to MemoryUp Personal, the memory usage goes as high as 50%, that's around 100 MB memory consumed, for reading humor articles. I can only imagine what editing documents will do, maybe a new high score at 200 MB? No, seriously, does browsing actually use that much memory? Maybe I should also say that the memory consumption is gradual, from 39%, and then 40, then 41, 42, 43 all the way up to 52%, the current high score, when I decided 52% for a native browser is a true memory spending spree and pulled the battery. Before any humor reading, though, the usage is only around 10%, so 30% is already high enough, let alone 50.Just what is happening to my blackberry? EDIT: PROBLEM SOLVED. Turns out I was the dumb newb ranting about unnecessary things. As the Browser is used, it accumulates stuff in RAM, which can only be cleared by shutting it down, which is impossible due to it's nature except with battery pull. Thus the only way to go is to use another browser or use the native one sparingly, or pull the battery every few hours.

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HTC One M9 :: Cell Standby - Battery Usage High Percentage

Dec 31, 2015

Just had my new m9, with 6.0. I noticed my cell standby in my battery usage list is over 30% most of the time. What can you say about it? Is it normal?

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Motorola Atrix 4G :: Regularly Has High Memory Usage?

Sep 12, 2011

I've been noticing recently that my Atrix generally only has about 20MB of free memory out of the 800MB or so of system memory. I thought Android was meant to manage the memory effectively but this appears not to the the case. One symptom of this is that it causes the webtop to regularly complain of lack of memory and results in Firefox automatically closing itself.

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IPhone :: Apps Are Crashing Because Of High Wired Memory Usage

Jun 3, 2012

I am using an iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.1.1 and had no problem with it so far, but couple days ago I installed the smartsync app (syncs my contacts with facebook) and since then all of the apps are keep crashing because of the wired memory goes up really high, crashes the phone and do it again. Even if there is no app open, the wired memory goes up really high and crashed the phone and then do it again. So the battery dies really fast, and you cannot really use any app! I deleted the smartsync, I did a restore and a back-up

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.1.1

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Moto X (2014) :: High Battery Usage Whilst In Airplane Mode?

Jan 4, 2015

I've had my Moto X for a couple of weeks and have noticed that it seems to drain battery strangely quickly when in Airplane mode and with the screen turned off. I leave my phone in this state while at work.

This morning, I put my phone away for over 3.5 hours in this state. After this 3.5 hours with screen off and airplane mode on, the battery had drained from 100% to 92%. The only 2 entries in the battery use screen were Phone Idle (1%) and Google Services (1% with a couple minutes of GPS and CPU usage which probably accounts for the amount of time it took for me to walk from my car to the office). See attached screenshots for details.

It seems like 8% of battery use over 3.5 hours in airplane mode with almost 0 screen on time is kind of excessive, particularly as no app or service reports using much battery use at all. How to fix or diagnose this? I've used wakelock detecting apps in the past but they've been kind of neutered since Kit Kat and I don't want to root my X to get proper stats.

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Motorola Droid 3 :: High D3 Cpu Usage, But Task Manager Doesn't Show It

Nov 8, 2011

Over the past few days I've run into something new. I've gotten a number of high cpu usge notifications in the notification bar, but when I open up the task manager to see what is running amuck, the total displayed cpu usage looks small. how to track down the culprit? No new apps, but lots of updates recently, and I really don't want to start randomly deleting apps till I find the one causing this (I've got about 100 apps installed, of which I use probably 10-15 on a daily basis) As a side note my extended battery lost 50% of it's power while plugged into a computer via usb in 3 hours... That has never happened, the computer usb charger has always been more than enough to stop any power drain (while streaming pandora, and connected to bluetooth headphones).

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Motorola Droid Bionic :: Task Manager Alert / Android OS High CPU Usage

Nov 7, 2011

First time I've gotten this alert.Not rooted.Was in dock all night.Pulled it out of dock and within moments I got an alert I've not seen before, in the status bar.I went to the task manager to see what it was all about and the OS was using 54% of the CPU.Moments later it jumped to 80+ percent.It kept moving between 50-ish and 80+ from moment to moment.I ended up shutting the phone off and restarting it.After doing that, no more alerts, but the first time I checked the OS following the restart, it was at 27%.Basically, it's now using a minimum of 16% and sometimes more than 25%, but never more than roughly 30%.IS THAT NORMAL?oh, and as a test, I put it back in the dock for a moment or two, took it out, and no "high CPU usage" alerts.

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IPhone :: Data Usage Extremly High With No Reason And Battery Life Draining Very Fast?

Mar 29, 2012

My data usage on my iphone 4s has all of a sudden increased and my battery life wont last longer than half a day to a day, i dont know if there is some kind of virus that is forcing downloads or is it an error with the ios?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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Galaxy S6 :: Constant Reboot When Auto Connecting

Aug 3, 2015

The phone constantly resets when trying to connect to unknown networks that require a password. It took me ages to figure out what was causing it and it's a real pain. You could just be walking down the street and it'll try to connect to a WiFi network that will kick off this constant resetting. You have about a second to turn WiFi off, before the process starts again.

I mention EE as they have their own software variant that enables WiFi calling in the UK, not sure if that's relevant?

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Galaxy S6 :: How To Get Rid Of Constant Ping Pong Sound

Mar 28, 2015

This sounds like the old game of ping(bat and ball ) and seems to come on at random times . the only solution so far is to turn the ringer volume down .

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Galaxy S6 :: Nearby WiFi Portal Causes Constant Reboots

Apr 21, 2015

I am on my second T-Mobile Galaxy S6. The first unit had a hardware camera defect as well as this wifi bug. I had them replace it and the new unit's camera is good but it has the same wifi issue. Here's what happens:

When I go to an area with an "open" wifi network, a notification pops up on my screen that says "Click here to connect to null." What's strange is I have almost all wifi features off, particularly "Network notification." It should not tell me when any network is available. I also have "Allow Always Scanning" off as well as Wifi Calling disabled (not that relevant). Anyway, once this happens, I have about 2 seconds to turn off wifi or else the phone will reboot. It's a "soft" restart though, meaning it shows the Samsung and T-Mobile logo then is back on again within 5-10 seconds and fully "booted" within 30 seconds. This will keep happening until I turn off wifi.

It's not just any wifi connection that will cause the issue. I think it has to be an "open" connection that uses a portal for authentication (think universities, hotels, airports, etc). Recently, I clicked on one of the notifications (connect ot null) and saw a Cisco portal. I am not sure if it's isolated to Cisco AP's...

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Galaxy S6 :: Constant Unsuccessful Sign In Email Notification?

Nov 29, 2015

I am getting constant notification that my email sign in was unsuccessful on my Samsung S6.

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Galaxy S5 :: YouTube Constant Buffering After About 30 Seconds Playback

Nov 20, 2015

Recently my T-Mobile GS5 constantly keeps buffering when watching youtube. This is the first time its ever done this. It will play about 30 seconds or so and then buffer. Sometimes if I restart the phone it stops. Whats causing this?

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Galaxy S6 :: G920I - Constant Mobile Service Dropouts

Aug 14, 2015

I'm running the latest xtresto lite deo mod v2.2 I'm getting constant network connection drops not just data but call service/ sms as well i updated to the xtresto mod in hopes of fixing this but it didn't. Its not just my area i live ... I generally fix it by turning on airplane mode then off and I've also tried just wcdma/ gsm and just wcdma.

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Galaxy S6 :: SM-G920F Freezes And Constant Reboots Out Of The Blue

Jul 30, 2015

Currently I have G920FXXU2BOFJ Baseband and it constantly crashes, even without doing anything. The crashes/reboots are completely random and very annoying. I have tried to update the firmware to a latest version from France (which had some updates for Android 5.1.1, file name G920FXXU2BOG8_G920FOXA2BOG8_XEF) but the problem persists.

Trying to revert the firmware to the original I made a mess so I'm currently using Smart Switch as I write to recover the phone from the dead. I thought it was a hardware problem, but I can leave the phone in Download Mode for as long as I want without issues (not very useful as a smartphone that way though ) However, even in the Wipe Data/Cache mode it still freezes.

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Galaxy S5 :: Constant Recovery Reboot Saying Installing System Update

Oct 19, 2015

I downloaded the new system update, now my phone is in a constant recovery reboot saying installing system update. I press the power button plus the volume up and i can see what it is installing it goes through the same thing over and over and just reboots back in the recovery booting again when its done installing...what is causing this i cant do a system reset either it wont let me (volume up +home+power ) does not work , removing the batter does not work (soft reset)...

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Setting Ringtone Volume At Constant Level?

Oct 24, 2012

On the Galaxy S2 even though the ringtone volume is set to max, initially it starts off quietly and gradually increases in volume. Is there any way of changing this to ring at a constant level instead of starting quietly and gradually getting louder - the number of calls I've missed because of it.

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Galaxy S6 :: Constant WiFi Connect / Disconnect - NOT Smart Network Switch

Oct 17, 2015

So just in the last few days my phone has started having some issues. I got a Powerbot wireless charger(PB1020) about the same time I got my phone at release. It's worked fine , and still does as far as I know. But know, after my phone is fully charged, when I remove it from the charger it's pretty warm(this is a new development, not really had it get very warn on the wireless charger before) and then it begins to connect and disconnect from the wifi repeatedly. I'm talking like every second it switches. I keep seeing people saying to turn off Smart Network Switch, but I did that the second day I had my phone, and it's still off, so obviously its something else.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Constant Force Closes And Loss Of Stored Data?

Oct 20, 2012

I've had my phone since April and has recently started to experience a lot of problems with the handset. I'm best mentioning that my technical know-how is very limited in terms of phones, but I've accepted the fact I'm going to have to run a factory reset on my phone. So the problems I'm experiencing:- All of a sudden, apps start crashing one after the other. So much so that I can't even turn the phone off properly and just have to hold the power button down until it goes off itself.- Sometimes it just freezes, and when it does, it rapidly drains the battery.- Other times it just randomly decides to turn itself off (this has happened during the night resulting in me sleeping in for work because my alarm has failed to go off!)- When apps have crashed and I've had to turn it on and off again, all information stored (ie. texts, photos, Twitter feed) after the 16th October is gone!I've even went on Kies Air to start transferring photos, videos, etc. to my laptop, but even that keeps crashing, meaning it constantly disconnects from the laptop. I cleared out a lot of old apps I don't use anymore, but they reappear when I turn it back on, resetting back to pre-16th October like I mentioned.

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Galaxy S6 :: Why Is System Memory So High

Jun 11, 2015

I just bought a new s6 64gb. And now i open the storage and see the system memory taking up 38.79gb. Thats over half the phones storage. Is that normal? I understand that a portion of the storage is for the os, but that just seems outrageously high.

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Galaxy S6 :: Wallpaper Not Showing In High Resolution?

Jan 28, 2016

Just switched from Note 4 to S6. So problem is i have some great high-res wallpapers and when i set it as wallpaper it's not showing in high quality, I didn't had that problem on Note.

When i look at the same image in gallery it's stunning, but when it's set up as a wallpaper its not that sharp as it should be. Same probelm in TW and in Nova Launcher.

This is how it looks in gallery. Sharp and no problems. [URL] .....

This is how it looks as wallpaper, blurred and not sharp. Notice red eye sharpness. Not that visible on PC but problem is there. [URL] ....

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Galaxy S6 :: Caller Name ID Battery Consumption Seems High

Apr 15, 2015

I've noticed in my battery consumption usage chart that the "Verizon caller name ID" consumption is about 13% even after I force stopped it and turned it off. I don't understand why it is still showing as using the battery as I turned it off already? But on top of that I cannot delete the app from my phone either.

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Galaxy S6 :: High Battery Use In Standby Mode?

May 20, 2015

Last night I put my galaxy 6s into battery save mode, charged it to 99% and put it on the nightstand. This morning (8 hours later) my phone is at 48% charge. Do I have a bad battery or is there a setting or application on that is draining the battery? Battery shows 46% battery usage by cell phone.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Screen With High Contrast?

Oct 4, 2011

I come from a GS to a GSII.The image on the screen of the GSII seems to contrasted.All the photos that on the GS are ok, on the GSII are to dark.For the icons is ok, but the pictures do not look real on the GSII.Also there's a pink area in the center of the images taken on the GSII.I've checked this in some stores, and they all look the same.Is there a way to decrease the contrast on the screen?

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